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The woman I married was the oldest of three girls. Every one of them is attractive, not exactly Barbie, but very good looking. I won’t use any names, they may actually read this someday.

I married the oldest of the three and the youngest is now in her twenties. All are married and have children. I and the sister I married are in our forties and have a grown and gone daughter. We have always been a close group, partying at any reason we saw to have special meaning. With this many people involved, birthdays are the best party days. Lots of birthdays.

We decided that when the time was ripe and convenient for all that we would go on a vacation as a group, without the kids I might add. We rented a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee. It was a big ass cabin. There was a Hot Tub, Jacuzzi tubs in the bedrooms, and a lot of distance to the nearest neighbor. Did I mention the coolers? We all had our coolers packed with beer, all brands imaginable I think.

When we arrived at our destination we set about picking our rooms. My wife and I being the oldest allowed us first choice. I decided on the one closest to the hot tub area of the open deck. The others just worked their way around and all were happy with their choices.

After the extremely long drive I decided to relax in the hot tub. Man did that feel good. It wasn’t long until the tub was full. My wife and I, the sis in laws along with their husbands. A cooler of beer on each side of the tub.

We sat and drank beer while feeling the relaxing pulses of the tub jets. I couldn’t help looking at both of my sis in laws tits. The position they were sitting in made their bikini top covered globes sort of bob around on the surface of the water. My wife’s were bobbing rather nicely also, but I had a lot of fun with them in the past so they weren’t quite as interesting to me at the time.

We were all rather drunk in a short time. I had to take a little break from the heated water so I decided to exit for a bit. My shorts were clinging to me and you could tell that my seven inch cock was clearly aimed to the left. You could also tell that it was semi-erect. I could feel this so I quickly sat on the lounge chair closest to me and closest to the tub. I held an ice cold beer on it to calm it down.

My youngest sister in law decided that she would get out of the water and join me for a bit. I’ll admit, I really liked seeing her in her bikini.

Being in her twenties she was definitely the best built of the sisters. She had a firm set of thirty-six c tits that were stuffed into a thirty-six b cup bikini. That ass was a soft looking thirty-eight. She is about five feet five so I thought her dimensions were perfect. She had a slight tummy bulge. Remember, she is in her twenties and has given birth.

Sitting next to me in an adjacent chair offered me a great view of her from head to toe. She was very tan and I asked her boldly ” Are you that tan all over?”

She said, “No, I lay out in this.” she also added, “I don’t go to tanning beds.”

“So you must have some really light tan lines then.” I replied.

She then pulled the strap aside on her bikini top and showed me what was indeed a contrast against her tan. Very pale was the strap line.

I felt my dick sort of twitch because I am crazy about tan lines. My wife on the other hand was almost religious in her tanning bed visits so she was tan all over. Now the other sister in law in the tub was pale skinned all over. There I have three contrasting complexions all in one little group. I couldn’t wait until every one was a little drunker.

I was through with the hot water scene myself. I had put on dry clothes as had my wife and her sisters. The other husbands that had been in the tub were still in their wet clothes and sitting on the deck steps talking shit and paying little attention to anyone else.

“Man, that hot tub sure was relaxing after that long drive.” I said to the ladies.

“Damn sure was.” my wife added. The other husbands had retreated into the cabin and were drunk as hell. They were playing cards and drinking. Loud and carefree was the atmosphere. Three sisters and myself outside by the tub, two totally intoxicated husbands inside.

It was getting really late so I decided to hit the shower and get the remains of the hot tub water off of me. When I exited the shower I found my wife had undoubtedly had enough and was sound asleep. I walked into the living room and it was empty. No one was outside either, I guessed all had retreated to their rooms for the night.

After laying on the bed and watching TV for a little while I heard a commotion out on the deck. My curiosity took me by the hand and led me out the door. Both of my sisters in laws were back in the tub. They were sitting very low in the water with just their heads sticking out above the surface. One on each side of the tub facing each other. They actually appeared very sober and quite full of energy. They were talking back and forth and occasionally bostancı escort laughing a little.

“What’s up girls?” I asked as I stepped out on the deck.

“Just enjoying the night air and the hot water.” the younger of the two answered.

“And the quiet.” the other sister added.

“Can you turn the temperature up a little?” the younger asked.

“Of course I can.” I said back. It was a little dark and I accidentally hit the light control. “Oops, my bad.” I said looking in the girls direction. I could clearly see they were naked. I tried to turn the tub lights off but I kept making them brighter, changing colors, slowing the pumps. Seems I did everything but turn the lights off. They didn’t really seem to mind. They just laughed and kept trying to tell me what I was doing wrong. Finally the older of the two just reached across and flicked a button and off the lights went.

When she came up out of the water to reach for the switch her tits swung nicely and looked very enticing in the dim light of the hot tub. My dick semi sprang to life so I found a seat quite quickly. “I’m really sorry about that, I didn’t know you were naked.” I apologized.

“Don’t let it bother you, we are just one big family.” the older sister said.

“If you say so then I can live with it.” was my response. “What if your husbands came out here, what then?” I asked.

“Isn’t going to happen, they’re hammered and passed out.” the younger one told me. “We won’t see them until noon tomorrow.” the other said with a rather happy look on her face. “What about big sis?” they asked simultaneously.

“She probably won’t regain consciousness until at least ten in the morning, unless she smells coffee before then..” I said reassuringly.

“Well then, why don’t you grab a few beers and join us?” the younger said.

“Hell yes, why don’t I?” I basically asked myself.

“Just get the beer and when you get back we will have our suits on. That should help you relax with us.” the older sis said.

“I’ll put my trunks on too.” I said, “that should prevent tempers from flaring if anyone else comes out.” I added. Instead of swim trunks I opted for a pair of sweat shorts and no under wear. I grabbed a cooler full of beer and back I went.

Just as promised the girls had both put their suits back on. I was a little disappointed and relieved at the same time. I climbed in on the third side which put me pretty much in the center with all of our feet mingling on the bottom. That in itself was enough to make my cock hard.

We were having a good time just sipping beer and talking. I decided to shift a little in my seat and in doing so I tested the oldest sister by running my foot along the back side of her thigh almost up to her bathing suit bottom. She didn’t seem offended or shocked in the least, she just looked at me and smiled. “Well,” I thought, “let’s just see how far she is willing to let me go.” I told myself. I positioned my foot between hers and started moving it up her inner leg. I kept moving it slowly upward and talking to the other sister at the same time. I felt her legs separate a little so I put my foot on the inside of her thigh and massaged what I thought at the time was the smoothest thigh in the world. My dick was straining to get out of my shorts.

The sister I wasn’t playing footsy with under the water looked at her sister and said, ” You aren’t saying much, what’s the problem?” she asked .

“Oh, nothing, just enjoying the tub jets.” she answered while looking at me and smiling. I was really getting close to putting my toes directly on her cunt when she squeezed her legs together and stopped me. She held my foot firmly between her thighs. She released it and moved to the seat directly across from me.

“The jets over here are located where they should hit my lower back better.” She said looking at her sister as if to avoid her move being questioned.

She settled in and in only a minute or so I put my foot back between her legs and started going directly back in the direction of her pussy. She didn’t close her legs this time and I planted my toes firmly on her crotch. We all three kept talking. I sure was glad we didn’t have the tub lights on. I was manipulating her clit with my big toe. I swear her pussy was hotter than the hot tub water. I felt a foot start sliding up my leg under the water. If she was going to let me play with her pussy then I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop her from playing with my cock.

We kept a decent conversation going while playing foot sex under the water and it didn’t appear the younger sister was none the wiser or even the least bit concerned. I was really working that pussy with my foot when I saw her hand slip beneath the water. I felt her fingers on my toes and then she pulled the leg band aside to give me direct access to her clean shaven pussy lips. I felt her work her clit a little with her finger and then place my toe directly on the sweet büyükçekmece escort spot herself. A big smile came upon her face.

I thought to myself, “I can play that game, too.” and reached under the water so I could arrange my shorts leg to allow her foot easy access to my now throbbing cock. When I felt her foot I was a little shocked. It wasn’t her foot, but her younger sisters. I almost came in the hot tub. The only thing that kept me from shooting my load was the shock I was feeling I guess. “This is way too fucking much.” I thought, but I wasn’t complaining either.

“What’s wrong?” the younger sister asked.

“N, nothing.” I stuttered. “I need to re-position my ass a little, it’s getting a little numb.” I added.

“Oh, alright.” she stated with a smirk on her face.

Neither new what was going on beneath the water was my guess, still not complaining I might add.

The sister I was diddling under the water had a very happy looking expression on her face. I kept on with what I was doing. I wanted to try to reach the younger sisters pussy, but, the position I was in wouldn’t allow me to.

I asked the older of the two who had re-located herself earlier, “How are those jets where you were sitting before?”

“They hit you a little higher on your back than the others.” she answered. “Closer to your shoulder blades.” she also told me.

“I need a little work in that area, I think I’ll try them.” I said while gently scooting over. I didn’t want to push too hard on her pussy with my foot or lose contact either. I didn’t want to get out of leg reach of her sister as well. The older sister with my foot firmly clamped between her legs moved a little toward her sister. Not too close, just enough to not make my leg position difficult.

When I was satisfied with my position, foot on older pussy, younger foot still on cock that is, I decided to start the approach to the younger sisters pussy with my other foot. It was a little awkward at first but I managed to hold my position without my head going under the water.

I placed my foot on the younger foot and started a slow ascent toward my target. I had to take a break every so often to work on my stability but I would only linger in one spot very briefly. We kept right on talking, a little broken at times but we kept talking just the same. I swear if any one were at the side of the tub they probably wouldn’t have suspected a thing. Even at that I think I was the only one of the three of us that knew what was totally happening beneath the water. It seemed that neither sister new the whole story. I was glad of that. When my foot finally reached its destination I was pleasantly surprised to find that the younger of the two had opted to already untie the side strap of her bottom and move it aside so I had easy access. Her pussy felt like it was covered in velvet. Her muff was so soft that I imagined just laying my head on it and falling asleep. I was in a state of total bliss. I had a foot diddling both of my sisters in laws pussy’s and a nice foot massage on my own hard cock. We kept up the conversation. I started thinking, “I wonder what will happen if my older sister in law decides she wants to play footsy on my cock and discovers her sister’s foot already there?”

I once again almost blew my load. I think the beer I had consumed may have been contributing to my staying power.

The older reached into the cooler for a beer and came out empty handed. “SHIT!” she said, “The damn cooler is empty!” she stated rather angrily.

“I think I am through for the night anyway.” I told her.

“Well I sure as hell would like one or two more.” the younger one said looking hard at her sister.

“So would I.” the older shot back. They stared at one another for what seemed like a minute or two as if mentally arguing over who was going to the fridge. I was working both of their pussy’s overtime so I don’t think either was in a hurry to move away. Personally I didn’t care which one retrieved the new stock of beer for the cooler.

Finally the eldest sis started moving and said, “Fine then bitch, I’ll fucking get it then.” so she started climbing out of the water, not very happy.

I watched that round and sexy ass work it’s way out of the tub and into the cabin. I wanted to kiss those inviting ass cheeks all over. As soon as she was out of sight I felt a hand wrap around my cock and stroke it a little.

“I sure am glad she gave in,” she said looking at me. “I just had to feel your dick with my hand. If she weren’t here I would love to suck it for you and let you fill my mouth with that huge load you must have built up by now.”

I stood quickly and looked in the window. I could see that her sister was loading the beer into the cooler. I leaned my cock toward the younger sis’s face and said, “Taste it, suck it a little and I’ll watch for her.” Watching one while the other sucked my cock, that was fucking amazing. It didn’t çapa escort last but a second and I basically jerked my cock out of her mouth and fell backward making a large and comical splash. Water was sloshing like the tub jets were on turbo.

“The next beer run will be yours.” the older sis told the younger.

“Fine, if I want another later.” she snapped back.

I knew now that I could probably fuck the younger one, but maybe the older one just liked to play, or be played with as the events had gone so far.

They both had a beer in one hand and the other hand was under the water. The only part of me above water was my head to slightly below my shoulders. I started my foot approach back toward the older sisters pussy when I felt her take a gentle hold on it. She gently guided it back to her slit and started pressing it hard against her mound. I felt her shiver slightly. The younger sister was yet to make another move.

“I wonder what time it’s getting to be?” I asked . The younger sister reached to the tub rail and looked at her watch. “Hell,” she said, “It’s only midnight.”

“Midnight, only midnight?” the older questioned, “it feels like it’s close to morning.” she added.

“It does, doesn’t it.” I said with a smile.

“I think I’ll call it a night.” the older sister said. “I don’t want to sleep all damn day tomorrow, besides, we’re going to be here a whole week.” she said while looking directly into my eyes confirming that we weren’t through yet.

” I won’t be too much longer myself.” the younger one said and followed with a wink in my direction.

“Yes, I’m rather tired too so I won’t stay much longer either.” I said. “I also have to shut this thing down and put the cover back on.” I added.

“Ok, good night then.” she finished and walked into the cabin.

I stood quickly and watched her and that ass walk through the cabin until out of sight. I leaned forward and crammed my throbbing dick into my youngest sister in laws mouth. Remember that she is just in her twenties, but she sure knew how to suck cock. I fucked in and out of her mouth like fucking a pussy. It was a little violent at times but I wanted to fill her mouth and she wanted it filled. The beer I had drank was holding me back so I started to fuck her mouth harder. Once in a while she would gag, but she would grab my balls and pull them in an effort to keep my cock deep in her mouth. She licked the inside of my foreskin, (I’m uncut) this drove me closer to orgasm. I pumped and she sucked. She would roll my balls around in her hand gently squeezing. Sis kept sucking and moaning.

“Cum brother in law, I want it so fucking bad.” She would say followed by “You can fuck me tomorrow but tonight I need to taste your cum.” The next thing I felt was her finger sliding into my ass. In and out she fucked me with that finger. Closer and closer I was getting to coming. I could feel my load straining to get out.

She grabbed my hands and put one on one of her tits and the other on the back of her head. My cum started to erupt into her mouth and my hand on the back of her head involuntarily pushed her face farther into my crotch. My cum was shooting straight down her throat as she gulped it time and time again. She didn’t lose a drop.

When I was totally spent she rose up and kissed me on the mouth. She had a little of my cum still in her mouth and slid it into my mouth with her tongue. We played a little tongue hockey with my cum before she pulled her mouth from mine and said, “swallow it.” I did.

As she exited the tub and said goodnight she looked back at me and said. “We are here a whole week, remember that.”

That was all I could think about. I hope I have enough energy.

Pt. 2, day two.

After falling asleep quickly the night before, after a spectacular blow job by my sister in law, I was awake early and had the coffee pot cranking wide open. I kind of knew my wife would be the first to rise as she walked into the kitchen and said, “Thank god for you and that coffee pot.”

“And a beautiful morning to you also.” I said sarcastically and with a smile. After less than an hour the kitchen was full of breakfast hungry and coffee craving in laws. All of the ladies looked spectacular, my wife included. All of the women in their pajamas was making me horny already. I had nipples poking at me from all directions. I was daydreaming about having all of those nipples bare and waiting in order for me to suck each of them one by one. It isn’t often a married man in his forties feels that it is pretty much a guarantee that he is going to get to fuck that day. Maybe more than once if all works out. I felt I had some sure pussy lined up that day. When will the opportunity present itself? Even if the day was a washout with either sister in law, my wife was always ready to fuck whether I was or not.

I excused myself from the table saying, “I’m going to shower.” and away I went. I was horny as shit and started stroking my cock while showering. The joy of ones own soapy hand. I stopped myself when the thought hit me that I may need to perform more than once today. I dried myself, dressed in typical vacationer fashion minus underwear of course, and headed back into the kitchen. My wife passed me and said, “My turn.” and into the shower she went.

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