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It was in the hot month of June and time for our family vacation. Usually our family would go to the beach like everyone else, but this year my parents decided to do something a little different. They wanted to go to the mountains and go camping for 2 weeks. Two long weeks in the middle of nowhere without TV’s, phones or air conditioning. But things would prove to be real interesting soon enough.

It was the summer I turned 18 years old and I wanted to stay home so I could go out with my girlfriend. But this wasn’t going to happen. So I packed everything I needed for a two week trip, even plenty of porno magazines for all those hard times I might find myself in.

We arrived at our camping spot my father had chosen for us, nothing but trees and a small river a short walk from our camping spot. There wasn’t even a bathroom, we had to use the great outdoors, this was a new experience for me having grown up in the city. But things would soon take a turn for the good. We pitched our tents real fast and close together.

At least I would have my privacy. Our first night went quietly, but the next day would bring new adventures for me. After lunch the next day I decided to go for a swim. When I got to the river I decided to swim in the nude since nobody was around, I thought. I stripped and began to go into the water. It was nice and warm on my body. As I played around in the water unknown to me my mother was watching me through the trees. She always liked to see my body, especially since I had grown up.

As I came out of the water my cock was starting to get erect and I wanted to lay out and get some sun. So I spread out my towel and laid down on my back. My hard cock standing strait up. I could hear the bushes rustling and I knew someone was coming so I turned over on my belly to hide my hard cock. My mom walked out and said “I didn’t know you were sunning, it is time for dinner.” So I told her I would be there in a minute. I got dressed in my shorts and went back to camp. That night when we went to bed, I could hear noises coming bağdat caddesi escort from my parents tent. I knew that they must be screwing around. Mom was moaning in a way that I could hear her. So I lay there listening and getting horny.

So I decided to see if I could see them fucking. I slowly eased out of my tent in the dark and went to the little window at the rear of their tent and looked inside. To my surprise, they had a little light on and I could see rather well. I could see my dad sliding his cock into my mom’s pussy from behind. She looked as if she was in heaven, bucking against his long cock. Dad would pull it almost all the way out and the slam it all the way in her pussy. Then he pulled it all the way out of moms’ cunt and she pleaded for him to fuck her in the ass. He bent down and licked her ass hole. God, was I in shock! My parents fucking like this, of all people.

I went back to my tent, laying there thinking about what I had seen them doing. of all things my dad was really hung. His cock had to be all of 10 inches and at least 3 1/2 inches around. The biggest I ever seen. My mom had a nice body herself, her tits bounced with every thrust, and a real nice looking pussy from what I could see.

The next day I was still horny and needed to get some relief, so I took a magazine and went to the river to jack off. I was nude and well into what I was doing and there was my dad right out of nowhere. I tried to cover up myself but it was obvious what I was doing, my hard cock standing there. my dad said, “No need to stop on my account, I know how things can get.” my dad was only wearing his swimming trunks, so his cock stood out plain as hell, it was getting hard. My dad was getting hard watching me jack off.

He said that he and my mom knew that I was watching them, and they had been watching me also. Dad walked over to me and said you have a nice cock, you take after me. I didn’t know what to do or say, then he really blew my mind when he reached down and took it in his hand bahçelievler escort and started to stroke it. my own dad was playing with my dick, but it felt to good for me to do anything but moan. he said, “So you like daddy to play with you?” all I could do was moan “yes.”

He stopped and I come to myself to see him pulling off his swimming trunks. my god his cock was hard as a rock, all 10 inches. he said “do you want to play with mine a little?” without a word I took in my hand and he let out a loud moan. i began to stroke its length, not believing what I was doing. but it felt so good, his cock in my hand and his hand around mine. he said he had been watching me for a long time and wanted to suck my cock.

I said “daddy you can suck me if you want to, I don’t mind at all.” he got down on his knees in front of me and began to lick my head and I thought I would cum right then. he sucked the head into his mouth and ran his tongue around it like a pro. with a flick of his tongue he was licking my shaft all the way to the base then he was licking my ass hole, damn this was incredible. I was getting weak in the knees.

he could sense this and told me to lay down on the ground. as I done this he took my cock back into his mouth and put two fingers into my tight ass hole and began to finger me. I managed to say ” I am gonna cum, suck my cock daddy….suck it…” then I shot my load into my dads warm waiting mouth. he sucked my cock dry when he felt my cum splashing into his mouth. he raised up and smiled at me with cum dribbling down his chin and said ” you have real sweet cum, now I want you to suck daddy’s cock like a good boy…”

I had never sucked a cock before but after what he had just done I said “I want your cock in my mouth daddy!!!” I never thought I would say that but here I was with a huge gorgeous cock in my face. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head, it wasn’t that bad. then I licked down the shaft and rolled his huge balls around with my tongue. he said, “mmmm… I like that…” bahçeşehir escort I began to suck that cock in earnest then, I wanted to please my daddy well. I could hear him moaning with ecstasy and I knew he couldn’t be far from cumming.

he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said “now I am going to fuck your virgin ass hole like I did you mother…your gonna like it too..” I was scared to think of that monster cock in my little ass hole. he began to lick my ass hole to lube it up, fucking me with his tongue and a couple of fingers to loosen me up. he then placed my legs on his shoulder and that gave him perfect access to my virgin ass.

he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my rectum and said ” tell daddy what you want him to do to your little ass..” all I could say was ” I want you to fuck me daddy, I want to feel your cock in my tight ass.” god I was so horny. he slowly began to push the head in me, damn, I yelled out in pain. he slowed his pushing in to me so that my ass could open up to take him in.

once my ass loosened up he slammed that big cock into my ass hole till I could feel his ball slapping my ass. his cock filled me up like I had never been done before. it felt so incredible, I said “fuck me good daddy, I want you to cum in my tight ass…fill me up with your cum daddy..” I could feel his pace quicken so I knew he was close to cumming so I tried to make my ass tighter.

He began to moan real loud and pump furiously, he said ” I am cumming” and I could feel the hot sperm flooding my hot rectum…and it felt so good. daddy just laid there with his cock in me and we looked at each other and kissed deeply. as his cock slipped out it made a slurping sound. he said “i need to clean you up some.” and with that he got down and started to eat the cum out of my ass hole. when he had done this for a minute he raised up and shared his cum with me in a kiss, it was real sweet and musky.

I told him “daddy I didn’t know cum was so good..” he said “now that you know how good it is, you can join your mother and I for some real family fun.” when he finally let me up I noticed my mother leaning against a tree fingering herself and she said, “You have a cute little ass and a sweet looking cock and I can’t wait till I can get it in my pussy.” But that is another story. needles to say I had a good time camping with my parents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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