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Due to very few comments I don’t know if this story is worth continuing. It was my first attempt, but I am not going to stop writing to me even the worse writers need to express themselves I hope you will enjoy.


As I strapped Michelle to the cross, she trembled in anticipation. Her eyes twinkled, her lips were moist from her tongue softly caressing to them keep them shimmering. Most importantly, her pussy was dripping from the many loads of cum from our marathon fuck-fest. It was a mixture of hers and mine with a hint of Zoe and Inga’s saliva, from the almost constant attention we had given her over the last 5 hours. Timmy had come and helped me fix the “Saint Andrews Cross” I had borrowed from Inga.

Timmy was a one of the sailors aboard the ship. He was a young man maybe 23 years old and quite shy. I had asked him to help with a pulley system to make the cross more agile so one person could change it to fix the position to however they wanted. I offered Michelle to him.

He said, “Sir, I want to thank you for your kind offer, but I am gay. I did fuck her a few times before, that was for your pleasure and I would much rather suck all the cum out of her at some time in the future after she has had a lot of men dump their jizz in her. Would that be alright with you, sir?”

I replied, “Come back tomorrow morning and you can clean her up.”

Now I was strapping Michelle to the leather clad arms of the cross. I had her stand on pegs to adjust for her height after all she was a petite five feet. I tightened the ankle restraints holding her legs apart and off the floor by a foot. I placed another pair of straps around her thighs; they were about 2 inches wide. Moving upward to her tiny waist, a 3-inch strap was holding her tightly against the apex. Her arms stretched as far along the top branches of this wonderful apparatus as they could be.

I inspected each strap, where her body parts were secured to allow easy access to them from between the solid rails. Everything but her head and neck settled in with support. When I closed each strap, her wondrous lithe body would quiver with a tiny orgasm. I reached between her out-stretched legs and gathered a handful of the mixture of juices, and placed it under her nose as she inhaled, and then fed it into her hungry mouth.

I kissed her passionately. Once I broke the kiss, I covered her entire head and face with a full executioner’s hood with opened zipper for her mouth then looped a chain through the ring atop the hood, attached it to the crossbar 2 feet above her head. This process secured her to the cross in every point needed for suspension without causing too much stress on any part of her glorious body.

There was no room for her to wiggle, squirm, or twitch. I reassured her with each strap that I would never do anything that would cause her long-lasting negative pain. I placed in her tiny left hand a clicker, with instructions that if things got too much, she was to click it and I would stop whatever was going on and end it. With her eyes covered by the zipped hood, I closed the zipper over her mouth and walked out the door leaving her there in the dark unable to call for help. I waited to hear the clicker, but nothing clacked.

I walked to the steering house and chatted with the Captain and she said, “We have the “Once-In-A- Lifetime” ship hailing us. We are going to make ship-to-ship docking and see where that leads. Their Captain is a wonderful man and a personal friend of mine.”

I wondered if that meant everyone would be getting dressed. My question very quickly answered. The crew on our ship started to jump. When they jumped, their cocks slapped loudly against their bellies, and they cheered, but made no movement to get dressed.

Within 15 minutes, we were side-by-side with the “Once-In-A- Lifetime” that ship was about two-thirds the size of ours but seemed to have more crewmembers. Both crews were tossing ropes back and forth tying them onto things I had never noticed before. The “Down on Me II” had sent the gangplank toward the other ship and before long; the Captains were saluting each other and then embraced in a kiss that was well beyond friends. Captain Katie Malone (Kate) introduced me to Captain Bart Malone, her brother. I shook his hand and smiled for I knew why Kate had been such a good and willing fuck before.

The “Once-In-A- Lifetime” I found out was carrying a crew of 15 with an additional passenger manifest of 16 adding 31 new possible playmates for my princess and me.

I said to Captain Bart, “Please if possible, your passengers are invited to come aboard and have diner in our galley, if Captain Kate does not object.”

I turned to Kate and she said, “That would be a wonderful idea if your chef would be willing to come aboard and help ours prepare a nice meal. Do you still have that chief Stewart with the ummmm big ahhhh…?” Before she could finish her question, her brother said, “Yes the chief steward ankara escort here as well.” Kate blushed and said, “Good.”

I noticed Kate trembling as she took her brother by the arm, excused them as they walked toward the steering house.

I went below to my stateroom thinking I should check on Michelle. When I opened the door, I smelled her aroma. On further inspection, she had cum so much that puddles were forming on the floor between her legs. I walked over, unzipped her eye coverings and her mouth cover. She pleaded, “Daddy I need something in my cunt it is sooo wet and I am so horny! I love this. Please fuck and fuck and fuck me hard make me cum for you. I love you! Pleaseeee?”

I complied by kneeling down and leaned inward to her mound placing loving little kisses where her pubic hair would have been. Moving my tongue around the swollen bump above the sweet love slit of my 19-year-old daughter, while she tried to squirm only to be firmly held in place by the leather straps and chain holding her head allowing her to turn her head side-to-side but nothing else.

Going ever so slowly I licked down the crease where the perfect thighs met, not yet touching her labia or the hooded clit, although her clit was clearly visible from its no longer hidden by its cover due to the massive amount of blood filling it. This little love nub, no longer pink, but purple and poking out almost a ¼ inch. I blew a warm breath across it and the orgasm squirted down her legs giving me the sweetest love juice I have ever tasted. Continuing downward until reaching her left ankle, I kissed each little toe, and licked in between them and finally sucked them into my mouth.

I could not clean them fast enough due to the flow of her continuous orgasm. I switched to her right foot and did the same but moved upward. I sucked her toes, licked, and kissed my way back up along the same trail but only on the opposite leg until I reached the matching crease of the right leg and around to the top of her pubic mound; never touching that swollen clit but blowing a gentle gust of warm air as I slipped past. She had stopped moaning and straining to move, I feared she was in trouble.

When I looked into her face, I saw the whites of her eyes from where she had pasted out from the amount of pleasure and cum flowing from her body.

I smiled and relaxed to give her time to revive. The moment she started to moan and the glaze in her eyes returned, I stood up and placed the mushroom head of my cock into the purple passion hole. It had engorged to where it was more that tight around my dick, forcing me to push harder into the honey slit. No longer was she moaning, no longer was she trying to squirm, now she was screaming and straining against the straps in such a manner that her hands and feet were turning blue; at the same time screaming, “Fuck me faster, fuck me harder, just fill me, fill my filthy cunt. Godddd Daddy I love the way you treat your slutty fuck toy.”

From the amount of sweet pussy juice that she had drained from her exhausted, pleasured body, I knew she needed a break to regain her strength to keep from dehydration. I slowly unbound each strap from the bottom upward. When the last two remained, I wrapped my arm around her for support. As I unbuckled her left hand, it fell onto my shoulder, holding on to keep from falling to the floor. I held her tightly. I reached to undo my baby girl’s right hand catching her entire body once again carrying toward the bed.

She pulled me closer and kissed me saying, “Please hold me and never let me go! I promise I will always be your slut toy, cum cunt, whatever you choose for me, Daddy. With that said out, she went for much needed rest.

I lay on the bed watching my sleeping beauty when my room phone rang. It was Captain Kate. Her voice sounded excited, “Mr. Brown is there any possibility of you meeting with me in the bar in 20 minutes?

I replied, “Can we make that 30?”

I Kissed Michelle lightly on the forehead, jumped up and went to the shower allowing the hot water wash over my body. As I dried myself, I watched Michelle resting peacefully on the king-sized bed. Knowing she would sleep for a while, I walked to the bar.

As I entered the bar, I spotted Kate sitting at a table with her brother, and another woman with her back to me.

I approached them and when I realized the woman with her back to me was Carol, my sister-in-law.

I placed my hand on Carol’s shoulder, leaned down and kissed her deeply on the mouth inserting my tongue between her waiting lips. She jumped up and said, “MMM, someone has been eating pussy and forgot to brush his teeth, and he tastes sooo gooood.”

I pulled her to her feet, placed a hand on her ass, giving her a swift slap on each cheek and said, “Well if you had been here I would gladly have sucked your hot pussy as well and I might have shared my meal with you.”

She had joined the crew of our ship in removing her escort ankara clothing as well. Her bare nipples poked into my chest causing me to remember the last time we had been naked together. Her hand reached down and brushed against my flaccid cock saying, “I see you have been keeping up on your work. Do I know who the lucky little bitch is this time?”

Laughingly I replied. “I think you do and you will enjoy her with me later, but right now she needs a little rest.”

Carol said, “When have you ever given a woman any time to rest Master?” as she tugged on her collar. Her words started my cock to twitch slightly.

We chatted while we had a drink or two. I took her wine, poured a little on my rising dick and then dipped my mushroom head into her glass. She frowned and stated, “What good does that do, you have already cleaned it so now you are teasing me.” With her smiling face focused on my prick as she pushed back from the table, crawling under to capture the swelling member.

Mean while Michelle came into the bar, still a bit dazed smiling in true bliss. Her face lit up when she saw her Aunt Carol under the table. Getting on her hands and knees, she met with Carol’s pretty labia lips, sending a shock through the magnificent older woman’s body.

We had a little daisy chain starting to form. Zoe and Inga came from behind the bar joining lips and hands as they kissed, fingered, and probed both Michelle’s ass and cunt with tongues and fingers massaging her back as well as her tender breasts. Captain Bart had been sitting at the next table with his sister Kate, no longer were they holding hands, instead they started kissing and stroking each other.

Carol started shaking violently under the table forcing my cock deeper into her throat causing that familiar tingle in my balls. Michelle was sucking the juices flowing into her mouth from Carol’s mature pussy while Zoe and Inga were sharing their reward of the sweet nectars from my baby girl’s honey-pot.

Looking at the next table with Kate lying on top of Bart as she rode his cock, I saw an unfamiliar backside pounding her mouth with a cock that seemed to go on forever. It had to be at least 10 inches long and 5 inches around as it slid into her throat. Its size so massive that you could see the outline of it as it went down her expanding throat. Someone else had managed to step in between the four legs dangling over the edge of the table to enter that perfect ass. She was airtight at this point. I do not know who started to cum first. However, it seemed they were all blasting at the same time.

Carol had come out from under the table and sat on my lap whispering in my ear, “How do you like how Will has grown-up?”

When I heard her say Will, I recognized my 18-year-old nephew as the giant dick pounding into Captain Kate’s glorious mouth. He glanced at our table and waved, “I’ll be done it a second Uncle Ed!” as he thrust in and paused as deep as he could, blowing his massive load filling her belly with his baby-making protein shake. All of us needed a break and a drink. Michelle had came around and pushed her aunts legs off one of my knees and sat down facing Carol saying, “Is it ok if I sit here with you as well? After all, you are my Aunt and my daddy.

We sat and chatted for a while. Carol told us, she and Will had been fucking for almost 5 months and she was using his monster cock in ways that she had never had before. Carol asked, “How are you doing Master? I take it that my sister’s training has gone well. Has Michelle been a treat for you? She has grown to be quite the sexy babe! Do you need any help with her training? I am willing to help if you want Master.”

My reply was simple, “No I think I can handle her, but if you like I will allow you to be her sub, Carol that way she will know how to rain my next one.”

Carol said, “Oh Master, you kept me from that for a long time, so she must be advanced.”

I looked at Michelle and nodded. Michelle gave a knowing smile and said, “Come with me Aunt Carol and I will show you how much I have learned from Daddy.” They got up and each kissed me and said they hoped I would join them soon.

As I sat in the bar, more and more passengers from “Once-In-A- Lifetime” crossed over to our ship to enjoy the much more open area the ship had the more I thought of the pleasures and treasures each had to offer. There would be no limits on the rest of the day and night.

My stateroom door was open and there was a crowd gathering outside watching the action between the occupants. I could hear Carol moan and beg for more and Michelle more than willing to give her what she wanted.

Carol was saying, “Harder, harder PLEASE Mistress, harder!”

As the crowd watched and I nudged my way past them, I heard the sound of whack, the sound of leather hitting bare skin, and another moan of pleasure along with a scream of, “Harder! Please harder make my cunt pay for being so slutty. Shove it deeper ankara escort bayan into my pussy! Ooooooh I am coming make me cum so hard Mistress!”

I was amazed at how well my princess was using and abusing her Aunt Carols body. I had managed to push through the crowd of spectators, and saw what was happening. Carol was strapped with her tits toward the cross and Will was plowing his massive cock into her stretched asshole, while Michelle was slapping her tits that were sticking out from the rear of the cross with a 2-inch wide strap.

Will was pulling his 10-inch cock out to where the head was just inside and then slamming back up and into her shit tube. His balls flapped forward hitting her labia’s two lips. As I went into the room, I said, “Wait, and let me show you something.” Both Will and Michelle stopped and stepped away. I made sure that Carol was fully, and tightly strapped on. I told Will to grab the chain at one top corner and I took hold of the other and started pulling laying it so her back was toward the floor, then I went to her feet and followed by Will, began raising her feet out from under her. She was now prone with her back about three feet above the floor. Carols head fell back and her mouth opened. Her pussy had opened and ready for filling as well.

I backed away and immediately Will pushed his massive cock into his mothers gapping fuck hole, and Michelle stepped up to her opened mouth and slapped her strap across Carol’s reddened chest and said, “Suck my clit you cum-slut whore.” All three found a way to squirt their juices at the same time. With Carol still suspended, I suggested to Michelle that it may be time to give our stateroom an open-door policy and Carol, an open door whore. Michelle smiled and said, “This is my whore and I give her to anyone man or woman to use as they wish.” Michelle and I grabbed hands she tossed the strap onto the bed and we went back to the ship’s bar.

We watched from the window as all 15 people took turns on Carol as she reach orgasm after orgasm fucking, sucking, licking, and swallowing, load after load of cum from everyone in the room. Someone had placed a bowl under her dripping pussy. It caught all the cum as it came out. She had been given so much pleasure and pain that we thought of stopping the show but when she said, “More, give me more and if you don’t have any more to give, then get me more people, because there is another ship out there. Get the crews; get the passengers get everyone to give me MORE! I need more please.”

By the time she had finished, at least 40 cocks of all sizes, and shapes had fucked her, she had sucked that many cocks and that many pussies came into her mouth as well. In addition, she had drunk the bowl of cum from the overflow of her soaked cunt. Just as I remembered her she was a true cum slut not matter what.

Captains Bart and Kate did not participate in the fuck-fest below deck and they were the only ones in the lounge when we walked in. Michelle asked if we could join them for a drink. Of course, we were welcomed with enthusiastic joy.

We sat and talked. I found something quite uniquely wonderful about this brother and sister couple. They truly loved each other as a husband and wife more than simply brother and sister. They were a complete couple. Neither had married, nor had children, but was content in their love. They had both joined the Navy at 17. They were twins, but used different last names to cover their love. They spent time aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and to the other sailors were the perfect couple. When Kate fell and injured her back, and she was forced out of the Navy, so Bart had chosen resigned as well to take care of her. When their parents had died in an automobile accident, they were left to themselves, with no other family. They were free to be together. This was the perfect couple.

Michelle had her hand on Bart’s thigh and asked Kate, “Captain would you mind sharing your wonderful brother with me? It would be just sex and I am sure Daddy would love to be with you as well.” Covering the fact that Kate had been involved in an earlier orgy with us right here in the bar.

Kate looked at each of us and roared in laughter, “After your Daddy fucked me and I sucked a couple more cocks and pussies, you are kind enough to ask my permission to fuck my brother?” She said, “My dear this ship is for your pleasure and yet you are so kind. May I make love with you and your Daddy along with my handsome brother? We went to the upper deck and found a nice place where we could enjoy the setting sun as the four of us made love feeling the cool breeze gently wash over our bodies.

There was no since of urgency, as we made passionate love, and sharing that love with each other. Watching the two Captains with each other was what Michelle and I had to look forward, as our love would grow.

Early the next morning Carol and Will joined us for breakfast, and I had checked with Kate before asking them to join us for the rest of our cruise. Will would join us for another week but then he would leave to head back to school. Carol was free to join us and she said she wanted to be the complete Submissive- sex slave for both of our pleasure.

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