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It’s been a long time since she’s been with someone who treated her how she wanted. Her husband has just not met her needs, so she found someone to make her feel alive again.

They’d talked about it for weeks, but today was finally the day that she’d been long desiring. The house was right in front of her, she just had to get out of the car. So many feelings, but excitement was the push she needed to walk to the door.

Staring at the door, her heart beating quicker with each step closer. She knocks, her heart in her throat now. The door opens and the man that she had only seen pictures of stands before her. The pictures didn’t do justice, he looks much better in person.

He invites her in. “I’ve got to say, your pictures are nothing compared to the real thing.” He says, looking her over as he closes the door.

With a big grin, “I was thinking the same thing when you opened the door.” Blushing, she looks away shyly and says, “Where did you want me sir?”

Clearly happy at hearing her ask, he takes her by the hand and leads her to the bedroom. Looking at their hands together, she knows it’s really happening. It’s not just a dream and she’s so excited.

Upon entering the room, she puts down her purse and takes off her coat to reveal her hidden beauty beneath. He stands behind her, taking in her splendor, as she turns around.

Turning her eyes meet his and she looks away blushing. He walks up to her and brushes her hair to one side and over her ear. “You’ve got amazing eyes, no need to look away,” he says. Running his hand down her neck, over to her chin. She raises her eyes back up to his. “There we go, are you nervous?”

She blushes again, and shyly responds “Y.. Yes, a little, but more excited. Our talks have made me want this more and more.” A fire in her eyes seems to have ignited at the thought. “What would you like me to do first?”

He walks over to his bed and sits down. “First Id like you to remove your clothes for me, down to your panties.”

She doesn’t ask twice, looks down and starts to undo her pants. He stops her, “I want you to keep your eyes on me while you’re taking them off.”

“Okay,” she replies and looks at him as she slides her pants down and kicks them off to the side. Her red lacy panties become even more visible as she pulls her shirt over her head, only taking her eyes off him for a brief second. She throws it to the side standing only in her bra and panties.

He points his finger at her bra, “Just your panties, remove he bra too.”

Eyes on him, she reaches back and unhooks her bra and tosses it aside. “Will that do sir?” she says with a grin.

While he basks in her naked openness momentarily, she can see his cock growing through his pants.

“Yes,” he says happily, “yes it will. I can see you are going to be a good girl for me.”

He moves in closer to her and runs one hand down her side, while the other works through the back of her hair. He gives her hair a slight tug and her head leans back. She feels the warmth of his lips against her neck working their way up, till he brings her lips to his.

Kissing passionately, he embraces her with one arm around her back and the other hand caressing her side to her ass.

“That is a nice ass, can’t wait to have that bent over for me.” He says backing up a little. “But first I want you to kneel down for me, shins on the ground, ass on your heels.” Reaching over to the bed he picks up two cloth cuffs as she kneels down.

Excited at the sight of them, she knows where this is heading. She likes being bound, so she lifts her wrists up to him to put them on. He places one on and she puts that hand behind her back, then the other one so he can connect them.

“Good girl, I like how excited you are. I’m going to have to reward you later.” He says as he undoes his pants and pulls them down. konyaaltı escort

Her eyes widened a little at the sight of his already fully erect cock. It’s bigger than she expected, but she doesn’t even wait for him to get his boxers all the way off before sliding her mouth over it twice. Looking up at him with a big smile, he pulls his boxers down the rest of the way and kicks them to the side.

With a little chuckle he says, “Okay, now let me see what you know and how much of my cock you can take.”

She runs her lips down the sides of his shaft before slowly sliding her lips over the head of his cock. She takes him deeper and deeper with each motion, till she takes him all the way. Her eyes stay on him to watch his face and see the pleasure he’s getting from her actions.

He tilts his head back and lets out a slight, “Oh my god, that’s good,” before looking back down at her. “That’s right take all that cock, good girl, don’t even have to teach you to deepthroat.” Titling his head back again as she continues to work his whole shaft faster.

His cock falls out of her mouth and she runs her lips up and down his shaft and balls. Sliding her lips down around his cock again she takes him deep and holds it for a second before doing it several times.

“You’re about to make me cum.” He says slightly strained. With excitement she works his cock a little faster as she feels it quiver and burst in her mouth. She swallows it all and works his cock a few more times before he backs up.

Helping her to her feet, he disconnects the cuffs briefly and moves her arms to the front of her. Reconnecting them, he says, “Time for your reward my bewitching, good girl. Take your panties off and lay back on the bed. Place your bound hands above your head.”

As she climbs on the bed, she watches as he walks around back to where her hands will be. Reaching down, he pulls up two straps from under the bed, to which she lets out an excited gasp.

Seeing the surprise on her face, he asks with a smile, “Were you not expecting this?”

Blushing, she says “No, I didn’t know that you had something like that.” Putting her hands up by him, she bites her lip, “But I am definitely okay with it.”

Connecting the cuffs to the straps, he walks back to her feet and gets two more cuffs for her ankles. He pulls out two more straps from that side of the bed and connects the cuff on each ankle to one.

Once he’s done binding her, he spreads her legs and begins to kiss her inner thigh. “Are you ready for your reward now?” He asks before kissing the other thigh higher up.

“Yes Sir!” She says as she lets out a moan.

His hands spread her thighs farther, as she feels his tongue pass over her clit and down the lips of her pussy.

Closing her eyes, she feels his tongue works back up to her clit and starts to circle it before going down again. Coming back up, she feels him add pressure and start flipping his tongue left and right on her clit, then circling again. Building to orgasm, her body starts to quiver.

“Don’t cum yet, hold it until I tell you.” Saying briefly before going back to circling her clit with his tongue, slightly faster this time though.

Letting out a moan, she almost feels like him saying that got her closer. She bites her lip to hold back from cumming, but to no avail.

“Please may I cum, sir?” She says quickly, as she can’t hold back any longer.

“Yes, you may.” He says briefly.

Her body explodes with pleasure, wave after wave hit her as he begins to slow his tongue.

As she comes back down, she feels the tip of his thumb slowly work into her pussy. His tongue still playing with her clit. “You’re very wet, it’s got me quite hard.”

Moaning, she begins to build back up again. His thumb just slightly penetrating her, teasing her pussy in anticipation of his kültür escort cock. Speeding his tongue back up and working it up and down her pussy lips.

“Sir, please may I cum?” She says quickly.

“Hold it just a little.” He says firmly, slowing his tongue down to let her relax a little. Just as he feels her start to back down, he speeds his thumb and tongue up. She moans loudly. “Cum for me, my good girl.”

As soon as she hears his words she lets go and the euphoric state floods over her. Keeping his speed she continues to cum, till he backs up.

“I want your cock!” She exclaims. “Please sir, fuck me.” Spreading her knees, enticing him in.

“I like your enthusiasm. So you want this?” He says, running his cock back and forth over her clit.

Pulling at the restraints she bites her lip and moans. “Please!”

Moving his hands around her thighs, he pulls her a little closer to him and starts to slide his cock in. Stopping just past the head, he begins to tease her pussy. Kissing her, he moves down to her nipple and works his tongue in a circle before giving it a slight nibble.

Letting out a frustrated moan, she says, “Give it all to me, please!”

“I want you to cum for me this way first, then I’ll let you take it all.” He slides a hand down her side and plays with her clit. Moving to the other nipple he sucks on it before giving it a little bite.

“Oh my god!” She says surprised. Hearing him tell her to cum aroused her greatly. Building up quickly she ask, “Please may I cum, sir?”

“Good girl, yes you may.” He says happily.

Her pussy tightens down on his cock as she cums. Tugging at the restraints, she continues to cum as he fully slides in her, taking his long, throbbing cock deep.

“Ooh!” She yells as she briefly stops cumming, only to build right back up. His cock head hitting her g spot perfectly with each thrust. “Please may I cum, sir?”

“Yes, I want to feel that pussy milk my cock.” His words push her right over, she cums hard on his cock.

His thrusts quicken, “You’re about to make me cum, damn this pussy is tight.”

“Please sir, I want you to cum in me.” She says, as she continues to orgasm.

Thrusting fast and hard, he lets out a grunt as his cock bursts in her. He thrusts a few more times and pulls out.

Unhooking the cuffs at her ankles and wrists from the straps, he leaves the cuffs at the wrists connected to each other.

She looks at him a little surprised again. “You’re not done yet?” She asks.

“Nope,” he says showing his still hard cock to her. “You aren’t tiring out on me already, are you? We still have a little time till you have to be home and we haven’t gotten to my favorite position yet.”

“You are wearing me out a bit, but I want to see this position.” She replies, playing with her pussy.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed, he places her bound hands behind his shoulders. Sliding his hands under her thighs and lifting her up, he slides deep in her. Excited by the feeling of being held up, she moans in ecstasy, as his rock hard dick slides in and out of her wet pussy.

He fucks her harder, he’s so deep in her from this direction and he keeps hitting her clit. Building up fast, she forgets to ask and yells out as she cums.

Slowing down, he says “Naughty girl, did you just cum without asking?”

“I, uh,” she stutters. “Yes I did. Are you going to punish me now, Sir?” She looks at him sadly.

With a sigh, he starts fucking her faster again. “No, you’ve been a really good girl. I’ll let that slide.”

Laying her back on the bed, he reaches back and unhooks her hands. Taking her left hand, he connects it to her left ankle, then the right side. “I want you to hold your legs up for me.” He tells her.

“Yes, sir.” She replies as she grasps her ankles.

The head of his cock slowly markantalya escort slides in and teases her a few times. She moans and bites her lips as he thrusts the rest of his cock in deep. Angling back, he hits the perfect spot and she begins to edge again.

“Please sir, may I cum?” She remembers this time.

“Yes you may. I think I’m going to, again.”

“Oh yes sir! Please fill me up again.” She cries out as her pussy squeezes down on his cock. She feels him quiver inside her as he cums. Thrusting several times after again, he pulls out and disconnects the cuffs.

Looking at the clock, she realizes how much time had passed. There isn’t much time left till she needs to get home. “Wow, that was amazing.” She says as he pulls out and stands up. “I wish we had more time,” she laughs softly. “I still have a little energy left, but I think I’m going to need a nap when I get home.”

Removing the cuffs from her hands and ankles, he locks eyes with her, fully content. “I can’t wait till the next time.” He says handing her a towel. “You can shower if you want, it’s just me here so there’s only guy smelling soap. You may just want to just rinse off.” He says politely. “And your welcome to something to drink before you have to run home.”

“Thank you sir, but I’ll have some time to shower when I get home and have some water in the car. Was I a good enough girl for you?” She says, standing naked in front of him, her fingers slightly held together. She bites her lips and twists her left toe into the ground.

Taking her into his arms, his eyes meeting hers as they kiss with a passion she didn’t know she could feel again. The fire she feels in their kiss is all the answer she needs.

“You are a very good girl,” he says leaning back. “Just you standing there like that, the look in your eyes just makes me wish I could take you again right now. You are beautiful.” She sees him look at the clock for a second then back. “But I don’t want you to risk getting in trouble.”

Releasing her, he bends down for her clothes, as she puts her panties back on. Feeling his eyes on her, she’s aroused to turn around just seeing him standing there naked. His six pack just begging to be touched. She runs one hand over his abs as she reaches for her clothes.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” He says with a half cocked grin. “You may not have time now, but there are still many things I would like to do to you. You’ve yet to see the toy box, but we’ll have to wait until you can get away again.”

She puts on her pants, her grin widens as she thinks about her filled pussy. She’s going to go home and her husband will be none the wiser. She pauses putting her shirt on and looks at him as he gets his boxers on. “I can’t wait until the next time.” Pulling her shirt on over her head, she remembers the next time she may have. “My husband may be leaving for a trip, I’ll let you know the details when I find out more, but it’s coming up shortly.”

Finishing getting dressed, she grabs her purse and coat. Still just in his boxers he follows her to the door.

“Let me know when you’d like to come over again. I want to play with this amazing ass some more.” He says, giving her a slap on the butt as they reach the door.

She reaches for the door knob and feels his hand around her arm. He pulls her to him for one last I kiss before she can go.

“You are a very good girl,” he says sweetly, “See you next time.”

She opens the door and walks out to her car, turning back, he stands in the doorway. Only in his boxers, the sunlight landing on his chiseled body. She wants to run back and jump in his arms for another round, but needs to get home.

Climbing into her car she thinks about how happy she feels, how amazing he treated her. Looking at the house once more he waves at a woman walking past with her dog. The mug in her hand begins to tip, as she stares briefly and nods before walking on. She watches as the woman turns back once more to look as he disappears inside.

She laughs to herself, “I can’t wait till next time.”

To be continued…

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