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Dave and Belinda had been living together for a while now.

All was going smoothly until, one Sunday morning, while enjoying a leisurely breakfast, Belinda suggested that her mother come for a visit.

Dave took his time about replying, slowly chewing before swallowing, giving himself time to think.

One look at Belinda’s face said it all. There was no way in which he could refuse. The only negotiating that was going to take place was when her mother could come and visit.

A weekend which suited all was decided on and Sue, Belinda’s mom duly arrived on the Friday afternoon.

Dave had been delegated to pick her up at the local train station, and one look at her and he knew where Belinda had gotten her good looks from.

Sue was still a gorgeous looking woman. She evidently took care of her appearance. Dave was further surprised be the ease with which they chatted on the way to the flat.

Earlier in the week Belinda had said that she and her mom would go shopping on the Saturday. This way they would be out of the flat and Dave could have some time to himself.

Once Belinda and Sue had left, Dave decided to indulge in his favorite pastime when home alone. In the laundry basket he found a silky pair of thongs belonging to Belinda and set to the art of pleasuring himself at his leisure. First he held the thong up to his nose, inhaling the musky scent . He could feel his penis stiffening . He settled down, loosening the buttons on his jeans. With the thong still held under his nose, he started stroking himself, feeling the full length of his hardening penis.

Belinda had not said how long she and Sue would be out and the thought that he may be caught added to his excitement.

Stroking his, now rock hard penis, his thoughts turned to Belinda, and un-voluntarily to Sue. An overwhelming urge to see what kind of panties Sue wore, consumed him.

Putting the thong down, he struggled to his feet, and shuffled to the spare room. Taking a deep breath he walked into the room. Sue had left the room immaculate. The only indication of her presence yabancı escort an overnight bag. Holding his penis now glistening with his juices in his one hand, he walked to the overnight bag. His breathing shallow, he slowly opened the bag, while listening very carefully for any sound that would indicate that Belinda and Sue had returned.

Rummaging very carefully through the neatly packed clothing and various other necessities he found the underwear folded in a corner. Carefully extracting both bra’s and panties, he sat down on the floor to give the underwear his full attention. Very aware of how it would look if the ladies decided to return now, sitting on the floor with his jeans open, stiff penis jutting out, with Sue’s underclothes in his hand.

Closer inspection revealed that the panties were just the normal cotton briefs in pastels, but the bra’s were an indication of the sexual woman still alive in Sue, being all lace, silk and satin.

Neatly packing the panties and most of the bras back in the overnight bag. He took the red lace bra, and picking up the thong he settled down to take care of his throbbing penis. Wrapping the silk thong around his hand, he took hold of his penis. The silky material gave the illusion that it was someone’ else’s hand on his rock hard penis, He held the bra close to his face rubbing the soft lace against his face and inhaling the faint smell that Sue’s perfume had left on this very intimate bit of clothing.

Using his thumb he rubbed the pre-cum across the already glistening head of his penis. The bit of silk in his hand whispered softly as he rubbed his penis in ever fastening strokes. He lay back and enjoyed the feeling of total abandonment, letting the pleasure build up and then controlling his stroking to keep him on edge. Prolonging the exquisite feeling of being on the edge. With his head against the back of the sofa, his legs stretched out straight ahead, the smell and feel of the lacy bra on his face and the silkiness of the thong now wet with pre-cum he knew he would not be able to yeni escort keep himself from reaching his orgasm soon. His hips were raising and falling to the rhythm of his stroking fist, reaching a high he knew he could not return from he embraced the orgasm that took over his whole body. Back arching, he felt his sperm spurt in an arch and spurt again and again leaving him feeling spent and relaxed.

He spend a few minutes just enjoying the moment, then rose and cleaned up all evidence of his recent activities.

Dave replaced the bra in the overnight bag, vowing to buy Sue some sexy panties.

Belinda and Sue returned from their morning’s shopping, The rest of the Saturday proceeded without any hitches and when Sue said she needed to be back in the city in 2 weeks time, Dave lost no time in adding his invitation to that extended by Belinda for her to stay over whenever she needed to be in the city.

The following week, Dave made a point of slipping into an exclusive lingerie store and there he purchased a selection of the sexiest panties and thongs he could find. Some of them he gave to Belinda, but he kept back a lacy red one and a silky black one to slip into Sue’s bag on her next visit.

On her next visit, Sue arrived before Dave and Belinda left for work. She said she would just drop her bag as she had business to attend during the day. During the day, Dave made time to slip home and it was then that he slipped the panties into Sue’s overnight bag.

On arriving home after work, Dave found Belinda and Sue both home. Sue gave him a long look, but refrained from saying anything. During the course of the evening she accidently let her bathrobe slip open so he could see that she was wearing the red panty with the red lace bra.

When he got into bed it was to find that Belinda was wearing a silky camisole and matching thong, her breasts warm and her nipples fully erect. His penis already semi-hard from catching flashes of Sue in the red panty he had slipped into her luggage, became rock hard. He moved closer to Belinda, his yenibosna escort fingers probing her womanly softness, finding her secret place all warm and moist. Belinda felt for his penis and her hand enclosed the long hard shaft, guiding him towards and into her. He rolled on top of her, pushing himself deep down into her wet depths. He heard her gasp and felt her body respond to his thrusting hips. She arched her back to allow him deeper penetration, pulling him down onto her, her breasts squashing against his chest. His thrusts accelerated, going faster and deeper her breath coming in short sharp gasps. He could feel her muscles gripping his throbbing penis. Then there was one final grasp and grasp as she reached her climax, her orgasm setting off his own, they both could feel the spurt as his sperm shot out deep into her vagina.

They both heard the sharp intake of breathe and turning to look towards the door, they saw Sue standing there, her dressing gown hanging open her legs apart and her fingers doing a frantic dance over that most erotic of womanly places.

Dave felt himself harden and without even thinking about it, rose off the bed and reached out a hand to Sue, pulling her towards him and the bed. Gently he pushed her down next to Belinda, who moved up, making way for Sue to lie down.

Removing Sue’s hand, Dave bent down and gave her clitoris a gentle tug with his teeth, then licked her tasting her juices. Using his fingers he gently probed her depths. Sue reached down and pulled him towards and down on to her. He hovered just above Sue, his penis quivering with expectation. Looking towards Belinda he saw the excitement flare in her eyes, her fingers stroking herself. Lowering himself down onto the willing and waiting body below him, he felt like a king in his castle.

Sue turned him over and rode him, her breasts jiggling pleasingly just above his face, while Belinda turned towards him, taking his hand and putting it on top of hers while she pleasured herself.

Sue’s orgasm took over her whole body. She shuddered and juddered and then flopped down exhausted from all the pleasure she had just had. Dave feeling quite weak, just moved towards the middle of the bed cuddling with both the woman. They all fell asleep in mutual contentment, with the sure knowledge that they had just started a long and mutually satisfying relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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