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“Excuse me, sir,” I heard a female voice to my left. I paused in loading my groceries and turned as a somewhat dirty looking, young woman approached me. “Any chance you can spare a dollar or some change? My car ran out of gas and I just need a few dollars so I can pick up my daughter and get to my mom’s place.”

I looked the young woman over for a few seconds to confirm my initial suspicions. “Are you willing to work for it,” I asked when I was done.

“Uh… maybe I should go… I’m not…”

“That kind of girl,” I asked with what I hoped was a disarming smile. “You aren’t homeless. You’re dirty, but it looks intentional. Your clothes are faded, but the styles are not more than a couple years old. I can smell the faint odor of soap or deodorant under the dirt and grime. Parenthood is difficult to fake, so I doubt you really have a daughter. And if all you needed was a few dollars, you would already be gone as I saw an elderly woman give you a five-dollar bill on my way into the store. I would guess college student, am I right?”

She blushed deeply and said, “look, I don’t want trouble, I’ll just leave you alone.”

“You sure you aren’t willing to work for it,” I said as she turned and she hesitated and looked back.

“Let’s say I might be, what do you have in mind?”

“How long have you been out here?”

“About 4 hours I think.”

“And how much have you made?”

She put her hand into a pocket and pulled out a small pile of bills and counted through them quickly. When she was done, she sighed heavily. “Twenty-three dollars,” she said sadly. “Maybe another four or five in change,” she said as she fished around in another pocket.

“Kind of risky being out here, the store could call the cops on you.”

“Riskier than going somewhere with a stranger for some unknown job,” she asked nervously.

“So you *are* willing to work, then? Housecleaning. Two hours at twenty dollars an hour.”

“That’s… that’s a lot for housecleaning. *Just* housecleaning, right?”

“Scouts honor,” I said, “but don’t expect light work, either. You have a car?”

“Nope, took the bus here from campus.”

“Ah, I was right!”

“Yes, yes, don’t rub it in. Before I agree to this I’m going to call a friend and let her know what’s going on. Do you mind if I give her your name and address?”

“Not at all, here’s my card; the address is my home. I will be happy to add a ride home to your pay as well.” I waited patiently while the young woman called her friend. When she was done, she turned toward me again.

“Before I go through with this, I have to ask why. This is all a bit strange.”

“Indeed. To be honest, I’ve never done anything like this before. But, you seem to genuinely be in need of money to be out here doing this, and I don’t mind helping people that are willing to help themselves. Oh, and belatedly, my name is Steve Wells, nice to meet you,” I said as I stuck out my hand.

“Lindsey Grant, but let’s pass on the handshake. You may have seen past the dirt, but it’s still real dirt.”

I laughed and said, “fair enough, ready to go?”

“I need to get my backpack from the bus stop across the street.”

“I can stop on the way, hop in.”

After retrieving her bag, it was a short trip home. When I pulled up to the house, Lindsey gaped at the size.

“Uh, there’s no way I can clean all that in two hours.”

“Relax, I only use part of it. I’m only worried about the kitchen, living room, office and bedroom. I’ll even spare you from the bathroom.” I led her inside to the kitchen and living room area, passing by the den and dining room on the way. “Do you have clean clothes in there,” I asked pointing at her backpack.

“Uh, no… guess I didn’t think about that,” Lindsey replied looking down at her dirty outfit.

“No worries, come with me.” I led her to the stairs and up to my bedroom where I opened a closet. I pulled down a pair of khaki shorts and gestured to a rack of dress shirts. “Pick whichever one you like and you can keep it when you are done, so don’t worry about getting it dirty while you clean. Shower is in there,” I said pointing to another door which Lindsey opened and stepped into, “and the laundry is in here around the corner at the back. Shower, change, and you can start here. There is a vacuum here in the closet and fresh sheets in the linen closet in the bathroom entry. When you’re done up here, I’ll be downstairs after I finish unloading the groceries.”

I heard Lindsey utter an “um” from the bathroom and poked my head around the corner to see what she wanted.


“First, this place is gorgeous, I’ll at least clean up whatever mess I make. But, second, um, not that your shampoo is bad or anything, but…”

“Oh, right… one second.”

I went down the hall to one of the other bathrooms and rummaged around under the sink, retrieved two bottles, and returned to the bedroom. “Will these do?”

“Wow, um, yeah… these are expensive. Are you sure the girlfriend istanbul escort won’t mind?”

“Ex-girlfriend, she left them here, so they’re fair game,” I said with a shrug.

“Ok, then shoo so I can get undressed and get cleaned up.” And just like that an image of Lindsey in a state of undress jumped into my head. It was so sudden, it startled me, particularly since the girl was not what I considered my type. I was a bit of a playboy and tended to go after the sleek and slender model types. Lindsey was stockier, thicker in the arms and legs, with a large ass and equally large tits. Her waist was still narrow and her stomach mostly flat, so she had quite the hourglass figure. I must have stared a bit too long, as Lindsey eventually interrupted me.

“Mr. Wells?”

“Sorry, yes, been a long day, I’m afraid I am a bit scatterbrained,” I said, hoping she would believe that. I turned and fled down the stairs and made myself busy with unloading the car. It had been a long grocery run, so it took quite a while to get everything stored away. I heard the shower turn on and off and the vacuum cleaner running not long after that. With my unloading complete, I quickly downed half a bottle of water, hoping a cold drink would drive the image of Lindsey from my mind. It helped a little, so I put the bottle back in the refrigerator and decided to head up stairs to change into some shorts instead of my work pants.

As I rounded the corner toward the stairs, I nearly collided with Lindsey coming down the hallway. She was freshly cleaned with her half-dry hair hanging free almost to her waist. She had chosen one of my numerous white dress shirts and it was fairly baggy on her, hiding her figure, but most of her legs were visible and she had the sleeves rolled up past her elbows, looking quite ready to tackle her job.

“Wow,” I whispered without thinking.

“I’m sorry, what was that Mr. Wells,” Lindsey asked.

“I… that is… you clean up quite nicely Miss Grant. Quite lovely indeed,” I said brashly.

Lindsey blushed and muttered, “Um, thank you, sir.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you. I am going to change out of these pants. There is another vacuum and some cleaning supplies in the hall closet behind you and you can help yourself to something to drink in the kitchen if you like.

“Then I guess I will start in the kitchen,” Lindsey said and turned toward the closet.

I retreated to my bedroom and retrieved a pair of shorts from the closet. I removed my jacket, tie, shoes and socks and took a moment to collect myself. I tried to will images of Lindsey from my mind, but it was no use. In a mere few minutes, this was woman was having an effect on me quite unlike anyone I had encountered before. After a few minutes of trying to clear my head I gave up and headed back downstairs.

I turned the corner to the kitchen more slowly this time in an effort to forestall any potential collision if Lindsey happened to be coming the other way. Instead I was greeted with a sight that stopped me dead in my tracks. She was bent over the breakfast bar cleaning the countertop facing away from me, providing me a very wide and clear view of a very round and very bare ass. I watched for several seconds before I finally cleared my throat to get her attention, even though I left my eyes glued where they were. Rather than stand and turn, Lindsey looked over her shoulder at me. When she saw where my eyes were directed she jumped up with a start which sent a partially empty wine glass sailing to the floor. She pulled at the bottom of the shirt she was wearing with one hand in front and another in back. This had the unfortunate side-effect of pulling the shirt tightly against her breasts. My eyes were immediately drawn to her very prominent and very hard nipples. Lindsey noticed this immediately and looked down to where my eyes were looking. She gasped again and moved the hand from behind her so her arm could cover her breasts.

“Oh my gosh,” she whispered and blushed deeply. Despite my best efforts I felt my cock react in my shorts and I could feel a bit of a flush in my face as well. I noted, with a surge of excitement, that Lindsey’s eyes dropped to my crotch briefly before looking back up at me.

“I… um… didn’t I… I gave you a pair of shorts… didn’t I,” I stammered.

“They didn’t fit,” she said in embarrassment.

“And your… um… underwear,” I asked.

“In the washer with my other clothes. I’m sorry, I should have realized…”

“Believe me, you have nothing to apologize for. As I said, quite lovely.” I don’t know what came over me before my next sentence, but it tumbled out before I could really think about it. “I’ll be sure to add a generous tip to your pay,” I said with a wink.

“That’s… I can’t… I’m… oh god,” she stuttered as she continued to blush.

“Maybe I should go in the other room; I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” I was half turned toward the avcılar escort living room when I heard a whispered “wait” that was barely audible.

“Earlier… in the hallway… did you really mean it… when you said I was lovely,” she whispered.

“Absolutely,” I answered, “those stormy grey eyes are positively haunting.”

“Maybe… that is… perhaps…” she tried. I walked over to her and lifted her chin up to look at me.

“Yes, Miss Grant,” I asked hoping I didn’t sound nervous. Her eyes were full of fear, but there was something else there. I could swear I saw desire, but my inner voice scolded me for thinking with the wrong head and imagining things.

“Maybe I would be ok… with you looking… if… um, for a better hourly rate,” she finally sputtered and I felt myself shiver in response. I let the silence hang in the air between us for several seconds until I saw a hint of doubt creep into her eyes.

“Shall we say twenty-five an hour then Miss Grant,” I quickly said before she could succumb to that doubt.

Lindsey smiled nervously and nodded, “certainly Mr. Wells.” She then took a dustpan from the kitchen counter and some paper towels from nearby and began sweeping up the spilled wine and shattered remains of the wine glass. It dawned on me then that she had opened a bottle of wine. Not necessarily what I had meant by helping herself to a drink, but I also hadn’t been very specific. While she swept, I took down two more glasses and poured each of us one. I took note of the bottle she had chosen, and while all of the wines I kept were good, she had singled out the best. Luck maybe, but I preferred to assume she had good taste.

“I’m sorry about the glass, sir,” she said as she bent down, and I quickly realized her intent was to draw my eyes back to her ass. I stared long and hard while she retrieved the dust pan from the floor and deposited the glass in the trash can.

Again, a whispered “wow”, escaped my lips before I could stop it. “No problem,” I said overly loudly when I recovered. “The good glasses are kept in the wet bar in the dining room. These are just the daily drivers.” I handed her one of the fresh glasses and invited her to drink. Her hand was shaking badly and I took the glass back from her before she could drop it. She dropped her hand and she idly began wringing her fingers in front of her and looked down at them.

“This only goes as far as you want it to Miss Grant,” I whispered. “I promise.”

“Have you ever done anything like this before,” she whispered in response without looking up. “Part of me feels this is… wrong. But another part of me is…”

“Excited beyond belief,” I finished and her head shot up quickly to look at me at that. “But no, I have never experienced anything like this, or anyone like you. You’ve caught me completely off guard I’m afraid, but pleasantly so.”

She reached out and took the wine glass firmly in hand and downed a large swallow follow by a deep breath.

“Back to work then,” she said and set the glass down and returned to cleaning the kitchen.

I took a seat at the breakfast bar and drank my wine as I watched Lindsey clean. She bent over for me frequently and I swear a couple of times she actually shook her ass at me. She paused occasionally to drink from her own glass of wine as well. As she finished the countertops, she turned to the dishes and bent over while facing me to close the dishwasher. She paused and looked up and I was attempting to look down a frustratingly closed dress shirt. She closed the door and came over for another sip of wine and then paused to look at me.

“Mr. Wells, sir?”

“Yes Miss Grant,” I asked curious.

“I know you gave me this shirt, but I’m afraid I chose a rather expensive one and I’m probably going to ruin it with all these cleaning chemicals.”

“What,” I asked confused.

“The buttons look fairly expensive,” she said. While the shirt was expensive, the buttons were simple wood that was stained to look fancy.

“They’re just…” I started but Lindsey interrupted me with a tilt of her head and a look on consternation on her face. “Oh… well… I suppose they might be a rare wood of some sort,” I tried again.

“Exactly, so I thought perhaps I should give them to you in case you wanted to have them tailored to a new shirt.” She turned and retrieved a pair of scissors from the knife block in the kitchen and returned. “I’m not using these two, so I’ll just give them to you,” she said and neatly cut the top two buttons from the shirt and put them on the counter in front of me. “But since you gave me the shirt, perhaps you would like to buy the ones I am still using. Say… twenty dollars for this next one,” she said gesturing at the top most button of the five remaining on the shirt.

“Um,” I hesitated as I looked back up to her face. “I… are you sure you… uh, want to sell that.”

“Yes,” she whispered quietly and smiled at me happily. I fished out my wallet and şirinevler escort put a twenty-dollar bill on the counter next to the two buttons. Lindsey quickly removed the button from the shirt and added it to the pile on the counter. “Well, back at it,” she said and turned to take the jet mop in hand and begin working on the kitchen floor. The shirt was more open, and there was more cleavage on display, but it was still frustratingly little to my excited libido. But I sat and enjoyed my personal show while she cleaned the floor. When she was done she took the mop back to the hall closet and returned to the counter to finish the last of her wine.

“Living room now, then sir?”

“That will be fine,” I said as I stood to retrieve the bottle of wine, but Lindsey put her hand over the glass.

“I’ve had enough liquid courage,” she said softly, “I’d rather not get completely goofy while I’m still trying to work.”

“Very well, but before you tackle the next room, I’d like to buy another button,” I said as I pulled another bill out of my wallet.

“Of course sir,” she answered immediately and quickly snipped off the next button and dropped it on the counter. I could now see her cleavage from top to bottom, and I thought that if she moved around enough I might see a lot more. I put a stopper in the wine bottle and followed her into the living room. Lindsey retrieved a duster from the hall closet and started a circuit around the room. Once that was done she got some cleaner and a washcloth and started to wipe down the dirtier table surfaces. With the shirt looser, I caught the occasional brief glimpse of areola and nipple. With the tables cleaned, she returned the cleaner and washcloth to the closet and retrieved the vacuum cleaner. Before she could start though, I interrupted her.

“Miss Grant?”

“Yes sir?”

“A moment in the kitchen please,” I said as I led the way back and sat at the breakfast bar.

“Another button sir?”

“Actually… well… I was hoping to buy the rest of them,” I said. I pulled out three more bills and put them on the counter.

Lindsey blushed slightly and seemed to hesitate, but then nodded and said, “certainly sir.” She took the scissors and slowly removed the remaining buttons. There was little immediate change or anything to see as the counter blocked everything below the waist. “Back to my vacuuming then,” she said and turned back to the living room.

I followed and propped myself in the wide doorframe overlooking the room. I watched in silence, and was rewarded with several full frontal views of Lindsey’s very dangerous curves. My shorts were now very tight with my full arousal. She seemed to be in a perpetual state of blushing, or else she was continually flushed from the work. When she moved the vacuum to the den, I followed and stood at the doorway to that room and continued watching. She eventually finished and stood up to take the vacuum back to the hall, but I refused to move.

“Miss Grant,” I asked quietly.

“Yes sir?”

My voice changed to a hoarse whisper as I asked my next question. “I think I’d like to buy back my shirt.” I took out my wallet and pulled out two fifty-dollar bills. “Would a hundred dollars be enough?”

Lindsey tried to smile at me and then blushed. She looked down at my crotch and then blushed even deeper. “Yes sir,” she said firmly at last. “Its… that’s… very generous.” She removed the shirt slowly and I looked her in the eyes the entire time to make sure I saw no doubt. She then handed it to me and stood there waiting.

“Very lovely,” I said without looking down and moved aside so she could return to the hallway closet. When she came back to the den, she had the duster in hand and quickly set about dusting the desks and bookshelves. As she finished up the last one I realized it was time to find out how far Lindsey was going let this go. I was so aroused that my shorts were very uncomfortable and my hand was trembling as I touched her for the first time. She froze instantly, and she was trembling a little as well, but she didn’t pull away.

“Miss Grant,” I whispered as my hand travelled from her shoulder, down the middle of her back and then around to come to rest of her hip.

“Y… yes… Mr. Wells?”

“You’ve been a very naughty housekeeper this evening,” I said as I squeezed her hip.

“What… um… why… maybe… how do you mean, sir?”

“When I allowed you something to drink, you chose to open a bottle of wine, so you began the evening by drinking on the job. You also neglected to bring a proper uniform, and then made such a mess of the one I gave you that you are now prancing around without a stitch of clothing on. What kind of housekeeper shakes her tits and ass at her employer?”

“That’s… you… I mean…” she started and then took a deep shuddering breath. “You are right, sir, I have behaved… most inappropriately.”

I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it to the desk where Lindsey could see it land. “As your employer,” I said as I unzipped my shorts, “I feel it is my responsibility and duty to discipline you.”

“Y-yes s-sir, as y-you see f-fit sir,” she said in a ragged voice. I dropped my shorts and underwear and kicked them to the side and stepped up close behind her with my erection pressed into the crack of her ass.

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