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Note: This is my first story and so I would like to share my real life experience with all readers. All characters are above 18 years of age.

Hi all!! My name is Prem.

A normal Indian boy, 6’4″ height.

This is my first story and I would like to share about my love affair with my aunt.

My aunt Nisha is a beautiful Indian woman, about 5.7″ height. She is not the slim zero figure type but has fat on her body, just at the right places.

The best and my most favourite part of her body – her breasts!!

She also has a round and curvy ass and curvy hips. Her breast size is 36D (which I came to know from her bra). Her lips are so luscious and sexy. Whenever she smiles, she looks like an angel. She has silky waist-length brunette hair and has fair skin complexion.

Now let me start with the true incident that happened in my life. It happened two years ago and my aunt was 29 years old at that time.

At 29 years of age, her breasts did not sag a little. She was only 6 years older than me. She looks very sexy. Her breasts are very soft and bouncy. We are very frank and open-minded with each other and she loves me a lot. I also love her a lot and have a huge crush on her and her sexy figure. Cozy hugs and little kisses on cheek were a normal thing between us.

But I enjoyed those hugs a lot as I used to get a chance to feel her breasts pressed against my chest when she hugged me. The feel of her body in my arms was so divine and lovely when she hugged me.

I used to live at my uncle’s place so I got full chance to be with her all day. I used to call her “Barbie”.

One day, we were alone at home and playing truth and dare. She asked me, “Prem, so you like me??”

To this, I replied, beşiktaş türbanlı escort “Yes my Barbie, I like you very very much. You are indeed my Barbie.”

To this, she blushed and gave a sexy smile.

We went shopping the other day in a mall.

We bought some clothes for her. I used to stand outside the changing room and she used to come out wearing sexy outfits. After that we entered the lingerie section. I hesitated a bit at first.

She then told me to come with her and pulled my hand. I said, “Barbie, I think you should go in this section with uncle.”

She replied, “Prem u know that your uncle is always busy with his office tours and seldom at home. And after all, you are my dear and we share everything with each other. So don’t hesitate.”

So, we entered there. She took some pairs of sexy lingerie and entered the changing room. She came back soon and took me inside the changing room.

She said, “I can’t wear the lingerie and come out so now you sit here and tell me how do I look.”

I agreed and then she told me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes but peeped once and saw that she had turned away from me and her back was facing me. She removed her clothes and was standing naked. I immediately got a hard-on, seeing her sexy back and curvy ass for the first time. She put on a red silk bra and matching panties and black stockings. Damn she looked like a goddess.

As she was about to turn around, I closed my eyes. She told me to look and I said, “Oh my my!! Barbie you look so sexy.” She blushed and then told me again to close my eyes. Like this, she showed me few pairs. Then, she wore black lace bra and panty. The material was partially see-through beşiktaş ucuz escort and so I could see her nipples and vagina. She was feeling quite shy as she also knew that I could see her nipples and vagina. Her pussy was clean shaven. Oh man! I was in heaven. My erection reached its peak and I was just lost in her beauty. This was the first time I saw her pink areolas and pink nipples.

Just then I came back to my senses as I heard her asking how did she look. She noticed my raging erection and gave me a naughty smile. She said, ” My darling Prem, I got my answer by seeing something. I will definitely buy this pair.”

I went out of the changing room, shy and nervous.

Then, we came back home.

After dinner at night, she was showing me her dresses, wearing them one by one and I was sitting on her bed. She told me to take her photographs in all dresses so that she can see them afterwards.

I asked, “Barbie, should I take your photographs in all dresses?” And gave her a naughty smile.

To this, she smiled and said, “That will be decided later.”

I took photographs of her in different dresses.

Just then, when I opened my eyes after she had changed the dress, I saw that she was in a blue strapless dress.

My jaw dropped on seeing her.

It was a silk dress and had two layers but she had worn only the outer dress. She was not wearing any bra underneath so her erect nipples poking the dress were easily visible. I took some photographs and especially zoomed on her poking nipples. She noticed this and gave me a naughty smile and said, “Naughty boy!!”

Just then, she told me to close my eyes. This time she took longer than usual to ask me beşiktaş üniversiteli escort to open my eyes. I asked her whether everything was ok.

She said, “Don’t know but I am feeling a bit shy.”

I said, “Barbie, I love you. You don’t have to be shy in front of me at least.”

I opened my eyes and there she was. My barbie, standing in the black lace bra and panty.

I immediately took photographs and specially zoomed on her nipples and crotch. Those were for my personal collection.

It was pure love and affection between us. She noticed my raging hard on. Suddenly she said, “Prem, I am a woman and I have needs too. With your uncle remaining away from house most of the time, my needs are unsatisfied. And I love you so much. So this is for you.”

Saying this, suddenly she reached behind and opened the bra clasp. The bra fell down. Then she seductively removed her panty.

There she was, My Barbie in all her naked glory and the most beautiful view I had ever seen.

Her perky boobs, pink nipples, her sexy pink pussy…

I took a lot of photographs and she gave different seductive poses.

I stood up and went to her and gave her a tight hug.

I could feel her soft sexy skin and her bare boobs pressing against my chest.

Then, she kissed me on my cheeks.

To this, I was so aroused that I kissed her on her lips.

My raging hard on was poking her on her crotch.

I said, “Oh my Barbie, I love you so very much. Thank you for trusting me and loving me so much.”

With this, I kissed on her lips. She opened her mouth and let my tongue inside.

Our tongues met. We explored each other.

She said, “Prem, now I think you got the answer of how much I love you. I am not a slut. I love you. I feel so secure hugging you.”

Then, we broke the kiss.

What happened next?????

All readers, this is my first story. All comments are appreciated. Based on the comments, I will post the next chapter and share my love-story with you all.

Don’t forget to like and comment if you liked my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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