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I have this insane sex drive, and I’ve always known it. Being 20 years old, lean, tan, and toned, with sandy blond hair and I’ll admit a gorgeous face (I’ve been told), I’ve always had plenty of opportunities to exercise it. But some days, I even surprise myself with what I wind up doing and how many times I can cum. This was one of super fun days of sex where everything just happened to go my way.

I woke up to a blow job in progress to start with. Julie had spent the night, and we’d had sex twice and fell asleep around 1 am. As I awoke from my haze, it was in sheer pleasure that I realized I was naked with a gorgeous hot blonde girl engulfing my hard cock in her mouth. Julie loves to suck my cock. Seems like everywhere I go with her, she wants to find some corner to pull out my cock and suck it. Can’t blame her I guess. The girls tell me its absolutely a beautiful prick, and from what I’ve seen, I outsize most of those porn stars anyway. I love my cock too. A good 4 inches hanging soft, and just about 9 inches full hard, it has a perfect, symmetrical shape, a nice and full thickness but not too obnoxious, and I have good sized, nicely hanging balls that girls love to suck. And I’m hard like all the time.

I moaned and gasped as she sucked, and the nerve endings in my cock went insane. Its like my body’s main purpose is to experience sexual pleasure, and Julie and other girls are drawn to it. She fingered herself as she sucked up and down, and gave my balls a thorough tongue bath. Then she climbed up on my cock and slid her pussy down over it in one big thrust, and we were instantly fucking. I grabbed her hips and started slamming up into her. She grabbed the bed frame behind me and held on for dear life, screaming and hollering. My downstairs neighbors are absolutely disgusted with me and my sex life, and have asked before if I could tone it down, but I told them I just can’t. I fucked up into Julie really hard for a good 5 minutes, and then rolled over and launched into her missionary style, eventually grabbing her ankles and hoisting her feet up over my shoulders. I rammed away, making her cum many times, and in a big, crazed, sweating, lusting, hot frenzy, I came all over her body. My first cum of the day….ooooohhhh yeahhh…..the first shot arched out about 4 feet and hit the bed post. Then I felt my balls contract again as the insane feeling over took my legs and my crotch, and 3 more very large volume shots landed in her face and her hair, followed by 5 more nice ones about 2 feet long each, and then 4 or 5 smaller ones as it subsided. I absolutely screamed in ecstasy and laughed and grinned as I came. I love how much volume I produce. I FUCKING LOVE CUMMING.

It was about 8:30 am. I took a shower while Julie made breakfast, and when I came out of the bathroom naked and tan and hot looking, Julie started to get hot for me again and I knew we had to do it again. In fact I was already half hard, and I often need to cum twice in the morning. But this time I didn’t feel like wasting any time. I pulled off her robe and pushed her down on the couch on her back and started kissing and fondling every crevice of her absolutely knock-out body. I fingered her pussy and her clit and got her very hot very quickly, and then inserted my randy cock and pumped away. Ahhhhh…. Perfect sex. I rammed into her hardcore and mercilessly for 10 minutes and then came up inside her. I know I felt at least 7 contractions on that one, and cum was oozing out of her pussy all around me as I pulled out. I told Julie to suck me clean, and she immediately obliged, sucking my half-hard cock and cleaning all the cum off my balls and my shaft. I even thought about fucking her again, but unfortunately she had to get going to work. We ate our breakfast and she had to scram.

Well here I am at 9:30 on a hot summer day, having already fucked twice and with no agenda for the day at all. I was completely caught up in my classes, and had no shifts scheduled at the gym, and I was drawn to my apartment complex’s pool when I looked out the window and saw Shelley, who I work with, laying out her towel on a chaise. I’m an assistant trainer and floor helper at a nearby gym, and she teaches aerobics there. She’s about 30, single, and toned and gorgeous, and lives in my apartment complex two buildings over.

I thought about going down there in Speedos today. I know lots of people think they’re just not that cool, but since I really would prefer to be naked, I often figure that’s at least a compromise, and to be honest, with the chiseled, lean body I have, whenever I wear my Speedo I get a LOT of admiring looks and attention from all the girls, and of course from some of the guys. I can figure out which guys are pretending to be straight but really are turned on by me. Even though I’m not gay, I think its pretty amusing to be the object of desire for everyone on both sides.

However, today I at least went for my tight little trunks that are kind of like those boxer briefs but made for the water. canlı bahis I brought a couple margaritas down in big plastic sippers, and gave one to Shelley as I spread my towel out on the chaise next to hers. We chatted and joked, and I stretched out my full 6′ body over the length of my chaise and soaked in the glorious sun. I love tanning. And I also love beautiful women in skimpy bikinis that are laying next to me.

The first time I jumped in the pool, I stood for a few seconds in front of Shelley before diving in, hoping she’d admire my tight ass. I stretched upwards and showed my beautiful, smooth back off nicely, then dove in. I floated around on my back a lot with the bulge in my shorts pretty noticeable in the sun. As I hoisted myself out of the pool, I caught her looking at my crotch and winked at her. As I returned to my chaise, she said “okay lover boy, you shouldn’t be looking so gorgeous and getting me all tempted by your hot body.”

“Gee thanks,” I said, “but I thought you were the one trying to turn ME on looking so irresistible today!” I do know how to flirt.

She rolled her eyes and then closed them and turned to the sun. I layed back down. A minute later she said “you probably didn’t know this but Dave and I decided cool it for awhile and see other people. He just really wants to lay that Hawaiian chick that started at the gym, and I didn’t feel like denying him that.”

A sly smile came across my face. It was the only thing that was stopping me from overtly seducing her. Dave was my boss at the gym, and a good friend, and I knew they were fucking each other but I didn’t know how serious they were.

“Let’s cut the bullshit and get this going,” I said, “I’m so hot for you I can’t stand it!”

We made our way quickly into her apartment and for the first time, got each other naked and started making out. She is such an athlete. Her tits are small, but her figure is perfect, and frankly, so is mine. She doesn’t look like someone 10 years older than me. And she wanted some cock really bad, it seemed. As I was standing naked in her living room with a hard on, Shelley dropped to her knees and sucked it in. She was amazed and thrilled at what a huge cock I have. Its my favorite moment with new sex partners, when they realize that even my very nice body is not my best asset. She tried to deep throat me all the way, but couldn’t get it all in. I loved it nonetheless, and sat back in her recliner and let her lavish all the attention on it she wanted. She told me Dave was a good lover but only 2/3 as big as me. Ahhhh, I love my life. She was a damn good cocksucker too, and had me close to coming in less than 10 minutes. I made her back off though, and I wanted a chance to explore her pussy as well. Just as I had expected, it was trimmed and pink and beautifully formed, and wet and hot too. I licked it and sucked it, and buzzed her clit, and then fucked her with my tongue until she screamed. As soon as she came for the first time, I brought my rock hard cock up to her pussy lips and teased her with the head, brushing it up and down through her folds and darting just a little bit in and out, until she BEGGED me to fuck her. Then, I lunged in full force. Okay. I decided since I’d already cum twice this morning, I could probably last a little while, and I figured if I gave this hot babe the fuck of her life, I could probably have her again any time I wanted. So, I started a nice even tempo that allowed me to angle my cock at various points inside her pussy and touch on her g-spot and all sides of her tunnel. Whenever she squealed at a certain spot, I concentrated on it longer. Then I started speeding up, and steeled myself against the temptation to start on the path to orgasm myself, squeezing my kegels while my cock got used to handling the sensations. I alternated fast and slow fucking tempos, and Shelley started cumming. She was practically hyperventilating, and just about begged me to stop, but I kept plowing away, sometimes at a frenetic pace, slamming my body against hers. I kept fucking and fucking and fucking. Never had Dave gone this long, I found out later, or any other boyfriend. I twisted her around and fucked her from behind, then laying on our sides, and returned to missionary. I kept it up for a solid 45 minutes. We were both drenched in sweat and in her juices, and she was delirious with pleasure and absolutely amazed at my skill and endurance. I finally pulled out and said I was ready to cum on her face, and she got underneath me and fondled my balls while I jerked off my cock and shot 6 nice, good jets all over her face and her tits, and then shook out the dribbles left in my long shaft. I yelled “yeahhhhhhhhh,,,,ooooooohhhh yeahhhhhh” the whole time. Shelley was drenched in cum and loved it.

I collapsed back on her sofa panting, and she started licking my cum off her tits. We’d been fucking for so long, that even after such a cum, I noticed I was still hard and lusty. Its not like my horny body knows to shut down the lust and desire bahis siteleri to fuck just because I have just had an orgasm. I’m usually going full drive, and it takes a lot to wear me out. So, I began stroking my cock nicely as Shelley savored my treat. She couldn’t believe I wasn’t a limp noodle, she said, after all of that…and she didn’t even know it was my 3rd fuck of the day. I told her she was so incredible hot that I was still horny for her and that it was going to be her fault if I got priapism. “Well,” she said, ” I certainly won’t be allowing that to happen.” That’s what I wanted her to say.

She positioned herself over my lap and sat down on my cock, and started riding away, gently at first. She asked me, “how long has it been since you last had sex? With all that drive and cum, has it been awhile?” When I told her I’d actually fucked a girl I knew twice this morning before coming down to the pool, she stopped and stared at me. I shrugged as if to say, “I can’t help it” and started thrusting up into her, making her grunt and groan with an impending orgasm. She said she’d never experienced the likes of me. I told her I was available for her pleasure any time she’d like since we just lived up the sidewalk from each other. I’m not exclusive with anyone, I assured her, and I’m pretty much able to do whatever I want.

We sat there fucking nicely and smoothly, feeling each other’s bodies, and pleasuring each others’ loins for another 10 or 15 minutes, and ended when I came again, this time inside her wonderful cunt. She licked me clean, and collapsed on her couch exhausted. I slipped on my little shorts and told her I ‘d see her later, and then made my way back down to the pool. It was 12:30 pm, and some of the best rays were out at this time of the day on a hot Saturday, so I fell asleep stretched out in my near-bare glory, satisfied at least for the moment.

I snoozed until about 2:30, getting some rays on both sides of my body and relishing the heat and the golden sun, and my contentedness with the first part of my day. Then I went up to my apartment, put on my Birkenstocks and some shorts, no underwear or shirt, and headed out across town to the lake where I was meeting Paul and Kim at the dock to go out on Paul’s boat. Paul is my best friend, and Kim is non-exclusively his girlfriend now, though she and I had certainly had frenzied sex a few times last semester at some of his parties. Kim’s friend Allie was there with them, much to my surprise, and I started getting hard the moment I saw her. I’d been horny for Allie ever since I met her a couple months ago, but our paths hadn’t crossed very many times since then. Allie was a dark-tanned, brunette beauty with bronze skin, and sultry, perhaps part-Mexican looks, with these deep blue alluring eyes and a smooth and tight body that kings would kill for.

It was about 3:30 and blazing hot when we headed out on the lake for some waterskiing practice. Paul is training for a competition, and Kim and I often drive the boat for him. But first, Paul gave me a chance to do some waterskiing. I put on the lifejacket and grabbed the tow rope and we took off, and I pulled all the tricks I knew, which was a lot of fun, but not half as good as Paul is when he skis. Allie was driving, and towed me for about 15 minutes, and then slowed down to switch. As I swam up to the boat, and started to climb over, I noticed Paul laying on his back panting and sweating and grinning, and Kim was just pulling his shorts up over his hard and wet cock and wiping cum off her mouth.

“Yo baby!!”, I exclaimed, and they laughed and gave each other a kiss. “Now I know why you wanted ME to ski first!”

Paul laughed and blew a kiss at Kim, and got into the ski gear and jumped in the water with the rope. Kim was more clued in on the plan he wanted to run through for his routine today, so she took the wheel, and Allie made her way to the back of the boat by me. Now I knew I was in trouble. She was wearing a VERY small bikini, and it was the best view I’d ever had of her gorgeous body.

As Kim revved up the boat and got off to a great speed, Paul started his amazing series of waterskiing acrobatics, which was really incredible to watch. I’ve always enjoyed this sport and he’s one of the best in the city. Allie and I were enjoying the sun and the breeze and keeping track of Paul’s tricks so we could give him feedback later. Now, I didn’t really know Allie that well, but I couldn’t help it and started flirting with her anyway. Not too many girls turn away from my advances with the body I’ve worked hard to develop for myself – I’ve always felt pretty lucky to have these looks. Allie, though she could probably have any guy she wants, was no exception, and started being coy and flirting back.

“So did you get to help Kim any with Paul’s blowjob?” I asked.

“No….they just went ahead and did that right here while I was in plain sight driving the boat! Sluts!” Allie complained mockingly. “And there I was not able to get any!”

“Well bahis şirketleri I can’t imagine a sexier girl in the whole city, and if you want, I’m all for us getting them back with our own demonstration!” I offered.

“I was hoping you were up for that!” she said.

“Oh I’m UP all right, have been since I saw you on the dock!”

With that, Allie grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and grasped my very rigid cock with her hands and started pumping it up and down. I about came right there, sitting at the back of Paul’s boat in the sun, with the wind blowing in my hair and the vibrating boat skimming along on the lake. Allie knelt down and started blowing me just like she’d seen Kim doing to Paul. It took Kim a minute to notice, but then she yelled “Hey you two! Oh good grief!”, and started giggling as she realized why we were doing it. Allie sucked my cock like a pro, and I thought to myself there couldn’t be a better, sexier, more perfect moment than to be getting a blow job from a knockout like her while riding in a boat in the sun on a lake. Allie loved the size of my cock, and slurped up and down, and suckled my low hanging balls. I had to be careful to keep myself braced against the back of the boat so I didn’t lean or slide as Kim was turning the boat and speeding up and slowing down, but Allie stayed down there and worshipped my cock for a good 15 minutes more.

Just as Kim was slowing the boat down to give Paul a break, Allie started sucking extra hard like a vacuum, and deep throated my 8 ½” all the way down her throat, and that got me. As the boat slowed to a stop, I started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth, and then showered her face with cum as I erupted in an unapologetic, hollering, slamming, mindblowing orgasm. I screamed like a wild beast, and Kim rolled her eyes and laughed. Paul was just coming up into the boat and laughed with her. Some guys in another boat that was not too far from us whistled and yelled at us too.

“Yeah baby!” I exclaimed!

“We figured if you two could do this back here, we could too!” Allie explained. She dove in the water and rinsed the cum off her face and hair. I sat there naked with my friends, still half-hard and loving the sun and the breeze and the close camaraderie we all shared.

We got back to the docks a little after 6:00, and Allie had to leave. Paul and Kim and I grabbed some burgers at the snack shack, and headed up to Paul’s apartment, which is just across the street from the docks, and also happens to be the same apartments that Julie lives in. The three of us sat out on his balcony eating our food and having a beer, all of us deeply tanned and in nothing but our swimming suits. Paul said he needed a shower to rinse all the lake water off, and Kim said she’d join him. I was thinking about crashing their shower and prompting a 3-some, since we’d all be cool with that, but then I saw Julie pulling into the parking lot and I headed down towards her apartment.

“Hey babe,” I said, as we met in front of her door, and gave her a big hug and French kiss.

“You’ve been out on the lake! I’m jealous!” said Julie, who had been at work all day. “You got to have fun without me.”

“I know, but see, I can make it up to you if you want…”

Three minutes later she had my shorts stripped off and was sucking my hardening cock while we stood in her oversize bathtub with the hot shower pouring down on us. My cock ached a bit from all the earlier activity, but still came to life after a few minutes.

Julie said “you usually get hard so easy, have you been a naughty boy today?”

“You better believe it,” I said, “but I’ve still got more for you!” Julie and I have no jealousy and practically cheer each other on for having more sex.

“Well, I’m going to have to satisfy this fucking cock once and for all today,” she said, and resumed her sucking.

When I was at full mast, I stood Julie up and turned her towards the wall, and rubbed my slick hands down her ass and right to her pussy. I inserted a couple fingers in her pussy and started rubbing in and out. Then with my other hand I stuck a finger in her ass, and started playing the two back and forth against each other. She moaned and ahhhed in pleasure, having had a stressful day at work, and relished the attention and the relief. When she was reaching the heights of lust and excitement, I slid my cock into her from behind and started pumping away. I got into some really long, deep thrusts, all the way in and out, at a medium tempo that really seemed to hit her hot spots along the way, and mine too. My cock got even harder. My heart was racing, my mind was obsessed with her perfect ass and the pleasure of her pussy on my cock, and my cock luxuriated the sensations of fucking her wonderful depths. Julie orgasmed and screamed, and I kept going, being in no hurry to cum of course. She turned around and I entered her from in front, still standing and leaning her back against the wall. The shower was hot, steam was rising all around us, and we were having a good, hard, lusty fuck and I loved it. I played with her tits and lightly bit her earlobes, and she clawed at my back and thrust forward at my jackhammering cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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