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Dr Alta lived alone after his messy divorce of a dozen years ago. He saw his 6 children on alternate weekends, though the older ones were off at college now. His home was modest, chosen more for it’s rustic location and land than for the actual home. It suited his needs, and offered him quiet and solitude his creative nature required.

As he sat sipping his brandy with his newspaper in his hand, he reflected on the school term. It was almost over, and the Christmas holidays were just around the corner. He had already purchased his gifts for his children, gift cards mostly, since he was never good at knowing what they wanted. His reflection stumbled upon Rita …

“Ahhh Rita! What am I going to do with this child? So ripe! So … eager!” His thoughts whirled around in his head. “Well, I will certainly do my best, but it’s almost too easy.” He chuckled and ruffled his newspaper.

He was decorating a small Christmas tree in his office the following morning when the expected knock was heard.

“Enter,” he called and Rita entered his office and closed the door.

He allowed her to wait a few minutes before he spoke to her.

“You may come in and remove your clothes.” He took a seat in his huge leather chair, reclined, put his feet up, and laced his fingers behind his head. He studied her as she bulked.

“Do you not understand my instruction, girl?” He spoke in a low, gentle voice.

“Um, yes, Sir. I understand.” Slowly, uncertainly she began to unbutton her sweater as he watched. He said nothing more. Tediously, she finished unbuttoning the sweater, glanced up and his attentive face looking for some response, some encouragement, something. He was silent, his order given. She unzipped her skirt, and slowly slid it down over her nicely rounded hips. She had been directed to no longer wear any sort of underwear, and she had complied with this directive. She stumbled as she removed her boots and thigh high hose, right leg then left. Finally, she stood nude before him. There was a small puddle beneath her from the melted snow on her boots.

“Tomorrow, this will be done much faster, please. Once you arrive, you will immediately strip completely. Is that clear?” His voice was stern. She trembled. “Now, fetch me a fresh cup of coffee, and we will begin.”

She did as directed and shyly handed the coffee to him. He tasted it. “One more sugar, please.” He handed it back to her and she added the requested sugar. All the time, he studied her face, her body movement, the way her bottom rolled as she walked, the jiggle of her breasts. Her body was satisfactory, a B. Her service thus far, was barely acceptable, but he would try to improve it, a C-. What endeared her to him was her eagerness to please, an A. He could work with her on the rest.

“Sit. You will not hide your privates from me, is that clear? Yes, a bit wider, if you please. Yes, excellent. So, if I recall, we talked yesterday about motivation and what motivates learning. Is that correct?”

She nodded.

“An appreciative student speaks clearly and gives completely honest answers at all times.” He paused. “What are the four canlı bahis motivations we spoke of yesterday?”

“Freedom, power, love, and … fun.” Her knees had been trained to close automatically, but Dr. Alta now sat on the front of his desk with a cane. He smacked her thighs when they started to close as she answered.

“Very good. And which of these is the most powerful?”

“Love.” She squirmed as he traced the inside of her thighs with the cane.

“Yes, and which of them inspires you to come here today?”


“OK. Now, today I want to discuss the difference between cognitive behavior and limbic system behaviors. What can you tell me about these?”

“I know that a cognitive process is a thought process that occurs in the frontal lobes.” He continued to trace her inner thighs with the cane, then he poked her breasts with its tip as she tried to speak. “Limbic functions are natural instincts, I think.”

“And where does sex fit in? Is it limbic or cognitive?” The cane circled her breasts, lifted them and let them fall.

“I’m not sure.”

“Ah! You’re not sure. Where is your book, girl?”

“In my backpack.”

“Get it, and read the section concerning cognitive processes aloud to me. You may stand up here on my desk as you read.”

Rita fetched her book and, with Dr. Alta’s assistance, climbed up on the desk beside him. She stood facing him.

“You may begin, girl,” he said. He pushed her knees apart as she began to read, and he used the cane to part her nether lips. She jumped as the cane found her clitoris, then slid back toward the wet opening. Back and forth he moved the tip of the cane as she read aloud.

“Read slowly and clearly, girl. Enunciate your words and project your voice. Put some life into it!”

“Yes, Sir.” She continued, and so did Dr. Alta. Back and forth from her clit to her vagina, the slurping sounds grew noticeably louder. She finished the designated section and stopped reading.

“Does sex fit the description of a cognitive process?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“Then continue, please. Read the section on limbic system functions. It’s a bit longer, but you obviously need the read.” He paused. “Oh, by the way, how do you taste, girl?”


“Your vagina, girl. How do you taste?”

“I don’t know,” she answered quietly.

“Ah well … we’ll soon know.”

She began to read the additional pages as he continued his practical application of the lesson. He set the cane down on the desk, placed his hands firmly on her ass and pulled her close to his face.

“Read girl, nice and loud!” Immediately, his tongue traced the path the cane had made numerous times, from her now swollen clitoris to her wet vagina.

“It will do,” he interrupted, and continued his oral exploration of her while she read about limbic system functions. She seemed to have a difficult time standing still, so Dr. Alta’s hands remained firmly on her ass forcing her onto his tongue. She tripped over words and her body struggled against his control, but she continued to read.

“Have you figured it bahis siteleri out, yet?” he asked when she finished reading the section.

“Yes, Sir. I believe sex is a limbic function.”

“And why do you think this?” His fingers now teased her opening as they discussed the lessons learned.

“I think because it is a natural function that does not necessarily require a decision.”

“What is a natural function?”

“Sex, Sir.”

“Did you climax, Rita?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then perhaps the lesson hasn’t been learned after all.” He stood up and his eyes examined her body. He smiled a quick smile, then his stern face returned. He held his hand up to assist her down to the floor. “Let me ask you this: Are you capable of learning?” He fingered her nipples as he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Are you certain?” He pinched them hard and she winced.

“Yes, Sir.” Involuntarily she tried to pull away, but her pinched her nipples harder still.

“I guess we’ll see. Place the book on the desk, and one hand on each side of the book. Turn back to the beginning of the chapter and begin to read, loud and clear. Pay close attention to what you’re reading this time. If you do not learn it this time, well …” His voice died out.

Rita placed the textbook on his desk, put one hand on either side of it and began to read as directed. Dr. Alta walked behind her with the cane in his hand. First, he traced her contours, the lovely curves of her body down one side then down the other as she read. Then suddenly, he swatted her ass and she bit her lips.

“Please continue, girl.” She did, and again he swatted her ass. The cane left small red welts where it hit her soft pink skin. She struggled to obey his instruction. His hand stroked her back, producing a shiver. He smiled. He stoked her pubic lips with his hand, and used the tip of the cane to caress her legs. She continued to read. He loved her bare pussy. Her voice was broken but she continued.

There was a knock at the outer door.

“I’m with a student till noon,” Dr Alta called.

“OK, well, it’s Cynthia. I needed help with my term paper, but I can come back later.”

“Yes, Cynthia. I’ll be delighted to help you at, say, 3?”

“Yes, Sir. That will be perfect.”

“Very good then. Relax your muscles.” He pinched Rita’s clitoris. “Read on … or do you know the correct answer?”

Rita read on since she did not want to risk a wrong answer at this point. Dr. Alta fingered her bottom, pressing in two fingers, then three, then four, and now five … He gently, slowly pushed his fist into her drenched hole and slowly pumped as she read.

“Read louder, girl.” His cock began to show signs of arousal as his fist slurped inside of her. Without removing his fist, he carefully unzipped his slacks, and exposed his erect penis, then with great skill, his penis replaced his fist within her hungry vagina. He pumped slowly, deliberately as she read. Her words took on his rhythm. Her body, too, responded to his thrusts. She finished the chapter and stopped.

“Now, girl, can you tell me, please. Is sex a cognitive process or bahis şirketleri a limbic function?” His cock was now fully erect and stretched her opening beautifully. The sounds and aroma of vaginal arousal filled the room.

“Can you help me determine, Sir, please?” She begged.

“What do you think I’m doing, girl? Are you using your brain or is your body responding on its own? That is one issue. The other issue is whether or not you have experienced a climax.” He pumped her hard now, slamming into her, then pulling out completely only to slam in again. Rita was amazed at his control.

“My body seems to respond naturally, Sir, without cognitive decision. However, I have not experienced an orgasm. Perhaps that requires cognition?”

“Well done, girl. Yes. You have a slut body which naturally responds to any and all sexual stimulation according to its appetite. The fact that you have not yet climaxed, does seem to indicate that cognition needs to be present for that to occur, although our investigation is not thorough in that regard.” He paused to catch his breath.

“Now, I am going to cum inside of you and you will cum at the same time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good.” He pumped her hard and her body danced as the full length of his cock filled her. She felt his hot semen shoot into her and her body instinctively pumped him, squeezing and milking him with her muscular response.

He withdrew his spent penis and asked her to clean it with her tongue. She did as told.

“You managed to grasp the concept, it seems. If you wish, you may return tomorrow, but remember the instructions I gave you earlier. I will not repeat them.” He zipped his slacks. “Stand and face me.” She did. He cupped her tits and looked into her eyes. He drew her to him in a warm embrace.

“You are a beautiful slut. We will discuss the meaning of this word and what it means to you soon. Now, one last thing. Tonight, you will call me at 11:10 precisely. You may dress and go.” He turned and returned to the other side of his desk. “Oh… Please help yourself to a candycane on your way out … a sort of Christmas gift.”

“Thank you, Dr. Alta,” Rita said softly as she slid out the door grabbing the candycane as she left. She could feel the wetness between her legs, and it filled her with great warmth even as she headed out into the icy cold. She walked across the campus to class, her naked bottom freezing, but she felt only heat. She waved at Cynthia, her classmate, as she passed her on the quad.

“Are you going home for Christmas?” she called out to Cynthia.

“Yes, I’m actually leaving tomorrow, assuming I finish my paper for Dr. Alta by then.” “Oh, well, he’s very understanding.”

“Yeah, he’s cool. He’s been really helpful all semester. Not many professors take the time to tutor privately.” Cynthia smiled.

“He tutors you privately?” Rita asked.

“Oh sure! I went to him right away at the beginning of the term because this stuff is hard for me. He’s been really great. He’s kinda cute, too, in an old guy kinda way.”

“Maybe we should go together some time, I mean, since we’re in the same class. It might save him some time.”

“That’s a great idea! I’ll ask him. That’s where I’m headed now.”

“Be sure to let me know what he says, ok?”

“You got it, girlfriend. Later!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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