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Female Ejaculation

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t read it already, Musical Dorm Rooms – Ch. 01 is the prequel to this story.


A few weeks after I first suggested that Irene come visit me again at school without her boyfriend Jim, she gave me a call and said that he was going off for the weekend with the boys and wondered if my invitation was still valid. I assured her that it was and knew, based on the circumstances under which it had been offered, that we were both on the same page as far as what we’d be doing if she came to visit. We made plans for her to take the train in on Friday evening and I’d meet her down at Penn Station. For the next couple of days, all I could think about was her petite little body, her perfect ass and those luscious tits that I had surreptitiously felt up the last time she had visited.

I actually had butterflies while waiting for her in the train station but when I saw her, the butterflies went away as the blood headed south. She was wearing a denim miniskirt and a tight top, covered partly by her jean jacket, and carried her backpack on her shoulder. I gave her a big hug and took her backpack as I asked if she wanted to grab something to eat before we headed uptown to the campus. Her reply left no question that she had the same thing on her mind that I had on mine; she said she’d rather go to my dorm and fuck. I smiled and leaned down to kiss her before leading the way to the subway platform. As we waited for the subway to arrive, I told her that I was glad she’d worn a skirt because I wanted to push it up, eat her pussy and fuck her without her even needing to waste the time to take it off. She looked right back at me and said that, actually, she was planning straddle me, pull her panties aside and ride me. I knew I had one hell of a weekend in store for me.

I had to restrain myself from getting too physical with her on the trip back uptown, but we were in my dorm room with the door locked soon enough. I leaned down, my hands going to her waist as we started making out but quickly moving down to her sweet ass. Her arms never even reached up around my neck because she put her hands immediately to work on opening my jeans. Once she had them open and started working them down, she had me lie down on my bed but didn’t bother even removing them completely. With my cock standing straight up, she straddled me, raised her skirt, pulled her panties aside and guided my tool to her pussy. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto me, her hot, slippery pussy fully engulfing my throbbing cock. I watched as my cock disappeared below her light brown bush, my hands resting on her thighs, but as she started riding it, I moved my hands up to fondle her tits.

She was still holding her panties aside and her skirt up with her eyes closed and her mouth open enough to let out a soft moan as I ran my thumbs over her hard nipples through her shirt. I took it as a hint when she moved her hands up to untuck her shirt from the waistband of her skirt then put her hands up behind her head, thrusting her chest out. I slipped my hands up under her shirt, feeling the underwire, soft material and lace of her bra as well as her hard nipples again under my palms. Reaching around behind her, I unfastened her bra and slipped my hands up under the cups to feel the soft, smooth flesh. Although I didn’t think my cock could get any harder than it was buried deep in her hot, wet pussy, when I actually had my hands on her tits, which I had admired so many times, it sure felt like my cock swelled a bit more. I was so worked up from having thought about this moment for the past few days that I was surprised I’d lasted more than ten seconds with her riding me as hard as she was. She must have been thinking about it a bit herself, because she was so wet and her moaning had quickly gone to being higher pitched and nearly continuous.

I didn’t know if me fondling her tits helped her further along, but she was clearly on the verge of cumming pretty quickly as she humped my cock faster. I could just feel the first stirrings of my own orgasm but was relieved that she was so clearly going to beat me to the punch. Her pussy seemed to just keep getting hotter and more slippery the longer she fucked me which made glad that I’d have the whole weekend ahead of us for some opportunity to eat it. When she suddenly seemed to slow down and let out what almost sounded like a growl, it was clear that she was cumming ataşehir escort bayan and really enjoying it. I just kept on fondling her tits as she came and when she let out a long sigh, smiled broadly at me, then leaned down to make out with me again. As I started to slowly push into her again, she stopped kissing me and moved down to lie between my legs, taking my cock in her small fist. She pumped it as she licked around the head, then lowered her mouth over it, sliding her lips down as far as she could.

I moaned again, my disappointment at her tits being out of my grasp quickly replaced by the overwhelming pleasure of her hot mouth sliding up and down my shaft while her hand gently pumped the base. Her light brown hair hung around her face in a curtain, but I could still see her lips wrapped around my tool as they traveled up and down. It didn’t take long before I could feel my orgasm rapidly building under her talented oral stimulation. She did manage to draw the pleasure out, pausing occasionally to tongue my balls while still gently pumping my tool, but she was just too good and I was too worked up to make this into a long, leisurely blowjob. My cock started to swell with my impending orgasm, but she didn’t even slow down, continuing to slide her lips up and down even as I exploded into her mouth. She milked every drop of cum from my spurting cock, letting it fall from her mouth only when I was completely spent. Looking up at me she told me that now she was ready for a bite to eat.

As we pulled our clothes back in place, with me mostly watching Irene until she had covered up, I asked what she was interested in eating. She asked how the dining hall food was and, since it was actually pretty good, we decided to head over there. I showed her around campus a little bit then we had a nice dinner at the dining hall before heading back to my dorm for a bit of more leisurely pleasure. We locked the door behind us and I started to undress her, pulling her shirt up over her head. She then pulled my shirt off as I went to work on her denim miniskirt, which was quickly at her ankles. My cock was throbbing again as I asked her to give me a quick spin in her bra and bikini panties. Her ass looked outstanding, her tits so round and full, but I still wanted her completely naked. When she opened my jeans and started to slide them down along with my briefs, my rigid cock sprung right out and she briefly stroked it before helping me step completely out of my clothes.

We started making out as I fondled her tits and she stroked my cock before I reached behind her and unfastened her bra again. I stepped back as I slid it down her arms so I could get my first real look at her bare tits. The skin was so smooth and fair and her areolas were quite large. I couldn’t resist leaning down to lick and suck her hard nipples before I knelt and started to slide her panties down. Her light brown bush was well-groomed but matted somewhat by the moisture she was producing. I had her turn again so I could admire her ass and run my hands over her smooth cheeks. I knew I’d be taking her from behind at some point, but my immediate need was to lick her pussy and taste her nectar. I had her sit on the edge of my bed and kissed my way up her smooth inner thighs as they parted. When I reached her pussy, I slurped up her nectar as she started to moan and writhe while I enjoyed the pungent taste of it. Knowing I’d never be able to lap it all up, I slipped a finger into her and focused on licking and sucking her clit instead. She let out a louder moan and grabbed me by the head as I glanced up to see her bodacious tits squeezed together, her nipples pointing at the ceiling.

My cock was throbbing as I ogled her tits and the warm wetness of her pussy engulfed my pumping finger. I knew it was going to end up embedded in one those two locations shortly after I brought her to another orgasm, which didn’t seem like it was going to take too long. She was rocking her hips rhythmically and moaning continuously, though it was getting louder the longer I licked and sucked her clit. She was so damn juicy that I couldn’t decide which was better, lapping up all that honey or lubricating my cock with it. I guess I had a few days to try and figure it out. Along with the volume of her moaning increasing as I continued to eat her, the wetness of her pussy seemed to be increasing, as well, though I would have hardly thought it possible. I was enjoying lapping at her secretions as I ran my tongue over her clit and, based on her reactions, she was definitely enjoying it, too.

When she started tensing up, I got the impression that she was getting really close to cumming, so I just remained focused and kept up what I was doing. With that louder growl-like noise, she suddenly went limp and seemed to shiver as she came, not releasing her grip on my head until she’d finished. I raised my head once she’d let go and slipped my fingers into my mouth to suck off her flavor. I suggest that she move to the middle of the bed and, as she spread her legs while lying on her back, I moved over escort kadıöy her and guided my cock into her hot, slippery pussy. We both moaned as I slipped all the way into her, then I lowered my head and pressed my lips against hers. As we started making out, I was slowly sliding my cock in and out of her luxurious pussy while her breasts pressed against my chest and the skin of my stomach slid against hers. Since we’d gotten the frantic, eager sex out of the way earlier, we were more comfortable with taking our time and relaxing this time around.

Her arms were around my neck and she was raising her hips to meet my incoming thrusts, allowing me to slip just a little bit further into her. When my tongue wasn’t exploring her mouth, I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear, recalling how my breath in her ear had ultimately been the reason that I was sliding my cock in and out of her at that moment. She’d moan even more enthusiastically when I ran my tongue over her ear while exhaling softly as I continued fucking her, so I started wondering if she was going to cum again before I’d even cum once. I could feel her pussy getting even hotter and wetter the longer we went at it and the more attention I paid to her ears and neck. Sure enough, as my orgasm was building, but still not quite there, she growled again as she came for the second time. Her pussy had gotten so much hotter and wetter as her orgasm had been building that it had me right on the verge of cumming in no time, as well. Instead of filling her pussy with cum, though, there was something else I wanted to do.

When she’d finished cumming, I pulled out of her and moved up to straddle her ribs, laying my cock between her luscious tits. She squeezed them together for me and I commenced fucking them, slowly sliding my meat between the soft, smooth masses. Immediately, I felt my orgasm continuing to slowly build not only due to the pleasurable friction on my cock, but also from the visual stimulus of seeing her large areolas and hard nipples. Her focus was on my cockhead as it repeatedly appeared from within her cleavage. Having just shot a load not that long ago, I didn’t think I’d have the pressure built up to hit her in the face, but I was still curious to see what she’d do with the puddle I’d be leaving momentarily on her sternum. My cock started to swell with my impending orgasm, though I tried to maintain the same rhythm to draw out the build-up that I was enjoying so immensely. Finally, with a wave of pleasure, I began to spew onto her chest.

Her eyes got wide and she stuck out her tongue, but I wasn’t able to spurt that far so, once I was spent, she started scooping my cum up on her finger and feeding it into her mouth. I moved to lie beside and watched until she smiled at me sheepishly. We lay there for a little while recovering until one of my buddies called to let us know about a party at his frat house that night. We gradually pulled our clothes back on though I tried to keep Irene naked or in her bra and panties for as long as I could. Once I was dressed, I went down the hall to check with a couple of other friends to see what their plans were for the night. We decided to hit a couple of parties and, with Irene alongside me, we headed out. Irene definitely attracted some attention, in part because she’s a hottie and in part because she was an unfamiliar face. I just kept watching her when somebody was really intent on putting a move on her and thought about how hot the sex was going to be when we got back to my dorm room.

We weren’t all over each other during the course of the night, though there was some more surreptitious groping as we drank more, so I’m sure my friends weren’t sure what the situation was between us, which was okay with me for the moment. Once we all decided to call it a night and headed back to the dorm, though, all bets were off and, behind the locked dorm room door, we were all over each other. Our jackets were quickly shed and my hands were immediately on her ass, soon working the hem of her miniskirt up to get my hands on her panty-clad cheeks. While she went to work on opening my jeans, I started to slide her panties over her ass and massaged her smooth, bare cheeks. She pushed my jeans and underwear down far enough to free my rigid cock, then took it in her hand and stroked it. After a few minutes, I pulled my lips from hers and started to sit on my desk chair while sliding her panties down and helping her step out of them.

I straightened back up, still holding her panties and setting them on my desk, while she lifted her skirt and straddled me on the chair. I watched her trim, light brown bush coming closer to my throbbing tool, then guided it into her as she lowered herself down on it. We immediately started making out again as my hands went to her bare ass and helped her bounce up and down on my tool. Her ass cheeks were perfect handfuls for me and her pussy, again, felt so hot and slippery as it slid up and down my shaft. I wanted to play with her tits, but her legs weren’t long enough to reach the floor as she straddled me so, if I didn’t maltepe escort help her up and down, she’d have had a tough time doing it herself. Since we were still mostly clothed, we fucked this way for only a little while before pausing, with her still sitting on my throbbing tool, and started peeling each other’s shirts off. I fondled her breasts through her bra once her shirt was gone, feeling her hard nipples through the thin material as she leaned back against my desk. I took the opportunity to pop her bra open, admiring her large, pink areolas as I slid it off, then ran my hands over her bare tits. She started trying to move on my cock again, so I suggested that we finish undressing and reposition.

She climbed off of me, unfastened her skirt and let it drop to her ankles then stepped out of it as I worked my jeans and underwear down and kicked them away. I had her bend over and rest her head on my desk as I admired her sweet ass before guiding my cock back into her pussy from behind. I started with my hands on her hips, pulling her back against each of my thrusts to ensure maximum penetration, but, once I had a good rhythm going, slipped my hands down to caress her ass. She was pushing back against me at this point, so I didn’t need to pull her hips, and it looked as though she had slipped one of her hands back between her legs to stroke her clit as I fucked her. As her ass smacked against my hips, I moved my hands out of the way and slipped them up to cup her swinging tits, gently pulling her hard nipples.

Her moaning was getting louder the longer I fucked her, and the longer she played with her clit, and her pussy was feeling hotter and more slippery. Despite the number of drinks I’d had, I was still feeling my orgasm building pretty quickly, but expected that I’d be able to outlast her. I was relishing the feel of her pussy as it slid up and down my shaft and the building pleasure that came along with it when she gasped and I could feel her trembling as I fondled her tits. I continued fucking her through her orgasm but, as it made her pussy unbelievably feel even better, it was only a few more minutes after she came that I started spurting into her with a moan. I didn’t stop fucking her until my cock has softened too much to continue because I was enjoying it so much, then we both straightened up and kissed passionately.

We took turns visiting the bathroom to clean up for bed since I had only one bathrobe, but were soon ready to kill the light and snuggle under the covers. We were both out pretty quickly. I stirred briefly late the next morning as I felt Irene get out of bed and was vaguely aware that she donned my bathrobe before heading out the door. I’m sure I was out again before the door even closed behind her. What I did wake up for was when I realized that Irene was not only back, but had flipped the covers back and was sucking my cock. I blinked the sleep from my eyes and looked down to see her, now naked, kneeling next to the bed while pumping my cock and sliding her hot mouth up and down my hardening shaft. When she realized I was awake, she said “Good Morning” with my cock in her mouth for the full, marble-mouthed effect. I told her it was a good morning and that the only thing that could make it better would be if she was to straddle my head while she continued to suck my cock.

She smiled then managed to get up onto the bed and into a sixty-nine without taking her mouth off my now fully-erect tool. She went back to sliding her mouth up and down it while I admired her trim, light brown bush above me and ran my hands over her awesome ass. I jutted out my tongue and started to lick her dripping slit as she moaned around my cock. There truly are few things better in life than having your early morning hard-on engulfed in a hot, wet mouth, though slurping a hot, wet pussy at the same time might be one of them. I lapped at her pussy as I relished the smooth curve of her ass against my palms before licking and sucking her clit while bringing a hand down to slip a finger into her. She was moaning around my cock, the vibrations feeling even more outstanding than the already amazing feel of her lips sliding up and down. It didn’t take long at all before I was starting to feel an orgasm beginning to build. I suspected based on her moaning and how wet and engorged her pussy was that it wouldn’t take Irene too long to cum, either.

As I pumped my finger in and out of her juicy pussy, I started thinking about something that I was certain would push Irene right over the edge. I decided that if I came before she did that I’d go ahead and try it on her. Until then, I was focused on licking and sucking her clit while enjoying the pleasure that she was providing me. My orgasm was building quickly under the stimulus of her lips and hot mouth sliding up and down my tool but, as her pussy was getting wetter, I suspected that she was pretty close to cumming, too. As I felt my cock swelling even more, indicating that my orgasm was imminent, I slipped the hand that was still caressing her ass down to fondle her dangling tits while the other continued pumping in and out of her juicy pussy. Irene remained focused on her cocksucking and, within just a few more seconds, I was spewing into her mouth. She nursed my cock until it was completely spent, then let it fall from her mouth and savored her own building orgasm.

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