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Sunday’s were always boring. Sure it was nice to sleep in and relax after a week of hard work for Lonnie Turner. His daughter Paige feeling the same way knowing Finals were coming up in school. The last leg before graduation would be brutal. She knew it but now that her home life had changed it was hard to think about school work. Luckily for her she was a straight A student even on her worse days. Her biggest fear now was how Brett Chenowyth would react after getting away with seeing her naked and feeling her up. She knew her Dad was right about him but her heart was tender. She almost felt bad for the boy after her Dad suckered him into believing he would be able to keep nude pics and a video of her on his cell. Brett fell for a bait and switch when Lonnie used his own cell instead of his. Paige was safe from having him destroy her sweet innocent reputation. For now at least.

Spooning with her Dad was warm and comforting. Last night they merely kissed and held each other. Refraining from sex daily Lonnie was trying to keep a certain amount of normalcy between Father and Daughter. As if things would ever be normal again. Both knew their closeness was too good to ignore. Paige herself had longed for her Father or at the very least someone just like him. Going so far as to create her own personal lover named Donnie. Her diary filled with erotic compulsions. All it took was Lonnie’s snooping to compel him to take steps in making his own fantasies come true. For he and Paige.

Kissing her Father’s chest until he stirred Lonnie finally sighs with an awkward stretch.

“It’s nice waking up to that kind of attention.” He exhales while tilting his chin to look over his body at her. She kept kissing him moving down to his stomach. Her eyes so bright and innocent he nearly felt guilty. She refused to allow him to feel that way. Her left palm rubs his leg sliding upward until she reaches his balls. Having slept nude both had easy access to fondle the other. He merely placed his left arm behind his head and enjoyed her touring desires. Kneading his balls she begins pelting his abdomen with more sweltering succulent kisses. Nose nuzzling his pubes he could feel her nasal exhale approach his morning wood. Her long red hair sifting over her face to hide her expression he reaches his right hand down to gently expose her face to him. At that moment her youth seemed so much younger than eighteen. He could almost swear she was sixteen again. Thankful that was not true he closes his eyes allowing her to lick his crown. After stimulating kisses she rises slightly to swallow his cock. Slow indulges led to a passionate blowjob. She was in no hurry to move fast. He rather enjoyed this erotic moment. Her gaze toward him going long moments without so much as a batted lash. He could see the love in her eyes.

“Damn you’re beautiful.”

She smiles with her eyes and continues her newly acquired talents. She was learning as she went along. Having had strong ideas before their actual first encounter on just how to get the job done with the best possible outcome of emotions. Her sweet scent only added to his erections vitality.

“A man could get used to waking up to that.”

She rises up his shaft releasing six inches from her throat to lightly suck on his mighty mushroom. Without a word she sighs and kisses along his foreskin until reaching his balls. Light seductive swallows of each ball led to tender tugging and nibbles. Warm breath cascading over the fleshy bulbs with each whimper of enjoyment she offered.

Laying there basking in her glow he watches her suckle his balls and stroke his cock at the same time. Her forehead resting on his right thigh. He could tell how much she was into what she was doing. His thoughts reflected back to the morning he came into her bedroom and ate her out for the very first time. He woke her to his feeding. She was essentially paying him back for that moment. This morning Lonnie Turner was not having second thoughts about their incest.

“Keep that up I’m gonna cum quick.”

Her eyes flare at his comment. She wanted to taste him. Opting to prolong his detonation she chose to whisper thoughts.



“Are you really going to make me an account on Tender?”

“Sure. Let’s try an experiment.”

“What if nobody messages me?”

“We both know they will.”

“Not everyone will find me attractive.”

“Keep that hand rhythm. Perfect Sweetheart.”

“Do you like it when I give you a hand job?”

“Very much?”

“Do I give good blowjobs?”

“The best.”

“Do you think other men will like it as much as you do?”

“I’m pretty certain.”

“I wonder what my Uncles really thought when I did it to them? They didn’t really say anything.”

“I didn’t give them a chance to. I kicked them out when I started feeling guilty.”

“You weren’t guilty long.” Her tongue slides up his foreskin then back down, flicking her tongue on his lower ball sack.

“That’s a good spot. Really sensitive between the balls and my ass.”

“Really?” She sighs and devotes more attention to the area. He immediately stiffens escort bostancı up and grits his teeth.

“Fuck that’s nice. Go lower.”

“Any lower and I’ll be licking…oh.” She hesitates studying the arena a bit more closely. With a shiver she takes the risk and flutters the tip of her tongue inside his anal cavity. Lonnie raised his hips at the sensation. Eyes reacting to his uprising she continues. Feeling his dick throbbing hard in her hand she knew he was ready to cum. Just as he groans she moves up to swallow his crown as her hand jerks him into full on spill over. His shot was so strong she felt his firepower shoot the back of her throat. It just kept flooding her mouth. Her eyes wild at the unexpected torrent she holds it in until he stops convulsing. Watching his expression of relief she waits to abandon his beast. Once he merely stares at her she slowly lifts away from his cock and kisses the crown with puckered lips. Mouth wide she shows him her reservoir of white. He grins at her hesitance. She savored the taste after closing her mouth and wasn’t certain what to do with the cum.

‘Don’t spit it out.”

“Mhm I spo do with it?” She fumbles her pronunciations due to her mouthful.

“Come on now. What did you do with Donnie in your diary?”

“Swahlow ith.” She tries not to spill any from her lips as she talks.

“Swallow every drop.” He winks at her watching as she holds her breath and downs his cum in three endeavors. Puckering his lower lip he nods, “Good job Baby.”

“That wasn’t so bad. You tasted minty.”

“You’re getting really good at that.”

“I want to be the best.” She smiles showing her pearly whites.

“Off to a good start.”

“Can I tell you something Daddy?”


“I still feel bad about Brett Chenowyth. You may be right about him but I really felt he was sincere about wanting to take me on a date.”

“Oh he was sincere alright. He only wanted sex.”

“I know how to say no.”

“Maybe so but would he take no for an answer?”

“I…guess I’ll never know.”

“Go fire up my computer.”

“Why?” She lifts her head from his hip where it had been laying.

“Let’s look and see what Tender is all about.”

“Okay.” She brightens up rolling off the bed to wiggle out into the spare bedroom that Lonnie had turned into an office. Giving her time he went to the restroom and took a leak. Cleaning up his cock with a washcloth and soap before making the journey to join her. She had already opened the site and was looking over the submission forms.

Coaxing her from his desk chair he sits down and she kneels beside him on the floor.

“Alright, necessary info and age verification done. Profile time.” He looks over the questions, “Hobbies?”

“You know my hobbies.” She giggles.

“Right. Playing with dolls. Sitting on Daddy’s lap. Candlelit lollipops.”

“Are you really going to write those?”

“I’ll add just kidding but not really. We’ll make it look as if you like to tease but also try and keep you innocent.”

“Okay. Wait, I am innocent.” She thinks about his answers with suspicion, “You want guys to think I’m younger than I am don’t you?”

“Guys love youth.”

“Yeah but Daddy? Does youth mean I have to act fifteen?”

“This is just an experiment. We can always create a different profile that’s more adult.”

She fidgets, “No. I want guys to like me because I make them feel young. Like I do you. Since we’ve gotten closer I can tell how much happier you are.”

“What about those boys your age?”

“I think I like older men.”

“You’ve only had older men.” He chuckles.

“I think about how my Uncles looked at me. It really turned me on.”

“And Brett didn’t?”

“Well he did until you scared him off.”

“We’ll leave the age gap open on this site.”


“Next up. What are you looking for in a guy?”

“Big dicks?” She grins sheepishly brushing her left cheek on her shoulder.

“How about saying someone who wants me for who and what I am?” She shrugs and accepts that, “Someone who knows just what to say and makes me feel really good.”

“Go back to hobbies Daddy.”


“Write this…I like my picture taken. Writing steamy novels. Learning how to be sexy. I can be a nerd.” He types along with her thoughts.

“Anything else?” With her questionable shrug he continues down the checklist. “Where do you see yourself a year from now?”

“With you Daddy.”

He caresses her cheek and leans over to kiss her forehead. Her eyes stare up at him glistening. Sighing through puffed cheeks he writes, “Wherever my man wants me to be.”

“That sounds…almost like Mom and Mark.”

“It’s just an experiment remember?”

“Oh yeah.” She fidgets, “What if Brett finds me on Tender? Or, some of his friends.”

“You can always say you made the profile up as a joke.” He finishes the profile then nods, “Just need a picture or two to add and you’re good to go.”

“I can go get dressed. You can take more pics with my cell then we can download them to the site.”

“No. ümraniye escort No clothing on but we’ll pose you tastefully.”

Eyes tremble as she shivers, “I’ll know I’m nakie but they won’t.”

“Exactly.” He moves his chair back, “Come on.”

Following Lonnie like a lost puppy he tells her to stay on the dining room side of the kitchen bar. “Sit on the bar stool. Lean on your folded arms and smile pretty.”

“Like this?” She does so as her eyes sparkle. Her hair primped a bit by Lonnie reaching over the bar to reveal her bare shoulders he snaps a really good photo.

“Now look seductive.” Same pose she nibbles her lower lip and alters her gaze and expression to look as sexy as possible. Pic taken he shows her for approval. Afterwards he hands her his cell. “Take a selfie.” She claims the phone and lifts it over her head for a downward shot. It captures just a hint of cleavage but nothing so risqué as to give people a hint she was nude.

“What now?”

“Go put your fur boots on. Nothing else.”

She jumps from her stool and skips to her bedroom. Minutes later she returns with a giddy smile. Lonnie moves around the bar to face her. Crouching down he takes a picture of her legs from her thighs down. The snapshot was perfectly lined with her inner triangle between legs, thigh, and ass. So close to seeing twat he had to whistle.

“I love that picture Daddy. I have really nice legs don’t I?”

“Hell yes you do. Those boots make you look sexy as fuck.”

“Hands in my hair pic?” She places her hands amid her fire red locks and fans her hair a bit with a lift. He snaps a picture from her clavicle up. She was stunning, her eyes brilliant and alluring.

“Fur coat with my shoulder exposed?”

“Go get it.” A swift trip she poses for the shot. Winking over her bare shoulder at the camera.

“Serious look pic?” She faces him hiding her full frontal with her arms to palm both sides of her neckline and looks at him without smiling. Lips faintly pouty, eyelids narrow.

“That’s hot.”

“So am I Daddy. I’m really getting wet knowing you will put these pics on my profile.”

“I suppose we should get you dressed in real clothing. Can’t make all of these Pornstar poses.”

“Don’t you want guys to think like that about me?”


“I think I look like one.”

“A Pornstar?”

“Yes.” She giggles.

“Go put on some real clothes. Leave some cleavage.”

“I don’t have many things with cleavage. You need to buy me some.”

“I just spent a shit load of money on you.”

“But, nothing I can qualify as real clothes I could maybe wear to school or if I ever did have a real date.”

“Ask your Uncles.” He laughs.

“I’m serious Daddy.”

“So am I.”

“You want them to buy me clothes?”

“I’m kidding.”

“They never really did get me a birthday present.”

He stares with a droll narrow gaze pondering her thought. “Huh! That’s not a bad idea. Maybe they’ll feel guilty enough to do that.”

“I don’t want them to feel guilty Daddy. I want them to think about that night and smile.”

“Oh I’m sure they do.”

“I’m gonna ask them where my presents are?” She looks smug.

“Go find some clothes for now. Even if you gotta cut up a t-shirt. Remove the shoulders or something.”

“I know just the shirt. Who needs Hello Kitty at eighteen?”

“Right! Cut that bitch.’

She giggles and goes to the kitchen for a pair of scissors. Stopping in the hall she calls back noticing Lonnie was taking a picture of her ass in the fur garments. She smiles vividly, “Can I cut up some pants too?”

“Sure. Hint of ass cheeks will sell this.”

“I love you Daddy.”

“Hurry up. Put your glasses back on too.”

Lonnie Turner went to his sofa and stroked his cock again. This whole Tender thing was giving his cock fits. He couldn’t wait to prove to Paige how many guys would want her. Nerdy or not.

Thirty five minutes flies by before Paige returns wearing a pink Hello Kitty shirt with the collar cut away to make it reveal her shoulders. She kept the cleavage high but if she crushed her tits together the mounds expressed themselves quite territorially. A pair of white pants was cut pretty high as well leaving threads and the interior of the pockets hanging down. With her back to Lonnie she lifts up on her toes looking over her shoulder at him.

“Too much cheek?”

“Naaa! Just perfect.”

“How do you want me for pictures?”

“Sit on the arm of the sofa. Lean forward just a bit to offer more cleavage.” She obeys and sits elegantly. “Not so prissy looking. Brighten those eyes and smile like you want something.” Her expression feeds into his words and he takes a few shots. With only one shoulder covered he decides to experiment. “Drag the left shoulder over your bicep too.”

“The shirt will fall to my boobies.”

“Do it.”

“Yes Daddy.”

Losing the material sure enough it drifts dangerously low. “Okay now cross your arms under your tits and lift them a bit. Try and look natural.”

Finding the desired shot he snaps it. Motioning kartal escort bayan her to stand up and face away from him he guides her physically using his foot to nudge her own feet apart. He then uses his left hand to turn her upper body to the left. “Look over your shoulder shyly.” The shirt still revealing both shoulders drooped to the middle of her back. He applied her long red hair as camouflage to hide a percentage of her back. It was a darling picture.

“Feeling sexy Punk?”

“Yessss.” She shivers.

“Bend over and touch your toes but look back at me.” She does so offering more cheeky reveals. Her chest hidden but the shirt fanning low to offer a glimpse of her tummy.

“Face me. Mash your tits together. Lower your chin. Look over the rim of your glasses. No teeth just smile.” Shot taken he nods, “Gorgeous. Little Miss Librarian.”

“Only book in my library is my diary.”

“Alright. These photos are enough. Let’s download these and polish off your profile. I bet by tomorrow you’ll have a few messages.”

“More than a few. I predict ten.”

“I guess we’ll find out.”

He leads her back into his office and uses his cell to download on to his computer then upload them to her Tender account. He choice five tasteful pics that offered beauty over seduction. She approved while sitting on his knee watching the monitor.

“One click away. Do the honors.”

She leans forward and clicks the mouse curser over the Enter button. Her account needed approved and she was on her way. She clapped her hands together swiftly.

“Shopping now?”

“What about showing off the furs?”

“I think we should wait until next weekend. I need clothes more.”

Lonnie nods with a scowl. He hated to blow money. Recalling her thoughts earlier about her Uncles not buying her any gifts he plucks his cell from the desk dialing a number. She lays back against him as his free hand rubs her arm. His light caresses giving her chills.

“Hey Mikey. What’s up Buddy?”

On the other end his friend Mike alias Uncle Mike cleared his throat, “Arguing with the ole lady again.”

“About what this time?”

“Because she’s never home. My weekends off and she’s playing Bingo or some shit.”

“Having an affair?”

“Better not be.” Mike growls then realizes he had done just that to his wife the night before with Paige. “Damn I broke that vow didn’t I?”

Lonnie chuckles, “At least you won’t have a stalker to ruin your marriage.”

“Hi Uncle Mike.” Paige leans over toward the cell.

“Hey there Paige. You throw up after eating all that cake?”

“I never ate any cake…Oh! You mean…” She giggles turning red, “No I didn’t hurl. I liked the cake. Especially the creamy icing.”


“Uncle Mike?” She takes over the conversation at a short distance. Lonnie puts it on speaker. “You never got me anything for my birthday. Me sad.” She pouts trying not to laugh.

“What you need? After last night you deserve something.”

“I need new clothes. You can even pick them out. I’ll show you three outfits I like and you can choose one.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll get even with Jasmine I’ll blow her Bingo money on you.”

“Yessssss. You’re the best Uncle Mike.”

Lonnie reclaims his voice, “I’m taking her to the Mall if you wanna meet us there. Give Andy a call and tell his conscience he needs to buy an outfit for her too.”

“Blackmail money? That’s racist because I’m black and a male.”

Paige bursts into a snorting laugh holding her mouth. Lonnie smirks and rubs her back before she choked.

“Too funny Buddy. Around 3:00 at the Carousel?”

“She riding a pony?”

“I can. If you ride with me.”

“Giddy up. See you guys there.”


After hanging up Paige claps again, “What about Uncle Greg?”

“Two’s enough for now.”

“But Daddy…I want to try on clothes for Greg too.”

“Show some patience.”

Pouty faced she starts to leave her Father’s lap. He quickly recalls her into a hug of his arms around her chest. Holding her firm she continues to fuss when he whispers.

“This is the part where you act your age.”

“Why can’t we call Greg too?”

“Because for one these guys need time to process their actions the other night without automatically presuming they can tap your ass anytime they want to.” He sternly tilts her chin to face him with concerned eyes. “I do not want you to get dependent on those fuckers for sex. Do you understand young lady?”

“No. But, I’ll get over it.” She puffs her lip and expresses disappointment with a bit of drama.

“Knock it off. You’re friggin’ eighteen not ten.”

“If I’m an adult that should mean I can make my own decisions.”

“After you graduate you can do what you want Miss Adult. Until then you’re mine.”

Eyes studying her Father she takes a shallow breath before asking, “Anything I want?”

He regrets his own words, “As long as you get my input. If I feel it’s wrong you’re not doing it. Like dating my buddies or becoming their steady piece of ass. If you love me you won’t test my patience concerning that.”

“Okay.” She exhales then pecks him on the nose with her lips. As he tries not to laugh at her sudden attention getter she adds fuel to her fire, “Does that mean never again?” She pouted heavier than before. He couldn’t contain his amazement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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