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So long it has been since the last time we were together. So much time has passed and I do not know when we will feel the embrace of the other again. I have spent so much time thinking of you, missing your touch, craving the taste of you, needing the sound of your voice in my ear. Often I think about things we have done together and things we have talked about doing. This is another one of those times where my mind is wandering and all I am thinking of is you and how much I miss being with you.

In my mind, I envision your arms, your back, your chest, your face. I see you standing before me. I can smell you and look forward to how your smell lingers on me after we have been together. In my vision of you, you come towards me, arms outstretched, placing your hands on my waist as you pull me in close. Your head bends down and your lips brush lightly over mine. You hold my tightly and kiss lightly along my neck and shoulder. Your kisses send shivers along my entire body as my arms squeeze tightly around your neck. Your mouth moves back up along my neck and connects to my own waiting and quivering mouth. I can feel your hot breath as you slowly and passionately kiss me, your tongue slowly slipping in between my lips and playing with the soft insides of my mouth. We kiss deep and slow, exploring each other’s mouths.

Your hands are still holding me tight at the waist. As you still kiss me, your hands slip up under the back of my shirt. Your warm, strong hands on my skin again sending shivers through me. I hold you more tightly as your fingers run up along my lower back, between my shoulder blades and up to my neck. You dig your fingers into me slightly as your hands begin their downward descent. I feel as though I am melting in your arms. I have waited so long to be with you again and I am in such a state of euphoria just feeling your hands on me.

You move away from my mouth and look into my eyes. You tell me how much you have missed me and have thought about our return to one another. I smile at you and step up to plant a quick kiss on your lips. I tell you how many times I have fantasized about us being together again and that your touch alone is causing me to throb. Your hands move back up along my back, stopping briefly at my bra strap. You plunge your face into my neck, nibbling and kissing as you make your way to my collarbone. Your hands move down along my body again and once at my waist, you grab hold of the edge of my shirt. You pull my shirt up over my head, keeping your mouth on me as long as possible before you move away to remove my shirt completely.

Once my shirt is gone, you kiss and nibble down from my collarbone until your mouth is just above the swell of my right breast. You stop a moment and then resume your kisses along my breast where the material of my bra is not concealing it from you. You then start kissing over the material and my nipple jumps as a kiss lands on it. The throbbing between my legs is intensifying and I can feel the wetness forming there. You suck at my nipple through the sheer material of my bra, licking and biting lightly from time to time. You move your left hand up to my left breast and flick at the hardened nipple lightly as your right hand moves up along my back and to the back of my neck.

I pull you closer to me, feeling the heat coming off of you. I moan quietly as you continue to torment my right nipple though the material. I throw my head back as your mouth and hands continue to escort bostancı work my body. You take your mouth away from my skin and move your hands down to my waist again. You start to undo the button on my jeans and unzip them. One hand moves inside them, making sure to stay over my panties, feeling my heat and desire for you. You slide both hands into my pants, slipping around behind me and running your fingers along the material of my panties. You slowly slide my jeans down around my ankles and allow me to step out of them.

I’m now standing before you in only my bra and panties while you remain fully clothed. I decide its time to even things out a little and I slide my fingers up under your shirt, running my nails up along your spine. I drag my nails down along your sides and back up over your chest, pulling your shirt with them. As it passes over your head, I lean forward and kiss you quick. I then return to my efforts and start to work on removing your shorts.

I pull your belt loose and slide it out from the loops in your shorts. Once its free, I let it drop to the floor with a thud. I then kneel before you, sliding my hands up along your legs, feeling them tremble a little as they anticipate my next touch. As they slide up, almost all the way to where your hardness is waiting for me, I move them back down and up along the outside to your waistband. I undo the button and slide them down along your legs, taking care to tease you a little as I pass the heat you have for me.

Once you’ve stepped out of your shorts, you pull me close to you and I can feel the hardness pressed between us. How much I have wanted you, to feel you taking me again and again. You kiss me hard and then lift me up and carry me to the bedroom. You lie me down on the bed kissing me as I come to rest on the cool sheets. You come forward, lying against me, the feel of your skin on mine makes my cry out for more. You kiss my neck and nibble at my collarbone as I slowly twist and thrust against you.

You move down along my body, kissing and lick me as you follow down along my breasts and stomach. You get to the edge of my panties and place several quick kisses along the edge of them. You then move further down and again I can feel your hot breath as is passes over my mound. You kiss my pussy through the material and I can’t help but raise my hips to meet your lips. My hands move down into your hair as you continue to kiss me through my panties.

You can smell the wetness of my desire for you as your hands move to my hips and your fingers loop into the waist of my panties. You slowly pull them down just enough to expose me completely and your mouth thrusts quickly into what awaits you. Your tongue slides easily between my lips and finds my hard clit waiting for you. Your tongue circles it as you move one finger to my opening and slowly caress the entrance before easily sliding inside.

You start to lick my clit slowly, running your tongue flat up across it again and again. I’m moaning and thrusting while still grasping your hair. My orgasm is building, but I’m not ready to release yet. You can feel my body as it tenses and relaxes again and again as your mouth and finger continue moving. You slip another finger inside me as your quicken the pace of your licking. You push inside of me as my body begs you for more. My moans are getting louder as you slide a third finger in. You’re in full swing and I’m almost reaching my breaking ümraniye escort point. You adjust your pace accordingly, slowly lapping at me as your fingers continue to work my insides.

I moan loudly and my body starts to shake against you. I cry out, pulling hard on your hair. My hips buck against your hand and face as my orgasm explodes. You take your hand away and leave a sweet kiss on my lower lips as you slip my panties down along my legs until they are completely off. You pull yourself up so you are along my side and kiss me with so much passion, I immediately desire you again. I move my hands down along your sides and pull your boxers down, freeing your hard cock.

You lean into me, slipping inside easily. Your body presses against me and I realize I still have my bra on. I slip a hand behind and unclasp it as you pull the straps down along my arms and release my breasts. You throw my bra onto the floor and push hard into me as you take one of my hard nipples into your mouth. Your hands caress my body as you move slowly in and out of me. I thrust forward with my hips to meet each of your entries. My hands are on your back, pulling you into me each time.

I dig my nails in as the power inside me builds and my walls start to quiver. I can feel every bit of you as you slip along my insides, bringing me more and more pleasure with each motion. I bring my head up and kiss you, the move to your chest where you bite deeply. I moan through my teeth from the feeling of your flesh. How I love the feeling of biting you.

You continue to pump into me, still going slowly, sensually. Allowing me to become completely yours and to enjoy every inch of you. My nails are digging into your back as I find another place to sink my teeth into you. I close my eyes, tasting your skin, focusing on the sensation of you inside of me and the sweat allowing our bodies to glide together. I revel in the smell of our sex and it intoxicates me. I’m reeling with all of the emotions, desires and sensations.

You continue to make love to me. Penetrating me again and again, sliding slow and easy, dragging out our release. Your arms are around me and you’re holding me close as you stay inside. You look into my eyes, the look that tells me I am all you want and need. You lean close and kiss me and whisper how much you enjoy me.

You quicken a little, but only enough to bring the pleasure to a peak, closer to the release. I can feel it building in both of us, so close, so insanely comforting. Our bodies are welded together in sweat, heat and desire. Every inch of me is soaked from our actions and I love the feeling of sliding against you. I find another spot to bite and I moan against you again as I do so. I can taste your sweat and the taste is delectable. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a taste so much.

Your arms tighten around me as your thrusts continue. I can feel us getting closer with every thrust. I tell you how amazing it feels to have you inside of me and I can see your smile in the dimly lit room. You whisper into my ear, telling me all the things I love to hear while you’re inside of me. I hold you tighter still as your cock continues to slip and slide along my walls. I can feel it coming, I can feel that release ready to shoot itself off. I call out your name as my insides twitch and tingle. My nails dig in harder and I kiss your neck as you also find your release.

You lie against me as your cock goes soft inside kartal escort bayan me. You hold me and kiss me while we lie there together, enjoying our bliss. You slowly roll off of me, but pull me close so I can rest my head on your chest. You tell me how much you love being with me, how good it makes you feel. You can feel my smile widen against your chest and you give me a little squeeze.

I swing a leg over you and climb on top. I rub my wet pussy against your flaccid cock, working on arousing you for another episode of the evening. I lean over you and grab something on the headboard. You hear a flick and see a flame appear as I light a candle. The light from the candle glints off the sweat on my naked body. You look at the glistening of my skin as I return my attention to you.

I run my hands along your chest and lean down to kiss you. Your hands are on my ass as I gently rotate my hips against you, feeling as you start to regain your hardness. I smile as I kiss you because it always pleases me when I cause your cock to harden. My hands roam your body as yours move from my ass to my thighs. Then up along my stomach until you have both my breasts in your hands. You play with my nipples as you look into my eyes, watching me as I bring you to attention again.

When you’re ready, I raise myself up and reach down to guide you inside. I slide down along your cock and just wait a moment, feeling you fill me. I close my eyes and just enjoy the moment of feeling you inside. I slowly rotate my hips against you as you watch my body move in the candlelight. Your hands continue to grasp and squeeze my breasts as I move. I still have my eyes closed and my head is back a little as I put my hands on your thighs to brace myself.

You look down and see our connection as I lift and lower myself, still slightly rotating my hips as I do so. I move slow and steady, sliding easily and feeling the pressure of you inside of me. I rise and allow you to slip out. You move your hand to help yourself back inside but I tell you no. I turn myself around and remount you facing away. You watch as my ass comes down in front of you and my pussy engulfs your cock.

I place my hands on the bed for stability as I slide quickly along you. The sensation is so intense that I immediately start to moan as I take all of you inside me. You can feel the wetness dripping out of me along your cock and down between your legs. I ride you, moaning, as you place your hands on my hips. I can’t move too fast for fear of it ending too quickly. I slip up and down along your shaft, consuming the sensations. I grab at the bedsheets as I move, knowing I can’t draw it out too long as this position feels so incredibly good and satisfying.

Your hands are pushing me down against you as I move. I feel the strength and need in each of your pushes. This arouses me even more and I’m calling out your name again. Telling you how much I want to please you. I can feel your nails digging into my hips as your forcefulness increases. I am so close and every part of my body is on edge with the anticipation.

I quicken my motions and move my hands from the bed to your thighs. You pull in air through your teeth as you feel my nails sink into the tender skin. I’m screaming as your cock brings me to orgasm again and my insides quake. Your cock tremors as you also find your completion and your grip tightens for a moment.

I remain mounted on you a moment longer and then lift myself off. I lay against your chest and intertwine my legs in yours. I let out a very satisfied sigh against you as you kiss my forehead. My mind can give me amazing pleasure, but it pales in comparison to what you can give me. And I go back to missing you once more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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