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“You’re such a good girl, always doing what your Daddy says!” You know, I bought that pink vibrating egg with this in mind, and thinking of it humming inside you all day has kept me in a state of perpetual hardness since this morning.

“As for the nasty games, well, Baby girl, you bring out the beast in me. Making me want you all the time! But I thank you for saving yourself for me, wanting to cum for me, with me.” The truth is, my little slut, although outwardly I’m in control, inwardly I will do anything you want. Anything! I’m not ready to share you with any of your college boy friends, at least, not now. Yes, I know that the time will come when I have to let you go, but, not yet, sweetheart.

“And your wardrobe! I saw that mini and blouse set and almost came in my pants!” All I could think about was fucking my schoolgirl daughter, cumming deep inside you, hearing you beg for my cock and putting out the fire with my sperm. “I love how you tease those young men, showing off hints of leg, tits and pussy, but always bringing it home to Daddy. I guess, if I’m not available, you could fuck them. I’d hate to have my Baby doll all distracted and horny at school.” But, I’m not sure if I want to know about it just yet

. Maybe sometime in the future you can tell me all the hot, intimate details, but for now you can be my “baby fuck” as you so aptly put it. Your cunt aches for me? My cock aches for you just as much.

You ask me, “Can I please jerk off my cunt for you right now? Please?” You tell me you need to cum. So do I! Your Daddy needs your cunt as much as you need his cock. I love it when you act like ” a little whore, who needs to be so fucking nasty for her Daddy.”

“Go ahead, slut girl, cum for me! cum for your nasty, dirty Daddy! Go ahead, pull the vibe out, lick your honey off it! Taste yourself!” Then, and only then, can you understand why I live to push my face into the soft folds of your luscious cunt. To drink the sweet juices from you. To smear them all over my cheeks, my chin, my moustache. I do that on purpose, you know! That way I can smell your sweet pussy all day long, and lick your essence from my upper lip when I need you and you’re not here.

“Daddy! Please? Lick bostancı escort my cunt! Eat my hot, wet tight cunt! Please?” you plead, knowing that I cannot resist the invitation. Lowering my face to your cunt, I smile at how sensual it is, how sexy it looks, like a Georgia O’Keefe painting, only alive, warm, wet.

Peeling back the damp hood of your clit, I flick my tongue over the tender, sensitive nub. You moan, telling me how much you love my tongue on your clit. “Oh, fuck my cunt with your tongue” you say widening your legs to allow me deeper access to you. “Can I play with my tits while you lick me?” you ask, knowing that I want you to, that you need not ask.

But I moan into the depths of your fuck hole “Mmmm Hmmm!” looking up at your sweet wanton face, just visible between your perfect, large breasts. Eagerly lapping at your lips, sucking on your engorged clit, wanting you to cum on my face, I continue my assault on your pussy.

“Ohhh! Use me Daddy! Ahhhh! Look at my nipples!” you say pulling the dark pink fleshpoints with your fingers. ” Look at how hard they are! Look at how hard you made my titties!” you pant. I smile into your leaking cunt. I love how you call them your titties, conjuring up a vision of smallness. They are anything but small! And I love to suck your nipples, to pull and tweak them! “They’ve been hard for you all day.” you add. “Oh yes, Daddy! Eat my nasty cunt!” you order me, knowing, I want nothing less. “Ohhh, bite my clit! Ohhh! Suck my..ohhh!… my pussy lips.” you moan writhing under me as I follow your wants, grazing my teeth against the ultra-sensitive fleshy bud of your clit, then sucking in the juicy tender flaps of your pussy, tasting your essence. Swiping my tongue from bottom to top in great doggy kisses, I work feverishly to make you cum. Your breathing is getting ragged! I feel sure that you are on the verge of pouring your musk into my mouth.

Then you ask me to stop! For a moment I think about ignoring your request, still hungry to taste you, but, you are Daddy’s little girl, my sweet baby, so I stop! I am disappointed that I didn’t make you cum, but, at the same time, I’m happy to do your bidding.

“I want to cum büyükçekmece escort with your big, fat cock inside my cunt. I want to cum while you’re fucking your baby girl slut’s cunt!” I conjure up a picture of you screaming out in orgasmic pleasure as my cock stretches open the flower of your womanhood.

“Ohhh Daddy! I need your cock in my mouth!” you plead. “I want to get you nice and hard….and ready to fuck me!”

Knowing from past experience what to expect, I pull my girl cum saturated face from your cunt, and lie on my back, on your bed. My cock is ready for you, waiting , when you say, “I need to be your dirty, cock sucking slut!” I wave it in front of your face, your eyes glued to the veiny shaft as it wafts back and forth. “Fuck my mouth, Daddy! Fuck it!” and I push the dusty rose colored head to your lips, smearing my precum on you like lip gloss. You mumble, “I’m being such a nasty little fuck girl, aren’t I?”

My answer is to push past your lips as you say, “Pump my mouth! I love your dick between my lips” Totally turned on by your dirty talk, I push farther and farther in, feeling your tongue on the underside of my shaft. You moan as my hardness caresses the back of your throat. Somehow, in spite of having a face full of my manhood you ask me to fuck you.

You are ready for me now. We both want it! “Of course baby, my wanton little slut!” I answer, knowing how much you love it when I call you that. I pull my spit covered cock from between your sweet lips.

“It’s your cunt Daddy! It belongs to you!” you say, letting my cock swing free. “You know how I need to be fucked! I love being your nasty little girl!”

And you know how much I love to be your disgustingly depraved Daddy. And how I can never say no to you, no matter how nasty our little games are. You know, deep in your nasty whorish heart, that if you asked me to watch you get fucked, I would do it. You know that if you asked me to eat your cunt after another man came in it, I would do it. But you always make me feel as though I am in charge. That you are mine, your tits are mine, your ass is mine, your cunt is mine.

I let you get on top. I know you love it best of all! çapa escort Better than doggy. Much better than missionary. You straddle me, grabbing my shaft, pointing it towards your moist cunt lips. You lower yourself onto it, slowly. We both moan as the intensity of the pleasure blossoms. My cock slips into you, stretching your cunt open. I think…how can something this blissful, this intense, be wrong? Here I am fucking my own daughter, wanting with all my being to spill my seed deep inside her. I want nothing more than to feel the pleasure of her orgasm as it washes over me, bringing me with her.

“Please, Daddy! Let me slide my hot nasty cunt on your cock!” you beg in that sweet, little girl voice of yours. You tell me how much you need me inside you, and I tell you how much I need to be there too, feeling your cunt caress my manhood, the warm, wet, velvet walls urging my sperm to flood you.

You begin to wail! I can feel the wetness increase inside you as your first mini-orgasm finally errupts. My cock feels “so big!” as your cunt squeezes it. “Oh Daddy, its stretching my tight little cunt.” Your cunt muscles squeeze and release, squeeze and release, as your juices flow down my nut sac and onto your bed linens as you continue toward orgasm.

“Daddy … daddy, I want you to cum inside me.” you beg. How can I possibly say no! My brain is shut down! My cock is in control now and it has but one mission! You tell me how much you love to ride me! How deeply I fuck into you when you are on top.

“Daddy …daddy…I need to cum! Can I? Can I cum all over your cock with my nasty fucking cunt?” You begin to wail as your cunt clutches and unclutches my dick as I bounce you up and down. Your head is thrown back as you howl in ecstasy, your cunt spills copious amounts of your cum all over my cock, my crotch. “Ohhhhhh! Daddy! Daddy! Ahhhhh!”

As your orgasm peaks, mine begins! I grunt as I feel the sperm course up my cockshaft, spewing into the depths of your young pulsating cunt. Our howls blend together in a sexual duet as I empty myself, clutching your breasts, kneading them uncontrollably as we rock back and forth, our juices blending together.

Coming down from such a monumental high, you collapse on me, mashing your breasts into my hands as you pant, in post-coital bliss, “Oh fuck daddy! Ohhh! You take such good care of my cunt! Oh fuck! I love cumming for you!”

“And I love cumming for you too, my sweet baby slut! I live for these moments when I hear you scream in lust for your sweet Daddy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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