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She was juicy-real juicy-almost slushy! I’d never been with a chick who got as wet as this sex-pot! She made me feel like a real sex god, the way her body responded to me was nothing short of a miracle.

I’m jumping ahead a little. I just had to begin this little story with that tidbit of info. It was our first time together sexually and I didn’t know what to expect. I was out of the game for several years and very much out of practice. Not to mention she was way out of my league.

I was a skinny thing, 5’5″, barely 120 pounds. She on the other hand was 5’8″ bombshell-pinup chick, a real woman in all the right places! She appeared to be in a constant state of arousal… you get the idea, extremely sexy-headlights, on bright all the time!

She held her head high, her most prominent features poked out, and her jeans fit her like a glove, especially between the legs. There was no hiding her womanly attributes! I’ll try to avoid using what some folks would consider vulgar language (believe me canlı bahis we’ll get to that at a later date), so to put it delicately, she clearly was gifted with big, plump southern lips! No doubt about it, and she evidently was dressing the part for me—the way she pranced around, she was openly flaunting her fleshly gifts right in my face!

So, I think I’ve established, she is a fox!

Me, I’m just a skinny guy that had the gumption to talk to her. Anyway getting back to juicy thoughts! My experience was old, out dated for sure. I had no idea the sexual dynamo that was within my grasp but, I was about to find out tonight.

This wasn’t the first time she had invited me in, but it was the first time the invite came with a hot, wet kiss! I was a little caught off guard. It was usually just a hug and peck on the cheek, maybe the lips, but never a wet open mouth kiss like the one she just planted on me!

I don’t remember accepting her invite, all I remember was the sudden growth in my pants. And bahis siteleri following her in the door. She directed me to the sofa where I quickly tried to sit to hide the tent in my pants. It didn’t work, she took my hand keeping me from sitting and remarked how nice I was dressed tonight. Looking straight at my crotch she said, “I especially like the way your jeans fit!” There was no hiding the huge bulge I was sporting!

She asked if I wanted a beer, I always do. She returned with a six pack and sat beside me. I put my arm around her, so old school, but she understood and leaned in to kiss me. This time it was a long, slow passionate kiss-tongue in mouth dancing-you know the kind. We had a hot and steamy old fashion make out session. It didn’t take long before my hands found her full-size breasts. She didn’t turn away or detour me, in fact she gave me room to grope her, even directing my hands under her blouse.

I could feel her hard nipples through her bra but wanted to feel her hot flesh so I bahis şirketleri tried to unsnap her bra. I knew I was way out of practice, but damn I couldn’t get it off. She unsnapped her bra for me. I started unbuttoning her blouse but I guess I was too slow. She lifted her blouse over her head, throw it aside and removed the bra.

That’s when I knew I was in for the night of my life! Wow, she was gorgeous! Her breasts were huge and heavy hanging perfectly. She had big round areoles centered with thick hard nipples! It was a lot to play with. I started kissing her tits and nibbling on her nipples.

It wasn’t long until she was feeling me up through my pants-they were too tight to do much more that rub my big bulge, which got old quick for her and she started fumbling at my belt. I reached down and quickly unbuckle but before I could unzip she had her hand all down my pants, gripping my cock and acting like she was trying to jerk me off.

When she finally got my pants off my cock was standing straight up! I didn’t waste any time getting in her pants. As quick as I could I buried my fingers in her gash! That’s when I discovered how wet she could get! No lubricant needed for this chick!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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