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Lexa dismissed her class at the University early on Friday afternoon and her students quickly filed from the room, anxious for the impending weekend and their own adventures to come. She collected her things and headed out to her car, bound for home at last. Ever since Will had awakened her this morning with his hand on her breast, she’d been eager for the day’s promising end, and the thought of him arriving only minutes after she got home, as he usually did on Fridays, excited her even as she thought about it. However, she walked into their apartment only to find a note from him telling her he’d be in late tonight – he wanted to finish the plumbing at the site before he left for the day.

The front door of their apartment opened into the living room, and to the right of that door there laid a hallway. At the rear of the living room there was a sliding glass door, to the right of which the room opened up to form a small breakfast nook, and beyond that there was a quaint little kitchen where they would sometimes make meals together. The living room, sparsely decorated, contained a futon bearing a fluffy black mattress for a couch sitting along the left-hand wall, a hand-carved coffee table placed in front of it, and matching end tables on either side. Beyond the last table there was a bookcase, full of an array of items, from various texts to little knickknacks and picture frames. The far wall adjoined a simple oak writer’s desk complete with a classic oak straight-backed chair. The desk was usually bare, save for a cup of pens and pencils.

Later that evening, a warm summer breeze drifted through the tiny apartment from the open windows. Lexa sat at the desk, reading through term papers she had brought home from the University. She was off in her own little world now, concentrating hard on grading the papers, one leg curled underneath her, twirling a lock of long auburn hair between her fingers as she read.

The front door opened. Had she heard it, it would have signaled to her the return of her husband from the job site. Placing his tool belt just inside the door, Will walked over to the desk, smiling gently at her. The look on her face was a familiar one, and he knew instantly that she was oblivious to his presence. Stepping up behind her, he leaned down, sliding his hands down her sides and softly placing his gentle kisses on her neck. Lexa jumped at first, shaken out of her reverie, but then tilted her head to give him better access to the soft skin of her neck. Will ran his hands slowly over her sides and around to her stomach, caressing everywhere. She leaned to the left, turning her head to meet his mouth. He pressed his lips tenderly to hers, his tongue gliding over the seam of her lips, coaxing them apart. As her lips drifted apart, he slipped his tongue into her open mouth, teasing her tongue with his. He withdrew, slowly. “Hello there, darlin‘,” he whispered against her lips. She reached up and wrapped her palm around the back of his neck, pulling him down to her and pressing one last kiss to his lips before she allowed him to stand. She smiled up into his deep blue eyes. Will’s eyes were her favorite of his features.

“Well, hello,” she said. From her seat in the desk chair, she gazed up at him, taking in his broad-shouldered, 6 foot frame appreciatively. He looked so male in his worn jeans, black t-shirt, and work boots. “And how’re you tonight?”

“Tired. Hot.”

She grins. “Why, yes. Yes, you are…” she teased with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Are you flirting with me?” he challenged playfully.

“What do you think?” she teased, a mischievous light in her eyes.

“I think you’re playing with fire.” they’d both known from the second he touched her how this night would transpire.

“Fire, huh? Sounds hot.” She rose to her feet and he watched her walk over to him, clad in black pants that fit her like a second skin at the waist and hips, then flared out from the knee down, along with a pale blue button-down shirt with the top two buttons undone, giving him just a glimpse of her lush cleavage. Her feet are bare, revealing painted red toenails. He had passed her discarded blazer laying on the couch on his way over to the desk. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, her willowy figure aligning to his perfectly.

“Hot? Yeah, honey…hot.” he wrapped his arms around her, resting his arms on her lower back, pulling her into him, rocking his hips against hers, tilting his pelvis to grind against her clitoris in a way he knew would take her right to her edge. Gasping from the contact, she pressed closer into him and stretched up to press her lips to his. Their lips, tongue, and teeth wrestled with one another, playing an intense, passionate game of cat and mouse. Her teeth nipped at his lips, as he sucked her tongue into his mouth kadıköy escort while applying a slight pressure. Their hearts pounding, they strained closer and closer to each other. Will slid his hands over her back, pulling her shirt from the waistband of her pants, and caressed the small of her back with his rough palms, letting his fingers dip down below the waistband. Her hands slid down his arms, curling over his large biceps, reveling in the knowledge of how strong he was. It made her feel so feminine to be held so tight in his arms like that. When it became necessary for air, they broke the kiss, arching away from each other, just slightly, their hips still pressed tightly together. Blue eyes met green as they stood there, looking at each other.

“I thought you’d never get home,” she said, then leaned in to place a few gentle kisses to his jaw line. He rocked his hips, tilting against hers, letting her feel that he, too was eager for their joining. Dropping her head, she bit down firmly on the slope of his neck, careful not to break skin. Shivers coursed up and down his spine. She knew exactly what that spot did to him and she played on that knowledge regularly, though he had to admit he wasn’t complaining too much. Lexa’s hands slid down Will’s back, to slip them under his T-shirt, gently caressing his lower back, and his hips pressed even tighter against her in reaction to the touch of her hands. She placed another light kiss to the bottom of his jaw.

She pressed herself against him, sliding her hands up his back and wrapping her arms around his neck. She pressed her lips to his. Then she slid the tip of her tongue over the seam of his lips, entreating entrance. When his lips parted, she slipped her tongue between them, caressing his tongue with hers. His eyes closed, feeling her tongue against his. She pressed her tongue deep into his mouth and quickly withdrew, caressing his tongue along the way, mimicking what she wanted him to do to her — inside of her. While continuing the erotic caresses with her tongue, she glided her hands over his back, and down to the hem of his t-shirt. Slipping her hands underneath, she drew it up and, releasing his lips for just a second, she pulled his shirt off, then quickly made contact with his lips again.

With her tongue playing it’s thrust and withdrawal game again, she played with her hands over his back and then went lower, gripping his butt, pulling him against her, rocking her pelvis into his. His hips returned the pressure, his hands resting at the base of her back. He moaned softly into her mouth, urging more. She rotated her hips in a circle against his, brushing against the fly of his jeans. Leaving one hand at his lower back, tracing slow circles on the firm skin, she took her other hand and slid it between them, lightly tickling just above the waistband of his jeans, knowing perfectly well it was driving him crazy. Letting a finger dip in, she caressed the hidden skin for an instant before withdrawing it again. His hips jerked up, expectantly, straining for contact.

Finally, she answered his unspoken request and took off his boots and socks, then unfastened the fly of his jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down, letting the side of her hand trail over his hardness. Once the zipper was released, she took the other hand from his back, and placing both hands on his hips, slid the jeans and boxers slowly off. Her hands caressed his hips and the sides of his legs gently on the way down. He shuddered and then went motionless at the contact, wondering what was next.

With a mischievous grin, she slid her hands back up his torso to wrap around his neck, letting her fingers play once more in his hair, while she leaned into him, pressing skin to skin. She rocked, then swirled her hips gently against his. She thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and then quickly retreated over and over. Then she pulled back and swirled the wet tip of her tongue over the edge of his lips. Unable to stand the teasing, his hands came up on her shoulders, pressing slightly into the skin. He moaned deeply at the thought of what that tongue could do.

Releasing his lips, Lexa pushed her hands against Will’s shoulders, pushing him back, forcing him to lie down against the plush fabric of the couch. She followed after him; placing wet kisses to his chest and shoulders. She flicked her tongue into the crevice where his neck meets his shoulder. He started, and then relaxed, letting the pleasure flow through him. She swirled her tongue over the salty skin, sometimes gently lathing and other times quick, hard flicks. Then, without warning, she leaned down, wrapped her tongue around a nipple and suckled hard. He gasped, his breath coming faster. As quickly as she leant down, she pulled away and continued to üsküdar escort place the wet, sucking kisses over his pecs.

She trailed kisses down his torso and flicked her tongue into the cavity of his belly button, swirling around the rim, dipping in, flicking hard and fast and then retreating. His hips rose at her retreat, calling her attention back. While she played her tongue at his belly button, she let a hand trail down to play in the curls above his erection. He moaned, low at first, but louder at the end, encouraging her lower.

Occasionally, she let a finger brush over the top of his hardness and it responded, bouncing a bit at the touch. She took his balls in her hand, gently massaging them. Lexa leaned down to place her mouth wetly on the tip of his cock, letting her tongue flick quickly into the hole. She rolled her lips down over her teeth and took the whole head into her mouth. Then gently, through her curled lips, bit down on the place where the head and the shaft unite.

Loosening her grip on his cock, she slowly leaned down, taking more of his erection into her mouth, swishing her tongue back and forth over the underside. Slowly, she pulled back, leaving just the head enveloped in her wet mouth once more and flicked her tongue into the indent where the head meets the shaft on the sensitive underside. She let herself sink down the shaft again, still massaging his balls in her hand. Down and down the shaft she went, then pulling off, applying a gentle suction on the way off. Then she sank back down, father this time, then off again, until just the head remained and then sucking with a little more force before sinking down once again. This time, on the way off, she let him slip totally out of her mouth and flicked her tongue into the hole a few times, then trailed a fingertip slowly along the underside. She wetly lathed the head with her tongue, then gently and slowly blew on the now-wet skin. She took the head into her mouth once more, and sank down the shaft, as deep as she could, as swiftly as she could. Once she was down as far as she could go, she applied a little suction. She continued that suction as she pulled off, increasing the suction the closer to the head she got until there was an intense suction on the head. She lathed her tongue around the head again; gently blew on the wet skin and took him back into her mouth. She sank down only a little bit and then backed off. She went back down, just a hair farther…. then pulled off again. Down again, a fraction more. Then off again.

Then, this time, she sank down all the way and as fast as she could, once again applying suction at this point, and increasing it on the way off, only this time, she combined that with the swishing of her tongue along the sensitive underside. Once she was almost off, with just the head in her mouth, she lightened the pressure a bit, and began to go back down the shaft, in short, choppy, jerky intervals, making small little up and down movements as she went down. Once all the way down, she reversed that motion on the way off, pulling very slightly and very gently. She began to play closer attention to the head, letting her hands play over the shaft. She lathed the head with her tongue, and then blew on it lightly.

Then she took his hardness into her mouth, and sucked hard, just for a second, before releasing all pressure. She stroked along the shaft with her hands and repeats the same suction – instantaneous pressure, immediately released. Lexa took the head back into her mouth, applying pressure, for the first time increasing pressure as she went down. Going down and down, sucking with more and more pressure until she was all the way down and then gave one intensely forceful suck, followed by immediate release of pressure. And again, sucking hard, all of him; and then releasing and sucking her way off to flick her tongue into the very tip, caressing the underside then encircling him with her hand, playing it up and down, while she sucked gently on the head. Lexa then bit gently at the seam of head and shaft once again.

Moving her hand down to cup his balls, she sank down swiftly once more as she felt him pulse under her hand and in her mouth. Once down, she sucked gently, coaxing out his orgasm. She pulled back, so that just the head was in her mouth to receive his orgasm into her waiting mouth. He groaned roughly and thrust his hips as his orgasm overtook him. She swallowed everything he had to give her with a slight smile. Spent, he lay panting. She slid up his body to lay beside him, placing wet kisses to his jawbone.

They lay there like that for a few minutes until his breathing was back to normal. He trailed his fingertips lightly over her back, sending shivers to her core. Will kissed her, sucking her tongue tuzla escort into his mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue over the inside of his top lip and wrapped one hand around his neck, playing her fingertips through the hair there. He shivered and pressed his lips more firmly to hers. She could feel him hardening against her hip.

He held her tightly to him and rolled gently off the couch onto the cozy rug. He put his hands on her hips, sliding his fingers into the waistband of her pants. He slipped them over her hips and down her legs, caressing the skin he passed with the heel of his palm. His hands skimmed back up her legs to catch his fingers in the elastic waistband of her black lace thong and slid that too down and off her legs. He skimmed his hands up her legs once again, following his own movements with his torso. Once at her waist, he began to unbutton her shirt from the bottom up, licking kisses onto the exposed skin. With her shirt completely undone, he spread the fabric and glided up her body to press his bare chest to hers.

Now he was atop her, his hips pressing into her. He kissed her gently as he slid his hands down her sides and over her hips stopping when he reached her thighs. His hands, slipping between them, glided to the seam of her thighs and coaxed them apart to make a place for himself.

Settling between her thighs, he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders to allow him better access. He started flicking his tongue in and out of her already wet opening. He stopped and began deep, slow licks along the lips. He wrapped his tongue around her clit, gently massaging it at first, then swirling his tongue around it and then going back to the flicking motion. She moaned, “Suck on it. Suck on my clit. Hard. Please.”

He returned his ministrations to her clit, sucking now, rotating his mouth in circles as he does. The new sensation made her gasp and thrust her hips up into his mouth. He nibbled gently on her engorged clit. His breath went out, warm bursts drifting over her most sensitive spot. Her muscles were all tightening, she could feel the orgasm rising inside of her. His tongue found its way deeper, his hands parting the lips for his entrance.

She rotated her hips against his mouth, pleading, “Suck on it again.” His tongue heeded the command earnestly, licking rapidly, making contact only for a second, then glanced away again, then back for the lightening- fast contact. His lips, however, have held back until this moment, when they suck even harder. Her whole body tightened spasmodically as he sucked this last time, the orgasm ripping through her. Her hands gripped at the carpet, head thrashing.

Making firm contact, he did not move away now, rather letting the tongue work in where it could, the suction getting harder as she shuddered hard against his mouth taking gasping breaths. He felt the contractions of her muscles and he lapped up the wetness, gently kissing her even afterwards. She shifted her hips, shying away from his mouth. “Too.. Sensitive,” Lexa gasped.

He looked up, smiling, and sat back, settling her legs on either side of his shoulders. “I know, but I just had to,” he said grinning. He placed a kiss to the inside of her thigh making her still stimulated nerves jump and send shivers through her from head to heel. Giving her no time for her nerves to relax, he kissed up her thigh, and then placed a kiss to the top of her mound; to her belly button; to the valley between her breasts; to her throat; and finally to her lips. They kissed passionately, tongues warring with each other. When the kiss finally broke, he trailed kisses over her jawbone to flick his tongue into the recess behind her earlobe making her gasp.

Will rocked his hips, his erection rubbing lightly against her opening. Her hips lifted into him, straining for penetration. The head, wet with pre-cum, rubbed against her clit. Lexa isinsane with lust, wanting nothing more than to have her husband deep inside her. He wanted that too and shifted so that the head is at her moist opening; he thrust in suddenly and completely. A deep, guttural moan pierced the air that neither one was sure who produced. He paused there for the hint of a moment and then slowly withdrew before thrusting hard into her again. Again and again, faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper he thrust, driving both of them to the brink of climax. As he felt himself getting close he slid a hand between them and brushed his thumb against her sensitive clit, sparking her orgasm. Her body exploded with sensation, pulsing and clenching around him. The feel of her spasming and quivering body set off a mirror reaction in Will and he thrust hard into her once more, ejaculating deep inside her. He collapsed atop her, burying his face in her neck and kissing it weakly. Lexa sank into the mattress, pressed down under his pleasing weight, running her hands slowly over his back. He smiled against her skin, “yeah, you were definitely flirting with me.” She laughed softly. “What was your first clue?” she teased as she curled her fingers, trailing her nails up his back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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