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It also be continued and have added chapters. This story could fit into a few different categories and future ones might end up in those.

All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


I wake up and rub the sleep from my eyes. After getting home well past midnight and going to sleep I woke up at about 11 in the morning. Hating the taste of my breath, I get up and brush my teeth. I think about what happened at Mom’s job… and my new job. I can’t believe that this is happening I think. After showering and getting ready for the day, I walk downstairs and Mom is sitting at the kitchen table, wearing short shorts and a white tank top. She looks over the top of her laptop and asks, “So… have you thought about what you’re going to do?”

I nod, “If this will pay for me to go away to school, then of course I’m going to do it!”

Mom sighs, “It’s your choice. I guess we’ll both be working there full time then.”

“You don’t sound happy about that.” I say.

Mom nods, “I’m not. I started doing it so I could have a chance to get out on weekends and have some fun. It didn’t help that I made decent money for it either. But you doing it too…”

I sigh, “It’s not like were hookers or something like that.”

Mom gives a small smile, “True… but this isn’t what I imagined either of us doing. I guess if you made up your mind you need to call Amy.”

“Yeah, I should tell her that I’m accepting her offer.” I say. Mom gives me Amy’s phone number and I type it into my phone. Going back to my room, I press dial and the phone begins to ring. On the third ring, the phone is picked up.

“Amy speaking. Who’s this?”

I respond, “Hi Amy, its Jess.”

Amy sounds excited at my voice, “Hi Jess. What did you need?”

I sigh, feeling butterflies in my stomach. After a second pause I say, “I’ve decided to work there full time.”

Even though I can’t see her, I can picture Amy smiling at this news. “Great! You going to start tonight?” She asks.

“Yeah.” I respond.

“This is amazing! You’re going to love working here! Now listen… I have to go. See you later!” Click.

I stare at my blank phone screen for several seconds before I ask myself, “What am I getting myself into?” I spend the rest of the day wondering about what was in store for not only tonight, but also the nights after this one.

Finally, Mom comes into my room. “Ready to go?” She asks.

I nod, “Yeah. Time to get started working for my education.” I stand and follow Mom to her car and get in. The two of us make small talk on the length of the drive. Finally, we reach the wooden fence with the gate. Mom drives through, waving hello to the same guard as the night before. He waves back and we pass through the gate. Several minutes later, we are walking into the office.

Walking in, we are greeted by Amy, wearing a skimpy red dress that hugs her body tightly. “How are my two newest employees doing tonight?” Amy asks.

Mom and I both respond, “Pretty good. You?”

Amy smiles, “I’m great. Gwen, you’re in the main building tonight, showing Jess some of what goes on there. That okay with you two?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” I answer, walking over to my locker and putting my stuff in it. Mom nods, doing the same as me.

Amy motions for me to go into a changing room, as Mom heads into another. I drop my clothes and put on a similar white dress as last night. This one hugs my figure and really shows off my body. It is very low cut, almost to the point of being ridiculous. Despite wearing this dress, I feel exposed. I walk out of the changing room and see Mom standing there in a very similar dress, waiting for me.

“You look great!” She says, smiling.

I return the smile, “You too.”

“Ready to get going?” She asks.

I nod and as Mom leads the way out of the building, Amy says “Have fun and work hard you two!”

Once we are out of the building Mom asks, “How are you feeling about this?”

I sigh, “I’m a bit nervous.”

Mom nods, “When I started here, I felt the same. Just remember, you can say no to people’s requests. Just do what you’re comfortable with.” I nod and we make the rest of the short walk in silence. Mom grabs the door handle of the main building and asks, “You ready to start this job for real?”

I give a nervous smile, “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Mom tugs the door open and motions for me to go inside. As I pass her, she gives me a playful, light spank. “Just have some fun. This isn’t some minimum wage job where you have to hate it.”

Mom walks past the bar, where the same naked redhead woman smiles at me. I return the smile, still finding the overt sexuality here a little off putting. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it, I think, following Mom behind a small black podium. The podium has the layout of the room on a digital screen with tables numbered and a category labeled Call List.

Mom explains, “It’s our job casino oyna to make sure the clients are seated in a table or booth. Sometimes we get asked to provide entertainment. Everything you do is voluntary and there is a walkie-talkie here if you need to call security on a guest.” Seeing my nervous look, Mom adds, “Don’t worry. The people allowed in here are all decent… and very rich.”

“So do we make tips?” I ask.

Mom nods, “Yeah. Entertaining guests is probably the best way to make them.”

I nod in response, not feeling any less nervous. Mom and I wait for someone to come in. After what seems like an eternity, a middle aged couple walks past the bar and come up to the booth. It is a man and woman, both Hispanic and clearly spend a lot of time working out. The woman is dressed in a tight crop top and miniskirt. She has large breasts and a toned, hard body. The man is wearing black jeans and a tee shirt. They smile at Mom and I, who in return, both smile back.

“Welcome to the showroom at Hilltop Manor! I’m Gwen and this is my… this is Jess. We will be your hostesses tonight.”

The woman nods and in a pleasant voice asks, “Can we have a booth please?”

“Right this way.” Mom says, leading the man and woman. I follow her, and then the couple follows us. I can feel their eyes examining my body from behind, but I don’t turn and look. We cross the room, and lead them to a booth. They sit across from each other and Mom asks, “Will that be all?”

The man nods. The woman smiles at me and says, “For now…”

Mom smiles, “Well if you need anything, there’s a call button on the table.” She gestures to a small button built into the wall of the booth that I had not noticed before this.

The woman smiles at me, “Great!” Mom and I walk away, and get back to the podium where we started. We repeat this process several times. Sometimes for a couple, sometimes for individual women. In no time, the room is fairly full and people are beginning to mingle with one another. Many go to the bar for drinks, keeping the petite redhead busy.

Suddenly, the screen on the podium lights up. I look at it and see that a booth has called us. “Want me to get it?” I ask Mom. She nods, trying to figure out where to put a pair of very pretty blondes. I make my way across the room, squeezing past several conversations, before reaching my destination. It is the table with the middle aged Hispanic couple. “You called?” I ask.

The woman smiles at me, “Yes and I was hoping you would be the one to answer. Can you do something with me?”

“It depends on what you want me to do.” I answer.

The woman nods, understanding, “Can you go grab a small vibrator from the stage and bring it back to the table please?” She asks.

I nod and smile, “That is something I can do!” I walk away, feeling her eyes once again look over my body. I walk up to stage next to one of the dancers. She is twirling around a pole, teasing some of the closer audience members. I kneel down into the side of the glass case and pick up a small black bullet vibrator. I bring it back to the couple and hold it out for her to take.

The woman looks at it and smiles. “That’s perfect! Now… this is where you might say no…”

What does she want now? I think. However, I say, “Just tell me and we’ll see.”

The woman nods, “I love being a little more… dominating shall we say. Would you mind using it on yourself?”

“Like masturbate for you?” I ask.

The woman shakes her head, her long, black hair waving back and forth with the movement of her head. She says, “I’d like for it to be inside you and on while you work. That would be a huge turn on for me.”

I think, It’s not like she’s asking to have sex with me, so I guess this could be kind of fun. Finally, I answer. “I don’t see why not.” The woman smiles at me and motions for me to follow her. I do and she leads me to the bathroom, and into a stall.

After I go in, she closes the door and asks, “So are you new here?”

I nod, “Yeah. This is my first night, so I’m kind of nervous.”

The woman smiles reassuringly, “You have nothing to be nervous about. I’m pretty much a regular here so you’ll probably be seeing me a lot. My names Veronica. You said your name was Jess right?”

I nod, “Yes.”

Veronica smiles, “Well Jess, let’s get down to it. You brought the vibrator right?” I hold it out and she takes it, feeling the smooth, rubbery surface. “You ready?” Veronica asks me.

I sigh, “I’m a little nervous but I’m ready.”

Veronica gives me a small smile, “If you don’t like it just take it out. Same thing I told to the other hostess… Gwen I think.”

Mom did this too? I ask myself as I lift up my dress, exposing my legs and pussy to Veronica. Veronica rubs her hand over my mound, causing me to shutter at her touch. I feel a growing wetness in my vagina. Veronica turns the vibrator on and it hums to life in her hand. She grabs the base and rubs the tip over my mound. canlı casino The sensation is similar to that of my own vibrator and I gasp from the pleasure. “Ready Jess?” Veronica asks, kneeling in front of me, giving me a peek down her shirt.

“Yes, let’s get started.” I answer, watching as Veronica slowly pushes the toy inside me. When most of it is in me, she uses a single finger to push the base inside as well, causing the toy to disappear completely. I let out a soft moan as it easily sinks inside my wet pussy. The vibrations stimulate my g-spot and I know this is going to make me cum a lot and fairly quickly.

“How does that feel?” Veronica asks with a smile.

“It feels… pretty… good!” I manage to gasp out, trying not to reveal my impending orgasm. I drop my dress and smooth it out, trying to ignore the vibrations coming from inside me.

Veronica nods, “I bet. Now get back to work! I’ll call you later when I think you’ve had enough fun.”

I nod and walk out of the stall, leaving Veronica alone in there. She wasn’t kidding about liking to be in charge I think brushing a hand over my lower stomach. The need to cum has only increased since I walked out of the bathroom. I feel the wetness in my pussy grow as I walk back to the podium. Reaching it, I see Mom standing there, looking down at the screen, before looking up and seeing me. “How are you liking it so far?” Mom asks me.

I gasp out, “It’s good…” I feel some of my juices begin to slide out of my pussy and down my upper thigh. Oh shit! I’m about to cum! I think, trying to resist the feeling.

Mom frowns, “Are you alright Jess? You look worried.”

I shake my head, “All good.” I feel my need to cum grow as I try to hold back.

Mom gives me a weird look, “If you say so…” She trails off as a call request flashes up on the screen. Mom sighs, “I’ll get this one. Be back soon.”

Mom walks away and I lean against the podium and gasp. I feel myself cum, my pussy clenching down hard on the vibrator inside me. I bite the inside of my mouth, trying to resist crying out. I feel my thighs begin to quiver as I cum, trying not to give away this fact. Finally, my orgasm subsides and I stand back up, trying to compose myself. Brushing a stray hair out of my face, I can feel my warm cum slowly dripping out of my cunt and running down my thigh. But it feels so good… I think, trying to once again ignore the buzzing coming from my dripping pussy. I look around the room, I see Veronica and the man with her are engaged in conversation with one another.

I continue looking around the room finally seeing Mom, her white dress easy to make out. I gasp in surprise at what she’s doing. She is at a table with a couple who looks to be about her age. The man is fairly attractive for his age, with some grey in his hair, and the woman has short brown hair and smaller breasts. The man and Mom are making out passionately, while the woman appears to be feeling Mom’s breasts from behind. I look away and try to forget about that image, however, seeing that doesn’t seem to make me any less horny or willing to cum.

I quickly feel another orgasm building, and I try to once again ignore the feeling. Suddenly a notification appears on the screen, appearing to come from Veronica’s table. I make my way over, still trying to not cum. I reach the table and Veronica smiles up at me, “Want to sit down Jess?” She asks.

I sit down next to her and ask, “What’s up?” My leg begins to shake from the desire to cum, and I feel the remaining cum in me slide out.

Veronica notices my leg shaking and asks, “Need to cum again?”

I nod, “yeah… getting close.”

Veronica nods, “Well maybe we should go somewhere private to… ensure that you do. Mark… you mind?” The man smiles and shakes his head. Grabbing my hand, Veronica leads me to the side of the room and up a staircase. We pass several doors and finally she opens one with a key. I go in and she closes the door behind her. I then feel her unzip the back of my dress and feel the thin, white fabric fall to the floor exposing my naked body.

Nearing a powerful orgasm, I collapse to my knees, close my eyes and begin to massage my clit. I begin to moan softly, completely forgetting Veronica is there. A second later, I moan loudly and cum a second time. Once again, my vagina clamps down on the small vibrator, as it once again gets coated in my cum. Once again, this cum slowly begins to slide out of my very wet and dripping pussy.

After several seconds, I open my eyes, and see Veronica undressed and standing before me. Her ample breasts both are tipped with large, brown nipples. Her brown stomach is very toned, leading down to her shaven pussy. Her inner lips protrude past her outer lips and it looks inviting. “Apparently you really needed to cum!” She says, laughing.

I nod and stand to my feet, my thighs quivering, causing more of my cum to slide down my thighs, mixing with the cum from my previous orgasm. Veronica examines kaçak casino my body and steps close to me. Her breasts are touching mine. She says, “You look even better out of that dress. Those small nipples and perky breasts, and we can’t forget about that sexy mound.”

“Thanks…” I answer, not sure where this is going. Suddenly, I gasp as I feel her hands beginning to rub my body.

“Something wrong?” Veronica asks, feeling my ass with one hand and using the fingers on her other hand to trace over my slit.

“Nothing… keep going…” I answer, enjoying the feeling of he hands as well as the bullet vibrator continuing to hum inside me.

Veronica kisses my cheek, and inserts two fingers inside my pussy. Again, I gasp in surprise, but let her continue. I feel her fingers grab the base of the vibrator and slide it out of me. As it leaves my pussy, a rush of my juices and cum follow it. This mixture of cum and juices coat the inside of my thighs and the lips of my pussy. Veronica turns the vibrator off and puts it in her mouth. Some strands of my juices drip off of her fingers and onto her chin. Did I really cum that much? I ask myself. I begin to feel Veronica’s ass and breasts, while she enjoys my juices. Her ass is small but hard, while her large, brown nipples grow hard at my touch. Then I move my hand over her pussy, which is already wet.

Veronica removes the vibrator from her mouth, having finished eating my cum. She says, “Since you came twice already, you need to return the favor. Actually, since your new, I’ll let you get away with just making me cum once.” With that, she lays back on the bed in the middle of the dark room. I claim between her legs and hold onto her thighs, while moving in on her pussy. She has a strong but surprisingly enjoyable scent, which is a mixture of pussy and her perfume.

I run my tongue over her slit, tasting her juices. It tastes similar to Amy’s pussy, but was different in subtle ways. After this first experimental lick, I begin to loudly slurp at her pussy. I pull away from her and use my fingers to spread her inner lips, and use my other hand to grab the same vibrator that she used on me. It is wet from being in her mouth, but I twist the bottom anyway, and it once again buzzes to life. I run it over her clit before pushing it inside her. This makes her gasp out loud, but then continue her moaning as I go back to working her pussy with my mouth. As time passes, Veronica’s moans increase in volume, before she cries out and cums. Her orgasm lasts longer than mine, and she is louder than me. Finally, her orgasm subsides and I slide the vibrator out of her and hold it up.

“Want a taste?” I ask.

Veronica, who is still breathing heavily and slightly sweaty answers, “You have it.”

I nod and slurp her cum off of the small vibrator, enjoying the taste. Once this is done, I put it back down on the bed and ask, “Is that all for now?”

Veronica smiles at me, “Yes. I hope I see you again here. Have fun the rest of tonight.”

I smile, “Thanks… I’ll try.” I go back over to my dress and put it on, trying to ignore the weird feeling of my cum beginning to dry on my thighs. I walk out of the room with Veronica still lying on the bed and close the door behind me.

Once I’m back in the main room, I look around for Mom, but do not see her. I guess she’s off doing… something like I was I think. I make my way back to the podium and see there are no calls from any of the tables. It appears that the room is actually beginning to clear out as people either leave to go home or walk upstairs to rooms to probably fuck. I lean against the podium and sigh, what a night this was.

The screen flashes again, as I get a call from a new table. I find the table in question and see a pair of women, probably in their late 20’s sitting there. They are both blonde and have b cup breasts. One is wearing a red fishnet bodysuit and the other is wearing a similar black bodysuit. Through the material, their nipples and vaginas are easily visible. I say, “I’m Jess. You guys called about something?”

The red bodysuit nods, “Yes actually… can you um…”

“Don’t worry, I won’t judge.” I answer with a smile.

The black bodysuit nods and says, “Well… my friend here wants to try something new. She wants to use one of those toys on herself on the stage.”

I nod, “Sound fun. Want to do it now?” I ask her.

She looks around the room and sees that the room is much emptier than it was before. “Yes.” She says.

“Let’s go then.” I say with a smile, leading her past all of the toys in displays. “Grab whichever toy you think you’d like the most.” I say. She examines the ones we pass, before grabbing a 7-inch long blue cone shaped dildo. It gets wider as it goes down with a maximum width of about 1.5 inches wide. The base has a suction cup so it can be attached to the stage.

Red bodysuit walks on stage, looking nervously at me. I give her an encouraging smile, and go sit next to the woman in the black bodysuit. As her friend on stage nervously begins to rub her pussy, black bodysuit whispers to me, “Thank you for watching her. She wants to try to get more into voyeurism but is kind of nervous about it.”

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