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After spending the better part of Christmas morning making love to my beautiful Grandmother, we were going to take a shower together and then eat breakfast. I hoped that this was not it for our sexplay but I did have to take into consideration Grandma was older and hadn’t had sex for quite a while. Well, I supposed anyway.

Grandma took off my knee splint and put plastic around my plastic foot cast.

“Keep your leg as straight as possible.” Grandma then helped me to my feet and helped me down the hall to her shower. We were both still naked and as I lurched down the hall Grandma pendulant breasts kept slapping my chest. I leaned in closer pressing into her warm, soft body. Grandma hugged back, “I love you too, sweetie.”

We went into Grandma’s shower room. The senior ready walk in shower had been a Mother’s Day gift from my Uncle Ed. It had a small bench, grab bars, retractable shower head and no slip flooring. I sat on the small bench while Grandma began to shower facing away from me.

The stream of water hit my Grandma’s luxuriant white hair and made it go lank and flatter against her skin. Hints of scalp demonstrated that Grandma’s hair had thinned. The cascading moisture beaded on her, collecting in small crevices, highlighting the wrinkles permeating her skin. Her full buttocks and hips had a perceptible sag. The wet sheen of her flesh accentuated the rippling of fine lines and the quivering of loose skin.

A week ago I would have been horrified by the prospect of showering with my Grandmother. Had I seen her showering like this I would have recoiled and run from the room. Yet here I was watching Grandma pouring shampoo into her hair and getting an erection from her round ass and the glimpses of pendulant side boob.

Our youth oriented culture has demonized aging, making it something to fear, be disgusted by and to avoid at all cost. Youth is beauty and maturity is ugly. After being intimate with my Grandmother I realized that this wasn’t true. You couldn’t apply the standards of beauty of a young woman to an older woman. Maturity had its own unique standards of beauty, you just had to look for them. Yes my Grandma was an old woman, a beautiful old woman.

Her age became ever more apparent when she turned around in the shower. She still had her eyes closed as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. Water collected on the wrinkles on her eyelids and the scrunched crows feet around her eyes. It tricked down seams and hollows of her neck and coursed over her dangling breasts. Grandma’s elongated breasts hung low on her ribcage, the heavy orbs further apart and more loosely attached than a younger woman’s yet still mesmerizingly erotic.

I followed the streams of water as it flowed over Grandma’s soft, slightly puffy belly and accumulated in her white pubic hair, thinning it and matting it to her thighs and revealing her mature pussy in all its glory.

All I wanted to do at that moment was to take a few steps forwards take Grandma in my arms kiss her passionately and give her the fucking she deserved. But because of my injuries I had to sit still and just watch my cock grow harder and harder.

When Grandma opened her eyes she saw her Grandson sitting before her sporting a full erection.

“Jimmmyyy!” she trilled with a pleased laugh. “I appreciate the gift but Granny has to take a short break. My kitty’s not used to so much activity” She sighed “It does look awfully tempting and tasty but I don’t want to drain you too much this morning. I have something special I’d like to try after breakfast.” Laughing Grandma hit me with a blast of cold water.

After our shower Grandma just dressed in her red kimono. As she helped me on with my boxers, she halkalı ucuz escort said, “If you don’t think you’ll be too cold, you can just wear these for now. Its not like you need to be modest around me any more. Besides you won’t need them for a while after breakfast.” With a mysterious smile she helped me stand up.

Breakfast consisted of eggs, sausage, fresh fruit, yogurt and coffee. Grandma talked to me about my cousins and other things. However what she said when we left the shower combined with how absolutely gorgeous she looked in that kimono kept me distracted. She smiled at the effect she was having on me.

Grandma gave me an impish look over the room of her coffee cup. “I was thinking Jimmy that since I took your cherry, it might be fair for you to take mine.”

“Huh? Ohhhh” I was dumbfounded at first then it dawned on me. Grandma gave me a beaming smile and stood up to washout her coffee cups. As her breasts swayed past me her nipples were hard and engorged just from the idea of what we were going to do.

Although I know its a big thing for lots of people, I was never really into anal. I rarely watched it on porn sites and never really had a big desire to do it. However Grandma’s enthusiasm was infectiously arousing. Plus if this is what she really wanted to do, I’d be up for it.

“I’m gonna prepare for a few moments. Use the bathroom off the living room and I’ll meet you on the sofa. Oh we’re gonna have so much fun, Jimmy!” She gave me a wink and left humming a happy tune.”

After I got out of the bathroom I saw Grandma sitting on the couch. She had covered the sofa with two layers of beach towels. A couple of bottles of lotion or lubricant sat on the end table. Grandma gave me a brilliant smile patted the spot next to her and half reclined, one arm on the back of the sofa. As I lurched near her on my crutches I smelled the musky scent of her arousal. Her nipples were still hard as rocks.

Gran had brushed her hair but hadn’t put any cosmetics on. Her lips were thinner than I thought but still looked rather kissable.

As if she could read my mind Grandma stood up opened the sash of her kimono and let it drop the the floor. “This me how I really am, Jimmy. No hair products to thicken my hair, no cosmetics to hide some of the wrinkles, spots and thin skin, no support underwear to shape my breasts and butt. I am an old lady.’

The intimacy and familiarity I had shared with Grandma in the past day had imprinted on me to extent that just seeing her naked made me stiff as a board.

Tears brimmed in Grandma’s eyes. “And you are a sweet, beautiful, wonderful grandson who makes his Grandma feel so special; so loved and so sexy.”

She sat in my lap and turned to face me. Putting her arms around me she looked me directly in the eyes. “You’re a very good beginner, sweetie and Grandma’s gonna give you some practical experience in foreplay before we make love again” With that she softly, tenderly and ardently kissed me.

Over the next hour or so Grandma showed me how she liked to have her neck, shoulders, ears, breasts, nipples, stomach, thighs kissed, licked and nibbled. Most of these I had already figured out but I was a bit surprised when she also included her wrists, knees, toes, soles and butt to the that list. Gran was flushed and her thighs shimmered with a covering of dew when we took a breather. Even with my limited mobility I had really enjoyed exploring Grandma’s mature body with kisses and licks. Every moan, mewl and hiss I elicited from her was an erotic thrill that kept my heart thrumming with passion and my cock throbbing with flaming desire.

After a minute of recovery, she rose halkalı üniversiteli escort up on her knees facing me. Her damp white pubic hair tickled the the tip of my raging boner. She quirked an eyebrow at me, “I’d planned to move right onto the main event but baby boy you got Granny too worked up! I know its flirting with disaster but I really really need your sweet cock in my old pussy again.” With one hand she took hold of my stiff prick and while the other pulled me in for a fervent kiss. We kissed, a grandmother and grandson, lost in the throes of passion, as her moist, hungry cunt devoured my overcharged cock. Her slick velvety folds clasped my thrusting prick with an even greater intensity and zest than before. Grandma suddenly bucked hard and our teeth clashed as we kissed. Tremulous paroxysms rocked against my ecstatic shaft as her pussy quaked in an impromptu orgasm.

Although it took all my effort I somehow managed to ride out the entirely of Grandma’s climax without jetting into her. I gripped her sides so tightly that Grandma moaned in mixture of pain and delight.

Grandma’s bright blue eyes were glazed and distant as she looked at me. She gave me a beatific smile as she panted, “Good… boy! Oh God Jimmy, you’re killing your poor Granny!” She kissed me and laughed, “But what a way to go” After a moment of kissing hand hugging me, while slowly humping me to keep my erection all tingly and erect, she grabbed my hand and sucked on one finger then two fingers. Once again I had to fight against blasting off into her welcoming twat. she said, “Okay darling while I’m slowly rocking on you, stick a finger up my ass then a moment later make it two’

I admit that my finger shook a little as I scouted around her crevice to find her bung hole. My finger slipped into her hot anal channel easier than I thought it would. Grandma cooed in pleasure at the double penetration of my cock in her snatch and my finger in her ass. After a second I stuck the other finger inside her ass. Grandma jerked like she’s been shocked. “Eww, I forgot to have you trim your nails!” Then she closed her eyes and shivered. “Waaait… that’s niiice!!”

After a minute or two Grandma said, “I think I’m ready. I’m gonna stand up now Jimmy.” I took that as a signal to remove my fingers. Grandma slid off of my cock with a slight squelch. Taking my cock in her weathered hand, she said, “You might be lubed enough but I don’t want to take any chances.” Picking up one of the bottles she poured some into her and slathered it on my cock. It was slick cool and kinda smelled like tea. She gave me a merry grin and stroked my cock. She once again got on her knees facing me

Grandma said, “Look at me baby” Our gazes locked as she lowered her rosebud down to touch my cockhead. Both Grandma and I let out sharp moans of intertwined pain and bliss as her sphincter expanded around my intruding shaft. Unlike her pussy which had welcomed my entrance her ass muscles constricted in an attempt to expel me. It was this tension between expulsion and intrusion that her ass so rippling taut against my cock. The line between anguish and ecstasy was blurred and I let the sensory overload wash over me. Okay, now I understood.

Grandma shut her eyes to revel in the sensual experience. As my eyes beheld the erotic spectacle of my Grandmother’s ass impaled on my rock hard penis I had to fight for control again.

I’d thought anal sex would be painful for both of us but even though Grandma’s ass was tight I slipped deeper inside her without much difficulty. As Grandma savored the sensation of my hard prick slowly filling and expanding her butt, she clung to me uttering fluttering haramidere escort moans. “Oh baby, baby, that’s sooo good. Get that cock in Granny! Love Granny!”

I had the sneaking suspicion that Grandma wasn’t quite cherry down there after all

“Uh Gran. Are you sure I’m the first one back there?.”

“First person, darling. First real penis.” she uttered between moans. I suddenly had a vision of my Granny pleasuring her ass with dildo” My already swollen cock got fatter at the thought. So tight did her ass fit around me that Grandma giggled as she felt my cock lurch. “Oooh you’re liking Granny’s ass too” She gave me a passionate kiss and looked back at me with a face of utter delight. “I may be old fashioned but nothing beats a real cock”

Grandma hugged me tight, her large breasts like warm fluffy pillows on my chest as she slowly fucked her ass down on on my cock. She kissed my mouth, face, neck and shoulders while whispering endearments. I followed suite. This went on for perhaps fifteen minutes when the phone rang again. In our incestuous honeymoon we had forgotten to listen to the messages. Once again my mother’s voice came onto the machine, although now we could make out what she said.

“Ummm Hi again Mom and Jimmy, this the third message I’ve left you, I guess you’re still not home. Well I’m few minutes away so I guess I’ll just let myself in and wait for you.”

Grandma and I exchanged looks of shock and horror. What the hell?? Mom was supposed to be in the Bahamas!

I expected Grandma to jump off of me and and start cleaning up. Instead she thrashed up and down on me in a frenzy. “Oh my God!! Jimmy you’re mother is almost here! What would happen if she caught us? What would happen if she saw you fucking your Granny! What would happen if she caught you fucking your Granny straight up the ass!!

It was as if the unexpected prospect of getting caught had added an additional dimension of eroticism to our lovemaking.

“What will your Momma do when she catches us Jimmy? Will she be mad at you for raping her old sweet mother? Will she be mad at me for molesting my little grandbaby? Or will she be jealous?”

A car pulled onto the street outside the house and slowed. “Oh God sweetie!! That’s your momma!!”

With a loud drawn out groan, Grandma suddenly went rigid and convulsive shivers shook her body. Her nails dug into my thighs and I felt a stream of fluid smear from her pussy and across my stomach and groin. Grandma shuddered and leaned for a kiss filling my mouth with her silenced scream. Her full breasts pressed flat against my chest, as her diamond hard nipples dug into me, they almost vibrated with the thumping of Grandma’s heart.

Her shivers continued as the car’s headlights glared through the front windows.

Grandma’s massive orgasm ripped through her rectum and grabbed my cock and flung it to and fro through an oscillating, tumultuous tunnel of pure unadulterated pleasure. Her earth shattering climax and the heightened excitement of the possibly being caught shot a rocket through me.

As I blew my load into my Grandma’s ass, she screamed, “Oh Yesssss! Jimmy fill your Granny’s ass with your sweet sweet cuuum! Cuuum for Grandma!!”

Grandma clung to me as she shivered. She kissed me softly. “That was intense, huh” As she slowly and reluctantly disengaged from me, a car door opened and closed outside.

The crunch of footsteps on the snow sounded on the walk. Grandma quickly sprayed air freshener, pulled the wet beach towels up, grabbed the bottles of lube and her kimono. “Hurry sweetie, she’s almost here. Clean yourself up in the bathroom. I’m going to take a shower.” She strode off as fast as her seventy two year old legs would take her.

As footsteps climbed the stair to the front door. I grabbed my boxers, pajama top and crutches and back slid on my butt to the bathroom next to the living room. A slight, barely seen path of moisture trailed behind me. Keys jangled and the lock turned. I closed the bathroom door just as the front door opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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