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I left Jeff’s apartment with a wide grin across my face. I also left with a fake telephone number … the cheeky bastard!

To avoid appearing too keen, I let three days pass before trying to contact him. Instead of Jeff answering and agreeing to meet up again, I was subjected to a voicemail laughing at me. It would seem I had fallen for the “fake number following a one-night stand trick”. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but we live and learn.

Aside from my personal pride being dented, I carried on with my life until the end of the summer where I headed off to begin my degree in Human Resources … and that’s where this next chapter starts.

When my mother dropped me off at the campus gates and hugged me goodbye, we sobbed a little. I was really going to miss her and our morning coffee and cigarette chats. I just hoped my roommate was a smoker to.

After checking in and finalising everything with the residence team, I was given directions and informed my roommate had already arrived. I passed lots of students with their doors open, unpacking to settle in. There was a real excitement about the place, and I couldn’t wait to meet my roommate.

Finally, I reached my room, knocked, and then entered.

“Hello, I’m Sophie.” I smiled and offered my handshake to the pretty blonde unpacking.

“Hiya, I’m Hannah, it’s so nice to meet you!” she shrieked with excitement.

I would have described Hannah as a pretty blonde that all the guys were sure to chase. We were roughly the same height around 5ft 5″, but she was petite to slim were I was slim to curvy. I had green eyes and shoulder length brown hair and she had blue eyes with beautiful long wavy blonde hair. But all that said, it didn’t really matter, we weren’t in competition with each other and I had a good feeling that we would become great friends.

I placed my bag’s down on the bed and surveyed the room. Hannah had chosen the bed on the left side of the room, leaving me with the right side. Up against the window was a large desk and lamp to study. I moved to the ensuite bathroom and smiled, before checking out the wardrobe space. I was pleasantly surprised with how spacious it all was.

“You don’t mind that I had first dibs on the beds do you?” Hannah asked.

“To late now.” I chuckled. “I’m only joking, its fine.”

“Cool, so where are your from.”

As Hannah and I unpacked, we chatted and got to know each other. She was excited to experience Uni life and admitted she was a little shy, having never been much of a party girl. She was also a little nervous about leaving home. I reassured her we would have lots of fun, making a pact to look out for one another.

“Hey Hannah,” I called to her as she finished putting the last of her clothes away.

“Do you smoke?”

“What, like weed?” she sounded appalled.

“Urrrr no, I meant cigarettes.”

“Oh, urm no sorry,” she winced. “You don’t plan on smoking inside the room do you?”

“Of course not,” I reassured her, “and there was me thinking we were getting on so well.”

We both laughed before Hannah reassured me. “I’ve never smoked, but it’s cool. My ex smoked and I didn’t come to Uni expecting none of my friends to be smokers.”

“That’s fine. How are you with privacy?” I asked.

“You mean bringing guys back?” she responded in terror.

I couldn’t prevent myself from laughing out loud. “No, no, Hannah!” I continued laughing.

“What?” she chuckled along. “What’s so funny?”

“I meant us silly. You know, getting undressed and showering.”

“Oh, yeah I hadn’t thought of that.” She stopped in thought. “I’m not bothered unless you are?”

“No, I’m all good.”

Finally, we finished unpacking and Hannah suggested we head outside to discover the surrounding areas. On our exit we both took note of the freshers week posters which lined the walls. Flyers and invitations were also being handed out for parties, balls and fairs. For a moment you could be fooled into thinking you had signed up to one long party rather than three years of hard studying and education.

For those who may not be familiar with the term, it’s basically a welcome period for new students. I met some good people, made some great friends, learnt more about my course, the University and of course the all-important nightlife.

One particular club was cashing in on fresher’s week, offering twenty pounds for all night drinking. After meeting and getting to know the rest of the girls on my course we all agreed to head there after some drinks.

Naturally, I was disappointed to discover I was the only person on my course who smoked. Nobody was exactly anti-smoking as you could still smoke in pubs, clubs and restaurants back then. But I still chose to go outside to smoke. Being the only smoker in the group made me feel uncomfortable lighting up in close spaces.

As far as the smoking fetish went, it had waned considerably. I had become so used to smoking publicly that the taboo element I once felt wasn’t quite as strong as when I first maltepe escort started. I still had fantasies of course, and I enjoyed reading erotic stories whilst smoking and attending to the urges purring between my legs. I even had a little diary safely locked away where I would write down my feelings and thoughts about smoking. But I had reached a level whereby unless another person was indulging in the eroticism of smoking with me, I didn’t think about it as much.

So, freshers’ week!!! We started the evening off with some drinks in the halls, getting to know each other. As the drinks flowed, we began to test each other’s boundaries when the conversation turned to boys, drugs and sex. It was all in good fun with no harm created, but it did identify who the experienced and inexperienced girls were. I kept my secrets hidden, playing down my experiences and lowering the ages of the guys I had welcomed inside my body. Hannah admitted to only having one boyfriend in her entire life. She came across sweet and innocent, I respected her morals.

From the halls we then visited a few bars outside the campus, familiarising ourselves with places that would quickly become our local watering holes, before finally, it was time to make our way over to the club and pick up our pre-booked all night drinking wristbands.

I told the girls to go in ahead while I had a quick cigarette outside. Hannah kindly offered to stay with me. As we chatted, I noticed her staring each time I took a drag. It made me feel a little self-conscious, but she didn’t say anything anti-smoking. Close-by, a group of guys started calling out to us, joking and laughing. I detected it made Hannah angry as calls of “great legs and tits girls” and “you fancy having a private party?” rang out from the drunken group. I quickly finished my cigarette, told them to fuck off and grow up, before taking Hannah’s hand and going inside.

The club was busy when we entered around 11.30pm. As expected, it was packed with students milling about the place. Many were already too drunk to still be out. I remember seeing one girl up against a wall snogging the face off of some guy. No shame I laughed when I caught a glimpse of her eyes drunkenly rolling around inside her head.

Hannah and I quickly grabbed a booth that had become available while Natalie, Pippa and Megan stood at the bar ordering drinks. We had already lost the other girls in our group, becoming separated at some point trying to fight through the packed crowds. Every bar in the city centre was heaving.

As soon as the waitress cleaned our table and placed down a fresh ashtray, I quickly pulled out my cigarettes and lit another one. The other girls were still waiting to be served, so I took the opportunity before they returned. I knew they would prefer I didn’t smoke in the booth with them, especially Megan. Last thing I wanted was to become a social outcast with my new friends.

“You’re having another one?” Hannah said, raising her eyebrows and wagging her finger at me with a smile.

“You don’t mind, do you?” I pleaded with a chuckle.

Hannah laughed before she smoothed her dress down and sat. “Of course not.” She replied.

“You’re the best.” I giggled.

Hannah was smiling when I noticed her staring at me again. This time she had a look of curiosity about her. “When did you start smoking?” she asked.

I took a deep drag and held the smoke before turning my face away from her to exhale. “About a year ago, give or take a month.” I answered before taking another two drags.

“My parents would kill me if I ever smoked.” She told me.

“My mum was very understanding.” I chuckled, remembering the moment in the car with her.

“Lucky you.” Hannah chuckled back.

Her curiosity and response piqued my interest. I turned to look at her, and with a straight face, I drew calmly on the cigarette. She continued to stare; her eyes transfixed on me as I inhaled the thick ball of smoke into my lungs. I smiled, tilted my head up slightly and sighed a satisfying exhale.

“Yeah, I guess I am lucky. I couldn’t do without my cigarettes.”

Hannah shifted in her seat, almost squirming. She clearly wanted to say, tell or share something with me. It was written all over her face.

“What do you enjoy about it?” She asked. “You do make it look … well …

“Sexy?” I interrupted.

“Kind of I guess, but I was thinking more elegant.”

I drew the final drag, sucking hard on the filter whilst she waited for my answer. I inhaled once more, stubbed out the cigarette and exhaled to the side of me. “It’s simply satisfying.”

“How?” she shuffled a little closer to me.

“Well, you know that feeling when you really crave something.” I placed a hand on her leg and leaned in as if I were about to share a deep, dark secret.

“Yes, I think so.” She didn’t flinch when my hand touched her.

“Each drag slowly satisfies that craving, it’s like when you crave sex, and the guy slides inside you inch by inch.”

“Oh, Sophie!” she straightened escort maltepe up and put her hand over her mouth laughing hard. “You’re a slut!”

We were both laughing as I removed my hand and put my cigarettes away.

“Share the joke!” A returning Pippa shouted over the music.

“It was nothing,” I said, standing up to help her steady the tray of drinks onto the table, “it was one of those, you needed to be there moments.”

“Whatever,” Pippa shrugged, removing the drinks from the tray.

Megan was coming up right behind her with another tray. I grimaced when I saw it contained shots.

“Where’s Natalie?” Hannah asked.

“She’s pulled.” Pippa giggled and pointed towards the bar.

We all turned to see Natalie twirling her hair and laughing with a guy, cocktail in hand.

Let’s get this over with I thought. I picked up two shots and passed them to Megan and Pippa. I picked up another two and handed one to Hannah.

“Here’s to Natalie getting laid tonight!” I shouted.

“To Natalie!” The girls joined in.

We downed the shots before cursing with screwed up faces.

“I fucking hate shots!” I swore to emphasise my hatred for them.

“Blame Pippa!” Megan coughed.”

“Yeah … awful, don’t buy them again!” Hannah agreed.

“Come on ladies!” Pippa was laughing at us. “We are students now!”

We sat and chatted for around an hour, enjoying our cocktails before eventually Natalie rejoined us. Taking turns, we teased and joked with her, but in fairness, the guy she agreed to meet up with for drinks throughout the night was damn hot!

Finally, it was time to hit the dance floor, but after one dance I needed a cigarette. The girls booed me as I stepped off the dancefloor for my smoke break. As always, I liked to smoke, imaging some hot guy with the fetish was out there somewhere watching me intently. I managed to find a spare seat close the dancefloor. I could see the girls and we were all laughing as they poked fun at me.

I caught site of Hannah, yet again, watching me. With my legs crossed, body leaning off to the side, I watched her from the corner of my eye. Every time she looked, I took a drag and exhaled. Suddenly, a girl came over to me and asked if I had a spare cigarette. I opened my pack and kindly offered her one. Hannah had stopped dancing, she was looking over, curious to see what was happening. I flicked my lighter and raised my hand to offer a light. Hannah watched on, we both did as the girl bent forwards, her rather large cleavage barely contained. With the cigarette poised firmly between her lips, she directed the end of the cigarette into the flame before closing her eyes and drawing deep on the filter.

“Thanks chick.” She said, before exhaling and waving goodbye.

I finished my cigarette and rejoined the girls on the dancefloor.

“Who was that?” Hannah asked defensively.

“Some drunk bitch bumming a cigarette.”

“I thought she was flashing her boobs at you.”

We both laughed and returned to dancing and singing along with the cheesy pop songs blaring out of the sound system.

As the night wore on, so did we. Drunk, tired and with our feet hurting from dancing in heels, we soon trotted out of the club to grab some food and a taxi back to campus. Barely able to walk, we managed to get outside where Natalie said her goodbyes whilst hanging onto her fancy man.

Needing cigarette’s more than food, I grabbed Hannah and told the girls we’d meet them back at campus.

“Sophie?” she looked puzzled.

“Follow me.” I said, casting her a mischievous grin.

“But where are we going.”

“You’ll see.”

I took her into the 24/7 shop across the road and marched straight up to the counter.

“Can I have twenty Marlboro reds and twenty Marlboro menthol please.”

“What are you doing?” Hannah whispered right next to me.

“What’s your favourite colour?” I asked grinning.


“Colour, what’s your favourite colour?”

“Green, why? What the hell are you on about?” she giggled, drunk and puzzled.

I turned to the guy behind the counter and asked for a green lighter.

Hannah nudged me. “Seriously, what are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” I told her as I paid the guy and grabbed Hannah by the hand to leave.

Drunk and giggling, I took her into a small public garden close by. It was a kind of walk through with a handful of trees and bushes surrounding it. I sat us both down on the bench, the plantation and dark night obscured us from view.

“Here you go.” I said, offering the packet of menthols and green lighter to Hannah.

“Sophie!” she shrieked with a laugh.

“Take them,” I said, “you know you want to.”

“Do I?” she sat back and raised her eyebrows at me.

“Listen Hannah,” I began, “you have practically been spying on me every time I’ve had a cigarette tonight. You are obviously curious to try one, so here’s your chance.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Maybe,” I shrugged, “but that doesn’t mean you’re not curious maltepe escort bayan to try one.”

Hannah studied me for a moment. She glanced down at my hand holding out the cigarettes and lighter.

“Take them.” I lifted my hand higher.

“Why did you buy different cigarettes for me?”

“Menthol cigarettes contain less tar and nicotine; they won’t be as harsh as reds; plus they have a warm mint kick to them.”

“Oh, ok.” She smiled while shaking her head.

“It will be our little secret, I promise.” I whispered with a devilish grin.

“You’re so bad.” She giggled. “My parents warned me to watch out for people like you at Uni.”

I didn’t reply. Instead, I glaringly smiled until she finally submitted to her curiosity.

“I don’t even know what to do.” She said, taking the packet and lighter from my hand.

“Just copy me.”


I peeled the cellophane seal and nodded towards Hannah. Silently, she copied. I then removed the remaining tight cellophane wrapper, careful not to crush the packet. Again she copied. I flicked the top of the packet open and watched Hannah do the same.

“Now slowly use your thumb or finger to push one up. I find the middle one’s are the easiest.”

Ok,” she said, her gaze fixed on the cigarette she was carefully pushing free.

“Now, hold the cigarette to your nose and slowly smell along the cigarette.”

“What the hell?” she rocked back in laughter. “Are you weird or something?”

“Trust me and close your eyes when you do it.”

“I’m seriously starting to worry about you … but ok.”

That was the first moment I felt sexually attracted to another female. I watched her close her eyes and take her time. With no further encouragement, she gently ran the cigarette beneath her nose whilst inhaling. Composed, she took her time to absorb the smell into her senses. I was aroused.

“Wow!” she gasped and opened her eyes. “I wasn’t expecting to like the smell at all.”

“Now, to look sexy and elegant you need to freshen up your lips.”

Hannah giggled as she fished out her lip-gloss and then applied it.

“With finesse!” I laughed, snatching it from her hand.

Hannah watched as I seductively applied her lip-gloss to my lips.

“Why is that so important?” she asked.

“It’s part of what I like about smoking. It’s the first step in making it sexy.”

“That make’s sense … I think.”

“Just do the same as me, ok?”

“Sure, if you insist.”

Hannah applied her lip gloss once more and held the cigarette between her fingers as I showed her. I placed the filter between my lips and studied her doing the same.

“It does suit you.” I told her. “Now practice taking drags as if its alight.”

Hannah smiled proudly before sucking hard and the filter. “It tastes just as good as it smells.”

“Even better.” I said, checking the filter.


“You managed to keep the filter dry from saliva as you dragged on it, and you left a nice stain of lip-gloss.”

“I think I might enjoy this.” She said nudging me with her shoulder.

“Ok, practice a few more times, but exhale your breathing as if you’re exhaling smoke.”

Hannah grew accustomed to holding the cigarette correctly, it really did suit her. I savored the situation, realising it would end the moment she would light it and start coughing. It was clear she enjoyed the feel of the near weightless cigarette, as she studied it before raising it to her lips. Each drag of breath she took through the cigarette grew longer and longer.

“I like the minty taste.” She smiled once more. “I feel a little rebellious holding it and pretending to smoke. It’s as if I’m rebelling against the healthy do-gooders and parental forbiddance to smoke.”

“You want to really feel rebellious?” I goaded her.

“I think I’m ready.” She straightened up, shoulders back to accept the challenge.

I placed my cigarette between my lips, Hannah copied. Looking straight into each other’s eyes, I flicked the lighter and raised it near to the tip of the cigarette, Hannah copied. I then closed the tiny gap between flame and cigarette and drew on the filter, Hannah copied. As I inhaled the smoke deep into my body, I noticed Hannah exhale awkwardly with a cough. I smiled, she just needed practice I thought as I exhaled thick smoke into the night sky.

“It’s warm and strong … and it tastes awful!” she moaned. “How on earth do you get used to that taste to want to keep doing it?”

“Sorry,” I lied, “I should have warned you; the taste takes some getting used to. Try it again, don’t inhale just hold it in your mouth, get used to the warm smoky taste before you breath out.”

Hannah was determined. She repeated the process over and over, never inhaling, until the cigarette was gone. After finishing our cigarettes we called a cab back to campus. Once back inside our room, she locked the door, eager to try it again. I opened the window and we sat beneath the ledge. Sitting up with our legs crossed, I placed an ash tray, the cigarette’s and lighter between us on the floor. I enjoyed watching her excitement as she pulled a cigarette from the packet and lit it.

“Aren’t you joining me?” she giggled before blowing the smoke up at the open window.

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