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This will be a multi-part story of how my brother and I started to have sex before I went to college. We started slowly the year we were both over the age of 18. We were doing it every day and night we could until I left for college.

Bobby was 18 and I was almost 19 the summer when it started. We were brother and sister and Bobby was now as tall as I was and he liked to show off by pushing me or when we went swimming he would always try to duck my head under. He would win from time to time but now he was winning most of the time because he was getting stronger and stronger with each year as guys seem to get.

When I was young I began to develop and had 32B breasts. By the time I was a older teen I had 32C breast and I had many boys chasing me for dates and to feel me up. I stopped them before they got started and told them I wasn’t that kind of girl. When I was 18 and starting college I have 36C breasts.

A few guys had felt me up outside my blouse but non had ever gotten under my bra. But like all teenagers I was wondering just like all girls and boys how it would feel to have my breasts played with and squeezed and even sucked. I would masturbate most every night and it felt good. The play with my nipples and of course my vagina gave me such a great feeling and I usually climaxed once and many times I had a couple if I worked on myself long enough. But no one else had ever made me feel like that but I was wondering.

When summer came, I came home from school that year to help my mother. My dad had died and I was now going to college in my home town. We belonged to a pool and Bobby was always trying to get my head under water as usual by sneaking up behind me, when I wasn’t looking. We were in deep water, around my neck when he grabbed me one day and held me and we began to play around and wrestle.

As we fought his hand slipped and cupped my bikini top and as he squeezed and pulled, my top came down off of one of my breast. As it did he grabbed it and squeezed it and smiled at me when I looked back yelling for him to let go. I yelled: “Let go!! Bobby let go!”

But, he didn’t and told me he knew I liked it and his other hand cupped my other breast. He pulled on my tits and pinched my nipples and as I struggled and tried to resist he continued to rub and play with them. As time went by, and his hand kept stimulated my breasts, I began to have a funny feeling develop in my body. It felt like the beginning of when I masturbated.

I stopped fighting so much and begged him to stop. He didn’t and in fact he licked my ear and pinched my nipples and pulled them making them became full and hard and long. I also felt him rubbing against my bottom and I could feel his cock which was hard pressing against me. Finally I got turned around and slapped his face and he swam away.

We didn’t talk about what happened and he didn’t try to do it again that week. I was sort of relieved and at the same time wishing he would try again. Maybe out of the water if we were ever alone in the house. It did feel good and he was right I did like it.

So I began to tease him a little bending over and letting him look down my blouse. I would bump into him and let my tits rub against him. I would wear no bra, actually I didn’t need one, but mom made me wear them out of the house. I understood why. I was fully matured and I was a “good” girl. So far!

Then one day after coming home from shopping it was 2 weeks after the pool problem I entered the house. Mom wasn’t home when I got there and she left a note which told me she was going out to dinner and maybe a movie with a friend. Bobby and I were on our own.

As I sat in the family room doing some work for school coming up after vacation. Bobby came down in his gym shorts and no shirt or shoes. He was working out almost every day and he was hard and strong. He stood in front of me and when I looked up he said: “I want to show you something.”

He then bent over and pulled down his shorts and out popped his big hard cock and a large set of balls. He smiled as I screamed and told him to put that thing away. He told me he had been thinking of me upstairs for awhile and he wanted to show me what he had in his shorts.

He said he had been thinking of my breasts and body a great deal and when he did his cock got so hard it ached. Then he smiled and said: “I know you liked me playing with your breasts the other day sis, I could feel your nipples get hard and long from me touching them.”

I told him I didn’t, but he knew I was lying. I kept looking at his cock as it danced in front of my face. He actually held it and wiggled it at me laughing as I moved further back on the sofa yelling at him to put that damn thing away!

He kept on talking as he let go of his dick and it stayed straight out pointing at me. As he talked I tried not to watch his cock jump with his excitement. But each time he moved, it moved, and my eyes went back to it.

When he saw my eyes go to his cock, he said: “Touch it Mary, I can see you want to. Touch it otele gelen escort and hold it in your hand. See how hard it is!”

I just sat there and looked at it. The head was red, almost purple and very thick and the shaft was long, maybe 7 or 8 inches. It was sticking out straight with no bend in it and no hanging down, none at all. It was hard and big and looked mad!! He moved closer and as he did I put my hand to my mouth and told him: “Bobby please put that away and leave me alone.”

But he didn’t he actually moved even closer to me and now his cock was close to my face, about a foot away at the most. I could smell his excitement and that made me become excited too. His musk was beginning to work on my sexual nerves and I was becoming excited.

As I sat back on the sofa Bobby said again: “Come on sis, help a guy out. Hold it for me, touch it and feel how damn hard I am and it’s all your fault. If you weren’t so sexy and so built, and if you didn’t have those big round firm beautiful tits I wouldn’t be in the pain I am right now! Come on take it in your hand. Please!”

I looked up at him and then back at his cock and hesitated for a second or two and then I did it. I reached for his hard cock!

To this day I still don’t really know why I did it, maybe I was wondering how it would feel to hold a boy’s cock in my hand, since I never felt one before.

Maybe deep down I wanted to do it just for the thrill of it. Who knows. So I slowly lifted my hand and he took it and wrapped my hand and fingers around his hard long cock shaft. OMG!!!! I was holding my brother’s hard on in my hand and was loving it.

As I touched him for the first time I heard him moan and sigh and he push it against my hand moving it until my hand was now at the base of it and I was stretching the skin around his shaft and it now looked even bigger. He took his hand and placed it on top of my hand and squeezed it tighter around his hard on. Then he slowly moved our hands back and forth sliding them long the hard shaft.

Now I was not only holding his cock but I was now slowly jerking him off. When he released his hand and let go, I didn’t release my own hand, and I kept working my hand back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, from the base of his hard on to the thick hard purple cock head which was now very thick and very purple. Again all I could think of was it looked angry and so darn big.

As I jerked my brother’s cock for him I saw his balls swinging with my movement and I could feel the shaft throbbing like a heart beating.

He sighed again and then told me to use both hands, one to keep jerking me off and the other to play with his balls. This time I didn’t hesitate I cupped his balls and rolled them around sort of playing with them. I squeezed them and they felt sort of like eggs! He said: “Not to hard sis they are very sensitive. But you can squeeze my cock harder if you like, and pump it faster. God that feels so good Mary. Your hand feels like heaven!!”

I smiled up at him. As I used both hands to work his cock and now his balls too. He was slowly fucking my hand as he pumped his hips and thrust his pelvis as my hand moved back and forth. Then he moaned again and liquid began to leak out the cock head. When I asked what it was, cum?

My brother said that was pre cum and that I was helping him feel so damn happy and good. “Please! Please!! Please Mary!!! Keep jerking me off. Pease I need to cum so badly.” He was almost crying and begging me.

I had no intentions of stopping I loved how it felt. I worked on him and he told me to use both hands on his cock now and forget about his balls for now. I placed my other hand in front of the one I was using and he was so big I could still see all of his cock head and maybe an inch or two of the hard thick shaft. It was very thick and very hard and at the same time soft. The skin around his shaft was soft but it was heavy and hard in my hands.

It thrilled me and I began to feel that urge again between my thighs. I squeezed my thighs together. It made me feel better for now but I knew this was what I would think about when I masturbate later tonight. I

couldn’t take my eyes off of my brother’s big fat hard cock. He was looking down at my hands and I was looking down at his cock and my hands and he said: “Faster please Mary!! I need it so badly. Faster please!!!”

And I did. I moved to the edge of the sofa first and his cock was inches from my face as I began to pump my hands around his shaft faster and faster and harder and harder. He started to push back harder and faster too.

And then my brother cried out as he fucked my hands hard and fast. Bobby yelled: “Harder Mary squeeze your hands around it harder please. Please Mary make me CUM! I’m so close! Squeeze it Mary!”

I know how that feels when you are so close to cumming! So I did what he told me and as he fucked my hands I loved seeing his big cock so hard. Again it looked so mad. Hard and throbbing and the huge pendik escort head was deep purple in color. I loved to feel the shaft running thru my hand and yes!, OH GOD! YES!!! I love to smell it too.

I couldn’t stop even if mom came into the room. I wanted to please my brother’s cock as bad as I wanted to rub my pussy and pinch my nipples and cum too.

I jerked him off as hard and fast as I could and Bobby moaned and cried out from time to time and began to hump and hump and hump my hands. Then he almost yelled as his cock began to erupt and cum.

Jesus the cum started to pump out the purple cock head fast and hard shooting all over me. It hit my chin and my lips and nose and then it shot all over my blouse and shorts, running down between my breasts and over my wet hot covered pussy. It hit my thighs and knees and yes, the sofa too.

The amount of cum Bobby’s cock was pumping out was unbelievable I was bathed in his cum!! It was a sticky mess. And I loved it, I kept pumping and it kept shooting and I loved seeing it and feeling it and yes smelling it too.

I loved the smell of his cum. And I loved the feel of his cum in my hand and over my fingers and when I licked my lips I tasted it and it was slimy and sort of sweet. GOD there was so much of it.

Bobby cried out as he moaned with each shot his cock made. I felt his cock throbbing and I could actually feel the cum shot up the shaft and pump out the hole in his cock. I watched as his balls lifted and fell lifted and fell as they pushed more cum out of his cock. It was thrilling and very exciting and I now felt very wet between my legs almost like I had masturbated.

I looked up at him and he stood there eyes closed and his mouth open, his hands at his side.

When he was done cumming, I held on to his cock until it started to deflate. And, I squeezed it and without knowing what I was doing I sort of like milked it, getting the last of the cum out of it. I rolled his balls and pushed them up as my hand kept stroking his cock shaft.

Finally I let go when he took my hands off his shaft and his cock fell between his balls swinging back and forth as he stood there nude and soft. I looked up at him and this time he had his eyes open now and he was smiling.

“Thanks!” Was all he said

He pulled his shorts up and I ran upstairs embarrassed like hell. Cum was everywhere and I had to go to my own bathroom room and wash it off so I didn’t leave a mess for my mom to finds. When I finished I came back down and Bobby had wiped up the stuff on the sofa.

He sat down and sighed. I stood there and didn’t know what to say. He looked at me and finally said: “Thanks sis that was great. If you want me to help you cum some day let me know. In fact we can even masturbate each other if you like. I would love to play with your tits again and if you let me I can rub your pussy too. We can play all the time. Everyday if you want.”

I was going to yell and scream but I could have stopped this from happening. Instead I went along with it and so I just turned and walked away. But his cock was locked in my brain and I wondered if we would do more of this later on. I was thinking I wanted too but I was scared, after all I was a “good” girl.

Bobby followed me and as I went into my room he stood in the door way and said: “I mean it Mary, I know you masturbate at night. I can hear you and I even saw you doing it one night when your door was a little open. I’d be happy to help you get off if you want me too. You know just like you helped me down stairs. It’s so much better when someone else touches you!”

I was embarrassed that my brother had seen me working on my body and masturbating. So I told him to get the hell out of my room. I slammed the door as he turned and left. But that wasn’t the end of this story. No, in fact it will have many parts as I think back on how we became lovers.

Later that night I decided to masturbate thinking of what I did for Bobby and as I lay in bed fingering my little pussy and pinching my nipples he cracked the door and said: “See I know you enjoy masturbating and cumming as much as I do. By the way Mom called and she is still down town so we are still all along. Let me help you cum Mary. Let me pay you back sis I can make you feel good too!”

I told him to please leave but I kept my hand on my pussy slowly rubbing it. I was close to cumming when he came into my room and didn’t want to start over again. He smiled and walked over to the bed. Bobby told me he left the door cracked and if mom came home we would hear them.

I didn’t move and Bobby sat on the edge of the bed and slowly took my sheet which covered me and pulled it down under my breasts. I had a tank top on and panties but that was all. He smiled as he looked at my firm breasts and said: “Can I touch them Mary. Please let me touch them!!”

I didn’t say yes, but I didn’t say no and so Bobby being a guy moved his one hand and covered my left breast. He gently squeezed and we both rus escort felt my nipple get even harder than it was. Bobby looked at me and smiled. I smiled back a little as I used my hand and fingers to rub my clit and pussy hole harder and faster.

He asked me if he could go under my top and again I didn’t say yes or no. So Bobby slid my tank top up over my breasts and around my neck. I lifted my arms and he pulled my top over my head and since I didn’t wear a bra to bed, there they were for him to see.

Both my 36C breasts with a red hard thick long nipple sitting at the top like a cherry was in plain view for my brother to see. It made me wet knowing my brother was looking and holding my breasts in his hand as I rubbed my pussy.

Bobby touched the nipple with his thumb and index finger and we both moaned. He moved his other hand over to my right breast and he began to rub and pull and make love my tits. It felt wonderful, just like he said, “It’s better if someone else touches you. I told you Mary.” HE smiled as he said it again.

And as he worked on my breasts I was moving my fingers and working my pussy and in seconds I was just about to cum.

Then Bobby did something I wasn’t expecting. He lowered his head and when his mouth covered my left nipple I arched and thrust my hips and pelvis and began to fuck my hand and fingers hard and fast as I was cumming and cumming and cumming!

“OH GOD Bobby! OH GOD suck them!! Suck my nipples. I’m cumming, I’m cummiog, I’m cummmmmmming!” I cried out at him!

Bobby watched as my pussy and hand were under the sheet but he watched as I lifted up and humped and humped and humped on my hand as I cried out. I cried out again as my orgasm sweep over my body. It was heaven to have Bobby suck my tits as I fingered my pussy. Much better than if I did this myself.

He sucked and kept on sucking and I moved my other hand and held his head on my tit as his mouth loved the nipple taking as much of my breast into his mouth as he could get. I kept on moving my hand and for the first time I climaxed again and then I did it for a third time! Back to back to back, not in a row but back to back to back with no break in between.

My hips were thrusting up faster and harder and the sheet which was covering me fell away from my body, down pass my knees. Here I was with a finger in my pussy, my legs wide open, knees bent wide and panties pulled to the side. That’s when my brother stopped sucking my tits and began to watch as I fucked myself and had my third orgasm.

He held me as I shuttered and humped my hand and now his. He had placed his hand over my hand and to feel me cumming. And cum I did!! I had never cum like I did that day, never. It was amazing and so very hot and sexual!

As I started to slow down now I held on to him and he kissed my neck and nose and mouth. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and he sucked it as he held me. I was still grinding my pussy on my hand but slower now. And Bobby still held one of my breasts in his hand slowly and lovingly stroking it.

Slowing down more now I was shaking and my body was still jerking as my orgasms eased. Bobby finally separated us and he look at me and I blushed and started to cry.

My brother quickly pulled me to him again and held me and stroked my hair and told me it was OK and that he loved me and what we did was natural and he was happy because he knew I had a great orgasm. I whispered I had three and we both smiled.

When I was back to earth completely he asked me to show him my pussy. I pushed the sheet down past my feet and opened my thighs wide. Bobby was sitting on the bed and moved so that he was now laying over my right leg looking between my knees. Then he opened my knees more and spread my thighs wide open. He smiled at me and then said: “Pull your panties more to the side Many let me see it all. I know you have a beautiful little pussy.”

I did as he wished and I felt panties were soaking wet. My pussy was wet and shinning up at him as he reached out and touched it. I was watching but still jumped when his finger touched my wet open hole. He smiled and told me I was soaking wet. He used his fingers to open the outer pussy lips and as he did, he moved his face in closer.

He smiled up at me as his fingers spread my pussy wide open and then he pushed his middle finger into my love hole and touched my clit with his thumb.

I grabbed his hand and told him I was to sensitive!! He stopped touching my clit, but didn’t stop touching my hole and in a second his finger was fully inside my pussy. It was so wonderful I let him do it and never said a word. He slowly pulled it out and pushed it back in. He was very gentle and slow and did it softly. And I let him! He began to fuck me slowly with his fingers and God yes, I LET HIM!

He worked his finger in and out of me and I lay back and felt pleasure from his finger. He kissed my clit and sucked it gently but I had to stop him because it was overly sensitive. But I let him keep his finger inside me.

He smiled and slowly moved his finger out of my pussy and he put it in his mouth. He sucked my juices off his finger and smiled. He put his finger back inside me and this time when he took it out he offered it to me. I sucked my juices off if it this time. It wasn’t bad, a little sour.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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