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Dedicated to T. H.


Jared sat in his rental car, freezing. The drive had been…confusing. While Canadians drove on the right side of the road (thank God) they also marked distance and speed in metric, something he hadn’t had to do since college. Sure that he’d broken at least a half dozen speed and/or traffic laws, Jared was glad to at least be parked and, for the moment, out of danger.

Now if only the rain would stop.

Jared sat parked on the side of the road, listening to the deluge of water crash upon his windshield. He checked his watch for the third time that hour and frowned. First impressions were always dicey, even more so when there was expectation and history there. Finally, at five PM local, the appointed time, he screwed up his courage, zipped up his coat and exited the vehicle.

The shop was blessedly warm as he stepped inside, shaking water like a puppy let in from the rain. A quick glance around showed the place to be full of leather attire, which (if properly waterproofed) would definitely come in handy for the next week. Jared searched and quickly spotted the reason for his interminable flight, hiding behind a counter, speaking to another customer. He caught her attention and not a little satisfaction as she seemed to blush a tad, before breaking eye contact and resuming her conversation. Suppressing a larger grin than he already possessed, Jared began browsing coats.

In no time, he could feel eyes on him again. He turned from a coat rack to see Eden tenuously walking toward him. She put on a brave face, being in her own store and all, but the simple fact was they were both very nervous about this. Jared shot her a smile and outstretched his arms, bending down to embrace her tightly. She was warm and smelled faintly of something that Jared couldn’t quite put his finger on. At any rate, it felt good to feel her arms around his trunk.

“Eden, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” He managed to deliver the line without stumbling. His heart was beating and he was sure his face was as red as her hair. “All set?”

Eden nodded and they were quickly out the door. Jared quickly unlocked the doors and held one open her her, before jumping the curb and quickly sliding into the driver’s seat.

“You’re a wimp.” she said, feigning disgust and receiving an embarrassed smile in return. The drive passed quickly despite the afternoon traffic, and with some well-timed directions and the usual pleasantries, the pair arrived at Eden’s apartment at a quarter after five. A quick survey of the pantry and fridge set them to cooking, with Jared especially thrilled to find mushrooms on the menu. A quiet night in seemed perfect.

Roasted red-pepper lasagna and a bottle of Chianti, sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach, one of Jared’s specialties. Eden and Jared drank the first half of the bottle before dinner was on the table, if for nothing else than to ease the butterflies in their stomachs. Some low light and a few candles made the light sparkle off Eden’s glasses and Jared had a hard time focusing on anything other than her lips.

And, when she got up, her hips.

With the dishes rinsed and set in the dishwasher, the pair retired to the couch. Sitting opposite each other, they began to talk but Jared couldn’t think of much to say. Over the past few months, they’d spoken so much, and now that he was here, the time for discussion seemed to have passed. Almost without thinking about it, his hand found her ankle and he was quickly bakırköy escort caressing her shin.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, an impish grin implicit, inclining her to nod agreement. Consent received, he placed her feet into his lap and undid the straps on her shoes. He began to massage the soles of her feet, starting with her heel and tendons, then the bottoms, sliding his thumb into her feet and rolling her feet at the ankles. A sanguine smile formed on Eden’s lips as she lay back, closing her eyes, to enjoy the massage.

She sighed and stifled a moan as Jared worked his way under her skirt, up her legs, past her knees. She spread her legs a little bit to increase his opportunity, which he gratefully exploited. Fingers sliding along her thighs, rubbing muscles sore from standing all day, before sliding fingertips back down, moving progressively north until his hands gently brushed the seam of her panties.

Eden gasped then, and spasmed a bit. Jared gently replaced her feet to the side and lay down nearly on top of her. His face was just inches from hers, sublime and full of expectation. And for the moment, it was perfect. Without a word, he gently removed her glasses, folded them, and placed them on the coffee table. Smirking a bit, he leaned in and kissed her gently on her lips.

The kiss was the trigger. Starting off deceptively slow, lips against lips, it snowballed into an explosion. Hands slid around Eden’s trunk, legs intertwined as Jared’s lips left hers and moved to her cheek, her ear, her neck, kissing gently and sending waves of electricity down her spine. His hands slid up the back of her shirt, the warm blood in her skin screaming in delight as he kissed and pecked his way down her neckline. Eden found her hands drawn to the buttons on her blouse, shaking as she undid them. And with no small amount of enthusiasm, Jared helped until there was nothing between his mouth and her pert breasts.

The rain pounded the windows, providing a steady rhythm to his movements. Licking from neck to breasts, sucking, rolling nipples with between his finger and thumb, Jared felt rather like a teenager with his parents out of town, making out on the couch. Another kiss and he savored the sensation of her tongue playing along his, her hands tugging at his shirt. Standing, lifting her up gently, Jared and Eden disrobed each other in the dim and found each other again, arms wrapped around each other, lips locked.

With a feminine giggle, Eden broke the embrace and led him back to the couch, where his lips again found her neck. Leaving a trail of kisses down her body, he slowly found his way between her legs and to her aching pussy. It was warm and sweet when he tasted it, first running his tongue over the outer lips, then slipping it inside to taste her sex. Eden moaned while he wrapped his left arm around her leg, his right hand gently slapping and teasing her clit. With a muffled moan, he pressed his face to her again and began greedily licking and sucking her wetness. He slid two fingers slowly into her, curling them forward to place pressure on her G-Spot while his tongue dances across her clit, occasionally slipping down to massage her entire pussy.

Eden never broke eye contact with him, staring down at his hazel eyes staring back at her. She could tell he was smiling and for that, he deserved a little show himself. She winked and blew him a kiss as she cupped and kneaded her breasts, playing with her nipples and slowly rocking beşiktaş escort her hips. It could have been the wine, the rain or the anticipation, but she was enjoying this. She squealed a little in surprise as one of his fingers slipped out of her vagina and pressed itself very slowly into her ass, making her feel like she was going to explode then and there.

It seemed he could go on forever, but after a few very long minutes of licking, stroking and sucking, he withdrew himself from between her legs and began another trail of kisses back up her pelvis, her tummy, her breasts, her neck and her lips. She could still taste herself on his face as he kissed her and whispered…

“Lay back. Relax.”

Eden smiled and did so, resting her head on a throw pillow, watching as Jared took his now throbbing dick in his hand and pressed it to her greedy pussy lips. He slid the tip along her slit, getting it wet with her own sex, sliding the underside along her clitoris, making her ache for it even more before finally slipping it inside, inch by inch, until he was deep inside her with a low, deep moan.

So, he was a moaner. Good to know.

Leaning forward to take full advantage of the leverage of the couch, he began to thrust his cock in and out of her slowly, never quite leaving all the way, keeping himself inside her, his eyes locked on hers, his mouth open slightly like someone trying to maintain control of himself and failing badly.

“Faster.” she hissed. Jared complied, increasing tempo and force, until his dick was slipping along her pussy walls, the head rubbing the sides of her kegels, his tip touching her cervix. Her legs wrapped around his waist, allowing him to lean forward and press in deeper, lowering his body so that it was nearly parallel to hers. Taking her wrists in his hands, he pinned her arms above her head and kissed her again, sloppy and wet and intermittent for his thrusting.

As Jared’s thick dick filled her pussy, Eden found herself inching closer to orgasm. Her muscles tensed around him, her back arched, she writhed and wiggled and she sighed deeply as she came. Letting go of her control, she felt wave after wave of warmth flow through her entire body like a swift sunrise after an eternal night. She tried to scream, tried to moan, but only felt Jared press into her, seemingly wanting to be as far inside of her as possible. He hadn’t missed a single stroke while she’d climaxed, maintaining a steady pounding even as she struggled to stay on the couch.

After her aftershocks had ceased, Jared- still inside- whispered to her,

“Are you always this good?”

Jared’s reward was her fingers through his short brown hair and another kiss. He pulled out of her as slowly as he dared, still throbbing and aching to cum for himself. He lay back opposite Eden, breathing heavily and smiling. In a moment she was atop of him, placing her hands on his chest as she lowered herself and her dripping vagina onto his hard shaft. Jared let a deep sigh as Eden giggled and smiled a greedy, predatory smile.

“Why, yes,” she cooed, starting to ride him and placing his hands on her breasts, “I am always this good. And I’m not done with you yet, either.”

Eden slid forward and back, slipping his hard, slick cock in and out of her, rubbing her clitoris along his pelvis and digging nails into his shoulders. The sun had set and the only light came from the candles on the opposite wall, casting supernatural shadows of passion beylikdüzü escort in black and white on the living room walls. Jared slipped his hands from her breasts and slid his palms down her sides, to her thighs, then around to her ass. He followed her movements as she bounded up and down on him slowly, going at her own pace, every moment another quiet heaven as she tightened and released his cock with her pussy. His mouth open now, breathing heavily, he ran his hands up to her shoulders, caressing her back and tracing her tattoo, lifting his head to suck on her hard nipples.

And then, they were both moaning…

A torrent of rain was coming down now, thrashing the windows and threatening to cut the power. Eden’s breathing became erratic as she fought for control of her body, for the will to keep riding up and down and not simply give in to the emotion of the moment, when Jared abruptly stopped her and instructed her to stand. As he stood up, he stepped behind her and pressed his crotch to her ass, wrapping his arms around her waist and began grinding into her.

“I want you from behind. Bend over.”

She immediately did so, hands on the back of the couch, knees on the cushions, ass in the air. And mounting her, Jared ran his hands up and down her back, sticking his hard, glistening dick into her wet waiting separation. With hands on both of her hips, he plowed into her, neither gentle nor timid, and at the end of each motion, and extra thrust at the end to really pound himself into her. His testicles slapped her pussy lips, his hips smacked her ass, his hands pinned her into place and his groaning became choppy.

Eden felt his cockhead swell up inside her and knew he was close and was determined to cum with him. She reached down to rub her clit, her fingernails occasionally slapping his balls. She rolled her head around, pressing back against him, thrusting herself into him, onto him, when she felt her hair being pulled back tight.

Jared reached forward and snagged the majority of her hair in his fist, forcing her head up above the couch, her mouth open, opening her throat for the moan of ecstasy that was coming soon as surely as she was. The wind howled outside, throwing it’s full measure against the windows and as she felt him grunt and release inside her, Eden howled back.

She exploded on his cock just as it exploded inside her, one sticky wet spurt after another, each punctuated with another one of Jared’s thrusts as they came together, deep inside. Her body shook, his body shuddered, and after a long moment, there was silence.

Agonizingly slow, Jared pulled himself from her, turning her and leaning down to kiss her again, deeply, softly. Some things were really better left unsaid, or rather, expressed with a kiss. He could feel her heart beating a mile a minute, her eyes glazed and unfocused, her hair, her delicious red hair tussled. And she could feel his chest, pumping air through grateful lungs, his still-hard dick, quivering in the air. Eden smiled and led him to the bedroom where they both collapsed naked into cool, clean sheets.

Laying on his back Jared awoke a short time later to a mat of red hair on his chest. He reached down to stroke Eden’s face, surprised to find her awake. She looked to him, her eyes sparkling, even louder for the sudden silence as the rainstorm passed and left the night electrified with a new kind of energy. For a moment, regret and doubt, fear and shame were gone and there was only two very happy people. The distance was gone, the past was done and the future… the future would take care of itself. They knew the obstacles and for one night at least, they didn’t care.

“Was it everything I described? Everything I wrote you?” He asked.

And again, his reward was a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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