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Big Dicks

As explained earlier I was successful in my A Levels. On results day a group of us went out to celebrate. We ended up back at the pub Dave ran. He had the night off so he could get on it with us. We had a lock in and I don’t really know what happened but I woke up the following day on his kitchen floor.

Dave still lived with his mum. So really, I woke up on Beckys kitchen floor, and really Becky woke me up on her kitchen floor.

“Good night then by the looks of it!!” She borderline shouted at me, wearing nothing but a tight vest top and very short gym shorts. “Cup of tea?” She then asked in a gentler tone.

“Please” I throatily responded. “This is embarrassing.” I continued.

“Well it’s gonna get worse for ya.” Becky retorted. “You know you’re naked from the waist down, at least you passed out face first.” She was giggling, not at all fazed by a naked 18 year old lump sprawled in her kitchen.

It was just as well seeing Becky dressed as she was, nipples clearly poking at the tight material of her vest was making me feel very excited.

“Christ, sorry, I don’t really remember anything past about 8 pints.” I said apologetically.

“Well I’ve not quite been there myself, but it’s nothing David hasn’t done.” She was sweet and almost sympathetic. “Here’s your tea.”

“Cheers. Sorry do you mind, I better grab my pants.” Becky turned away as I staggered into my jeans.

“So you back out tonight?” Becky asked.

“Guess so.” I responded. “There’s a mob headed into town, probably tag along.”

“That sounds fun.” Becky said in a bit of a sad tone. “I haven’t a night out since Frank left, well I went to the college prom, alone.” Her tone getting even more depressed,

Daves dad, Frank had cheated on Becky with a 20 something he worked with. All of us mates couldn’t fathom it, we all teased Dave about his ‘fit’ mum, which he obviously hated. Why the hell would you go somewhere else when you had Becky?

“Frank’s an idiot!” I said forcefully. “I cannot work out why he’d look elsewhere when he had you. He’s a moron. You’re a 10. an absolute 10.”

“Thanks.” Becky seemed surprised. “Kind words, I thought you only spoke like that when you maltepe escort had a drink in you, well I guess you’re still a little merry.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to speak out of turn.” I stammered, the second time I’d embarrassed myself today, and it was still early.

“You haven’t” Becky reassuringly replied. “That’s the second time you’ve been complimentary about me. It makes me feel good, if a little silly that a strapping young man can stand my corner, be nice to me, be kind.”

“Of course. Look cards on the table, I like you, you know, like you.” I was gonna roll the dice here, Becky was hot and single, and let’s be honest, taboo, forbidden fruit if you will. “I’ll bin tonight off with the boys, me and you go out, Dave’s working, we’ll go town, have a drink, a dance, it’ll be a laugh.”

“You don’t want to do that.” Becky exclaimed. “Have fun with your mates. You’re only young once.”

I wasn’t giving up that easy. “Me and you, shots, wine, whatever you want, you need it. Plus, I’m gonna spend the evening with a hot lass. Trust me I’m not making any sacrifices.”

Becky then had a look of concern. “What would David think? Going out with his best friend.”

I wasn’t that fussed what Dave thought, he was as bad as any of us when it came to women. “He doesn’t really need to know.” I continued “We’re both adults. Like I said I like you, at the prom when we danced, chatted, you had fun, I think. Well I really did, and this morning you saw me naked so I’ve pretty much got nothing left to hide.”

Becky laughed. “You are all grown up aren’t you. you’re smart you’re handsome, but you’re so young….”

I interjected “And fancy the pants off you, have for years, let’s just see what happens. I’m gonna be in town outside the Tesco in the station at 7. Please be there and I reckon we’ll have fun.”

And with that I got up and headed home hoping tonight would be the start of something.

I got into town early, I was feeling nervous and excited. I was dressed casually but presentable, smart short sleeve shirt, (it was late summer), jeans and Timberland boots. I went to a couple of pubs on my own to settle my nerves, then as it approached 7 I headed escort maltepe to the station to hopefully meet Becky.

As I walked into the station concourse I saw Becky playing on her phone, she hadn’t seen me so I crept behind her and playfully whispered in her ear “Fancy coming for a drink gorgeous.” It wasn’t my finest line, but I hoped it’d break the ice.

“Oh there you are, hello, you look nice.” Becky said slightly startled. “I’ve already had a bottle of wine to settle my nerves, so you’ll have to keep an eye on me.” She was standing no more than two inches from me, she smelled amazing, I was intoxicated by her scent.

“Trust me my eyes will be on you all night, you look amazing, really sexy, I’ve had a couple of drinks too so don’t worry.” My palms were slightly sweaty, I guess with nerves, so I restrained from touching her, for now. She really was stunning. “I must admit I wasn’t sure you’d come, I’m really glad you have, we’ll have a well good time.”

“I need this, a night out with a gorgeous young fella, I feel 18 again myself, that’s why I was so nervous, it feels like my very first date it’s been so long.” Becky sounded genuinely excited.

Becky wasn’t wearing anything particularly special, she just wore it well. A short waist length tight leather jacket over a white, I guess you’d call it vest top, tight light blue jeans and short black boots with 3 inch heels. The jeans and boots really did her tight arse justice.

The one thing Becky was lacking was breasts. being petite she was quite flat chested, but that didn’t bother me in the slightest, as far as I was concerned she was an absolute stunner, and I was on a date with her.

We headed off to a couple of bars I knew, getting steadily more drunk as we went.

It got to about 11 and I suggested we headed to a club, I wanted to dance with her and the drinking was definitely helping her relax.

“Come on then.” Becky screamed in my ear as she led me by the hand to the middle of the dancefloor. It was a crowded club, hot, sweaty bodies everywhere. As we were dancing I pulled Becky close to me and gently ran my hands down her back, eventually cupping that tight arse of hers. She gave maltepe escort bayan me that wicked smile she possessed and the leaned her head in to kiss me.

Her tongue quickly found mine, and it was greedy, hungry to satisfy. I kissed her back aggressively, feeling her buttocks through the tightness of her jeans. I then moved my attention to her neck and started to gently nibble at her ears.

Becky suddenly pulled away and looked me dead in the eyes, only for maybe 3 or 4 seconds but her mood looked less fun, slightly more serious, it was a sexy, almost demanding stare. She then backed into me, backing that amazing arse into my crotch.

My attention was definitely aroused, I wasn’t completely hard, but it was stirring down there, I guess that was what she was after, for starters. She just slowly grinded up and down, getting me slightly more excited with every movement until I was totally hard.

“Hello, there it is.” Said Becky stretching her body to shout into my ear, it was very loud so there was no need to be discreet. “You’re a big boy, I thought I felt it at the prom, now I know, do you wanna feel what you’re doing to me?”

I was a little shocked at Beckys candidness. “You’re not nervous now are you?” I said as she took my right hand from her waist and moved it slowly inside her jeans. Becky was totally in control now I loved it, she knew what she wanted and I was going to give it to her.

My fingers entered her cunt. It was warm and very moist, she was clearly horny, clearly aroused by doing this in a public place. I continued fingering her for several minutes until she turned around to face me.

She again stared me straight in the eyes. She removed my hand from her snatch and moved my fingers to her mouth, tasting herself, she didn’t break eye contact. I was gonna explode I thought to myself, this was amazing.

After finishing licking her juices from my fingers Becky then simply said “Yummy, let’s go.” She then led me by the hand out of the club. We headed down the street, avoiding the drunks and crowds, “Where should we go then?” Becky asked, I didn’t care, I’d take her in the middle of the crowded street if she’d let me.

“Mine.” I blurted out. “My folks are away, I’ll get us a cab.”

“Ok. Great” Becky cuddled up to me, it was quite chilly now, I hugged her tightly as a taxi came towards us, I flagged it down and in we got, heading back to my house to continue our night.

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