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Big Dicks

A Morning at the Bookstore: The Adventure Begins, Part 1

I love to browse at The Book Store in Eugene, Oregon. I always have a target or hit list of out of print books that I am looking for. Wired on the double expresso from the coffee shop across the street, I settle into the comfortable browse mode. I sit cross-legged on the floor reaching for the new William Gibson novel when a woman walked in the door. No big deal, but her eyes caught my attention, sharp, bright, alert and ready. The caffeine and I suppose a little testosterone trip a small surge in the center of my body. I awake from browse mode. She went to the gardening section across the way. I turned and watched her move. Deliberate and relaxed. If she noticed me, I did not feel it.

I instinctively moved in that direction. I know a little about gardening, let see how this works out. I come over and see that she is cruising the bonsai section. I could smell her perfume, some exotic essential oil that I could not immediately place. I spy a copy of Bonsai for the Western Gardener by Yakamoto on the lower shelf.

“In terms of Bosai, I recommend this one,” I offer.

I drop to my knees and pull the book. As I turn, my face is inches from her pussy. I glance at the hem of her light cotton sun dress and the firm legs. I am drawn to the soft downy hairs on the inside of her legs above her knees. I draw a deep breath, I can smell her pussy as I hand her the book. She doesn’t take the book. She peers down over her breasts with a hint of a smile as I close my eyes in olfactory euphoria. I may not be such an expert when it comes to wine but the fragrance of female pheromes mixed with the smell of pussy juice never fails to get my undivided attention. I turn away back to the stack, suddenly embarrassed at my obvious display of interest. My maleness, however, has its own mind on this issue and embarrassingly rises to the occasion. I am afraid to stand up now, knowing that my situation would become obvious. Her eyes sparkle and in an instant I knows that she has perceived my predickament.

Glancing at the upper shelf and pointing She replies in a saucy voice, “Do you recommend any of these?”

I now realize that she has chosen to tease me. I figure that’s better than a slap in the face. However, I look a little ridiculous on my knees, but hesitate to stand.

The same saucy voice, clearly enjoying herself, now queries, “Would you like me to help you up?”

She does not extend her hand, however.

I reply without thinking, “I believe you have already done that” and cringe immediately.

She step back a little, surprise creeps into the hint of a smile and she looks me over, I suppose, assessing the potential as well as the liability. I am in good shape for my forty years and my clear brown eyes do not waver.

“I just wanted a couple of books on Bonsai.”

I stupidly reply, “You never know what Bonsai can lead to”, remembering the fragrance of her pussy. She takes a deep breath and her nipples immediately harden under her thin cotton dress. I realize that she is not wearing a bra and I can see the areola crinkle around her nubs. A slight draft wafts a new fragrant dose in my direction.

Fortified, with the intoxicating smell, I say, “We both seemed to get a little more than we bargained for” and glance at her chest. She glances down and notes the obvious. She blushes slightly but does not hesitate when she replies.

“Perhaps we should return to Bonsai,” she offers.

I stand placing the offered Bonsai book strategically in front of me and suggest that we could discuss it in the reading area where there are several comfortable lounge chairs. She moves towards the reading area; I follow. Her perfume and natural fragrance leave a trail that I could easily follow in the dark. Her light pale blue print sun dress softly swishes from side to side. She plops down in one of the ancient over-stuffed chairs. I follow the flutter of her dress and catch the hint of her upper thighs. I choose the chair across from her.

“My name is Lessos and I had no intention of being out of line.”

She looks me square in the eyes and states, “Well Lessos, my name is Lisa and I think you had every intention of being out of line.” I begin to protest but she adds,” but I don’t think I mind.”

I cave in. “Its you fragrance.” Now she has me going.

“What fragrance?” The hint of a smile now adds a touch of innocence.

“I don’t know, some exotic essential oil and a touch of something else.” I answer as honestly as I can.

“What something else?” again the innocence tone.

“Some kind of natural essence,” I offer.

Her thighs part slightly, I sneak a glance. I catch her thighs move as she shifts in the chair.

“Exactly”, I reply. She immediately grasps the subject of my statement.

Again, I see here step back in her mind and size up the situation for the second time. I see her quickly but calmly process the scene. Without so much as a kartal escort bayan glance around she casually drops her hand to her lap and slowly extends her fingers over her mons.

I shiver from the intoxication and look straight in the bright eyes and say.

“Yes, that and a whole lot more if your would be so kind as to permit me to speak my mind.”

Her thighs contract a little as she presses her extended fingers tighter against her mons. The sun dress bunches a little at her hand’s action and my dick throbs in response.

Clearly, we are now cooking a little chemistry besides a few wayward pheromes.

I withdraw the book from my lap and place it on the end table. She quickly glances to reveal my state.

“I would like to explore this Bonsai concept but it appears as if we have more pressing business to consider.”

I’m clearly ready. She parts her thighs slightly more so I can I see the wet spot on her white cotton panties. I am embarrassed because of my lean and hungry look, yet, at the same time I am excited. I try not to drop my jaw too far and resist the strong inclination to drop to my knees in front of her grab her butt in both hands and press my face against her panties.

I notice that the door on the right leads to the reading room and is in the process of being re-modeled. I glance to the right, she follows my gaze.

“Not yet”, she replies

None of the staff is visible; we hear then laughing in the office up front.

She quickly slides her hands up her dress, grabs the waistband of her panties, lifts her butt slightly off the seat of the overstuffed chair and in one fluid motion slides them off, balls them up and throws them at me.

I catch them by reflex before I am able to assess the situation or reply.

“Here, is this what you are interested in my unintentional friend?”

Instinctively, Part 2

My philosophy is one must be always ready to seize the moment, he who hesitates is lost. Instinctively, I took the offering, placed it to my face and inhaled. If they could make a perfume of this musk, men would faint with desire. Her long black eye lashes fluttered in a moment of surprise and her sensuous full lips curled not in desire but curiosity and amusement.

Her hand returned to covering her mons, her fingers gently extended. I sat back, relaxed and in a way, by my non-action and attention, challenged her to proceed. She sensed my direction and took another deep breath. Her breasts rose stretching the thin cotton and the nipples retuned instantly to their state of attention. With her other hand she slipped the thin strap off and partially exposed one of her breast, popping out into the sunlight as if it had a mind of its own. Its full contours and beauty now in open view. The nipple turgid with the blood of arousal. She parted her legs some more, her dress riding up her golden brown thighs exposing her upper legs and her dark bush, it looked tropical down there, heat and humidity, her extended fingers now touched the outer naked pussy with slow, gentle deliberate strokes guaranteed to keep me focused on every movement.

Abruptly a member of the staff left the office and headed for the stacks. Lisa quickly slipped her strap up and brushed her skirt down in a single motion. The staff member glanced at us, passed us a friendly smile and continued on her mission. It appeared that our activities were not that interesting to her or perhaps she was just being polite.

Lisa blushed a little and slight perspiration complemented the almost undetectable flush on her chest. I, on the other hand, suffered from a severe case of excitement that pushed against the confines of my Levis making me painfully aware of my discomfort at the same time the surge of excitement reached deep within. Here was a beautiful woman, showing me her breast and pussy in public no less and challenging me to rise to the moment. All of this with an exchange of not so much words but body language and communication that was sensuous, intelligent and intensely exciting.

Recovering our composure Lisa, fluttering her long dark eyelashes and assuming a incongruous look, not of embarrassment or even naughtiness, but, surprising, genuine innocence says. “Well, do you like what you see?” I reply, “For as little as you know me, you know it does.” I continue. “You know I want to throw myself on my knees, grab your ass in both hands and rub my face in your naked pussy and not stop until you are completely satisfied. ” Her beautiful eyebrows arch as if to say, “Well?”

“… but this is hardly the place to conduct such business.” I felt I should offer up something substantial, I wanted to create a bond with this woman brazen and self assured enough to show me her pussy in the reading room of the Smith Family Book Store

“You know as well as I know that the genuine validity of life’s experiences come from those moments of intersection of the nexus in which two unrelated streams of consciousness escort maltepe cross one another and reinforce, transform and fertilize the best and sometimes the worse in one another. Serendipity, creativity but mostly unpredictability, the nexus is the key to experience and I feel firmly caught in the nexus energy and you, in your beauty and intensity, are its agent. I want, no, I desire, to amplify what you so generously initiated.

“Hey wait, cowboy, I thought we were having a little sensual interlude not cosmic communication with the universe. “

“Lisa, please understand. We have never met, but I know you, I know you in a fundamental way that would frighten both of us. I cannot ignore what I know to be true. We are caught together briefly or perhaps not so briefly in the nexus’s stream and I have no intention of bailing out until I have explored this opportunity to its conclusion. You may wish to pretend otherwise, but, I know you feel the intensity too, I can see it in your beautiful eyes and I know that you are not immune to the nexus’s call. Hey, biology is cool, I’m the first to admit that I am an animal, a human animal, but, an animal. Your smell has me tied in knots but there is another ontological plane here. You know it and I know it. ”

“The back room there is waiting and I will immediately make good on my promise and I am sure that there is something we can do to resolve my own rather uncomfortable excitement. However, Pandora’s box is open, literally and figuratively, we have biology here but I feel a flood of something else. Trust you instincts, find the kernel of truth and flow with it or run now, fast. “

“Whoa,” she replies, “I find biological liberties a lot easier to offer, a lot less messy.”

“Oh, but true satisfaction and pleasure involves both.”

“Yeah, but I think making good on your promise as you said is something that I can handle right now; the rest I will take under advisement. Especially when I consider the quality of the “proposed” experience.”

I can go with this. I jumped up, quickly glanced at the staff office and grabbed her hand and glided her into the back room. The door shut firmly behind us and had a thumb knob lock on the door handle. I turned the brass knob and glance around the room. A large overstuffed couch was in the back corner near the full size picture window that looked out onto a Japanese maple. Lisa had already approached it and peered under the sheet that covered it. Pull off the sheet, I suggested. She grabbed the sheet and, presto, the overstuffed monstrosity from a bygone era came view. Its brown fabric, was the obvious victim of much human interaction. I briefly wonder how many women climbed the mountain in repose on it. The nexus offered a flood of sexual images; not a single one distinct enough to highlight individually.

My attention returned to Lisa.

She was looking at the couch and I offered, “Please make yourself at home.”

She sat down on the end nearest the bright window.

The sunlight made her edges of full curly black hair appear as a halo. A dark Madona image passed quickly through my mind. I wondered if she minded if I took control of the situation; from what I’ve seen I am sure she had her own ideas. I cannot take what is not freely given regardless of the conditions.

She saw my thoughts rise and then as if telepathic she raised and rolls her left palm pointing up. She extends her hand while she kindly commented. “Be my guest.”

I nodded my thanks and gently requested, “Please lean over the end of the couch. She immediately complied with a mischievous smile.

Gently, I requested with a slight tremor of excitement, “Raise your dress and drop your straps.” There were no panties as I had stuffed them in my pocket.

She politely complied, all unhurried and in slow cadence. She glanced over, again the mischievous smile and underneath another emotion, strong and steady, but unclear. I held her gaze and smiled.

“So beautiful and so sexy.” I stated. I can see and smell that you are ready, but It would please me greatly if you played with yourself …”

She brought her hand to her pussy and with her extended golden brown fingers and gently stroked herself. The closely cropped dark black hair and the brown lips liquid in the light. Fleshy plump labia engorged in blood underneath, each nerve ending, staccato rhythm, firing in chorus. The bright reflected sunlight highlighted her naked ass pointing up in the air. With her other hand she brushed across her breast slowly back and forth. I walked around her from her left front to the right my eyes never moving form her ripe and aroused body. She continued to gently stroke her pussy, light feathered strokes. In no hurry and although she appeared exited, she displayed no particular urgency. I thought of taking her immediately rushing around whipping out my cock and taking her from behind, quickly precipitating a mutual, simultaneous powerful orgasm with moans of pleasure pendik escort and gushing sex fluids dripping on the couch. I consider the urgency in my own loins; my testosterone rush was tempered with patience.

Caress and rise, caress and rise – again each pleasure level building a new power of urgency.

To build an insatiable fire that, although temporarily extinguished by physical satisfaction, will grow anew from the mental constructs of indelibly marked orgasmic experience imprinted simultaneously into the animal regions and cerebral regions of her mind. This is the effect I wanted. This is what I wanted to share with this wild animal woman Subdue the desire for a quick fuck, program an imprinted experience that by word, sight or smell will invoke the sexual experience anew with its primordial primate desire reborn at a glance.

A slight breeze caused the red maple outside to shiver slightly and dance in the speckled sunlight.

I pulled of my cotton shirt, one of my favorites with a botanic print of the legume Anadenanthera colubrina on the back.

I unsnapped the top button of my Levies and my cock sprang free of its confinement.

I sat beside Lisa on her right side facing the window and slowly approaching her face. I could smell her perfume and her sex. I closed my eyes and inhaled. I touched her dark, black curly locks. I ran my finger through her hair as she continued on her climb. I touched her face with the back of my left hand. As I am left handed I feel clumsy with my right.

With myleft hand on the back of her neck I gently massaged her ear with my right gently tugging at her ear lobes. I got up on my knees and kissed and caressed her lower back with my tongue as I held her breast with my right. I could feel the nipple against my palm. I ran my finger around her areola until it crinkled.

I moved to her rear and watched her gentle movements slightly increasing in intensity. My cock throbbed to the intoxicating smell of her pussy. I gently caress the inside of her thighs with my tongue. She released a little moan, a gentle sigh. I grabbed the inside her thigh gently with my teeth and held. She jumped a little and stopped. I released.

“A punctuation mark.” I playfully replied.

“Open” I gently requested, and I touched the insides of both thighs. There was the primary object of my desire. Her wet pink pussy inches away. I grabbed outside of both thighs to steady myself and lower my tongue to her pussy. I held the flat of my tongue against it. Her clit splayed lightly against the pubic arch. She held for a few seconds, I could feel the blood pulsing. I gently applied a light pressure and she pushed against me, my face squarely getting a squish of pussy juice and female aroma. I gently moved back and forth maintaining a gentle pressure. “So sexy” I mumbled through her pussy lips. I was now caressing her legs as well. She began to push a little harder now and a little more urgently. I ran my tongue around and then refocused more intently on her clit. Still using log flat strokes. I fell her urgency move up a notch. The smoothness of the old musty couch, the sunlight, the heat of her body, the smell, the sound of squishing female genitals,. A wonderful sensory complex. The wind outside stirred the red leaves of the Japanese maple in earnest now.

I pushed my pants down around my legs and as I touched my cock I replaced my tongue with my hand. I slowly stuck my two fingers gently up her pussy as she continued to play with her clit. Our movement are synchronized now and I caress my cock as she slowly moves up and down on my fingers. I feel her vaginal walls contacts. It had all been strangely quiet up to this point except for her gentle moans.

“You are so hot, you smell, taste and look so good.” I broke the silence. “You make me so excited when you play with your pussy.”

Some wayward pussy juice rolled down her inner right thigh. This is heaven. I feel the surge, the rush of sexual excitement. The movement, tidal flow in the center of my body.

She immediately replied, If you don’t fuck me right now, I will die.

I feel the same way. This slow smoldering sex flame are ready to burst into a righteous fire. As my pants were still on my legs, I stepped out of one of the legs. My pants lie on the floor around my left leg. My cock has been ready since before we entered the room.

I wanted to explore some more, this mystery offered so openly. But I thought that if we did not do something definitive quick, we would both burst. I approached her backside standing up now. The leave on the trees were shaking and the thin branches were rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the breeze. She had both breast in her hands now kneading them back and forth, tweaking her nipples and moaning gently. “Come on baby fuck me, I’m ready. ” her low, gentle but urgent request.

Clearly neither one of us feel embarrassed, moving from a chance meeting a few moments ago to a hot sexual encounter in a relatively public place. Standard cultural norms were suspended. The nexus brought us together and we were determined to ride its wave of synchronicity to the end. I felt it and I felt she felt it to, this strange and beautiful animal woman, an aroused cat.

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