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This was written for an online friend who wanted to know what would happen between us if we ever should meet. We never did.


My Fantasy For Paul

You show up at my door to say hi and just meet me. I invite you in and we go up to my room to talk. We make a bit of small talk as we’re standing and you’re surveying my room. I walk over to you and stand in front of you.

“How long has it been since you’ve been with a woman?” I ask.

“Way too long.” you answer. I look up at you and smile.

“Guess you’re really in need of some thorough TLC then.” I say.

“More than you know,” you respond.

I press myself against you, take your face in my hands, look in your eyes and say, “In that case, I want you to do as I say and just enjoy.” I kiss your lips softly and you go to hold me.

I stop kissing you and say, “No, I said you enjoy, I’ll do the work.” You lower your hands and I start kissing you deeply now.

“Strip totally and lie face down on my bed with your face toward the window and keep your eyes closed.” I tell you. You undress, lie down. “Now keep your eyes closed.” I say as I strip, climb on the bed and straddle you making sure only my legs are touching you so you don’t know I’m naked. I start massaging your shoulders and back, working my way slowly down your body. I massage your ass one cheek at a time and start doing your thighs. As I start moving my way back up I add kissing, licking, and nibbling to the massage. I linger on your ass for a while, then as I move up your back I let my hard nipples brush your ass. Now is when you realize I’m naked also.

I make my way up to your shoulders again and you say, “You’re really turning me on.”

I lean my warm body down against yours and whisper in your ear, “That’s the whole point isn’t it. Now turn over on your back, keep your face toward the window canlı bahis and your eyes closed.” You roll over and I straddle your legs.

I start massaging your shoulders again, down your chest, your hips, and finish with your thighs. Again as I start working my way back up I add kissing, licking, and nibbling. I linger on your thighs inching closer to your balls but teasingly don’t quite touch them but let you feel my hot breath on them as I switch from one thigh to the other. When I finally let my tongue touch your balls you twitch with delight. I kiss them, softly suck on them, and nuzzle my face against them, while I start stroking your stiff cock with my fingers.

I can hear your breathing getting more labored as slight sounds of excitement are coming from your mouth. I flick the base of your shaft with my tongue and again you twitch. I slowly lick up and down the sides of your shaft, kiss and nibble on it teasingly. I lick the rim of the head and then the head itself, sticking my tongue in the little hole. Through heavy breaths you say, “I never had anyone tongue fuck my cock before.”

I just laugh a little and say, “Never too old for something new.”

I take the head of your cock in my mouth, sucking lightly while I play with it with my tongue. I slowly take it deeper into my mouth and start sucking harder. You say, “I’m getting close.” I stop, and start working my way up your chest letting my tits rub against your shaft. I suck on your hard nipples, biting lightly, and lick my way up your neck.

I’m rubbing my very wet pussy up and down your shaft, place the head at my clit. I shift my hips and the head slides back to my eagerly waiting hungry hole. I lower myself onto you till I have every inch inside me. I grind myself in circles, your pubic hair exciting my clit. I start rising and lowering myself on you faster and harder. Both bahis siteleri of us breathing very heavily, our hearts pounding in our chests.

You say, “I’m ready to cum.”

I replied, “Hold it, not yet.” I grind a little bit more and as I thrust myself hard down on your shaft say, “Now.” We both explode together. You shooting your hot juices deep inside me. I lower my sweaty, hot body down on yours, stretch my legs out with you still inside me. We can feel your juices oozing out of me between us. I turn your face toward mine and tell you, “Open your eyes now.” I smile at you and ask, “Did you enjoy it?”

You look at me and answer, “Oh hell yes, but I didn’t get to please you.”

I smile again and say, “That’s for round two, are you ready?” I shove my tongue deep into your mouth as you roll me on my back. Your turn to please me.


My Fantasy For Paul Pt. 2

You’re kissing me deeply, exploring my mouth with your tongue. You start kissing my neck and ears. Tickling my ears with your tongue and sucking on the lobes. You move down my neck to my shoulder, your one hand caressing my tit, squeezing it. Your mouth moves to that tit and you take my hard protruding nipple into your mouth. Lightly sucking on it you whisper, “I love your little titty.” You start to alternate between both tits while your hand caresses my stomach and hip.

You now start kissing your way to my stomach and tease my belly button with your tongue, Your hand slides up and down my thigh. You move a little lower to my bush, parting the hairs to see the initial carved there. You kiss it as if to make it feel better. You move your mouth to my hip and your hand cups my ass cheek, squeezing it softly.

Finally you part my legs, and lower your face to get a good view of my wet pussy. You blow lightly over it, which gives me goose bumps. You nuzzle bahis şirketleri your face between my legs your nose brushing against my clit. Your other hand is now also grabbing my ass and you pull me against you face thrusting your tongue deep inside me. You dart it around in there like a snake, and then start to vigorously tongue fuck me. My muscles inside are starting to twitch.

You pull your tongue out and say, ” You taste delicious, I could eat you all day.” You run your tongue between my swollen lips, flicking my clit lightly as you go up one side and down the other. You start softly sucking on my enlarged clit as you insert a finger into me. You add a second finger, then a third as you start finger fucking me while tonguing my clit. My breathing is getting faster and soft moans are coming from my mouth. You press your tongue harder on my clit moving it fast back and forth. My hips start to arch, my moaning gets louder. I jerk repeatedly as I orgasm, and when I relax you lick up all my tasty juices.

You kiss your way back up to my tits, positioning yourself between my widely spread legs and press you hard cock against my clit. I shift my hips so you enter my dripping wet pussy that’s so hungry for your meat. You place my legs over your shoulders and lean down to kiss me. With me nearly bent in half and my ass raised off the bed you start thrusting yourself in me as deep as you can. You pound the hell out of me as I say. “Harder, faster, spank my ass with your balls.” I run my nails up and down your back. You can’t hold it in any longer so you shoot your load of hot juices deep inside me. I dig my nails into your back as you orgasm.

I pull your head down to mine and kiss you deeply. Lowering my legs and wrapping them around yours, I hold you tightly against me as our breathing and heartbeats slow. You smile at me and say, “That was the best sex I’ve had in so long, you’re incredible.”

I just smile back and say, “So are you.”

We get up and dress. You kiss me good-bye. We both know we’ll remember this a long time but it will never happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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