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I peeled off one thousand dollars for each of the girls and sent them on their way. After our dysfunctional threesome earlier, each of us had taken naps and lounged around the villa for a while. I knew I was going to have to put some time in at the tables down in the casino but wanted to make sure the girls had a plan for the evening first.

The girls with startled at receiving the cash. It was nothing to me but decent money for two college girls. I didn’t want them to think it was for services rendered earlier in my bed, but just me being the benevolent Uncle Mike wanting them to have a good time and not worry about money while they were in town. I gave them the name and number of my casino hostess, Claudia, and told them to call her if they needed anything. Claudia would get them into any club or restaurant.

They ran off looking as hot as they did in their bikinis earlier. Both in those skin-tight party dresses that stick to their bodies and hide nothing. Someone was going to get a nice shot of pussy when they sat down anywhere but, as I saw earlier, they seemed to enjoy showing off their bodies. I just hoped they didn’t wind up meeting assholes.

As for me, I went downstairs, put in some bets on the bowl games for the next day and put in a couple hours of blackjack. The casino comped me rooms, meals, shows, and anything else I wanted in return for time spent at the table. They tolerated days like today, when I won big, because they knew that the longer I played the more I bet. The more I bet, the more they would eventually take from me.

I went back upstairs just after midnight and went to bed.

About 3:00AM I heard noises in the hallway. Once I got my bearings and remembered I was sleeping in the villa, I assumed it was the girls getting home and so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

It only seemed like a couple minutes later but it was actually just after 4:00AM when I felt someone climb in bed with me. Being on my side, facing away, I didn’t see who it was and she pushed on my back as I tried to turn.

“Shhhhh,” was all she said as she pulled herself against me and placed a hand on my leg, moving it up my thigh until she appeared to realize that I was not wearing underwear. She then moved her hand onto my ass and rubbed it momentarily before reaching between my legs from behind and cupping my balls.

I wondered who it was. Taylor was the most likely candidate. She was most likely coming back from a night of partying ready to fuck. But I couldn’t rule out Amber. How frustrated was she in not finishing earlier? She could have gotten herself even more worked up and waited for Taylor to fall asleep before deciding to pounce.

For now I would play along. At some point she was going to have to who herself. After about a minute of running her fingers along my balls and massaging my ass, Amber revealed herself.

“Uncle Mike?”

“Yes,” I said happy in knowing it was Amber.

“Do you want to finish what we started this afternoon?” she asked.

“Of course I do, Amber.”

“Well,” she said, “I need a favor first.”

I wondered what the hell she wanted. Me to promise to keep quiet again, even though I already told her I would be discreet after yesterday’s encounter?

“Sure, hun, anything. What do you want?” I said as my breathing picked up.

“Ummm, I sorta lost money playing blackjack. Can you help me out?”

Now I was confused and she was hitting me in my two biggest vices. Sex and gambling. I gave her a grand. She lost it playing cards and now wanted more? That seemed a bit out of line. I turned to face her and felt her hand slip back from between my legs.

“What are you talking about? I gave you a thousand,” I told her.

“Yeah, and I lost it. Taylor won. A lot. And I lost. A lot.”

“You mean you lost more than that thousand?” I asked.

She sat up in the bed now, legs pulled up to her chest. I could barely see her face in what little light there was leaking into the room from around the curtains. There was enough light that I could look her in the eye as she explained herself to me.

“So, I went to your friend. Claudia. The hostess. After I lost your money,” she trailed off.

“And,” I said becoming impatient as it seemed like again, she was going to cock tease me only to leave me hanging. Ten seconds ago she had her sweet college coed hand on my nut sack and now she was totally off in another direction. “What happened?”

“Well, after I lost your money I talked to Claudia and she told me that you had told her to get us what we wanted so she got me and Taylor both a $50,000 line of credit.”

“Fuck me,” I muttered, thinking of how that bitch Claudia took my words and twisted them just to help her with her year-end commission from the casino. Making a mental note to get back at Claudia I smiled at Amber, hoping she would see I was not angry at her.

“So how did that go?” I asked her.

“Taylor made like $60,000 and I lost all of mine,” Amber trailed off again.

It was true that I had millions halkalı otele gelen escort in the bank just collecting interest and fifty large was couple days’ worth but it was still a big fucking number and these two girls seemed to have just taken advantage of my good nature.

At least Taylor won.

“So you lost fifty thousand and you expect that I’ll just write it off and you can make things nice by fucking me?”

Amber popped up quickly from the bed.

“Yes. All you have done is show off your wealth and confuse me and Taylor about what is cheap for you and tip money and all that. So yes. When Claudia said you told her whatever we wanted we just,” she paused, “We just wanted to play some more. I’m sorry if….”

“What is there to be sorry about? You….,” I started and then stopped myself. It wasn’t her fault. She was right. But I was not going to pass this up without making her feel guilty enough to finish what she started. I reached over and turned on the light, which in this suite meant kicking on a pre-programmed lighting sequence based on time of day. So, it wasn’t just a super bright hotel room lamp but instead a series of soft lights in the suite that seemed to highlight our bodies without the overkill.

She stood before me, wearing a tiny black g-string and no top. I had seen her naked and up close for a good hour the previous day so it shouldn’t have surprised me to see her this way again but it almost seemed as if this was the first time. Yesterday was infused with champagne and Taylor doing everything she could to hold my attention. My niece was stunningly beautiful and although she looked tired, she stood there looking as ready to be fucked as if she had rested up for days. I felt as if she wanted to fuck but just needed to make sure I closed the deal this time.

“You,” I continued, “need to understand that actions have consequences. Of course I will take care of this but you need to face the consequences.

“Do you want to punish me, Uncle Mike?” she asked as she stepped to the bed and climbed on it, on her knees, facing me. Her smile gave away that what she was really looking for was me to dominate and not be so wishy washy, like I was yesterday. If she had inhibitions, they were long gone. Any awkwardness was the result of her all but asking for money. Something I had never seen anyone enjoy doing. My little college junior niece was getting several life lessons this trip.

I was still laying under the 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. I mention that only because one of the hotel staff made a big deal out of it so I guess 1500 thread count is a big fucking deal. All I knew was that it felt good on my bare skin. Amber watched the outline of my hand covering my cock under the sheets as I stared at her, playing with myself as I contemplated what I wanted her to do.

I don’t know if it was guilt or indecision or what but again, I sat there like an idiot debating the best course of action to follow. I suppose it is a nice human trait to have compassion in all things but fuck, I had my niece kneeling in front of me in just a g-string offering herself up to me in any way I saw fit and here I was thinking about her feelings. What the fuck was wrong with me?

Fortunately, I didn’t have to answer that question anytime soon since Amber seemed to sense that I was either feeling guilty or uncertain as she spun herself around, laid down next to me in the bed, slid under the sheets and pulled her g-string off.

“Uncle Mike, did you ever think of me, like this, before Taylor and I came out here?” she asked.

Turning to face her and smiling I replied, “I may have noticed you once or twice but you were pretty young at the time. Maybe just out of high school.”

“I was still in high school. You and Aunt Jessica spent like three days with us. We spent most of the time in the pool. You didn’t notice me?” she asked with a puzzled expression.

“Family trips are always a blur, hun,” I lied. Of course I noticed her. It was four days and three nights. We did spend most of the time at the pool and Jessica caught me looking at Amber’s ass more than once.

“I noticed you,” she quickly responded. “You’ve always been in such good shape and at the time I had a thing with one of the coaches at school and was kind of into older guys.”


“Yes, really.”

“So you were fucking a coach at your school?”

“No. I didn’t fuck him. But I used to give him blowjobs,” she said with a smile.

My hand returned to my cock as she told me about sucking off her coach in school. She quickly noticed this.

“Does that turn you on, Uncle Mike?”

“Yes, it does, I replied. How many times did you blow him?” I asked.

“Like maybe twenty times. I don’t remember. It was always really fast. Usually in the parking lot. He had no control.”

“I can see why,” I said now quickly stroking my cock under the 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet.

She pulled back the sheet and smiled as halkalı rus escort she watched momentarily. When she did she exposed herself as well and I could see her slightly spread legs and her shaven pussy on display. I reached for it but she blocked my hand with her own, still watching me and smiling the entire time.

“Wait Uncle Mike,” she started to say.

Fuck, I thought to myself. Here we go again. More excuses why she didn’t think it was a good idea for us to do anything. I swear I was going to find someone to take her out to the desert….

Before I could complete my horrible thought she placed her own hand between her legs and started to manipulate her pussy. I watched as her fingertips gently pressed up against and in between her wet pussy lips. It was obvious how wet she was as the tips of her finger slid in, slid up and down and rubbed on her with absolutely zero resistance.

“This is what I did in my bed every night when you came to visit. When you were at my house did you think of me doing this in bed?”

“No,” I quickly replied, still stroking my cock but more absorbed in watching her then with what I was doing.

“The thing was, I wasn’t in my bed. Remember, when your family visited, I stayed in bed with mom and dad.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said a bit confused on why she would offer up so much detail. Just play with your cunt and tell me how much you thought about me, I selfishly thought.

She began to rub herself faster, no longer using a gentle touch with one fingertip but now using two or three and rubbing over her clit with her legs spread wider.

“Dad knew what I was doing,” she said as she started moaning softly.

“What?” I said in complete shock.

“He knew I was getting myself off. It turned me on knowing he knew.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing,” she replied. “I got off and I think he did too. Well, I know he did one night for sure because I could hear him and when he got up I managed to see his… bulge. He was holding it I guess not wanting to make a big mess in bed.

This really turned me on and hearing her talk about it so matter-of-factly made me feel more at ease with the whole, fucking my niece thing. I really was unsure whether my hesitation was morality related or what but all that went out the window when she said she got turned on by her father.

“What happened after that? I mean, did you ever talk about it or anything else happen?”

She stopped rubbing her pussy and turned to where she was facing me on all fours, “Something else may have happened but I’ll tell you that later. I just wanted you to know that it’s cool us doing this for the week here in Vegas.”

I asked, “Why were you so reluctant yesterday then?”

“I think I was surprised at how fast things went and I have to say I was a bit jealous thinking you wanted Taylor more than me.”

She turned herself on her side with her face by my cock. I leaned back and watched as she took it in her hand and licked the head. She paused momentarily to look at me and softly whispered, “Taylor is my best friend…but you are family.”

She then took as much of my cock in her mouth as she could handle and left it there, moving her tongue as best she could while also sucking on it. Some girls, like Taylor, get creative when they suck cock. Swirling their tongue, licking it, cupping your nuts while nibbling on the head. Not Amber. Someone told her to suck cock and she took it literally. And was a master at it.

I watched as my cock disappeared in her mouth and reemerged a few seconds later. She did do something with her tongue as she sucked to elicit the most extreme sensation. My legs would twitch as she sucked.

I reached an arm out and between her legs and began rubbing her now dripping wet pussy. She was feeling maximum sensation too as I could easily feel her swollen clit under my fingertips as I rubbed. We both were experiencing a level of pleasure that made staying in one place next to impossible. Her body would jerk as I would hit the sweet spot. My legs would shudder and I would instinctively turn my body as the tip of her tongue would land on the most sensitive area just under the head of my cock.

In between moans and mutterings of “fuck,” and “you’re so fucking hot,” I pushed on her side to move her into position to ride me. I felt pretty good that she was ready for it too as she smiled and took a deep breath to get her bearings as she first straddled me and then lowered herself on me.

I watched her expression as I felt the tip of my dick spread open her lips and slowly glide into her pussy. As wet as she was, she was still a tight young body with a tight young cunt. Her expression said everything as my cock slid up into her. She moaned loudly and muttered a few, “Fucks” of her own as she settled down on me with my entire shaft inside of her.

I felt the walls of her pussy grip onto my pretty thick shaft. The wetness made it slide in and out with ease but it was obvious it was a lot for her to halkalı türbanlı escort take in. She might be sore at some point tomorrow. Or today.

Gorgeous, strong legs helped balance her as she worked herself up and down. I could see that she was really into the performance aspect of it. She was going for gold. Literally, if she was doing this for the money but at that moment I did not care one bit why she was doing it. She was a hot fuck and the fact that she was my sister’s kid made it hotter.

She slowed down considerably and I could tell that she was about spent doing cowgirl on me. I placed my hands on her hips and told her to roll over. She complied and was now again on all fours. That sweet ass I clearly remember admiring years ago, and yesterday, now on display. That was going to be my reward for her blowing fifty thousand on blackjack.

I quickly got behind her and slid my dick back in her pussy. As excited as I was to watch her facial expression and her body move when she rode me, I was absolutely overwhelmed at how hot it was to fuck her from behind. No tramp stamp like most of the women I met these days. Just a smooth tanned back, beautiful soft brown hair falling down her sides and a gorgeous round ass in front of me.

“Please fuck me harder Uncle Mike,” she pleaded in between moans.

I can hold a conversation with anyone but during sex I am as disjointed as they come. If you get a, “God you are so fucking hot,” and, “Do you want my cock?” out of me, consider yourself lucky. But Amber was different. I felt at ease with her. I think because she opened up to me and all but told me she had secrets she wanted to share with me. I really felt a connection that went beyond just being related.

So, my conversation reflected that. If not in style then in quantity of content.

“You like it when your uncle fucks you, Amber?” I asked, knowing what the answer was.

“Oh yes, please fuck me Uncle Mike.”

“Did your dad cum thinking of you bent over with a dick in your pussy, Amber?”

“His dick, Uncle Mike. He wanted his dick in my pussy?”

“Did you give it to him, Amber?”

“Yes, Uncle Mike,” she said loud enough that if we were in any regular room on the property, security would have been dispatched to tell us to STFU or leave. But these rooms were sound-proofed. Even Taylor, in their suite down the hall, couldn’t hear us. “Yes, I let dad fuck me, Uncle Mike.”

“Did he take your ass?” I asked conscious to not hit the same decibel level as Amber’s replies were. As I asked this I placed a fingertip on her asshole and started to press into it.

“Oh God, please, Uncle Mike.”

“Did he?” I repeated.

“No. No Uncle Mike.”

“Did you save that for me,” I asked, my finger now sliding inside her ass as I pushed my cock deep into her pussy and held it there.

“Fuck my ass, Uncle Mike. It’s yours.”

I didn’t hesitate as I first pulled my finger out of her ass, hearing her moan as it pulled back and pulled my cock from her pussy. I put my hand between her thighs and pushed outwards for her to understand that I wanted her legs spread wider. She complied. My dick went into her ass with little resistance. She moaned loudly and it sounded as if she started to cry as I pushed deep into her.

“Don’t stop. Please. Uncle Mike,” she said as it sounded as if was trying to catch her breath. I wasn’t sure if she had ever had anal before but I was leaning towards the belief that she probably had it regularly. And to be honest, I didn’t care if her father had fucked her ass or not. I know I wanted it and she seemed to be kinky enough to play along with any storyline that came up so, all the better.

I grabbed her hips and worked my cock in deep inside of her. She continued to repeat “Don’t stop,” as she also moaned and cried, eventually cumming hard as I came in her ass.

I had allowed myself to be in the moment with no regard for her feelings or even physical comfort. I consider myself a compassionate guy but the events of the last two days and my lust for her took over and all I wanted was to fuck her silly.

I realized I did as I pulled out of her and she immediately turned on her back and collapsed on the bed, alternating between giggling and crying. I couldn’t tell which was which at this point.

“Are you OK?” I asked as I sat up on the bed, looking at her assessing whether I hurt her, or if she was somehow emotionally scarred or just losing her shit.

“I’m great Uncle Mike,” she replied, still working to catch her breath yet smiling. “That was incredible.”

Feeling relief that she wasn’t going to run out of the room screaming, “Rape,” I laid down next to her and took a few deep breaths of my own. “You sure? I couldn’t tell if you were laughing or crying.”

“Both,” she said. “It was the weirdest thing. I came and cried at the same time.”

“I’ve never seen that,” I said, truly surprised that someone could have that sort of reaction. “That was insane. Really hot.”

“It was,” she said as she rolled on her side to face me. “I’m so fucking tired.”

I rolled over the bed to get the sheet out from under me and placed it on her. She did look completely wiped out having had a full day of travel, drinking, the emotions of blackjack and losing all that money and finally having her uncle fuck her. It was probably best to let her sleep at this point.

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