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“Anna” Jason offers his hand to help me up off the floor. “Sis I am so sorry. I don’t know what happened. He was so angry and then…well…I don’t know…I’m sorry…”

“Me too,” Chris joined in with the apologies.

I ignored them both and stood myself up. Pushing my skirt down I headed for the bathroom. Once on there I locked the door behind me, sank down on to the floor and cried.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. That’s not how I had wanted it to be. I had wanted you, my daddy, for so long. I had saved my virginity for you, hoping that one day it would be like a fairytale. You and I, alone at home, watching TV. Just you and me. I could seduce you, show you all the tricks that my brothers had taught me since my 18th birthday, the things I had learned just to try and please you when I had the chance. But no, it had happened like this, with you drunk and angry, my brothers there, hardly the romantic deflowering I had wanted from my daddy. The worst part was that u knew nothing of how I wanted you. Now you thought I was a slut. Maybe I was. Only a slut would use her brothers to teach her how to please a man just to seduce her father. It sounded sordid in my head but it felt so different in my heart and my stomach.

All those nights spent lying in bed with one of your worn shirts, inhaling the aroma of your day. I would try and guess where you had been, what you had done, which deals you had sealed. But I had always ended up with the same thoughts in my head…you and me…your body pressing in to mine…your strong arms around me…you telling me that you never knew I felt like this and asking why I hadn’t said anything…and how good it was to finally be able to tell me that you had wanted me too.

Always it was a happy encounter; nothing like tonight. I sat on the floor and cried until Mom came and knocked on the door.

“I’m home Anna!” She shouted. “I hope you are in a better mood than the men in this house or I’m going out again.” She joked. “Anna?” and when I didn’t answer. “Are you in there?”

“Yes Mom.” I called back. “Im just getting in the shower, then going to bed.”

“Okay Hon,” she said as I heard her mumbling away to herself about grumpy husbands and sons…

I showered and took myself to bed. Sleep came surprisingly easily…


It was still dark when I woke. I looked at the clock beside my bed and the red digital numbers told me it was 3am. I was unaware of what time I had fallen asleep so was not sure how much sleep I’d had. I began to cry again as last night came flooding back to me.

“Anna please don’t cry…” your voice shocked me and I sat up in the dark.

“Daddy?” I whispered sub consciously trying to pull the duvet over me.

“Anna I am so fucking sorry,” I heard you say from the other side of the room, by my desk. I heard a stifled sniff too. Were you crying? You never cried, not in front of your kids anyway. Then I heard you sob, first one, then uncontrollably, muffled.

I reached over and turned the bedside light on, the dimness of the bulb barely radiated in to my room but I saw your outline slumped in my desk chair, your head held in your hands, your shoulders shaking violently. I hesitantly pulled back the covers from my body taksim grup yapan escort and slipped quietly out of bed. I wanted to put my arms around you, I hated to see you cry. But the memories what had happened and the hate in your eyes last night made me stay simply standing by the bed.

I watched you cry in to your hands and, as my eyes became more accustomed to the dim light I saw tears drip on to the floor. My resolve weakened and I took a few steps towards you, still slightly fearful.

“Don’t come near me Anna,” you sniffed, wiping your eyes, your head still lowered.

“Daddy…” a few more steps forward, despite what you had done you were still the man I had wanted for so long, still my daddy. “…Daddy I wanted you.” I spoke before I even thought about it. “Just not like that!” I felt my tears well up again in my eyes. Now you knew. I had said it and I couldn’t take it back.

You looked up at me, still crying but now able to at least control your words to some extent. Then you nodded and looked down at the floor. “I know.” you whispered.

“You know?” I stepped closer. “What do you mean?”

“I..I..” you took a deep breath and looked back up at me. “I knew you wanted me.”

“But…I never…”

“The shirts, Anna,” you explained softly, “the shirts, the way you looked at me…I thought I was looking too deeply in to things. Maybe I wanted it to be true. But once the thought was there in my head I…I couldn’t stop thinking about you…started fantasising…I tried not to but, Honey, you were always there…I wanted you too…”

I took the final steps over to you and placed my hand on your shoulder. You pulled away slightly but I held on.

“I didn’t know,” I said.

“Then when I came home tonight…and your brothers were…” the tears started again. “That should have been us Anna. Not them…us. In my head it was always you and me…and I got so angry…I fucking hated you at that moment but hated myself even more. I should have been shocked and angry to find my kids doing that, and I was, but god help me I was more jealous than anything. Fucking JEALOUS!?!”

I was finding this all a little hard to take in.

“Daddy you hurt me,” I told you, “I was a virgin but I wanted YOU! Not like that though, never like that!”

“I know,” you whispered as you looked up. “I know and I will never be able to say sorry enough. I am a bad man Anna, a bad father, a bad husband.”

“No daddy,” I bent down and kissed the top of your head, “You’re a good man. I want to believe that you made a big mistake tonight. Good men make mistakes you know. Do you love me daddy?” I asked.

“Oh god Anna, so much,” you sat back in the chair and held both of my hands gently, “In ways that I shouldn’t as well as the ways I should. I made the biggest mistake of my life tonight and, trust me, I will never forgive myself for hurting you.”

I gently sat myself on your lap and put my arms around you. Your face was wet from tears against my arm.

“I love you too daddy,” I whispered, “Don’t ever fucking hurt me again.”

You pulled me tight to you and shook your head vehemently. “Never, Honey. I swear.”

I lifted your chin with my finger and taksim masöz escort you looked up at me. Slowly I lowered my mouth down to yours and kissed you, the way I had wanted to kiss you for so long. Your lips were salty with tears but soft and warm. I felt as though our mouths were meant to be together, like this, melting in to each other. I opened my mouth slightly and licked gently around your lips, then tentatively let my tongue slip in to your mouth. You took a deep breath and pulled back but I drew you back in, knowing that you wanted it as much as I did, despite the guilt you felt.

You resisted for as long as you could and then your tongue lightly danced with mine in your own mouth before gently pushing in to mine. We kissed and held each other for what seemed like an eternity of heaven.

“Daddy,” I sighed between slow, sensual kisses, “I want you…”

You continued to kiss me, not responding to my request immediately.

“Honey,” you said eventually, pulling your face away from mine and stroking my hair back as you looked in to my eyes. “I don’t think I can. Not now, not tonight, not after what I did. If we do I want it to be special. Just us together, somewhere…”

I smiled and pulled you in to a deeper kiss. I understood how you felt, I wanted my fairytale, even if it wasn’t the deflowering I had dreamed about. But as we kissed I knew I couldn’t let you go now, not without showing me how gentle you could be, how good you could make me feel.

Slowly I stood up from your lap and removed my large t shirt that I wore for bed. There I was, in front of you, naked apart from my panties, my large breasts just inches from your face. You shook your head but your eyes flickered between my breasts and my face and I nodded, softly running my hands through your hair before grasping your head and drawing you forward. I felt a little resistance but your mouth opened on to my right nipple and the hesitation was gone. Both my brothers had done this to me but their efforts, although enjoyable at the time, were juvenile compared to the mature, sensual way you sucked and licked my nipples, first one, then the other. I sighed gently as you raised your hands to hold a breast in each and swept from one to the other expertly with your mouth. I could feel everything clearly, the tiny bumps on your tongue, the small imperfections of your teeth as you bit down softly, your hot breath washing over each breast as you pleasured it.

As I felt myself become moist between my legs I pulled back from you. Your mouth closed, a disappointed but understanding expression on your face.

“I need you daddy,” I pulled to a standing position and lead you towards my bed. You followed me but shook your head determinedly.

“Not tonight, Anna,” you told me firmly. “I can’t do that. But I will show you how good I can make you feel if you want me to.”

I nodded and you lay me down on the bed.

“Oh god Anna,” you leaned over me and, again, stroked my hair as you looked down my small body. “You have no idea-“

“Yes daddy, I do,” I said sincerely, “because that is how much I want you too.”

You smiled as you shifted your body over me, kissing me just as sensually as you had a few moments taksim otele gelen escort before. I felt the material of your own t shirt brushing my nipples and I sighed in to your mouth. Slowly you moved down to my neck, kissing and running your lips over my young throat. It was like nothing I had ever felt before and I automatically raised my hips to meet yours, wanting to feel how hard you were for me. But you slid one hand down my body and softly pushed my hips back down on to the bed before tracing your lips down to my breasts again. They had remained erect from their previous encounter with your talented mouth but now I felt my blood flow to them with determination as you tended to their desires of being caressed and licked and sucked.

Watching you work on my body made my panties flood with my juices. I was becoming aroused beyond anything I had experienced before. My pussy was almost pounding as you retreated from my breasts and worked your way, licking, kissing and gently biting your way down my stomach. I felt my breath stop short as your mouth reached the top of my panties. You looked up at me.

“Are you okay?” you asked.

“Don’t stop daddy, please don’t stop,” I begged you in a hushed voice.

You obliged as you ran your tongue right down the centre of my panties, briefly over my clit and down to my thighs. You teased them open with your fingertips and lay between them, kissing my inner thighs, licking the hem of my panties. Gently and painfully slowly you pulled at them, easing them down and kissing every newly exposed piece of skin. You eventually pulled them off, pushing them down my legs underneath you and letting them drop to the floor. And you were there, your mouth a mere tongue stretch away from my pussy. You looked up at me, both of us breathing heavily, our eyes locked and not breaking their contact as you lowered your head and kissed my exposed clit.

“Daddy,” I could have cried it felt so good. Your lips were barely even touching me but my whole body filling with immense pleasure. You wrapped your arms around my thighs and brushed your fingers over my trimmed pubic hair, the tips so softly pulling my lips open to expose my clit even more. I watched, your eyes still on mine as you began to suckle gently on the hard little button that I had so often played with thinking of this moment. “That’s good, that is sooooo beautiful daddy.” I murmured through the pleasure. My words caused you to work your mouth over more of my pussy, using every technique you had obviously perfected over the years. My bedside light reflected my juices all around your mouth as you ate me with a longing and passion I hadn’t known about until tonight.

Finally the eye contact was lost as you slipped your long, thick tongue inside me. I was certain you moaned with pleasure just as I did. I began to cum almost immediately at the sensation. You felt this and gently began to tap my clit with your finger to help me along. I pushed hard down on to your mouth as I exploded all over your tongue and face. My body shook uncontrollably as you lapped every last drop of juice from my pussy.

When you had finished showing me how good you really could make me feel you slid back up the bed beside me.

“Are you okay?” you asked, tracing my lips with your finger.

“Yes, thank you,” was all I could manage between my deep breaths.

“Anna,” you seemed unable to find any words to mark the moment. So you held me to you until you thought I had drifted off to sleep, then kissed me and headed back to your own room. I smiled to myself as I allowed sleep to come once again.

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