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I had always loved my Grandmother, from an early age whenever she was staying with us if I woke during the night I would go to her room and climb into bed with her. I just loved cuddling in next to her and feeling her warm, soft skin next to me.

Of course all of this stopped by the time I reached ten years of age but she and I remained close, always hugging and exchanging kisses on greetings and departures, I loved the feeling of Grandma’s voluptuousness pressed into me although I always saw her as just my Grandmother, a person who I loved deeply but never in a sexual way, however all that was to change.

I had a perfectly idyllic childhood until it was shattered shortly after my fifteenth birthday; a drunk driver wiped out my parents one evening whilst returning home.

Of course my Grandparents would look after me but my Grandfather wasn’t a well man and he took my parents death hard and he died of a coronary some ten months later, so now it was me and Grandma against the world.

The various insurances looked after us financially but we weren’t by any means rich, however our love for each other got us through and with Grandmas guidance I got excellent grades in High School and won a scholarship to an excellent business college where I gained a first class degree in business studies and followed that up by getting a job in the city in a financial institution which paid rich dividends in earnings.

Of course this meant leaving home and striking out on my own and this brought a tearful parting between the two of us but I made a promise that I would always return for Christmas, anniversaries and the like. This was not from any sense of duty; this was because I really loved to return.

One Christmas when I was about twenty-five I was in the loft sorting through some old papers of Grandpas when I came across an envelope which was marked “certificates.” Curiously I opened it up and found their marriage certificate and both their birth certificates. As I read these I found that Grandma would be celebrating her Seventieth birthday about ten weeks later and I decided that I was going to do something special for her as a thank you for what she had done for me all my life.

At first she was hesitant about celebrating what she called,

“Me getting to be very old,”

But with a bit of persuasion on my part I talked her into dinner in a rather exclusive restaurant.

“No, that wont do” she said, “I can’t afford the clothes for somewhere like that.”

I told her that I was picking up the tab for everything and that I would send her money beforehand and all she had to do was spend it on making herself more beautiful than she already was, so she reluctantly agreed and I began to look forward to the birthday celebration.

A month before I duly sent her a not inconsiderable amount and after a phone call,

“I couldn’t possibly spend all of this on me!”

I persuaded her that a trip to the clothes store and a trip to the beauty parlour would be well worth it.

The night of our dinner I couldn’t get an early finish at work and so I turned up at Grandmas only half an hour before the taxi was due to take us to the restaurant. As I let myself in through the front door I called out to her,

“Its only me, where are you?”

“I’m still getting ready” was the reply, “be about twenty minutes, o.k.”

I went through to the lounge and sat waiting and true to her word about twenty minutes later I heard her bedroom door and her footsteps on the stairs.

I went through to the hallway to greet Grandma and stopped dead in my tracks.

There coming down the stairs was a vision of loveliness’.

Grandmas usual hair colour of reddish brown flecked with grey had been restored to the colour I remembered as a child and her long tresses, normally pulled back into a ponytail had been styled and flowed past her shoulders.

Her make-up had been applied perfectly and it lightly complimented her features.

Grandma had chosen a simple black dress which finished just above the knee but was low cut enough to reveal an ample amount of her large cleavage, the whole ensemble was finished with black stockings, she looked more beautiful than I had ever seen anyone look before.

I stood at the beşiktaş escort bottom of the stairs with my mouth hanging open and what I can only assume was a stupid look on my face.

Grandma took one look at me and fearing the worst she said,

“Its to much isn’t it, I look ridiculous, I’m an old woman dressing like a hooker.”

I quickly regained my composure and broke out into a smile as big as the Grand Canyon and took both her hands in mine and said,

“You look absolutely fantastic, you are so beautiful, and I had forgotten just how beautiful you are.”

At this Grandma broke into a smile of her own and hugged me to her saying,

“Thank you darling, you always say the nicest things to me.”

We broke off our hug and I stepped back to admire her once again and gave a low whistle,

“You’ve given one big problem for tonight though.” I said.

Concern came over Grandmas face and she replied,

“What’s that then?”

“Just how am I supposed to remember that you’re my dear sweet Grandma and not my hot, older woman date then?”

As Grandma thought this over the sound of a horn from outside heralded the arrival of our taxi.

“I guess that for tonight at least I’ll just have to be your hot, older woman date then.”

With that she bent forward, gave me a light peck on the lips, opened the door and sashayed down the garden path.

“Coming lover” she called back to me.

As I watched her walking towards the taxi for the first time in my life I saw my Grandmother as a potential sexual conquest, as she walked my thoughts were,

“God, she is a fine piece of ass.”

I quickly put those thoughts out of my mind and closed the door and followed her to the taxi.

At the restaurant we were greeted by the maitre’d and shown to our table where a bottle of champagne on ice awaited us.

After ordering whilst we were waiting for our meal I glanced around the restaurant, the closest people to us were two middle-aged men who, by their dress, I took to be businessmen. They were stealing glances at Grandma and me and as I caught their eye one man winked at me.

“My God,” I thought, “these two think I am some sort of gigolo out with an older women who is paying me for my services.”

I couldn’t help but smile at this and Grandma seeing this asked what was wrong.

As I explained to her what I thought a mischievous grin appeared on her face and she whispered to me,

“They think that, o.k. Then we’ll really give them something to think about.”

With that Grandma leaned across the table, tilted her head slightly and kissed me full on the lips and held it for about 30 seconds.

When she pulled away I could see the two men had nearly choked on their food.

All through our meal Grandma continued to flirt outrageously with me just to continue winding up the two businessmen further, indeed at one stage when they looked across Grandmas shoes were off and she was playing a game of footsie with me.

After our meal I excused myself to go to the restroom and as I passed their table one looked at me and said,

“Think you’ve scored big time tonight, son.”

When I returned and informed Grandma it was all she could do to contain herself and not hoot with laughter.

As I have said this was a quality restaurant and they had a small area set aside for dancing, although it was piped music and not a live trio or quartet. Already a few couples were on the dance floor so I asked Grandma if she would care to dance.

At once she agreed and I led her onto the dance floor where she placed her arms around my neck and I placed my hands on her hips and we both gently swayed back and forth to the music.

The close proximity of her combined with her beautiful perfume and large quantities of champagne and wine began to have their effect on me and I began to be aware that my cock was deciding to spring a surprise of its own. Slowly but surely he decided to come out to play. I was mortified, this was my Grandma I was dancing with, this shouldn’t be happening but, despite thinking other thoughts and reciting the thirteen times table in my head, he rose to full prominence.

I desperately tried to pull back slightly from beşiktaş eve gelen escort Grandma but the more I did so the more she seemed to be getting closer to me.

Eventually Grandma whispered in my ear,

“I think we have a bit of a problem here, don’t we.”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry Grandma,” I began, “I didn’t mean this to happen.”

“Shush,” Grandma whispered, “I’m thrilled.”

Grandma continued,

“To think at seventy years of age I can still have that effect on a young man, oh baby that’s the best compliment I have received in a long time.”

My mind was beginning to swirl, my Grandma didn’t mind my boner was sticking into her, what was happening; suddenly I came back to earth with a jolt.

“The problem is,” she said,

“How do we get you back to the table without everyone in here seeing that large bulge in your pants.”

By now my brain had shutdown completely, I couldn’t have completed the most simple of tasks.

“I know, keep close and follow me.”

With that Grandma spun around and grasped me by the hand and led me back to the table with me trying to keep close enough to prevent anyone seeing my hard-on.

Once back at the table and with me safely seated Grandma dissolved into subdued laughter.

The look on my face must have been one of complete mortification and when Grandma saw that she took my hand and said,

“Don’t worry, this has only added to my wonderful night, I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in years.”

Later, after some more wine Grandma said,

“Do you want to try the dancing again?”

“Of course.” I replied, “I think I can control myself better this time.”

Boy was I wrong.

No sooner had Grandma sunk back into my arms than my cock was standing to attention once again.

“I think it’s about time we took ourselves back home before someone gets arrested for indecent exposure.” Grandma teased.

Whilst we were waiting for a taxi I kept trying to apologise for the night but every time Grandma insisted it was o.k. with her and really it had probably made her night more memorable. All the way home in the taxi Grandma held my hand and kept up her reassurance.

Once safely inside the house Grandma began to laugh saying that she hadn’t had so much fun since she first danced with Grandpa and that the same thing had happened to him.

We opened another bottle of wine and sat on the sofa talking about our night and our lives. As we began to feel merry with the effects of the wine Grandma stood up and moved to the CD player and switched it on to some soft, gentle music.

She stood with her arms outstretched, swaying to the music and said,

“We never got to finish our dance, did we.”

“What about our little problem.” I began

“It didn’t feel like a little problem to me.” Grandma giggled.

“Besides we are here alone now so the problem no longer exists, does it.”

I couldn’t argue with her logic so I stood and walked over to her and we both dissolved into each others arms once again and, yes, my cock immediately sprang to attention but this time it didn’t matter.

We danced in time to the music for ages, occasionally Grandmas hands would drop to my back and I could feel her nails tracing little circles on my skin and she would press her groin into mine and from time to time I would allow my hands to drop to her ass and gently squeeze.

Eventually the CD came to an end and we moved apart but continued eye contact and almost as one we both tilted our heads and brought our lips into contact with each other but this was not our usual “family” kiss, it was deeper and more passionate and as it progressed I felt Grandmas mouth open and her tongue pushed past my lips and began to play tonsil hockey with my tongue. We held like this for about a minute and a half before we came up for air still looking at each other intently, not daring to speak until Grandma finally said,

“Woo.oo, were did that come from.”

Fearing I had overstepped the mark I began to apologise only to be stopped by her.

“No darling, its not your fault nor is it mine, we have both allowed our feelings to take over, it was nice but….” Then her voice trailed away.

I beşiktaş grup yapan escort took over,

“Yes it was nice, dammit it was a lot better than nice, and I wish we had always kissed like that.”

“Do you, honey?”

“Oh Grandma I’ve always loved you, you know that.” I said.

“I’ve loved you so much that at times it hurt and this is just an expression of love between two people, so what’s so wrong with that?”

“Well nothing I suppose, but I am your Grandma and we aren’t supposed to express ourselves like that.”

“Do you love me Grandma?”

“Unreservedly, with all my heart.”

“Then I’m going to kiss you again.”

With that I walked the few paces towards Grandma and with no resistance from her swept her into my arms and once more our lips and mouths became one.

When we pulled apart again Grandma looked me firmly in the eyes and said,

“May God and our family forgive us for what we are about to do.”

I replied,

“I don’t think we need to ask anybody’s forgiveness for loving each other.”

With that we joined hands and walked up to Grandmas room stealing kisses all the way.

Once inside the room and with the door closed we both threw ourselves into our passion ripping each other’s clothes off like there was no tomorrow.

We stood opposite each other naked and I began to drink in Grandmas beauty, for a seventy year old her body was in superb condition. Her large breasts had a little droop in them but what fascinated me most about them was her nipples, they were about the size of pencil erasers and I could already see that they were erected but as I lowered my head to one and began to hungrily feed on it, it grew even larger until it was about one inch in length.

I gasped and looked lovingly at it as Grandma said,

“Just like your Grandpa, he was a nipple freak and could never get enough of them either.”

This caused us both to laugh and then we quickly climbed into bed and began to explore each other’s bodies properly.

As Grandma grasped my prick I felt my excitement boil over and involuntarily shot a huge load all over her hand and belly.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry Grandma, I didn’t mean for that to happen so quickly.”

“Easy stud,” she replied, licking my cum from her hand.

“No big deal, just means you’ll be able to last longer next time.”

“Now how about we see just how much you are like your Grandpa, he used to really enjoy being down there, and I couldn’t get enough of him down there,” she said opening her legs wide and motioning me down to her warmly inviting pussy.

I readily accepted Grandma’s invitation and made my way down her body kissing and licking as I went until I arrived at her pussy.

I pulled back slightly to get a good look, it looked superb.

Although she had no need to Grandma had kept this area neatly trimmed and unlike her head her pussy had not lost it natural colour.

I gently made my first tentative foray into this honeyed area with my tongue and this caused Grandma to moan and shudder.

Encouraged by this I greedily lapped away, working from pussy to clitoris and back again.

After a few minutes Grandma’s moaning became louder. Her breathing deepened and I sensed she was ready to come.

I quickly shifted my position slightly so I could finger fuck her whilst continuing my administrations to her clitoris.

Grandma’s body tensed, she let out a soft moan and then her whole body rippled as sexual relief overcame her.

After a minute or so I scooted up beside her, kissed her and then kneeling on the bed looked at her.

“Was that o.k? for you?” I quizzically asked.

“You know it was” she replied “and it looks as though you could do with some relief as well” nodding towards my cock.

As I looked down my boner was once again up to full erection, I had been to busy enjoying myself with Grandma’s pussy to realise.

“Care to finish that off inside me?” she asked.

I needed no prompting.

I placed my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy and gently eased forward just allowing the tip to penetrate.

Grandma eased up slightly and pushed forward and I felt my whole length go deep into her.

I have to tell you this, it felt like no other feeling on earth, and to this day I have never felt anything like it again with any other woman.

“Oh Grandma this feels so good, this feels so right, I’m where I belong”

“I know baby,” she said “and from now on it’s where you’ll stay”

After that night whenever I was home I shared Grandma’s bed.

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