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I lay next to her for several moments without a single word being spoken between us. We both need time to recover, but the clock is ticking and I know sunrise is fast approaching. My mom reaches out with one hand and starts to caress my inner thigh, which sends a pleasant chill through me.

I let out a soft sigh as she says, “We need to take a shower before you’re ready to go again.”

Her hand moves up to caress my balls and I let out another sigh and say, “Sounds like a good idea.”

I don’t want to say that a shower will help to wake me up, since she might let this night come to an end. There is no doubt in mind that she is fully aware of what I want to do next and has no interest of having my dick enter that hole after it has been inside her ass. There is only one opening left to deposit my cum and I am going to have that hole.

Her hand releases my balls and she gets off the bed. I follow closely behind and stare at her ass as she leads the way to the bathroom attached to her bedroom. She bends over far more than necessary to turn the water on and I get a clear view of her asshole that is slick from my cum and lube. I find myself wishing I had a camera with me as I try to burn that image into my mind.

She stands up and gets into the shower and I follow quickly. We both spend the time centering out attention on each others bodies and are both quite thorough. While I take my time with her body, she takes her time with mine. As the water starts to lose its heat, she turns off the shower and is quite satisfied that my dick is more than clean enough to enter her.

We return to her bedroom and I find the overwhelming smell of sex to be quite intoxicating. I know I need more time, but not much, before I am ready to go one last ataşehir escort bayan time before my time runs out. She guides me onto the bed and has me lie on my back. I know I am the one that is supposed to be telling her what I want, but don’t mind giving her control in the least.

She positions herself so her shoulders are between my thighs and smiles as she takes my dick into her mouth. In its flaccid state, she has no problem taking all of it. She looks into my eyes as she slowly moves her head back to release and then all the way down again. She continues her action and starts using her tongue on my balls, which causes me to twitch. After that initial twitch, it does not take long before I am hard once again.

She releases me from her mouth and uses her hand to playfully work my shaft while getting into position. She gets on top of me without breaking eye contact and I continue to enjoy what is happening. She lowers herself down and engulfs my dick with ease. The sensation is wonderful in its own way and I enjoy the way I feel inside her. After having my fist inside her pussy I thought the sensation would be quite minimal, but that is not the case in the least.

She says, “Oh, Brandon, you feel so good inside me.” She begins to work her muscles and moans. I watch as she starts to slowly move up and down, which elicits more moans. Her tits slowly rock with the motion, which leaves my eyes fixated on them.

I let out my own moan of pleasure and say, “That feels great, mom.” I let out another moan and she increases her tempo. “Keep going, mom. Don’t stop.” As if reading my mind, she starts to increase her movement even more and the sensation of my shaft moving in and out of her wet pussy is intense.

Minutes passed escort kadıköy as we both moaned from the pleasure we were giving to each other and I know I am getting close to release. I try to think about other things to keep from finishing, but there is no use. Seeing her tits bouncing rapidly with the motion and feeling her work my shaft is just to much to take.

I let out a loud moan and say, “I’m going to cum.”

She lowers herself all the way down and starts to work her muscles. She says, “Cum inside me, Brandon. I want your cum.”

My entire body tightens as I explode with great force deep inside her pussy. With each explosion, she works her body to intensify the sensation. I am expecting to be done quickly, but her actions keep the orgasm going and I continue to cum deep inside her. The twitching subsides, but she continues to work her magic to ensure there is nothing more for me to give her.

She slowly frees herself from my dick and says, “That was wonderful, Brandon.”

She lays down next to me as I say, a little breathlessly, “That was incredible, mom.”

I look over to the window and see start of the sunrise. I should be disappointed that this has come to an end, but I don’t feel anything like that in the least. We made good work with the time we had and I had a chance to experience things I doubt will ever happen again. I don’t care that those wonderful things were with my own mother, since she was able to do things that no girl my age could ever do.

I drift off to sleep as the sun started to rise. I have no idea how long I slept, but it must have been several hours. Just enough to feel a little refreshed, but not enough to have all of my energy. I look over at her naked body and remain satisfied with bostancı escort our one night together.

I move my eyes to meet hers and say, “That was a great birthday, mom.”

She smiles as she says, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Do you want it to end?”

I am still in the process of waking and did not fully hear what she said. I ask, “What, mom?” I yawn and start to rub my eyes.

She repeats the question, “Do you want it to end?”

I’m not completely certain what she is asking, since there is too much fog on my brain. After staying up and spending a very active night, there just wasn’t enough sleep. Finally, a lightbulb turns on in my head and I give an honest answer. “No, mom. I never want it to end.”

She says, “Neither do I. Tell you what, Brandon, when we are alone we can continue.”

I can’t help the grin that spreads across my face. I say, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

She has a serious look cross her face as she says, “OK, we will continue, but I want you to do something for me.”

I say, “Name it, mom.” I don’t care what she has in mind, since I get to continue the experience.

She says, “You can have my ass and I get your fist.”

I am a little disappointed that I can’t have all of her, but I am not about to turn down being able to have anal on demand. I nod and say, “You have a deal, mom.”

Her serious look turns to wicked grin quickly as she starts beaming. “Thank you, son. I don’t know why it feels wonderful, but your hand inside me gave me the greatest orgasm of my life. And I know you enjoyed me ass every bit as much.”

As time passed, I had several girlfriends come and go, but always made certain to spend time alone with my mother. We spent several years enjoying each other and only slowed when I got married. We still find time to be with each other, but it becomes less and less every year. It helps to have a wife that, on rare occasion, will give up her ass, but it is not quite the same as my mother and never will be.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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