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“Goof, what the fuck!” yelled Pip.

Goof said, “Me what the fuck? You what the fuck. Shit Pip, you could at least turn the volume down, or do you just not give a fuck?”

“Why should I?” said Pip. “Mom and Dad aren’t home.”

“Cuz now I know you like gang-bang porn, that’s why. You think you’re gonna scream like that girl? Is that what you fuckin’ dream about?”

“I don’t think I’m gonna,” said Pip defiantly. “Maybe I do already.”

“Yeah, right,” said Goof. “My little sister, the fuckin’ sex nympho. Tell me another good one.”

“Go away, Goof! Get the fuck outta here!”

Goof stood his ground, in Pip’s bedroom doorway but not fully in her room. His eyes watched the porn on the screen of the laptop computer, the one his parents had bought Pip, for her to use for school work. But this was no school work, this was three big black men fucking a lily white teen girl, making her scream in all kinds of loud, nasty ways.

Pip lay on her bed, on her stomach, with her bare legs bent at the knees, her ankles and bare feet in the air. She tried to ignore her brother, not willing to give in and turn down the volume as he’d suggested. She wasn’t facing him, so she just lay there and watched the rough-sex gang-bang porn, her face warm with a pink blush of embarrassment. She sensed him there, her two-years-older brother that she called Goof, and her whole body tingled with goosebumps.

“What are you so fascinated about?” said Pip, without looking at Goof. “You watch porn all the fuckin’ time.”

“I’m just checkin’ out your what you’re into. I never figured you for a black guy gang bang.”

“Maybe I like lots of stuff,” said Pip, still looking at nothing but the big cocks and the screaming girl. “You do, too. I’ve heard it.”

“Yeah, but, it’s different with guys.”

Pip’s head turned, looking at her brother, out the corners of her eyes. “Fuck that,” she said. “You know that’s bullshit.”

“Yeah, but…” was all Goof could think to say. Pip’s eyes stayed on his, so he kept his on hers, not wanting her to think he’d been looking at her ass as much as he’d been looking at the dirty fucking on the screen. Pip’s is a fine little ass, perky, a bubble butt in a petite kind of way. At that point in time, lying on her bed for some porn watching, her perky ass cheeks were clad only in pink panties, the pink color faded from dozens of washings, the cotton fabric worn thin. Pip’s midriff baring t-shirt was thin, too, and small, shrunken from those same dozens of washings and dryings. “They’re doin’ the shit out of her, aren’t they,” Goof said to her, after the long, awkward pause.

Pip turned her eyes way from him, back toward the screen and the screaming girl. “Yeah they are,” she said.

And so they watched, brother at a distance and sister on the bed, as the lily white girl on the computer’s screen had a screaming, squirting orgasm, the sloppy wetness of it loosing the huge black cock from her pussy just as her petite thighs trembled. The men made remarks about the girl’s deep, wet, messy cumming, and then another cock was in her, and another stuffed her squealing, moaning mouth.

“You never have…have you?” asked Goof, watching. “Shit like that?”

Pip turned her head again, eyes looking out the corners. “No.” Keeping Goof’s eyes on hers, to better judge his honesty, she asked, “You?”

Goof gave an embarrassed shake of his head. He and Pip had never talked sex before, not in any kind of meaningful way. Worried that she’d see the lump in his shorts from his half-hard cock, he stood very still. The girl on the screen was screaming again, the men rough, slapping her tits as they fucked her, restraining her wrists with their big hands.

“You think she’s famous, or just a girl?” asked Pip, turning her attention back to the screen. “She’s got three-hundred-and-sixty-four thousand views. That’s hella more than I ever got for anything.”

Goof smiled. “That’s cause you’re wearing bikinis and she’s not.”

“That thong one I did’s got forty-two thousand,” Pip said. “I wish YouTube would let us do nuder stuff.”

“Forty-two thousand’s fuckin’ sick, Pip. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, but…” Pip let the rest of her thought go unsaid, her eyes and ears distracted by the wild fucking. After a few moments, still looking at the screen, she said, “I need a real person to video me, and to do pictures for Insta, too. All this selfie shit I’ve been doing, it’s not good enough. You think you could do pictures of me, and videos and stuff?”

Goof didn’t answer, and Pip didn’t look at him. His eyes roamed her little body, her perky ass, her ankles up in the air and the dirty soles of her fidgety feet.

“Fuck you if you don’t wanna,” said Pip, suddenly annoyed. “I’m doin’ it anyway. I’ll find a guy to fuck and another guy to video it.”

Goof, surprised, said, “Fucking? Porn? No fuckin’ way. That’s nuts.”

Pip kept her eyes on the screen, Goof only barely there in her peripheral vision. “I’ll just do it ankara escort once,” she said, “to see how many views it gets.”

“You’re crazy. You can’t just do it and expect to be good at it. You’re just…you.”

“I’m not crazy. I’m fuckin’ sexy. Everybody says so.”

“Pip, you’re just…another girl.”

“So’s she.” Watching the girl orgasm again, Pip squirmed a little on her bed. Goof’s eyes saw her ass muscles flex under her pink panties, and her dirty feet fidgeted some more. “I’m doin’ it,” Pip said.

“With who? How?”

“I don’t fuckin’ know! I’ll ask around on Insta. Somebody’ll see it.”

“Yeah, and you’ll end up a fuckin’ prozzy on fentynil or some shit.”

Pip turned her head, her eyes looking out the corners again at Goof. “You got a better idea? You don’t know anybody. Nobody around here does. Maybe I’ll go to the city.”

“Pip, I’m tellin’ ya, this is fucked. Mom and Dad’ll kill you. And they’ll kill me, too, if I don’t try and stop you.”

“So…you do it then. You’re good at makin’ videos.”

“Me?” said Goof. “Video porn? For you? You’re fuckin’ crazy. I can’t believe you want me to video you. That’s…fuckin’ whacked.”

“It’s not. It’ll be chill. Like you said, it’ll be safer than me having somebody else do it.”

Goof shook his head a little. “Yeah, well…I was thinking more, like, you not doing it. What the fuck would you do, anyway? You wouldn’t fuck a guy. Would you, just, like, do alone shit? With your dildo or something?”

Pip smiled. “You know I have a dildo?”

“Crank found your stuff one day. I didn’t have nothin’ to do with it. I thought he was takin’ a leak and I found him in your room sniffin’ your panties.”

“Holy shit,” said Pip, her eyes wide. “Crank?”

“Yeah. He called me in here and said, ‘Look at this, I found her stash,’ and he showed me your dildos and your purple vibrator thing.”

“Wow. Fuckin’ Crank, huh? That’s hot. What does he say about me? Does he think I’m sexy?”

“Yeah, but…he’s just…Crank. I thought you’d be pissed that we were in your room.”

Pip shrugged. With her eyes on the gang-bang again, she said, “I’ve seen your stuff, too.”

“My stuff?”

“Yeah,” said Pip. “Your fuck magazines. They’re dope as shit. Me and Marlee look at them. And don’t be mad at me. You can’t be now, cuz you’ve seen my shit. Where’d you get them anyway? They’re old.”

“The magazines? You’ll go off if I tell you,” said Goof, smiling at his own secret.

Pip’s head swiveled around, eyeing him from the corners again. “Fuck you! Tell me,” she said, smiling.

“They’re Dad’s. I found ’em, and he found out, so he gave ’em to me. He said he’d rather have Mom find ’em with me than with him.”

“Fuck you. Dad wouldn’t have those,” said Pip, her eyes sparkling with intrigue. “Would he?”

Goof grinned. “I even know who his favorites are, cuz he had magazines inside other magazines, marking stuff that he liked.”

Pip’s eyes widened. “You mean…the women?”

“Yup. One of ’em looks a lot like Mom when she was younger,” Goof said, thinking but not saying that Pip herself looked just like a younger version of their mom.

“Oh my God,” said a wide-eyed Pip. “Those magazines are fuckin’ hard core. Like, savage oral, and anal and shit. Do you think…Mom and Dad…?

Goof still had his goofy grin. “They’re not ugly or anything,” he said.

Pip knew what he meant. Their mother and father, a good looking couple, were happy and probably sexual. “Those’d be easy, those pictures,” she said, as she let her mind put herself in the place of some of those triple-X-rated women she remembered from those magazines. “There’s nothin’ hard about doin’ those. Anybody could do it.”

“Anybody who’s crazy,” Goof said. “Fucking in front of cameras, for, like, the whole world to see? I guess, yeah, it’s not hard to do, but it’s cracked.”

Pip shrugged again. The hard fucking gang-bang clip was over, her laptop silent. She clicked the back button and scrolled through the thumbnails of all the porn that was posted that day on her favorite website. Uncomfortable and fidgety from lying in the same position for so long, she wanted to roll, or to sit up, but she knew her wispy little panties and tight little t-shirt with no bra under it would give her loitering brother quite a show, so she stayed there, on her stomach, sensing Goof’s eyes on her ass. “If you stay you’re picking the next one,” she said, scrolling, scrolling. “They got homo stuff on here, too. You probably like guys suckin’ each other’s dicks.”

Goof smiled. He loved it when his sister busted his balls. In just the last year she was turning into a feisty little thing, not afraid of much. “You pick,” he said.

A few seconds later the laptop screen came to life again. There was cock sucking, all right, but it was a girl Pip’s age, giving a big, very hard cock some nice licks, as if it was an ice cream cone, and then she began a wet, drooling blowjob with her happy looking escort ankara mouth. The super hot video hardened up Goof’s cock again, more so this time, a big lump in his shorts, so he stood still, wishing for invisibility. Turning and leaving would have been easy, but this new Pip, this new openness in his relationship with her, was too compelling.

“Fuckin’ nice cock,” Pip said, avoiding eye contact with Goof, keeping her eyes on the hot porn. “You ever think about cocks? What they look like? Or don’t guys care?”

“Yeah, I guess. I mean…ugly ones are no fun to watch.”

“How ’bout girl parts?” asked Pip. “You got favorites?”


“Yeah,” said Pip, with her mouth watering from the sight of the juicy blowjob action. “Like…favorite kind of tits, and favorite kind of ass and stuff.”

Goof had to smile. Pip’s ass, where his eyes were at that very moment, was it. Kind of perfect. His mom’s is a lot like it, and his last girlfriend’s was, too. Perky, a bubble butt kind of booty, but small, the perfect kind of cheeks to thrust a hard cock through, the perfect kind of petite to put your big hands on and fuck doggy style.

Pip turned her head, suddenly, catching Goof looking. His eyes darted to hers, away from her ass. “You like big tits?” she asked, feeling a quick, tingly blush on her face.

Goof nodded. He knew Pip’s eyes were seeing the big lump in his pants, even though she didn’t look right at it. He said, “Not, like, huge ones, but…”

The new knowledge made Pip warm. Her own tits fit the description, big but not huge, newly grown that way in the last year or two, the jiggling fleshiness of them sometimes hard to contain. She knew guys liked them; all guys seemed to, regardless of their age or their situation. It even seemed like older married guys liked them an extra lot, but she wasn’t quite sure. Having such shapely, fleshy breasts adorn her body was something she was still getting used to. The mysteries of their attraction were still unfolding. “You like tit fucking videos?” she asked. “I can find one.”

It was Goof’s turn to shrug and feel warm. He thought about putting his hands in his pockets, to hold onto and hold down that which was making the big lump, but he knew it would make Pip smile in a knowing way. Her gaze was relentless, keeping him on edge. All his mental power was being used to keep his hard cock from twitching while Pip’s eyes, looking through the corners again, were on him.

“You ever cum on a girl’s tits?” asked Pip, as casually as if she was asking him if he’d ever had a Cherry Coke. “Fuck ’em and, like, cum all in there, and on ’em and stuff?”

Goof nodded, beginning to feel dazed, a little dizzy. His cock had gotten harder and harder, fully hard now, making a lump that any woman would have recognized, even an old grandmother, or a lesbian.

Pip’s questioning continued. “Did Samantha like to fuck?”

“Yup,” said Goof. “She was mad horny.”

Pip’s eyes widened as she smiled. “Really? That’s so hot. She doesn’t look it.”

“You never saw her out, drinkin’ and stuff.”

“So…she was different?”

“Fuck yeah,” said Goof. “You can’t be all horny around your boyfriend’s mother and father or nothin’.”

“Or his little sister,” Pip said, smirking.

“She liked you,” Goof said. “But that was, like, a year ago. You were…different.”

“I was a kid, you mean, right?”

Goof shrugged, glad the lump in his pants was fading a little. He watched as Pip turned her attention back to the silent laptop. She clicked away from the finished blowjob, back to the page of new videos. “Did he cum in her mouth?” she asked. “I missed it.”

“On her face,” Goof said.

“A lot? I love it when it’s fuckin’ messy. I think maybe I’m a cum slut.”

“Yeah, I think maybe you are, too,” said Goof, smirking.

“Hey!” Pip said, feigning outrage, shooting Goof a sparkly-eyed look from the corners of her eyes.

“You’re the one who wants to be a fuckin’ porn star,” Goof said. “It probably helps to be a cum slut, right?”

Pip nodded, still sparkly-eyed, her mouth curling into a sexy little smile. “You’re videoing it, right? Like you said, you don’t want me gettin’ needles in my arms.”

Goof shrugged. “I mean…if you’re crazy enough, and…if you really want me to.”

Goof felt warm again, and Pip did, too. All of a sudden Goof felt excited about the idea, with visions of his panty and t-shirt clad hot little sister fully naked and…doing stuff. He knew he’d have to wear some tight underwear to contain his lump, something he wished he’d worn that very day, at that very minute, because his cock was having a mind of its own again. Pip’s smile was different as she looked at him, the muscles in her ass flexing a little, while her feet, dirty on the soles, fidgeted up there in the air.

Pip owned some items of clothing that her mother didn’t approve of; the bright orange-yellow romper she had on, with nothing but a tiny thong under, ankara escort bayan was one of them. An adult version of an outfit a young child would wear to a playground, it featured short-shorts length legs, a snug waist, and a bare-back halter style upper half with a ‘V’ neck that plunged, letting Pip’s dazzling cleavage flirt with whoever cared to look. Inside the black interior of the family’s second car, as she badly parallel parked it, too far from the curb and slightly askew, the sexy little outfit nearly glowed.

It was only the second time Pip had parallel parked a car. The first had been during her driver’s license road test, when the test giver, a lonely older man, had gone easy on her due to her sparkling seventeen-year-old jail-bait sexuality. That was just a year ago, when her young breasts were already growing their way to greatness.

Looking halfway stripper-whore and halfway little girl, Pip walked to the door of the basement dive-bar comedy club where Crank worked, a place called Hungries and Chuckles. Crank was working the lunch shift, Goof had told her, so she knocked on the still-locked door just before opening time.

“Is Crank here?” asked Pip, when another boy Crank’s age stuck his head out.


“Crank,” Pip repeated, her mind thinking quickly to come up with a more useful request. “Jim, uh…Jim Hansworth.”

“Oh, Yeah,” said the boy, turning and yelling for Jim.

A moment later Crank was there, just as tall, dark-eyed and hot as Pip remembered. She’d seen him just a few days ago, at home, from a distance, but still, the work uniform hadn’t lost him any of his hotness.

“Got a minute?” said Pip, her eyes angled upward, giving them a bedroom bigness. “I wanted to ask you if you wanna do something. With me.”

The look in Pip’s eyes, and her body-hugging cleavage-baring orange-yellow romper, rendered Crank uncharacteristically nearly mute. The fact that she was there, where he worked, added a strangeness to the moment. “Yeah,” he said. “What’s…up.”

“Can we…maybe go where that guy isn’t listening to me?” Pip said, her eyes looking past Crank’s muscled arm, at the boy who’d answered the door.

Crank looked back at him. “Get lost, dickwad!”

A moment later, Crank and Pip walked slowly to the parking lot at the end of the alley, a place Pip made a mental note of, so she wouldn’t have to parallel park if she ever returned. There, standing close to the old brick of the building’s side, between a vaguely smelly dumpster and a white Volvo, Pip said, “I wanna see your cock. Is that okay?”

Crank nodded silently, mute again, not knowing the unexpected sexual encounter was an audition for cock size and appearance. Pip went to her knees, bare skin on dumpster-stained pavement, and she unfastened Crank’s black jeans. She knew they were work jeans because the other boy had black ones on, too, a nice color compliment with the gray uniform shirts that had the club’s logo on the breast and a bigger one on the back.

It wasn’t the first time Pip had unfastened and opened a boy’s pants, but it was a first with a boy older than her, one her brother’s age. By the time the zipper was down Crank’s cock was hard, trying to bust out, held in check only by his stretchy boxer-briefs. Pip left his pants mostly up, manipulated the front of the underwear downward, and out sprang a cock that pleased her very much. Pale of skin, sprightly of hard muscle, it pointed upward with a fair curve, its tip mushroom-like, fully swollen to a pussy-stretching bigness. Pip smiled, because the audition was passed. And then she took the beautiful big cock in her mouth, and both she and Crank moaned.

It was a stunning start to the day for Crank, unexpected in every way. He watched intently as Pip licked his hard cock like an ice cream cone, not knowing it was her first time trying out the licking technique that she’d learned from the girl in the video. “Pip,” he said, his voice suddenly back, “Why you doin’ this?”

Pip mouthed his cock twice, as fully as she could. “I wanna make a porn,” she said, “and I want you to be the guy.” She gave her new favorite cock another full, wet mouthing. “Wanna do it with me?”

Crank moaned deeply, his cock warm and happy in Pip’s mouth again. Sucking it with a moving tongue, in a way she thought might feel awesome, she used her hands to pull down Crank’s jeans and undershorts, just enough to let his ass and balls out into the daylight. Crank looked around. Satisfied the parking lot was empty, he held Pip’s head, fucked her mouth, and came so much faster than he wanted to. “Fuuuuuck!” he moaned, as she sucked and swallowed all the cream his pulsing, throbbing cock was giving her.

The hot little sister of a best friend is always something special to behold, and Pip was no exception. Crank had long been fascinated by her, watching her grow up, from a young girl who annoyed him and Goof, to a petite, walking ticket to jail, to the newly legal stunner with big tits and a killer little ass. But what was this insanity about making a porn, he wondered? Pip? How did she come up with this one?

“You’ll do it, right?” she said, stroking his wet, still-hard cock with her little hand. “We can really be something.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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