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I am an 19 year old regular Indian guy living in the U.S. My sister is 18 and she is very cute. We both live in a big city and commute to school. My mom and and dad both work and there is usually no one home when we come back from school. We have always respected each other’s privacy and never before caught each other naked or anything. Indian culture and taboos make it harder for families to discuss sex and even acknowledge sexual notions while watching TV or movies. This was true until I started to notice how sexy and cute my sister had become. The restrictions that culture places on us makes the thought of fantasizing about your own sister all the more appealing and exotic. Now I know my sister follows a routine schedule. She goes to school, comes back, changes clothes, takes a shower and then talks to her friends on the phone or does her homework.

One day I was feeling extremely horny and the only thing that could come to my mind while searching for material to jack off, was my sister and the fact that she was naked in her room. She had come back from school and I knew she was changing inside her room. I pretended to look for my cell phone which I had deliberately left inside her room and just flung the door open. There she was, with only her bra on. She had been in the process of taking off her panties while I had walked in. I pretended ataşehir escort as if I didn’t see her, grabbed my phone and walked out. In the meantime, I had managed to peek at her soft, succulent, round 32B breasts and her cute pussy with only a hint of pubic hair. Her nipples appeared soft and brown with large areolas. She also pretended like nothing had happened and we did not even talk about this incident.

A full view of my sister’s naked heavenly body provided me with enough material to jack off for a week, but that was it. I was becoming increasingly frustrated and living with this cute little thing in the same house was making me horny as hell. I wanted to look at her naked every chance I got but it was not panning out. Luck provided me with a chance which I could only have dreamed about in the past.

One afternoon, I was feeling horny as usual. My erection was becoming uncomfortable as I had seen my sister walking to her room and I knew she was going to change clothes and shower soon. The thought of her heavenly body naked in the next room was driving me crazy. And here I was, stuck in my room, rotting alone. I had an idea. I decided I was not going to just jack off and try my best to take this to the next level. I went to the living room, picked up the cordless phone and brought it inside my room. I avcılar escort knew my sister would want the phone as soon as she came out of her room and will look for it all over the house. I intentionally left my room’s door open so if she wanted to come in, she would not have to knock. I took off my shorts and waited in anticipation, with my cock as hard as a rock. I posed as if I was changing clothes and as if I had just taken off my shorts, quite similar to the position she was in when I had caught her naked. Soon, I heard footsteps. I knew she was going to enter the room since I had left the door open. I was ready to give her a view of my erect penis and was curious to know what her reaction would be.

She entered and as soon as I heard her walk in, I dropped my shorts and stood up. Her gaze went straight to my erect cock. She gasped and stared at it for just a second, and then looked up, surprised to see that I had made no effort of hiding my dick and was looking at her straight in the eyes. Dumbfounded, she cried out:

“Bro, I am sorry I just came in looking for the phone, I didn’t mean to….”, and kept staring at my dick.

“It is ok, Nisha”, I interrupted her, and walked towards her.

She took a step back, “Um.. I only needed the phone, is everything ok? You are naked!!”

“Yes, I just avrupa yakası escort wanted to apologize I walked into your room the other day”, I said.

“It is ok bro, I didn’t even say anything.” She said, still staring at my cock. “You don’t have to apologize, and now, I…”

“So now we are even”, I tried to laugh as I completed her sentence.

“Yes”, she said, dreamily, her gaze still focused on my cock.

“Wow, you can’t take your eyes off of it, Nisha”, I laughed.

“Well, bro, can you blame me? It is erect and you are trying SO hard to hide it”, she said sarcastically.

“Have you seen one before?” I asked, totally ignoring her sarcasm.

“Only on the Internet, with friends”, she replied.

“Oh ok. Well, I kinda.. kinda wanted to just.. I mean I didn’t wanna make you feel bad for the other day so I figured if you look at mine, we would be even”, I stuttered.

She smiled, “Yes, you have said you are sorry bro, can I leave now?”

“Yeah, sure. So now we are even right?”

“Yeah, I guess”, she said and started to walk away, totally ignoring the phone.

“Nisha, wait”, I cried out. She turned around, “The phone, you forgot the phone..”.

“Yes”, she said, “Sorry, hey.. umm.. can I ask you something?”

“Sure”, I said.

“I am sure you have seen other girls naked, right?”, she asked.

“Yes I have but never touched one”, I said, as I noticed her staring at my cock which was throbbing and its tip moistened with pre?cum.

She said, “Umm.. can I touch your…. um… dick? And in return, I will let you touch my breasts”

… To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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