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Author’s note: Fantasy that does involve incest and public sex, as well as voyeurism. Love your feedback, even the negative ones, I use them all to help improve for future posts. The positive feedback definitely is helpful and spurs me onward. Will this become a series, I think so. We shall see how the mood strikes.


We found ourselves in the darkened city park again; after a wonderful dinner of seafood and salad, followed by an amaretto cheese cake that was scrumptious. As in the past the park was mostly dark with the exception of a few park lights that did little to illuminate the treed areas where the picnic tables were mostly situated. The weather was nice and warm, a gentle breeze tugged at my very light weight skirt as we walked hand in hand and my head was nuzzled into his neck, he was standing almost a head taller than me now. My how he has grown and become quite a man as well.

The park is littered with picnic tables scattered randomly in various groves of trees to afford the families and couples who use them during the day some shade from the summer sun. At night though it allows the tables to be rather cloaked in their own darkness away from the pathways that are partially lit and it is in that darkness that we were headed at the moment.

As we walked I allowed my own hands to work on the buttons of my nearly sheer blouse even as we passed from one park light to another, I had just enough wine to not care at this point. After all the park was mostly deserted, or was it, we had thought perhaps our last few trips we had picked up a voyeur along the way, someone who was watching our passion and torrid actions on the various tables, but we decided to throw caution out as we were much too horny to abandon what felt like such a good thing for us at the time. In fact earlier at dinner we had talked a bit in a quiet fashion about who it could be that was watching us and I felt my pussy start to grow wet from the idea of some stranger watching as we put on a sex show of him or her.

By the time we got close to the area we wanted my blouse was hanging open, my braless tits were partially exposed in the yellowish light of the park lamps. They did cast alluring shadows across my tit mounds so one might not be completely sure I was braless unless they directly passed us n the pathway we were on. We turned off to the right, a grove of trees that held several tables and the one to the right was our target for tonight, the one we would leave our sexual mark upon. It seems that James had a keen eyesight and was good at either steering me around kartal escort fallen branches or making sure I would carefully step over them without tripping, something I was thankful for in my heels tonight.

Besides my blouse, I was dressed in a short chiffon skirt that hid my dark thigh high stockings that I wore to tease the libido of James. Seems he had developed quite the fetish for my thigh highs and loved when I would wear them when he was around. My heels were an older pair of sling-backs that I had almost thrown out but in a moment of fleeting passion realized they would be good for such adventures as tonight. They had 4-inch heels that one would call spikes, so I was hoping the ground would stay solid or I may risk falling.

James found a suitable table for us to begin our latest adventure upon and he very deftly turned to me, grabbing my waist he sat me upon the table’s surface. We’ve discovered that many picnic tables are a wonderful height for very torrid sex and we try and take advantage of this opportunity whenever we have a strong desire, sometimes it is while travelling and we see a lonely table at a roadside park, or at other times we get a bit more risky like tonight and take our fun outside into local city parks. He followed up his quick action with me by nudging my knees apart and was standing so his chest was against my nearly naked tits. His lips found mine then I quickly offered my tongue to him and his lips parted to allow me to explore his tongue as well. Meanwhile his hands began to roam, soon my blouse had slipped off my shoulders and had my arms somewhat pinned to my sides as he thumbs and fingers found my already hardened nipples. He was teasing and tweeking each one as we continued our kiss, our breathing growing quicker as the excitement level increased as well.

I was finally able to free one arm from the blouse and found my hand rubbing against his jeans to feel his growing cock. What was once a boyish cock had grown into quite the manhood and I was eagerly wanting to wrap both sets of my lips about him. But he had other plans as he released my tongue and bent to kiss my left nipple pulling on it with his lips and then his teeth. My hands both moved up to his head and ran my fingers through his hair as I moaned and tried to pull him even closer into my tit. His nibbles and bites fueled all fires that burned for him in my body.

“James bite it harder,” I heard myself telling him, one hand moving under my tit as I offered it to him, “bite it, mark it if you truly love my slutty body.”

He simply moaned maltepe escort bayan and started to chew on my areola and I knew my already darken nipple would be soon bruised from his efforts. He loved to see the results of his mouth work on my tit-flesh and craved the bruised hickey looks he left with me.

I have by now managed to unbutton his jeans and lowered the zipper so I have access to his manliness and am rubbing my hand up and down the hardening shaft. He will occasionally twitch towards me in a thrust due to my thumb teasing the tip of his cock, and soon I am rewarded with his precum wetness. I swipe a bit drop from it as I break a kiss with him and smear the clear liquid on his lips and then quickly kiss him again, loving that I’m getting the precum on my lips as well.

I push him away, motioning to his undone pants, “get out of those honey” I tell him as I spread my legs to give him an unobstructed but somewhat darkened view of my much older cunt. He knows it is bald.

As he watches me and shrugs his jeans and underwear off his thighs I tantalize him further by raking my nails over my swollen lips, he smiles as he sees first one then two fingers disappear into my wet honey hole.

“Your cunt seems to always be wet Mom,” he says.

I laugh at him, “well I’m with good company hon, you do that to me and have for a long time.”

He’s now standing naked below the waist grabbing his cock to stroke as he watches me fingering the very cunt he came from. I spread my legs wider, hiking up my skirt so my ass is exposed to him, “Fuck your hot mom hon, put your dick in my wet begging cunt and let me feel your hardness work me over good ,” I purr to him and watch as he steps back up to the table.

It is then we both sense a movement off to one side and look but don’t see anyone, just suspecting our voyeur must be back again.

I grab his dick now he is so close and rub the head up and down my slit. “Do you want to start with Mommy’s cunt and then cum in my ass like I promised you the last time baby?” I pant as I’m growing close to the first orgasm.

He moans and just pushes his cock head into the folds of my lips and finds my sweet hole and starts to fuck. I love his willingness to fuck older women and am proud to have been his first. His stamina now rivals any of my past lovers and I adore the way he gets hard again so quickly. College fuck meat is so delightful to me.

I grab his hands and cover my tits with them as he is fucking me harder and deeper. He starts to rub and pinch my nipples knowing escort pendik how sensitive they are during sex…soon he has me whimpering. “Fuck me harder baby,” I pant, “Get me to cum all over your cock and balls.”

He grins then pulls out of me and drops almost out of sight then I feel his face and tongue at my cunt lips. He’s licking my juices and trying to push his tongue as far into me as he can. His hands find my thighs and push them up towards my tits and exposes my ass completely and his tongue leaves a wet mark from my cunt hole down to my asshole.

The probing of his tongue against my ass awakens new desires in me, “Yes tongue fuck my hole baby,” I pant, “poke your tongue as far in that dark hole as it will go.” You like the taste of Mom’s ass don’t you honey mmmm,” my panting grows wilder. “Now come and kiss Mom so I can taste it too,” I smile as he moves to kiss me and a finger replaces his tongue and soon is completely in my ass, working deep inside, relaxing me, readying me for his cock to follow soon.

First though he teases my lips with his tongue, bathing them having just left my hot tight asshole, and yes I can sense the heady aroma, then I grab his tongue with my own lips and taste myself. His cock finds my rosebud as this happens and in one movement my cunt juices and his saliva are enough to penetrate my hole.

I gasp, “oh fuck your dick head is big for Mom’s ass baby.” “Fuck me hard and deep now, that is how I like anal, use me good honey,” and I start to move my ass up to meet each of his massive male thrusts.

Oh this coupling in the darkness is so fucking hot, yes he’s my college-aged son, but who is counting. We both have needs and obviously at least one other is enjoying these sessions of ours as well.

His cock I am surprised brings me to an orgasm and I squirt cunt juices onto his belly, “oh fuck me harder, cum in Mom’s asshole baby,” I pant trying to swallow more of him at the same time. I feel two fingers fumbling with my cunt and soon he’s double penetrating me as he fucks away at my back hole. His shaft tightens and his thrusts shorten and I know he is close…”cum baby cum,” do it I sob as his girth is tearing up my asshole, “yes cum deep in my bowels baby, use your hot mom as your slut.”

He grunts and stops pumping but his dick is pulsating wildly and I know his cum is giving me a lovely enema. Soon he pulls slowly out and I clinch my ass to hold his cum inside as long as I can.

We both look to our side again but still unable to see anyone we just smile as we kiss and collect ourselves. What an intertwining this has been once again…yes so wrong but it feels so right, neither of us want to stop…and neither of us can wait for the next park visit…wondering what our voyeur is also thinking…maybe we will find a way to surprise them more on the next visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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