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I arrived at home after a long day at school but I was happy to see my mother. I stripped naked as soon as I got home and Mom’s eyes lit up seeing my throbbing pole, happy to be free from its prison.

“I’m happy you’re home Kyle. It’s almost time for dinner.” She stroked my cock to full length as I sucked one hard tit. “It’ll just me and you tonight,” she whispered softly in my ear, “Your father won’t be back until tomorrow. So it’s just me, you and your glorious cock…”

I nearly came at just the thought of it and I almost began to fuck her then on the couch. “Oh no big boy,” Mom laughed, “Let’s get some food in us before we take anymore nutrients from each other. I’m still feeling the after effects of that morning quickie we had.”

She kissed me before turning to return to the kitchen and I gave a hearty slap to her ass.

Heading to my room, I fired up my laptop and waited for dinner to be ready.

‘Mom looks fucking hot tonight.’ I thought as I slowly jerked off. Mom and Dad’s anniversary was coming up and they always rented a room in a cottage in Vermont that they had used for their wedding night. I would’ve killed to be in Dad’s position. An entire week in a room with Mom, doing nothing but hard dirty fucking.

I groaned as my seed gushed out spraying across my chest.

“Damn!” My mother yelled from downstairs. I quickly cleaned up and rushed to her, finding her standing by the counter with a look of extreme anger.

“What’s wrong Mom?” I asked genuinely concerned and she turned to me.

“Your asshole of a father just took a business trip to China.” Mom said, holding back tears, “Apparently some deal he has to close is more important than me. He forgot our anniversary.”

Mom sat down, beginning to cry. I was angry at my father. I sat beside Mom and held her as tried to compose herself. But soon I realized she was beginning to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, thinking she had snapped.

“That fucking bastard has reached the end of the line,” Mom said with a gleam in her eyes, “Pack your bags Kyle. We’re off on our honeymoon.”

– –

Over the next few days, Mom wouldn’t allow me to fuck her. She said she wanted to absolute best fuck possible when we finally arrived. She said I wouldn’t need clothes for the trip. I merely packed my phone and laptop but she assured me I wouldn’t need them either.

Mom parading around naked of course didn’t help matters, especially when she was bending over, giving me a full view of that perfect ass.

Over the next two weeks, once a week, we would each go into our rooms and masturbate. I would imagine her in every single position. Some days however, we would do it right in front of one another, fucking ourselves into mind blowing orgasms.

But none could compare to the real thing.

The tension building in my pants made me look forward ever more to the trip. During the agonizing car ride to the airport, I thought I would die seeing Mom in the tight turtle neck straining to not tear under the size of her tits. Her nipples poking through the already stretched thin fabric, seemed ready to pop and my cock only got harder, standing obscenely in my shorts.

She turned and looked as we stopped at a red light and bit her lip as I throbbed and held her legs together while inhaling sharply. After what felt like an eternity, we arrived. Upon exiting, Mom’s seat was soaking wet. The car was saturated with the smell of needed sexual relief.

I got stared at by a number of women, the tent ever growing. Mom, in heat and her boobs swaying, got stared at by every man in the place. We had to sit on different sides of the plane, so great was our need for each other. Our hormone levels were off the charts and I believe Mom was getting off to the turbulence.

After we landed at 2:37 that afternoon, a limo was there to meet us. The surly driver was accompanied by young woman in her 20’s with a beautiful 34E rack in a pinstriped business suit. My dick felt like it was going to explode and I nearly fell over.

“Jennifer?” Mom asked excitedly to the woman who nodded, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!”

“Hello Ms. Anderson,” Jennifer replied hugging Mom, “it’s been such a long time.”

The sight of their boobs pressed together make me cum in my shorts. During the ride to the hotel, my erection had so much blood gone to it, I could barely think straight. Mom had her hands pressed tightly between her legs as she bounced her head back on forth on the window.

We arrived to the lodge, walking into a luxurious lobby. I was shocked at what I saw. Everyone there was completely naked. Women, almost all busty with great asses mingled while men talked about sports and politics, without the single concern they were nude.

Natalie Hodges, the just-as-naked 38O owner met us and shook our hands. The first thing I noticed was none of the rooms had doors. She followed my gaze and said, “Yes, no doors. Sex is a wonderful and glorious thing. It should be shared and embraced.”

Mom was practically bouncing from foot to foot and she hurried to esenyurt anal yapan escort the elevator as I checked us in. The buxom 36J blonde clerk named Julie had her eyes glued to my prick which hadn’t receded in the least.

“We hope you enjoy your stay,” Natalie said, “Call me if you need anything. Anything…”

– –

Once I arrived in the room, I pulled my cock out, hoping the freezing air conditioning would soften it. I could hear Mom in the shower, getting off with the water blaster. Her enticing scent lingered in the room like a cloud, keeping my cock rock solid.

“Honey?” Mom called from the bathroom. The water was turned off. “Would you come here for a sec?”

When I walked in, she sat dripping, rubbing her pussy. The way she was breathing gave away she had just had a savage orgasm. “It’s not enough baby,” she said, reaching out to me, her wet hair draped over her tits, “I need your cock.”

I practically ran over and pushed my lips to hers, kissing her with all the need I felt for her. She moaned as I cupped and massaged her breasts. She ran her fingers over my shaft, fondling my cum filled balls which were aching for their long withheld release. “But no entrance.” She said with a voice of sadness, “we’ll masturbate together. Just let me know when you need to release.”

As she forced off my shirt, I turned on the water. The steam was soon saturated with the smell of our sexual need. I began to suck her hard tits while vigorously fingering her pussy. “Yes baby…” she moaned softly as I massaged her pussy and she moaned louder as I found her clit. She moved over slightly and spread her legs.

Finally, the moment I had been waiting for. Positioning my hand on my hard shaft, Mom said, “Go!.” I began to town on my cock, hammering furiously with both hands.

“Fuck yes!” Mom cried as she moved her hand fast, “Make Mommy cum you wonderful hung boy!” She pulled me down to kiss her and laid her head against the wall.

She fondled my balls as I kept going. “That’s it,” she groaned, “stroke all that hard manhood!” I went even faster, holding onto her hips and ass as I roughly pounded against her hips. “Fuck!” Mom cried as she had another orgasm, clamping her legs as her juices sprayed out.

I wanted so badly to enter her but she softly placed her hand on my chest. “Imagine fucking my ass Kyle.” After she turned, I slapped it as she smiled and squirted soap onto her hole before ramming the bottle into her. It was so hot, I went along with her savage pace. My balls were in such dire need of release, I knew I wouldn’t last long,

“Fuck!” Mom screamed as she continued to fuck her ass. “Oh shit! God, that feels so good.” I reached down and began to work my fingers in and out of her wet slit.

“Yes!” Mom yelled louder, “Just keep going baby!” I continued slamming my hand down onto my balls. The intensity of our self stimulation was tremendous, our juices falling onto the shower floor. Our need for each accelerated as I imagined fucking every hole she had.

I watched as my cock slowly moved, glistening with precum. I grabbed each soft boob, circling the hard nipples. She stared at me with her gorgeous eyes, the shower filled with the sounds of our moans. She soon moaned as another orgasm wracked her body and she began to scream my name, tightly clenching her legs, bracing on the wall.

I reached down and pinched her clit, making her scream as I began to move my hand even faster, feeling my cum boiling in my balls. “Blow up those nuts,” Mom softly pleaded I cried out as my cock twitched, spraying the shower curtain.

“Yes!!” Mom shouted, rapidly rubbing her clit. I braced myself on the metal bar as I jerked off, spraying cum onto her back and ass. My orgasm was so strong, I almost fell on top of her but she caught me in her warm hands. “That was so fucking amazing.” Mom said as we kissed under the water, “But it looks like we still have some time…”

– –

After a wild dual masturbation session, we kissed passionately as we groped all over one another. “Okay baby…” she said lovingly as I lay back, “How many times a day did you jerk this baseball bat off?”

“5 of 6 times I guess.” I replied to which she smiled widely.

“I knew I was seeing thick sticky wads of your cum all over the place.” She said as she continued to jerk me off, “they were so tasty while I played with my pussy.” She giggled as my shaft began throbbing as I fed it images of my mother impaling herself on her dildo as she treated herself to my seed.

“I want you to know I’m very proud of you,” Mom said, “It’s not who has a cock so magnificent.”

“People always thought I was weird,” I replied, “Weird because I had a cock this size.”

“Don’t think that…” she said in her comforting tone, “You’re not weird. Just… special. A special, kind and intelligent boy.”

“Thanks Mom,” I replied, letting my eyes travel to her tits, “You’re quite special yourself.”

She followed my gaze and began to steadily jerk me off and I lay back on the sweaty esenyurt escort pillow as she occasionally took me in her mouth. Soon, she began to slowly rub her pussy against my shaft while I sucked her tits. At 6:30, Julie called.

“Hello?” She asked, “Mr. Anderson?”

“Fuck yes!!” Mom screamed away from the phone as she rubbed my cock against her pussy.

“Um… yes.” I replied cupping Mom’s tits as she continued to grind again my cock.

“I just wanted to inform you that a wine tasting is available in the vineyard if you are interested.” Julie said though I could tell she could hear my mother moaning over the phone.

“Oh okay,” I replied, “we’ll be right there.”

After she hung up, I was ready to cum and Mom slurped my juices from my shaft.

My neck muscles clenched as I unleashed my entire cum storage onto her. “Yes! Oh shit…” Mom moaned as she fell over onto her side. One huge breast lay on top of the other. “Fuck that was amazing,” she said, inspecting the explosion I had made, “Our friend made quite a mess didn’t he?”

“Yep,” I replied, “And he’s looking to make a lot more.” Mom wagged her finger.

“Not until we get back big boy.” She said as she sat up, her tits splattered with cum. We took a quick shower and I sucked on Mom’s tits as I jerked another hot load in her mouth. We quickly dressed and headed downstairs.

– –

When we arrived, Ms. Hodges, the owner, stood by a table in the midst of the vineyard with a few more wine glasses. Her 38O (My story. I can choose size. I don’t tell you how to live your lives. So the dissenters can fuck off.) She looked our way and happily waved.

“Mr. and Ms. Anderson?” Ms. Hodges asked as we walked up, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I make a special effort to meet all our guests.” As I remained, Mom went to examine the various wines. I managed to focus on what Ms. Hodges told me, the buttons of her blouse seeming to be ready to fly around like bullets if her tits finally managed to break through.

“But another matter,” she said softly, “off the record of course.” I nodded. She took a look around. “I see the chemistry between you and your mother. Not like these unfulfilled mothers around her.”

I looked around, seeing the wives walking around like they had no excitement in their marriage left. “But her I can tell is getting the right amount of love,” Natalie continued, “I and my son Robert do the same thing.” She could see the confusion on my face and pointed to Mom, in her sky blue turtleneck and jeans cupping her shapely ass.

“You don’t get that glow just with your husband or boyfriend.” Natalie said as she subtly rubbed my prick, “It takes your own genes to hit just the right spot.” She turned to walk off. “Maybe you and I will see even more of each other Kyle.”

– –

After two hours of seeing the different stations, everyone began to leave. “Are you tired baby?” Mom asked after we got back to the room.

I nodded, well exhausted. Alone in our room, she got on her knees and unfastened my pants. “Mom?” I asked as she removed her shirt, “Just helping you out.” She then lowered her mouth to take in my shaft.

She gave a warm lick to my shaft before beginning to work me down her throat, fondling my cum filled balls. Once I was fully inside, she began to go harder, tightening her lips and moving her tongue. My balls began to tingle and my load gushed down her throat.

As Mom slept from another wonderful session, I went out into the hallway to look across the courtyard. I was amazed at what I saw. A buxom woman was fucking herself on a large purple dildo. Her 36H tits shook wildly in pace with her hard riding as she began to cum down the rubber cock. I began to jerk off and she smiled.

She happened to see me staring and began to rotate her hips and squeeze her soft boobs, putting on a show for me. She then moved her hand in a blowjob motion over her mouth, gesturing my rock hard cock now hanging by me knee. Her eyes rolled back as she came and cum overflowed her cunt.

As she went to shower, she jiggled her ass and winked. I heard a faint dripping and looked down. I had came again.

– –

The next morning, after a filling continental breakfast, I went on a walk around the property, We mingled and as I ate at the snack bar, I turned to be facing a delightful pair of 36H breasts.

“Well well…” the woman from the previous night said, still just as naked said, “If it isn’t the Peeping Tom.” I began to apologize but she started to laugh. “Oh no, I’m glad you watched. I know I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed what you were watching.”

We both laughed and she extended her hand. “Sarah Smith,” she said, “.” I introduced myself and she looked down, seeing where my cock stood at full attention.

“You’re always that big?” Sarah asked, slowly rubbing her pussy.

“Since I was 5.” I joked and she chuckled.

“I guess someone was happy at nap time.” Sarah replied as she rubbed it softly

“Wow…” I said, taking all her body in.

She nodded and said that she esenyurt eve gelen escort had gotten married 4 days before. However, her husband had ran off with one of her bridesmaids. Unable to get her deposit back, she came anyway.

The bell rang for the next wine tasting. “Kyle…” she said, grabbing my arm, “I don’t suppose you’d like to… visit me later?”

– –

After dinner, I headed to Sarah’s. “I see my sausage is ready” she said with a chuckle and invited me in, two glasses of wine on the table along with candles.

“Why don’t you get comfortable baby?” she asked in a seductive tone and I sat my free inches enjoying the sexual tense air. “I’ve waited so long to get my hands on that beautiful cock.”

She gasped softly as she wrapped her hands around it, tracing my vein with her thumb. It throbbed in her hand and she leaned down to take me in her mouth. Out of curiosity, I leaned back to look in into my room. Mom was surrounded by at least 8 men taking cocks in every hole.

“What lucky guys” I thought to myself as Sarah wonderfully sucked me off. It felt amazing and I guided her head gently while fondling her gorgeous breasts. As she pulled up, I fully removed her shirt and she began to jerk me off as I fingered her pussy.

We both moaned into each other’s mouths as she traveled down to my base and gently cupped my balls. “Damn!” she exclaimed, “When was the last time you fucked someone?”

“Just this morning.” I replied, “But they produce just as fast as I expel it.”

She then straddled me. “Well let’s not waste a single precious drop.” She positioned my cock before her pussy and I pushed inside. She held onto the couch as I speared her, gripping her tits. I held firmly onto her hips, driving deeper and deeper inside.

“Oh fuck!” Sarah pleaded, “Give it to me Kyle!” I complied and began forcing my cock deeper as her boobs shook wildly, her hair tightly held in my hand. She screamed even more as I bottomed her out and dug her nails into the couch cushion, shaking as she came.

I wrapped my mouth around one hard tit while fucking her brutally. She shook more and moaned loudly under my attack. I began fucking with a fast rhythm and it was exceedingly tight but it felt great. I watched her writhe underneath me, her huge tits shaking while I pounded, driving my cock home.

“Fuck yes!” Sarah screamed, “that’s the spot!”

“Here it cums!” I shouted, washing out her canal with my cum. I could feel her tense as we rode out our waves of ecstasy. She moaned as I filled her with cum, hoping to give yet another child and get those tits even bigger. After a few minutes, my flaccid cock fell from her, trailing more cum across her thigh.

We awoke two hours later in a spooning position, my shaft between her legs and our lips locked together. “That was amazing…” she said as she kissed me again. As she stood, some of my seed spilled out onto the floor. She chuckled as we dressed again.

Once I arrived to my room, Mom lay fast asleep on the bed. She had really took a fucking. I slid in beside her and she groggily woke up.

“Oh no,” Mom said as she felt my cock touch her hip, “I’m exhausted. But first thing in the morning, we will fuck hard.” She could sense my disappointment. “But…”

I slept well that night, my cock between her legs as we spooned, slowly grinding against her pussy. It didn’t take long for me to cum, my seed blasting on her stomach, tits and thighs.

When we woke the next morning, the bed was a mess. “Great,” Mom said pretending to be annoyed, “now we have to shower even longer.”

“Fuck!” I cried as Mom was furiously jerking my cock. I tried to move but she kept me pressed against the wall. She kissed me as I watched the water wash over her huge melons. “Oh shit…” I moaned as I nearly lost consciousness.

She jerked me perfectly, her hands moving in fast circles all the way to my knob before hitting my balls. The soap lathering my cock felt amazing in her hands and soon I began to cum. Mom laughed as thick ropes of cum painted her tits before being washed down the drain.

She didn’t stop however, getting behind me, my back to her breasts and began beating it even faster, my cum hitting every square inch of the shower. Finally, I was drained, my balls feeling flat as pancakes. Mom licked my cream on her hands careful not to forget the least bit.

We got back onto the bed and lay there panting. I looked over at Mom, her cum drenched boobs gently rising and falling with her hair spread all over the bed. I couldn’t help but get hard.

“You look so beautiful Mom.” I said, still taking in her body.

She planted a warm tender kiss in my mouth. “I know. And so are you. So ruggedly handsome and so well hung. Tonight will be a big night baby.”

She stood and looked at the clock. “I’m going to catch another shower,” she said, gesturing to her breasts, “I’ll meet you at the vineyard.”

After Mom got in the shower, I received a call telling me Natalie wished to meet with me.

Arriving to her room, Jennifer was also there.

Natalie greeted me and I asked, “So what did you have to tell me?”

“We’ve received some complaints Kyle,” Natalie said, unbuttoned her blouse, “that the monster in your pants isn’t being shared with the right people.”

They both removed their shirts and bras, my eyes taking in the sight of their gorgeous orbs. “Especially us.” Jennifer said.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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