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I’ve just met this guy online and we have been talking. Lately our talks have become more sexual. He has really been turning me on with some of the things he fantasizes about and I am very attracted to him. One of his recent fantasies as been on my mind and I’m thinking how hot it would be to full fill that fantasy. One night we start to chat and he brings up the fantasy again. In his fantasy he slips in to her house late at night, while she is sleeping. He then begins to wake her using his mouth and hands until she cums all over his face. This sounds like a wonderful way to be awaken to me. I get up my nerve and ask him if he would like to play it out. After a few moments he replies back and says he would love to if I would be interested. I think about it for a minute and tell him yes. I give him my address and tell him I will be waiting.

I go take a shower, lathering up my body. I’m turned on so it’s hard not to take matters on myself but I want to wait for my midnight lover to arrive. I get out dry off and go lay down in my bed. The first part of his fantasy is that I’m lying in my bed naked and asleep as he slips into my room. I lay there trying to fall asleep but bostancı escort it’s not easy when to sleep as the anticipation of what’s to come play’s around in your mind.

I finally fall asleep right before midnight. I’m starting to think maybe he won’t show. I left a key for him to come in with as part of his fantasy is to slip into my house after I am in bed. I wouldn’t leave the door unlocked but did leave a key for him to come in.

I’m lying in bed totally naked and suddenly I feel a tongue slid across my right nipple. I lay still waiting to see what comes next. His tongue continues to swirl around my now very hard nipple as his hand slides down my stomach. He slides a finger through my pussy lips to gently rub my clit as he pulls my nipple into his hot mouth. I let out a soft moan of pleasure as he continues to stroke my clit and suck on my nipple. He scraps his teeth across the hard bud of my nipple as he slides one finger inside. By this time I’m wet and his finger slides easily in and out and back up over my now swollen clit. He moves to the other nipple and begins to pay it some attention as he slides another finger inside. He continues ümraniye escort bayan to stroke my pussy and suck my nipples as I let out another moan of pleasure.

He slowly starts to leave my nipples, kissing his way down my stomach. He moves to settle his body between my thighs as he continues kissing his way around to my hip. He moves down lower, kissing my inner thigh as he spreads my legs out wider to have better access. I’m so hot now I know it won’t take much to make me cum. He lowers his head and runs his tongue over my clit. I moan as he starts to slowly lick my pussy paying special attention to my clit. He continues to lick and suck on my clit as he slides two fingers inside my pussy. Slowly sliding his fingers in out as he continues licking my swollen little nub. He takes it into his hot mouth sucking gently as he picks up rhythm with his fingers. I start to moan louder now and grab a hand full of his hair. I know it want be long until my orgasm takes me. He starts to suck harder as his finger fuck my throbbing pussy. I start to buck my hips as I get closer and closer. I’m on the edge now and he knows it. He moves his fingers faster and sucks kartal escort harder until I explode all over his face. My juices are running down between my legs as he continues to lick every drop.

He slowly moves up my body to rest his hips between my thighs. He lowers his head to cover my mouth with his. I can still taste myself on his lips as he slides his tongue into my mouth for a very hard and demanding kiss. I can feel his erection slid over my wet pussy. He reaches down as slowly slide his cock into me. He pulls back and slides back in again going deeper with each thrust. He breaks our kiss and reaches down to grab both my legs and pull them up onto his shoulders as he drives back into me again. He continues this slow rhythm, in and almost all the way out before pushing back in as deep as he can. He starts to move faster, burying his cock deep in my hot wet pussy. I start to moan as I tell him faster and harder. I feel my orgasm building again as continues to pound his cock into me over and over. I dig my nails into his shoulders as I cum again, he continues fucking me fast and hard as his own orgasm claims him.

He collapses on top of me trying to catch his breath. We lay there for several minutes before he raises his head and smiles at me. I smile back and he says, “Hi, I’m Michael, it’s nice to finally meet you.” I tell him my pleasure and ask what other fantasies does he have. This is one I will remember for a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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