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This was the first trip to visit my inlaws to be. Of course I’d heard a lot, but it’s hard to judge by someone else’s subjective view. My fiance’s family lived in NC, near Asheville, atop a mountain with a fabulous view. An isolated spot, only one road to the house and that was straight up a steep hill.

It was late when we arrived, George made the introductions and we sat down for a drink to relax us all. I loved their home, it was old and full of family antiques. We shared a light supper, took turns in the only bathroom and went to bed.

For his mother’s sake, I occupied the room that had belonged to his sisters, and George took his boyhood room. We kissed and went our separate ways, which was ok, it had been a long tiring drive.

About 2 am I awoke. I’d had a dream that had aroused me and I found my panties wet. I got up to use the only bathroom and quietly walked downstairs. When I returned, I stopped outside of George’s room. The door was open a crack and there was a dim light on. The 20 watt bulb produced just enough light that I could see my love on his back, naked with his legs spread. I nearly gasped. I was frozen as I watched his hand run over his flaccid cock and pull his balls. I opened the door a little more…it squeaked. I didn’t move or breathe. Instead of waking him up, this seemed to trigger something that made his cock start to rise.

I watched as he masturbated his cock and teased his balls. He spread his legs and tilted his hips toward the light so that I could see his winking rose bud. beşiktaş masöz escort ooooooo this was beginning to make me hot! I pulled up my gown and put my hand down my panties.

I was just about to push a finger in my wet hole when I heard a noise from his parent’s room. In one giant step, I was inside my room with the door mostly closed. I could hear movement in their room, Soft soled shoes scuffing on the floor. I held my breath again as I saw their door open. His mother came out…very quietly and wearing only her nightgown. Good God, I thought. Look at her jugs, they are monsters!

She scuffed across the floor to George’s room, stood there a moment, and then slowly pushed the door open. She stood to the side a bit so I could see over her shoulder. George was wanking his now hard cock, precum dripping down the shaft, his eyes closed as if in sleep. His mother sighed as she watched him masturbate.

Oh good god, my fiancé’s mother is watching him masturbate. And I am sure it is not the first time! A moment later, his dad emerged from the bedroom, wearing only boxers. He moved up closely behind her and wrapped his arms around her front. I could tell he was massaging her enormous breasts. I could hear her sighing. They were both watching George masturbate. I could see Papa’s hips against mama’s wide ass. He seemed to snuggle something between her cheeks. She moved her hips at him.

I could see his hips moving and could tell he was still squeezing and massaging and pinching beşiktaş otele gelen escort her breasts and nipples. George continued to wank his hard cock, occasionally stopping so as not to shoot his load.

Mama sighed and said “oh papa, I so miss this. I miss my boy.”

“I know you do mama, I know” as papa continued to hump her ass and squeeze her giant melons.

Then I saw Papa pull up Mama’s gown and spread her legs. She had on no panties and he pulled his hard cock out and pushed it into her wet and wanting pussy. She leaned forward at the waist to give him better access and pinched her nipples as her husband fucked her as they both watched their son masturbate.

George’s pace picked up when Papa started to fuck Mama. Her breathing was loud, it seemed that George reacted to her breathing, all the while feigning sleep.

I was so aroused by spying on them, I thought I would faint. I was frantically masturbating my dripping pussy as I watched my boyfriend wank his meat while his parents fucked watching him.

They all came at the same time, but I had stopped frigging my clit because I didn’t want to miss anything. To my surprise, Papa dropped to his knees and pulled Mama’s legs apart. I could hear him sucking his cum out of her. oooooooo that is so hot. And then he did a very strange and arousing thing….he crept across the bedroom floor, leaned over the bed right over George’s spent cock, opened his mouth and I could see his daddy cum dripping beşiktaş rus escort out on George’s cock. Oh my god, I had to sit down before I fainted.

George’s parents went downstairs together, to clean up I am guessing. I dared to step across the hall to look at George’s cum covered cock and was shocked to see him rubbing his fingers in the mixed cum of his and his dad’s and sucking his fingers.

I walked backwards to my room and closed the door. I tore off my gown and looked around the room for something to fuck. I opened the dresser drawer and there was the perfect hairbrush. I picked it up and for some reason, smelled it. Ooooo. It smelled faintly of pussy. This just keeps getting hotter. I am going to fuck myself with a tool his sister fucked herself with. I could feel a monster orgasm building. I didn’t try to muffle my moans. I almost wanted his parents to be watching me, as I’d watched them. I switched on the night light and turned on the bed to face the door.

I wanted them to watch me, the though of it made me so hot that lubrication was pouring out of me. The wet sounds as I fucked myself with the hairbrush handle made me hotter. The squishing sucking sounds make me fuck myself harder and harder. I looked to the door through hooded eyes, pretending of course, to be doing this in my sleep, as if unaware I was being watched.

Amazing, all three of them were watching me, the bedroom door was wide open. George and his dad were slowly wanking their spent cocks and Helen’s fingers were inside her panties. I begin a dialog with myself, “oh Georgie baby, eat me. Suck my juice, fuck me with your tongue…..suck my clitty. Suck me, ooooooooo, FUCK, oh oh oh”. I screamed like a banshee and had a head jarring orgasm.

I swooned, unaware the three were still standing in the hall masturbating. My last thoughts were, “oh Georgie baby, we need to talk.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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