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Walking across campus to the art building, my mouth was a little dry. We were going to meet the art teacher, do the paperwork, releases were necessary, and do our first class, all in one afternoon. It was early fall but the days were really warm and lots of students were outside on the lawns.

Remembering my friend in college who had done some life modeling, I was wearing a loose skirt and no panties. My top was a big old blue chambray front-buttoning work shirt and no bra. Lines on the skin, you see. I remembered she’d said that artists and photographers didn’t like lines from straps or waistbands.

I kept giving Harry sidelong glances. He was checking out the scenery. There was a lot of it. Most of the girls were wearing shorts, mini-skirts and tank or tube tops. I didn’t mind. Hey, I was checking out the hot young dudes, a few shirtless. By now Harry and I were pretty comfortable with each other.

We’d had some serious talks. Heart to heart. Mostly when we were chest to boobies and cock to pussy. We both knew our relationship was finite. Unlike kids just starting out who though they’d live forever, we couldn’t escape that Harry would probably die long before me. My view was I was gonna see that the rest of Harry’s life was a real happy time and I was going to have fun too, as long as we lasted. Harry agreed although I think he figured I’d get tired of him before he kicked off.

These little heart to heart talks almost always ended in mutual orgasms. Whooo!

Speaking of which, we passed one couple entwined on the lawn beside the path who must have been pretty close to their own orgasms. I don’t think they were actually fucking, but one of the girl’s big tits was hanging out for all to see and both had a hand in each other’s crotches.

So we got to the art department and found Elena the art instructor. She was a tall voluptuous Scandinavian type with big hips. Her hands were enormous. She could easily get them around my waist and maybe around Harry’s. “This will be fabulous,” she crowed clapping her hands. “We’ve never had two models for a session. This class is part of the adult continuing education course. So there is a range of talent, and of ages. We have graduate students as well as people from the community.”

I looked at Harry. He’d flinched a little when she said ‘from the community.’ I was going to ask him about it but Elena said we were running late so would we please change into the robes in the dressing room. We did and I grinned to discover that Harry was sporting a half-woody. “You old fart, this is turning you on, isn’t it?”

He slapped at my reaching fingers. “It’s just your hot young ass that’s getting to me,” he retorted. Smiling, we went into the studio. There were about fifteen easels set up in a rough semicircle around a posing bench. It’s a common prop, a small padded bench with two levels of seat. This one had a small back attached to one end. Elena took Harry by the hand and had him half recline on the bench with his right leg bent at the knee and his right arm outstretched and resting on his knee. Harry was still in his robe. She posed me reclining against Harry’s chest, my back to him, my head resting just under his chin. His legs were apart so I lay against his groin as well. I was to cross my upper arm just under my bosom and my other arm lay at my side in total relaxation, fingers half curled. We tried the pose and I could feel that Harry’s partial erection had gone away.

“Okay, I think that’s got it. Now lets lose the robes.”

I stood up and turned my back to the students, whipped off the robe and handed it to Elena. Her eyes roamed my body and I could tell she liked what she saw. When Harry removed his robe she hardly glanced at him. He assumed his position and I pivoted toward the class and suddenly realized that my mouth was dry. Being naked in a group of frolicking also naked friends was a whole lot different from standing in the buff before several pairs of intently staring eyes of people who intended to put my form on canvas. I was nervous. My nipples reacted as if I’d touched them with an ice cube. I had a sudden desire to touch myself as I sank down onto my lover’s nude body. I didn’t.

Elena put her hands on me and adjusted my legs and my arm, brushing against one of my breasts as she did so. Harry reached under me and moved his cock to one side, presumably so I wouldn’t squeeze him too hard. Elena stepped back and addressed the class. “Now remember. This time it’s not interpretative. You want to reproduce the models and the pose as closely as possible. Almost as if you were making a photograph.”

Time passed and the only sounds in the room were soft murmurs from Elena as she commented on one or another drawing and the soft scratching sounds of the students’ drawing instruments. Then we took a break. I asked Elena if we could see the drawing but she shook her head saying that the individual artists would decide after canlı bahis another couple of sessions.

After the break we resumed our positions and I realized that Harry had eased his left arm, which was first draped over my bare shoulder, down a little so his fingers touched my breast. And now he was very subtly flicking one finger over my nipple. He was careful, always to never move when the instructor was looking our way. His teasing was having an effect. That nipple was hardening, rising, and I knew that Elena and the students could see it. Damn him.

His teasing began to have another effect that I could feel in the small of my back, right above the crack of my ass. After the break, when we had resumed out position, I’d settled a little higher on Harry so his cock rested right at the very top of the crease between my buttocks. Now he was starting to get an erection. Since his cock was pointing down, its tip began to tickle my nerves right there. I figured he was doing it deliberately, sending a messenger from his body to mine. He already knew how sensitive my anus was.

More teasing. I squirmed a little, pushing my body up on Harry a few millimeters at a time. Harry’s cock didn’t get much thicker when it rose up seeking pussy, but it got a little longer. Guys are different, just like we women. Some cocks get thicker and no longer, others the opposite. Harry got longer. Not much, but enough so it was worth taking into account in certain circumstances, like now.

His cock got longer and harder. I could feel his breathing change. Hell, I was consciously trying to avoid panting out loud now. Pre-cum leaked out of his pecker. I was surprised I could feel it. His finger bapped my nipple. I heard a reaction from a student. There was a ripple of sound from outside the studio and I realized that classes were changing.

“All right, class. We’ll continue tomorrow with these two, but let’s show some appreciation for this lovely couple.” Everybody applauded briefly. If Elena’s words carried a hidden meaning, I doubted the class noticed. I had a different problem. As I began to shift off Harry’s lap, I had to be careful not to crush him. I didn’t want to damage that equipment that gave me so much pleasure, did I? And I didn’t want to expose Harry to an embarrassing scene. I pivoted on one knee and stood up with my back to the students and grabbed my robe off the floor. Harry’s cock rose from his crotch and pointed at me. I opened my robe as I got off the posing bench to shield him. Harry stood up and instead of putting on the robe, he just held it in front of him to conceal his erection.

“Thanks for covering up,” Elena said, referring to our little maneuver. “This class isn’t ready for that kind of bodily reaction. It won’t be a problem for the evening class. They’re older and more mature. In fact,” Elena paused and looked at us, “you might want to think about posing with some level of eroticism for them, at some time.” She gave me a sidelong glance and then left us to dress.

“I think she’s attracted to you,” Harry murmured as we made our way back outside. “How do you feel about that?”

More to the point, how do you feel about it?” I asked. “I’m okay. I mean, I’m not particularly interested in having sex with her, but I can’t help but like that she approves of my body.”

“Have you ever?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, a couple of times early in college. It was nice, as I recall, but nothing to write home about.”

Harry laughed. “You probably wouldn’t have even it had been great. I asked because it’s another aspect of sex I know little about. I mean I’ve watched some lesbian sex on tape, but I’ve never talked to a lesbian about her emotions during sex. And why women instead of men.”

“I get it,” I said. “Now, what time do we have to be back here for the adult class?” It turned out we had almost four hours, time for a drink, a little nosh and even a quick roll in the hay. It was quicker than I wanted because Harry came too fast. We just weren’t in synch that afternoon, but it led to an interesting connection.

At seven we were back in the basement studio, lying naked together in a similar pose. There was a bigger group of students this time and right away it was obvious they were more comfortable with our nakedness. I have to describe the pose. Harry was lying on his back with one leg bent at the knee and his head back on the top of the bench. I was half-lying on him so my hip and fanny were more prominent. The instructor posed me with lots of hand contact, pushing my legs this way and that, moving my arms. Finally she was satisfied. I was curled on Harry’s body with my head down, resting on him just where his belly button was. That put my face just inches from his cock. It was a nice view, one I’d enjoyed many times in our relationship. Harry was a little uncomfortable, being that exposed, at least at first. I could tell that from the side, my thighs were closed and pushing my bahis siteleri sex back so it was exposed under my fanny.

Things went along the usual way for about forty minutes. The poses were comfortable so we weren’t experiencing any serious muscle cramps. This group of artists was more vocal, they chattered among themselves and the instructor talked louder. But then Harry started to get an erection.

I admit, I was a little complicit. I started breathing a little harder and pursing my lips when I exhaled. I knew from past experience that Harry liked that feeling and when I saw his cock start to react, I blew a little harder. After a few minutes of this teasing, Harry was half hard and one of the artists complained. “I can’t get the penis quite right. It keeps moving.”

There were giggles and another woman said, “I’m finding it more interesting, not less.”

Elena said, “Sketch faster, or wait a few minutes and work on other parts of their bodies.”

A man I couldn’t see said, “I’m just going to sketch the genitals, so I guess I’ll wait for what develops.”

Now there was some general laughter and the first woman said, “yeah, me too, half-mast doesn’t quite make it, to my mind.”

“I don’t think your mind is where that cock is aimed.”

Elena laughed and reminded the class that they were supposed to be serious about their art. There were some snorts and Harry’s cock continued to rise. It was almost at full tilt and although he didn’t have a massive penis, it was nicely modeled and the veins stood out in the lighting from above. Complimentary murmurs floated around and a voice whispered, “Kiss it.”

At first I wasn’t sure if I’d heard it or if my mind was talking to me. But then the voice came a little louder and I could tell that several people in the class had heard it. I started to get wet, and I heard the man behind us on the far right edge of the room exhale. He had the best straight on view of my pussy and my fanny. I curled my head just a little lower and opened my lips. The room got silent and I could almost feel the concentrated attention. Would I kiss that offering? I was getting hot, both emotionally and actually. Sweat trickled down my armpit and my sex was getting damper. Harry mumbled something, but he increased the pressure from his arm so I figured he wasn’t exactly unhappy. His cock twitched.

I opened my lips a little more and stuck my tongue out. The tip of my tongue touched his tip and the little eye in the end of his cock. His lubricating fluid was building up and a tiny string swayed between his cock and the tip of my tongue . It was very fragile and didn’t last long but while it was there, glistening, in the overhead light, I could tell most of the eyes in the room were fixed right there, on the end of Harry’s cock. I thought it was great. Then the gossamer thread broke and so did the mood.

“Okay, class, let’s give these folks a break. Fifteen minutes and then we’ll try a different pose.”

I rolled up on my knee and stood. I didn’t try to shield Harry this time and when he sat up, he didn’t seem embarrassed at all. I leaned down and kissed his nose.

“Nice,” he whispered. “Can we look at what they’re doing?” Elena was standing next to us, rubbing her hand on my shoulder and she nodded. So we got up and Harry stretched to work out a little stiffness in his shoulder and I was surprised he didn’t reach for the robe. Instead he smiled and put his arm around my bare shoulder and dressed like Adam and Eve, we walked out of the light and around the semi-circle so we could see what the students were doing. They were all working with charcoal or pencil so the images were quick element studies.

The first one was the man way to the right and behind me. His last sketch was just my fanny and hips and of course, my pussy, which he’d exaggerated quite a bit, especially my inner lips. When I stopped by his easel he grinned and said, “I guess I’ imagining what your lips will do when you get excited and are approached by a big penis.”

“I guess you are,” I smiled, “but I think it would be hard to walk if my pussy was actually as big as you’ve drawn. But you sure caught the glisten from when I leaked.”

“It was hot,” he said. “I know you guys are in a relationship, but if you ever want a threesome, I’d love a chance to eat you out.”

I was surprised at his bluntness. I checked Harry but he was already looking at the next easel. One of the women was still working at her pad. She’d caught Harry’s cock at full erection and she was enhancing the play of light. I wasn’t in the picture at all. I noticed that she was also checking Harry out from this much closer position. I thought she was about to take hold of his now almost flaccid pecker, but he smiled and we moved on.

We had some water and Elena came back into the room with several students. They’d been talking in the hallway outside the class. “I want to ask you all something, bahis şirketleri including our models. Several of us would like to sketch something that’s even more erotic if you all agree, especially our models, because this pose would mean sexual touching, and for it to be most effective, you’ll have to keep Harry in an aroused state for several minutes.”

Everybody stopped and looked at us. I looked at Harry and he sort of shrugged and said, “I’m willing if you are.”

Elena smile and clapped her hands. “Great!” Jon, we need the big throne from the prop room. He went out and got this big old wooden arm chair and they put it in place of the bench. Then they put some old blankets over it to pad it. Harry sat in the chair and they put a pillow behind his back. That way his balls hung right at the edge of the seat. Elena placed me on a pillow on the floor between Harry’s knees. I was half-turned so there was a nice set of curves from my shoulder down along my hip and leg to my feet. I rested my head on Harry’s naked thigh with my head right by his crotch. My right arm was under my head along his thigh and my other hand was placed so I could hold his cock in my left hand. Except for the way Elena positioned my legs, I’d given Harry head on several occasions from that very position.

“Now, Alice, you have to get him erect and keep him that way for as long as possible. But you can’t shift your position and you can’t be too active with your hands.”

“Can I use my tongue?” I asked. Harry snorted.

“I’d rather you didn’t, this time. At least not after he’s got it up.”

So I leaned in and kissed his penis. Then I ran my tongue around the head. I slid my left hand under his balls and tickled him. I knew that would get a reaction. I was right. Harry’s instructions were to just passively watch me work on him with his back straight and his head bowed toward me. Having an audience helped. I didn’t even have to stick a finger in his ass. In short order Harry’s six and a half inches was sticking proudly out parallel to the floor and bobbing gently up and down.

I put my head in place on his thigh and winked at him. He was grinning and trying hard not to laugh. It was erotic and funny at the same time, and got more so as the time went on. Every so often I’d see him start to sag a little and I’d wiggle the fingers of my left hand. They were nestled in his crotch at the base of his cock. I could squeeze him and make tiny back and forth motions just the way I sometimes did when his cock was inside me.

After about a half hour, I figured most of the students had at least a couple of studies and I was starting to get a little bored so I decided to play a little game. The next time Harry’s cock sagged a little, I pumped him up a little more than necessary. Of course that mean after I stopped, he’d come down a little quicker. So I’d have to pump him a little harder. I was very careful, but we both knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he’d ejaculate, if I kept going as I was.

“So what time is it, lover?” I whispered. He could see the clock on the wall but I couldn’t.

“It’s close to ten, almost time to go. Or come.” He grinned.

So I jacked him a little harder the next time and I could tell he was trying to keep from exploding. But of course, men can never completely control it when they get close to that edge. So I made a big O with my lips and wiggled my tongue in that erotic way I have. At the same time I squeezed and jacked his penis a little harder. It was beautiful. Harry inhaled suddenly and grunted loud enough so everybody heard. Then he gushed out a really nice thick gout of sperm. He got me on the cheek with the first spasm. Then he had two more, smaller ones that ended on my bare chest. It was a pretty impressive performance for the old guy, and I could tell he was actually pleased.

So were the students. There were a couple of gasps and what sounded to me like one of the women came right after Harry did. Didn’t surprise me. Fluid was running down my crotch. I was aroused and wanted a prick inside me right then. But of course now I’d have to wait for Harry to recover. The class broke up then and we left. It was dark, rambling across campus. So I had a little fun with Harry. I stripped off my shirt and posed under a street light halfway across campus.

I stuck my hand in his pocket and played with his balls. I talked loudly and told him how hot I was and how much I wanted him. Harry’s a good sport and he was just a little embarrassed, afraid we’re run into Leon or one of his old colleagues. But we didn’t. I took his hand and stuck it in my pants, but it was hard to keep walking that way.

“C’mon, babe, I’m hot. I want your body. Why won’t you fuck me?” I was deliberately talking too loud. Harry had given up trying to shush me. He just hurried on. I had to trot to keep up. “C’mon, baby,” I whined again. “I need you to fuck me right now.”

From a dark clump of bushes, a few feet off the path a deep male voice said, “If he won’t do it, I will,” followed by an immediate sound of a hand smacking flesh. Then giggles. Harry and I trotted a little faster toward home and our big bed.

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