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This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it.

If this is illegal where ever you are reading this stop now.

* * * * *

Monday afternoon at the end of the day Jennifer came right into my office before going home. Not a word had been said all day about our activities on Saturday. “I can’t believe what we did on Saturday,” she remarked. “I can’t get it out of my mind. What you must think of me now.”

She was obviously upset. “Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

She didn’t reply.

“When I saw you masturbating, I saw a young woman in need of a sexual outlet to satisfy her body. I figured you masturbate yourself because your husband is not satisfying you. Either that, or you won’t let him satisfy you the way you really want deep down inside. I think you really enjoyed Saturday, being a nasty young girl, acting like a slut. Didn’t you?” Again no reply. She just looked down at the floor. I’ll prove to you exactly what I’m saying. I started unbuttoning her dress. She didn’t stop me. She let me undo every button as she watched until it fell to ankles and she stepped out of it.

“Take your stockings off!” I ordered. She obeyed like a little schoolgirl getting reprimanded. I took her by the hand to the couch in my office. I pulled her panties off, unhooked her bra and sat her down on the edge of couch. I stripped all my clothes off and stood in front of her. “Go ahead, suck me. Get me hard.”

Jennifer began sucking my cock into her mouth. It didn’t take long watching that beautiful face sucking me to get my cock hard.

“Okay, sweetheart, your gonna try something new again today.”

The way Jennifer acted on Saturday and the fact she just let me take all her clothes off, convinced me that she would do anything and try anything. She lacked sexual variety in her life for so long that her body was craving for it. She needed some sexual satisfaction and this office affair was just what the doctor ordered. I wasn’t sure just how far she would go, but for now I was satisfying her sexual appetite and she wanted more whether she was admitting it or not.

I had her kneel on the couch with her butt in air. I postioned her with some pillows so she’d be nice and comfortable. She was going to be in this postion for awhile.

First I licked up her inner thighs gradually going higher until I reached her asscheeks. I kissed and licked her ass for several minutes, then slowly began spreading her asscheeks apart. I pull her soft buttocks apart as wide as I could without hurting her. Even looking at her spread open asscrack and seeing her tight puckered asshole was a turn on. This young woman was gorgeous everywhere on her body. “You got a beautiful asshole Jenn,” I complimented. I kept licking her ass working into her crack until I was actually lapping my tongue through her asscrack and across her tiny puckered hole. I know it may sound like a pretty nasty thing to do, but I was consumed with the beauty of this woman. There wasn’t anyplace on her body that I wouldn’t kiss or lick or eat.

I began concentrating just on her asshole, licking it, burying my face between her asscheeks and kissing it, then probing it with my tongue. I was having a wonderful time eating out her asshole and from the soft moaning coming from Jenn I knew she was too. “Ohhh!… Ohhhh!… Ohhh!”

I played with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her cunt while I ate her, arousing her emotions to the point where I knew the next step. I was going to fuck her in the ass. My sweet gorgeous Jennifer was going to experience her first cock up her asshole. I used to daydream of fucking her ass and now I was going to get to do it.

My cock was really hard from eating her puckered hole. I had worked myself into a sexual frenzy and Jennifer was pretty delirious from the anal licking I was giving her. I figured she was ready. I know I was.

I stood up positioning myself behind her. With her kneeling on the couch my cock had perfect aim for that cute little asshole. “Jennifer,” I said. “It’s about time that cute little asshole of yours gets a cock in it. I’m so hot for your asshole, I just have to fuck it.” I hoped she was lubricated enough from my anal licking. I didn’t want her to experience any pain for her first time. I spit a couple times on my fingers and smeared it in her crack. I probed into her asshole slightly with a finger to lube up her anal ring. Then I spit again and wiped it on my cock.

I place my cockhead on her puckered little hole. She looked back over her shoulder and just watched and waited for me to penetrate her. I could feel the tight pucker of her anus against the head of my cock. Slowly I began applying pressure to gain entry into her ass. Her muscles flexed and relaxed as she tried staying calm. I continued to push on her tightly closed anal hole harder, then a little harder yet. I could feel her asshole start to spread open ever so slightly.

“Ouuuuuuuu,” Jennifer whimpered out. It wasn’t so much from pain, but from a new experience of feeling her asshole being stretched open by a hard cock. Once again I applied a liitle more pressure and her tightly puckered anal hole spread apart to take in my cock. My cockhead slipped inside Jennifer’s ass and was immediately gripped by her tight anal ring. She took a deep breath to relax. “It’s so big,” she moaned out experiencing a cock for the first time in her behind.

I started pushing inwards, driving my cock into her ass. I looked at her face still turned toward me. She had her eyes closed and made a gratifying facial expression while she whispered, “Oh, God it feels so big.” Then I penetrated her deeper, pushing through her asshole another couple inches. “Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!”, she continued moaning as my cock scraped through her incredibly tight bunghole.

I was so excited seeing my cock sliding between Jennifer’s beautiful soft asscheeks and dissappearing inch by inch through her asshole. Slowly her backdoor ate my cock up as I leaned into her to fully penetrate her rear end. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually doing it. I was fucking Jennifer in the ass. My cock was inside her rectum and her asshole had a tight grip on me.

I couldn’t stop telling Jennifer how terrific her ass felt. “Your ass is so hot and tight Jenn. It feels so good inside you. I’ve wanted to fuck your ass for so long.” Then finally I was all the way in.

I began moving my hips back and forth. What a tight asshole. Fucking her rear end was beyond belief. I looked at Jennifer’s cute ass as I fucked it, admiring its’ beautiful shape and curves. As I pulled outward from her asshole the flesh of her anal ring hugged my cock tight and stretched outward until I fucked back into her. Her ass was so hot güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri inside and it felt so good. “My God, Jenn. Your ass is so fuckin’ tight. I dreamed about this day of fucking your beautiful asshole.”

I could have cuddled up to her for the night with my cock inside her ass. I slid in and out of her slowly at first then began fucking her hole a little faster and harder. My cock was literally gliding through her bunghole. She was taking it like a pro. It was hard to believe this was her first anal fuck. But, there was no way I could keep this up long. I was too aroused fucking my dream goddess in the ass.

When I was getting closer to cumming, I decided to see just how far Jennifer was willing to go. Could I really get her to do anything now? Well, I was about to see.

“Now I’ll show you what good assfuckin’s is all about.” I shoved my hard cock back in Jennifer’s asshole hard slamming my balls against her ass.

She moaned out loud. “Ahhhhhhh…” I pulled out almost all the way then slammed her ass again. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh…” And then again I backed out and let her feel my full ten inches fuck through her asshole. The friction of my cock ramming her butthole was unbelievable. She was so damn tight. I kept going, shoving my whole length in and out of her ass as fast as I could. “How’s that Jenn? Like my cock up your ass? Do I make you feel like a slut?” She moaned out,”Oh yessss…fuck me, fuck me, fuck my asshole.”

I obliged her request by giving her asshole a real good reaming while I coaxed her into begging for more and more. “You like getting fucked like a cheap whore, don’t you, Jenn?”…”C’mon, tell me how much you like it up the ass.”

“Ohhhh! Yesss”…”Fuck me”…

“Fuck me”… “Fuck my asshole”… “Oohh”… “Oohh”… “Oohh”… “Oohh”…

She was screaming in delight as my cock gouged in and out of her tight bunghole. I was making her go crazy as my hard cock pistoned in and out, as my balls slammed against her asscheeks.

“Oh God”…….”Oh God”……..”Oh God Yess”……… “Fuck me”…… Oh please fuck me”……….

I slammed her bunghole again. Jennifer’s breathing became heavier. She started moving her ass meeting my thrusts into her. She was losing control totally and could only think of my cock fucking her ass. She was enjoying this buttfucking and didn’t want it to stop..

“Ohhhhh!… “Ohhhh!… “Ohhhhhh!…. “Don’t stop”… “Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!

“Feels good up the ass, don’t it Jenn?”…

“Yesssss”… “Yesssss”… “Oh God yesss”… “Ohhhh! “Ohhhh!… “Fuck me”… “Fuck my asshole”… “Harder”… “Harder”…

She was screeching for me to ram her asshole harder and harder. I don’t know how she was able to handle the brutal fucking I was giving her up her virgin asshole. But she was doing it and begging for it. I knew she had to be on the verge of an orgasm, she was literally out of her mind as I was slamming her ass.

“Oh my God”…”Oh my God”…”Oh my God”…”Fuck me”..”Fuck me”… “Ohhhh”!…”Ohhhh”!…”Ohhhh”!…”Ohhhh”!…

“That’s it Jenn, just let yourself go. Your my whore now. Your a cum eating, ass fucking, filthy dirty whore. And you like it, don’t you. You like acting like a filthy slut? Don’t you, Jenn?”

“Ohhhhh! God, Yessss”…”Just fuck me harder”…

“Fuck my asshole”…


Her güvenilir bahis şirketleri body went into a tremendous orgasm as she twisted and convulsed kneeling on the couch with my cock slamming in and out of her ass. She cried out over and over in her pleasure.

“Ohhhhh, Fuck me. Fuck me Yess, Fuck my asshole.”

Her screams and begging was just too much. There was no way I could kept this up regardless of how it felt. I was ready to cum. There was just no holding back.

“I’m gonna cum, Jenn. And I want to cum in your mouth. Now suck me. quick. Suck me and take my cum.”

I pulled out of her ass and Jennifer quickly turned around and sat on the couch in front of me. She quickly began masturbating her cunt with her fingers as she stared at my hard cock. My cock was rock hard, ready to burst and there was a pretty nasty looking film of slime covering it from being buried deep in her ass so many times. There wasn’t much doubt what it was coating my cock. It was a thick tanish mucous from all my spit and the excrement from inside her rectum that I disturbed from ramming her so deep. But she was going to do it. Without any hesitation and as quickly as she turned around, she took my slimy dirty cock into her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind at all. She sucked me right in enjoying it. Jennifer was hungry for my cock expressing her enjoyment with “Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm” as she slurped and sucked. Then I felt her orgasm begin as she sucked me deep in her mouth. My dirty cock hit the back of her throat and squeezed down. She swallowed my cock. Then she sucked on it more enjoying her dirty deed. “Mmmmmmmm…. Mmmmmmm…..” Then down her throat it went again until she had cleaned off all the dirty scum that had coated my cock after being deep up her ass. Then again she swallowed me down her throat and repeated it over and over while she enjoyed her own orgasm. Jennifer was like a bitch in heat. Lust had still consumed her as she kept swallowing my cock rapidly over and over and over. It was all I could take.

“Oh, Fuck.” I’m cumming Jenn,” I warned. She backed off waiting for me to flood her mouth with my cum. And cum I did. I blasted several tremendous streams of thick cream into her mouth. She was really enjoying this.

“Give me your cum…”


She swallowed my cock again, cum and all. Then a few globs spit out from me onto her face which I smeared around. She was slurping and eating cum and cock. She just couldn’t get enough. Never had I ever had a woman suck my cock like Jennifer did, especially after having fucked her in the ass so deep and hard. But it didn’t seem to matter to her. She learned that she liked assfucking and like sucking cock and swallowing sperm. And now she was going to make up for everything she’s missed over the years.

Finally my cock just dribbled sperm as she sucked me trying to get the last bit out of me into her mouth. When I finished she sucked me back down her throat for a thorough cock cleaning. I was totally drained. Jennifer sat there licking her lips enjoying the remaining taste of my sperm. As I watched beautiful Jennifer with some of my cum still gistening on her face sitting there trying to regain her composure, I just had to ask her.

“I guess you liked sucking my cock after it was in your ass.?”

“I didn’t care where you cock was,” she replied. “I just had to have your cum in my mouth.” She paused for a moment still catching her breath. “You really fucked my ass hard didn’t you?

“I sure did,” I replied.

“You like my ass don’t you? And you liked fucking it?” She asked.

“I sure did my darling Jennifer. You’re a great fuck and you got a great ass.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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