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The story continues as the officers seem to be heading towards a breakup. Both have been involved outside their relationship and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.


Alana was in the women’s locker room cleaning up from our recent encounter. I stayed in the office to put myself back together and cover for Alana. I noticed the time on the computer and realized that if I had held out a bit longer, day shift would have walked in on a hell of a show. Alana stepped out of the locker room just as the day shift walked in. Alana gave report to her relief as did I. We stepped out into the parking lot, to head home and Alana suddenly turned and throwing her arm around my neck, kissed me.

“Well Johnny, I guess I’ll see you tonight.” She quipped. She jumped into her car and drove off.

I got in my truck and headed out to my place. Driving home, I remembered that Jess was waiting there, for me, to do with as I saw fit. All the way home, I contemplated what debauchery I was in the mood for, this morning. As a result, I arrived at home with a raging hard-on. I skidded to a stop in my parking lot, threw the truck into park and hurried into the apartment.

Jess was asleep next to Janice, the two of them wrapped around each other. Both were naked as the days they were born. I still marveled over Janice’s beautiful breasts. Jess’s gorgeous bottom had me drooling. I tapped Jess on her shoulder and she looked up at me.

“Good morning, my sweet.” I said. “Time to rise and shine.”

She extracted herself from Janice and slipped out of bed. She reached for her robe and I put my hand on her arm as it to tell her she wouldn’t need it. I crooked my finger at her, ordering her to follow me.

We headed down the hall to my room. When we got there, I pulled Jess to me and kissed her hard. I felt her mouth open and her little tongue poke out, into my mouth. My hands dropped to her waist and I pulled her close to me, my erection pressing against her taught belly.

“First, you need to join me in the shower. I’ve had a long day.” I ordered.

I opened the door and turned the shower on to warm up. I turned back to Jess and ordered her to get me undressed. She responded by unbuttoning my shirt and sliding it down my arms. Next, she dropped to her knees, untied and unlaced my boots and took them off. Jess reached up and unbuckled my belt, unclipped and unzipped my pants. She pulled them to the floor and I stepped out of them. I stood there with Jess, on her knees, in front of me. As tempting as it was to let her suck my dick, for a while, I had different ideas, in mind.

We stepped into the shower, which was nice and hot, by this time. I handed Jess a cloth and the soap and told her to get to work. She wet the cloth and starting at my shoulders, gave me a good scrub down. As she worked her way down my body, it felt like she was taking off the top layer of shin, along with the sweat and dirt from the previous night. When she got down to my groin, Jess squeezed some soap out into her hand. She started to gently wash my cock and balls by hand. This action started me on my way to a raging erection. Jess responded by wrapping her hand around me and sensuously stroking me. I stopped her and told her “Not yet”.

She looked up at me and continued to scrub me down. She took the shower nozzle and rinsed me off. We climbed out of the shower and she began to dry me off. When she finished, I bent down and kissed her hard. She responded by pulling me closer to her and pressing her belly against me semi-erect cock.

I broke away from her and ordered her to go back to her room and put on her sexiest outfit. Then she was to return to my bedroom.

I watched her beautiful ass, as she trotted down the hallway. She went into her and Janice’s room and I heard her rummaging around in their closet. In the meantime, I went back into my room to prepare my little surprise for her.

By the time Jess returned, I had finished my alterations to my room. She knocked on my closed door and I told her to come in. She opened the door and my jaw dropped. She was standing there, in the doorway in a red corset canlı bahis with garter straps. These were clipped to a pair of red, silk, stockings. She also was wearing a pair of thong panties and the outfit was completed by 6-inch stiletto heels. I felt myself immediately getting harder.

When Jess looked into the room, she was somewhat taken aback. She instantly noticed the alterations to the room. Four soft restraint straps were attached to the bed, one in each corner. There were a few “toys” on the nightstand, as well as a tube of lubricant. Jess looked up at me with both a quizzical and an apprehensive look on her face.

I took her in my arms and kissed her, again. She opened her lips and I sent my tongue exploring as deep as it would go. My hands were drawn to her breasts. I massaged them through the silk bra portion of her corset. I felt her nipples stiffen and grow.

I slid my hands down the sides of her body, hooking my thumbs on the waistband of her panties and pulling them off. I moved her towards the bed and sat her down on the edge.

“You’re mine, for 48 hours, right?” I asked.

Jess just nodded her head.

“OK. Move to the center of the bed and lay on your belly.”

She was a bit apprehensive, but followed my orders. She moved onto the center of the bed. I took one hand and looped the restraint around her wrist. I repeated this on her other wrist and on each ankle. I left enough slack on the straps to allow for some movement. But not enough to allow her to release herself. I climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of her. My cock was directly in her face.

“Suck it.” I ordered her.

She tongued my hardening meat and managed to drag me into her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around the head as she took me into her mouth. I felt myself getting stiffer as he started applying a gentle suction and her head began bobbing up and down. Each time my cock entered her magical mouth, she took it deeper and deeper, until she had the entire length down her throat.

I withdrew from her hot mouth, hesitantly. I would have loved to pump my load down her throat, but I had other plans for Jess. My meat was dripping with her saliva as I hopped off the bed and walked to the foot. I climbed up behind Jess and settled between her legs. I pulled her hips up. I spread her ass cheeks wide and pressed the head of my cock against her tight backdoor. I felt Jess stiffen with trepidation. Her sphincter tightened up and she looked back at me, over her shoulder. There was fear in her eyes.

“Please, I’ve never taken it in the ass before.” Jess whimpered.

“Well, you’re mine for 48 hours. So, I guess you’ll learn to.” I told her. “Just relax. You think I’m going to be rough, your first time?”

I guess she made her decision, because suddenly her muscles relaxed and the head of my cock slipped past her ring. I heard her groan and start breathing fast. I stopped, letting her get used to having something force its way into her backdoor.

As her breathing slowed, I pushed a little further in. We kept repeating this process, until I had half my cock in her. I slowly started to pull back, withdrawing my shaft. She made a little sigh, as if she was getting used to it. When I had only the head left in her, I suddenly reversed, again. This time with more force, driving my hardon all the way into her, my balls slapping into her pussy lips.

Jesse screamed into the pillow that was under her. Again, I held in place, letting her adapt to the new sensations. I started rocking in and out of her, slowly. She was still whimpering, but now it was a combination of pain and pleasure. I could feel her tight ring, still trying to resist my invasion starting to relax even more. Entering her was getting easier.

I started pumping in and out of her faster and harder. Jess actually started pushing back as I would thrust forward. I reached around her waist and quickly ran my fingers over her clit and felt the dampness of her pussy. As I touched it, she arched her back and moaned loudly. I started to lightly rub her swollen button and she started to grind her cunt into my hand, moving her ass around my cock bahis siteleri at the same time.

“Yes, yes, yes” I heard her whispering “I’m gonna cum, boss.”

I pressed harder on her clit and started rubbing faster. I was pounding my cock into her ass as she bucked and jerked against me. Suddenly, she stiffened again, but this time I felt her back tunnel tighten even more on me and a large gush of liquid shot out of her cunt, as Jess came hard.

I felt my own climax building in my groin and slowly backed out of her asshole. I started stroking my hardon. I felt my cum rising and let it fly, shooting ribbons onto her back and giant ass cheeks. It ran down her thighs, mixing with her own juices to form small puddles on the sheets.

Jesse collapsed onto the bed, spent. I rolled to her side, exhausted.

“My asshole is so sore, right now.”

“Don’t worry.” I told her. “It gets better each time.”

She looked at me with a cross between fear and anticipation, in her eyes. I kissed her and we both drifted off.

When I woke up, it was dark outside. I had a moment of panic as I thought I was going to be late for work. I looked over Jess’ head, at the clock and saw it was only 7 pm. I hopped out of bed and took my shower. Went back into the bedroom and started putting on my uniform. As I zipped up my boots, I heard Jess.

“Are you going to let me loose, John?”

I turned to her and responded, “What’s my name?”


I laid a sharp slap across those gorgeous asscheeks of her’s. “Try again.”

“Lieutenant?” she whimpered.

Crack. Another smack and a yelp from Jess.

“Sir?” Whack.

“That’s close.”


“Much better.”

“Will master let me loose?”

“I’ll leave that up to your girlfriend, Janice. She might have some ideas, when she sees you.”

As I walked down the hall, passing the girls’ room, I knocked on the door and poked my head in. Janice was just stirring and had kicked the blanket off, sometime during the day. Her magnificent body was exposed and I felt a tingling in my groin.

She sat up and made no effort to cover herself. “Headed in?” She asked.

“Yeah. I left you a present, in my room. Do with it what you will.” ‘Just remember, its mine again, when I get home.”

I left and went out and got in my truck, heading in for my shift.

I arrived at the station and saw that Alana was already there. I parked next to her van and went inside. I found Alana sitting in the office, drinking her coffee and talking with Reah Hicks, a Lieutenant from the evening shift. I knocked on the office door, not wanting to walk in on a personal conversation, between the two of them. Rhea was also our union delegate.

They waved at me and beckoned me into the office. I went in and sat behind the desk. Alana asked if I minded taking the office, that night.

“You know its never a problem. I’m easy.”

Alana joked, “Yeah, I’d heard that.”

“Just grab me a coffee, while you’re out there,”

“Sure, no problem. I’ll see you in a while.”

She headed out on the road and I settled in to get my work done. Around 1 a.m., I had most of my work done and all that I was waiting for was the last crew to come in. After that, I could shut down and relax for a couple of hours.

The phone rang, which at 1 a.m. was rather odd. The only one’s still up were a couple of EMTs in the main office and the crews, but Alana was on the road and the crews should be calling her. I answered it.

“Station 5. Lieutenant Simpson.”

“John, its me.”

It was Ellen. I knew that this conversation was coming, but I wasn’t looking forward to it.

“Yes.” I responded.

“I want to talk.”

“OK, so talk.” I said.

“Can I come over there?” She asked.

“If you want.”

The door to the station opened and Ellen came in. Apparently, she had been outside in the truck. Seeing her, I felt both anger and elation. I missed her immensely, but was still angry about her and the two EMTs. She came into the office and kissed me, then sat down.

“Johnny, I’m so sorry about what happened.”

“You bahis şirketleri didn’t look too sorry when you were being double-teamed, in our apartment.”

“Are you angry that I was getting fucked or because it was in the apartment?” She asked.

“I told you, if you wanted another threesome, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but you went behind my back.”

“I know.” She admitted. “I was just so fucking horny and I knew they posted close to me. I’m so sorry, John.”

“I just don’t know if I can trust you anymore.”

“John, don’t say that.” She begged.

“You have to give me more time. I’ll call you in a couple of days.”

“OK, John. Good night.”

She almost sounded like she was beginning to cry, as she hung up.

I looked at the clock. It was a 1:45 in the morning. I heard an engine outside the station. The last crew was coming in for the night. I sent Alana a message, over the computer, that I needed my coffee. I got a message back acknowledging. The crew came into the station, turned in their equipment and headed for the locker-room. The door opened again, and Alana entered the station with my coffee. She shut off the station lights as she came across the floor.

She came into the office and came over and kissed me. I felt her tongue trying to push past my lips. I opened my mouth and let her invade. I felt her tongue dancing around in my mouth. She broke the kiss and handed me my coffee.

“That was a bit of a surprise.” I said.

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises.” Alana said.

“Well, you nearly got a surprise yourself. Turn around.”

The crew from the last truck was just walking out of the locker room. Alana started turning red. The crew waved goodnight and left the station.

I turned to her and inquired “What were you thinking? You know there is a crew that goes off at 2.”

“I couldn’t help it.” Alana said. “I knew you were here and I’m interested in a repeat from last night.”

She got up from her chair and walked across the office. She pulled my rolling chair out, from under the desk and turned me towards her. She sat down on my lap, facing me. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. Her lips mashed on mine, her tongue slipping into my mouth, again. This time I let it in, sucking on it and sending mine deep into hers.

We separated, with Alana standing and walking towards the women’s locker room. As she moved across the floor, her ass swinging side to side, she started removing her uniform shirt, dropping it on the floor. I followed her like a puppy. Next to go was her bra, loosing her breasts. She opened the door to the locker room and we walked inside. Alana spun, grabbing me by my shirtfront.

“Let’s go, Johnny, I need some dick really bad.” Alana begged.

She started stripping off the remainder of her uniform. I joined her in the striptease. As soon as she got her boots off and her pants off one leg, she laid down on the bench. She saw me starting to get my boots off and just said “Fuck that Johnny, just get over here and fuck me.”

I walked over to her and dropped my pants and underwear. I pulled her panties aside, placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed forward. I slid in all the way, with one thrust. Alana moaned and lifted her hips up, to get me deeper into her. I wrapped my arms under her legs and lifted her lower half off the bench. I began a slow rhythm of pumping into and out of her.

She looked up at me and demanded “I said fuck me, damn it.”

I picked up speed and began slamming my cock into her. She started whimpering and yelling “Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me.”

I could feel the juices start flowing out of her pussy and her walls beginning to contract, around me. I kept hammering into her.

She yelled out “Oh yes, Johnny, I’m cumming.”

I began groaning as her cunt tightened around me. I felt the pumping action of her pussy and the beginnings of my own orgasm. She nodded at me as she realized I was about to cum. With one last thrust, I felt my cock jump and begin blasting my seed deep into her. I kept cumming as she drained me. I sat back on the bench, with my cock still buried in Alana, our cum draining out of her.

She looked down at me and just shook her head. “Wow, that was intense.”

I looked back at her “We better get dressed. Day shift is here soon.”

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