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Day Three

7.30 am

He’s gone when I wake up which saddens me. I shower and eat, sending him a very raunchy text saying just how much I miss him. He texts me back, saying that I looked so cute while I was sleeping that he couldn’t bear to wake me up, even to say goodbye.

8 am

I’ve got half an hour before I have to leave for work so I decide to make myself feel better. I put on some porn and use my favorite dildo (it’s the biggest one I have – almost as big as Tom’s dick but not quite – and Tom bought it for me as an engagement present and its been my favorite thing (beside his dick of course). I leave for work feeling a bit happier.

11 am

I check my phone during my break to find a message from Tom telling me that his mum has called him to ask him to help her with something. She lives about 2 hours away on the other side of the city so he’s decided he’s going to stay the night at her house. I reply back suggesting that I go with him as I haven’t seen his mother in a while. He says not to bother, judging my how late I slept this morning I seem really tired.

With that single message I know exactly what’s he’s doing. Tom doesn’t know that I know that’s he’s cheating on me and has been for the last three years. The girl he’s fucking is Holly, my best friend since college and the one that I’m seeing in just a few days for game night.

At first his cheating his hurt me, I gave him all of me, but I became dead set on getting revenge on him.

I love Tom with all of my heart, but sometimes he needs to be reminded that the best sex he’s ever had is with me. I don’t even really know why he goes to Holly, we’re so compatible. I suppose its because he’s constantly horny and wanting sex constantly, but I only do it when I like it. My body needs time to recover, but apparently his doesn’t.

1 pm

Luke, Holly’s long-term boyfriend, and one of my oldest friends (we met in preschool and I originally set them up) calls me and asks if he can come over.

Luke told me about Tom and Holly’s affair. He was originally going to forgive Holly and ignore it, but I convinced him to get revenge on them. While we were discussing plans we hooked up and have been hooking up every time they sneak away to fuck each other. I’m kind of glad Luke discovered their affair, because we wouldn’t have hooked up otherwise

5.30 pm

I use my vibrator and watching some porn to get me in the mood. I was feeling kind of flat and hungover last night, but coming a few times gets me horny again.

6 pm

Luke comes over as soon as he finishes work and it’s clear he’s been waiting for this. He tells me Holly has been on her period all week and hasn’t been reciprocating sex. She just finished today and she immediately calls Tom, which kind of hurt him. I assure him that’s he still amazing at sex and that puts him right back in the mood.

Luke isn’t that into foreplay, he just makes out with me while he undresses himself and then me. He then carries me upstairs into the room with the sheets that I’ve changed.

Luke loves anal and I love it too. Tom never does it, even though I ask him quite a bit and Holly hates it too, so I’m his only chance to do.

He puts me in the downward dog position, making sure to pin my arms behind my back. I squeeze his arm tightly as he enters me, even now, six months into this affair I still get a buzz every time we fuck. His fingers stroke the muscles in my back as they contract as he thrusts. He throws my long golden hair over the front of my face, wanting to see my body struggle to contain him.

I scream loudly which excites him even more. I don’t know why anal makes me scream, but I can’t help yelping loudly every time he pushes his dick harder and deeper into my ass.

He comes three times, something unusual for him, and he pulls out, so happy that I agreed to let him come over. He lies backward on the bed, his dick still erect, exhausted by my ass.

I immediately start giving him a blowjob for his efforts, he was so good tonight. He makes me watch him as I suck his dick, he loves my face as I do it. I don’t usually do this, my mouth reserved for Tom, but I had so much fun.

He lifts me up, turning me around and starts pinching my tits excitedly as he comes closer to his orgasm. He comes again all over my massive tits, and then motorboats me, before fingering me vigorously as I swallow his cum.

8.30 pm

Luke gets up to shower after he finishes and I order Chinese. I then join him in the shower. We just touch each other, bostancı escort still in awe of each other’s bodies. Tom is bigger than Luke, but only by a small bit. They both have large dicks that are constantly in need of being touched.

9 pm

After the shower is over we stop touching each other, eating the Chinese in bed (I changed the sheets again) while watching romantic movies. I love how quickly we can switch from lovers to good friends, eating takeout like we used to do before we started fucking.

Day Four

8 am

I wake up to an empty bed, the takeout boxes gone from my bedside. It’s no surprise that Luke has left, he doesn’t like to stay over just in case Tom comes back even though he wouldn’t suspect anything, Luke and I were so close and friendly.

I don’t have work until later today, the gallery doesn’t open until 12 because they are setting up a new exhibition. I am so glad to realize that, snuggling down back underneath the covers.

Everything hurts this morning, my pussy, my ass, my tits, my face, its as if my trysts from the last few days have caught up with me. I am so glad that I don’t have to do anything, I can just relax.

9 am

My phone lights up and wakes me again. It’s Holly, asking me if I want to have a coffee with her before work. Holly works as a part-time receptionist for Tom, that must be where their friendship stems from.

9.30 am

I force myself to get out of bed and get ready to see Holly. I’m already missing Tom and his dick, and its only been two days since I last saw him. The night with Luke had been amazing, but Tom and I were just so good together.

I run a bath for myself, relaxing my muscles further. My sleep-in this morning seems to have helped my aching body. I catch myself masturbating as I dream of Tom, his laugh, his smile and lastly, his cock. I flick on some porn and get my dildo back out, wanting that to be Tom’s dick more than anything.

10 am

I meet Holly who is acting normal, not like she was fucking my husband last night. I take some joy in knowing that I was fucking her boyfriend too.

Holly and I have been best friends since college and we share ‘everything’ with each other. Except well, our affairs.

12 pm

Holly and I head over to the gallery to look at the new exhibition. She loves it, complimenting the artist on their work. She requests some games for me to bring tomorrow night and I leave to go to work.

3 pm

I’m called to the reception when one of my old flames, Matt, comes asking after me by name. I haven’t seen him in almost five years so I’m surprised to see him standing before me. He’s got a beard now, auburn stubble forming on his cheeks and it makes him all the more attractive.

Tom and I don’t have an open relationship, but I know that Tom has cheated on me before, but Holly was the first long-term girl. I started hooking up with Matt during my last year of college after Tom started fucking another girl. Their relationship didn’t last long but me and Matt did, we were fucking for over a year. He was good friends with Tom, who he didn’t tell about our love affair. After we left college I never heard from him again.

He asks me for a fully-guided tour of the gallery to which I comply, explaining each work of art. He asks me about the new gallery, which about nude sculptures. Matt keeps whispering sexual things in my ear about everything he wants to do to the statute, obviously talking about me, and I start getting really horny.

“Isabella, that statue’s dick is big but guess whose is bigger”

“I’d like to know what underneath that tightly buttoned shirt”

He ends up standing behind me, his mouth close to my ear, doing an impression of what I sounded like shouting his name while we had sex. His hands are on my ass and I’m honestly so horny I don’t really care who I fuck.

I drag him into the staff bathroom and he unbuttons his pants, getting down to business. I’m glad I didn’t do the washing, suddenly not wearing any panties is a good thing. He pulls up my skirt and immediately starts fucking me against the wall. There’s no time for foreplay or anything we’re both afraid of being discovered. My lipstick ends up getting smeared all over his face annoyingly but that only makes him more horny. I know I should’ve gotten a condom from in my bag, but I was in too much of a rush to get off that I didn’t care.

He tells me how much he wants to feel how much my body has changed and passes me his number. He compliments ümraniye escort me on how good I still am, even after my messy college days, and my pussy is just glad to be fucked again.

Watching him leave makes me realize that that wasn’t a one time thing and I’m glad about it. Another dick to explore and fuck never hurt anyone. If I’m cheating on Tom with one guy what did another one do to hurt him?

5 pm

Tom texts me saying that’s he’s going out for drinks after work. I’m glad to have another lazy evening, my body still aches, especially after my tryst with Matt.

6.30 pm

Tom calls me with Luke and they ask me whether I want to go out with them. I refuse, saying that I’m really tired and Luke gives me a wink, knowing that I hurt a lot from last night. What they both don’t know is that my pussy hurts from Matt too. I’ve been having so much sex I honestly can’t really keep up.

7 pm

I finish doing the washing and replace the sheets like nothing happened

Day Five

3 am

Tom wakes me up when he comes home from his night out. I wait for him to come into the room, drinking makes him horny too, but am surprised that he decides to sleep in the guest room. He was being considerate after all.

8 am

I wake up first, feeling refreshed after my lazy day yesterday. I had had a graphic dream last night, between me and Tom. I lifted my nightgown up, finding my legs covered in my juices. I don’t have sex dreams a lot, we’d do a lot of what I dreamed of in real life so there was no need to. I decide not to clean myself up, hoping that my smell would put him in the mood. I wanted him so bad at this point, my pussy hadn’t been properly tended to since two nights ago now and it liked to be fucked often.

I make him a hangover drink and pancakes for breakfast. We liked to do small gestures like this for each other, reminding each other that we meant more to each other than just sex. I tried to control myself as I walked up the stairs, waiting to see him.

8.30 am

I bring him breakfast in bed which he is totally surprised by. He takes me in his arms, running his hands over my body and feeling me through my nightgown. It’s a normal gesture, we liked to feel each other often, but it make me so horny. He lifted my nightgown up, seeing how wet I already was, and laughed. He moved the duvet to show me that he was already hard and I hadn’t even taken my clothes off. It was so nice to know that I still excited him, even though we’d been together for ten years.

I watch him each the pancakes sexually, slurping up the syrup. Withing moments of him finishing his breakfast he’s talking about how he wants me to have his come for breakfast. I’m so glad he’s into the mood this morning, I’d been dreaming of him all of yesterday.

We have normal mushy, hungover sex. I like this style too, slow, good for when everything is a bit sore. I give him a hand-job as he sucks my tits and pinches them playfully. He’s a big fan of my boobs, I have always had rather large tits, he loves sucking them and playing with them.

9.30 am

I masturbate as he showers, wishing that we could just fuck forever. The thought of Tom is getting me off, I didn’t need porn or anything. I didn’t even notice him walk in, he loves watching me masturbate, but I find it difficult to get off when he’s watching me unless I’m extremely horny, which I am today.

He ambushes me, pleased that just the thought of him is getting me off. He watches me make myself come for a second time before he can’t take it any longer, he fucks me normally, missionary style. He isn’t sleepy anymore and I’m so glad that he’s back so he can fuck me more.

10.30 am

We head out in the morning to buy a birthday present for his father tomorrow. The whole time we’re both extremely horny and happy from the morning sex but we end up choosing a new wallet and bag for him that Tom assures me he will like.

12 pm

We meet our friends for lunch. Tom keeps nudging my leg and whispering things in my ear, I want him so bad. I end up giving him a hand-job under the table while everyone chats. He loves it.

We slip away from lunch together and head to the disabled toilet. We don’t do this a lot, but I love this type of naughtiness that people assume fades with married life. This stuff only increased when we got married.

He fucks me backwards quickly, but pulls out before he can come which only annoys him. He masturbates into the toilet as I watch, annoyed by the wasted come. I beg ümraniye escort him to fuck me again, he isn’t sure whether he’ll be able to pull out again quick enough, but at this stage I didn’t care. He pulls out and I give him a blowjob, swallowing his come.

Our friends suspect nothing, something that we both find so entertaining

2 pm

We get home and I throw up twice. Tom pats me on the back, comforting me as I do it. I had only eaten Tom’s come all day and this had caused me to throw up. Tom makes me my favorite smoothie and holds my hand as I throw up his come.

I watch Tom masturbate feeling poorly and annoyed that we weren’t having sex. He comforts me, telling me that we’ll get back from his father’s birthday party early and we can have all the sex we want then. We just end up making out for half-an-hour on the kitchen table like we used to do in the locker rooms at school.

5 pm

I’m feeling better as we make our way to Holly’s and Luke’s for game night. They both come to the door, excited to see us.

6 pm

We sit around chatting for a while as Holly finishes cooking dinner. She’s made her famous beef stew and I cannot wait to eat something beside a smoothie and some come.

6.30 pm

We start playing this role-playing game called Zombies. We add to the story, giving them backstories and personalities to their names. I have so much fun with Luke, Holly and Tom, It reminds me of the days when we used to play board games in Holly and I’s dorm room when we ditched classes (why we chose to play board games instead of fuck or go do something more interesting is beyond me)

10 pm

Holly and Tom volunteer to go to a cake shop and get us a selection of cakes for dessert while we pause the game. Luke and I don’t argue, claiming that we’ll clean up the drinks on the table.

As soon as they leave we’re in their bedroom, stripping each other of our clothes. Luke finds a condom, not wanting to cover me in cum.

He makes me lean on the bed, no foreplay, no nothing, my ass pushed out, as he fucks me in my ass. I don’t yell as he enters me, something that annoys me as my hole has become stretched by Luke’s dick. I push my cheeks close together, making it harder for Luke to fuck me. He roars in delight, loving this anal, it feels like the first time we did it when we were so set on hurting them, now we’re just doing it for our own enjoyment.

He comes and we know that our moment is over. We kiss as we dress each other, annoyed that we didn’t have enough time with each other.

10.30 pm

Holly and Tom arrive back, Holly’s hair looks a lot messier then when she left, but I decide not to comment. We eat the cakes happily, glad that the day had been such a success. We thank Holly and Luke for the night (I whisper in Luke’s ear thanking him for the sex) before heading home

11 pm

Tom and I drive home in silence. I immediately rush upstairs to take a bath to try and relax myself and Tom tidies up the house from our eventful week.

The door swings open and Tom is standing there, butt-naked, hoping and praying that I will let him into the bath tub. I nod and he enters the tub, ecstatic that I agreed to this.

He fucks me slowly, pushing his dick deeply into me, there’s no opportunity for foreplay in the bath, before becoming dissatisfied. He grunts, annoyed by the water and carries me into the bedroom.

He watches me, my pussy wet and wide open for him. Instead of fingering me like normal, he sticks his whole hand into my vagina. I scream loudly, the action hurts, but yet feels so very good. He hasn’t done to this to me in years, the last time he might’ve done this to me was on our honeymoon when we spent every moment of that week fucking everywhere; in public, in bed, in the shower, we tried everything.

He moves his fingers around, as my body started shaking as my orgasm developed. He was looking for something that he saved for only special occasions, my g-spot. His little finger hit it and my body shook as I had a big orgasm, my juices spilling all over him. Tom laughed, licking my juices off his own dick as his hand was deep in my pussy.

His fingers touched it and I could feel my body building again. He stuck his dick in me and thrusted hard, really hard and I climaxed again. I started panting loudly, Tom was making me come so hard.

He came himself and then he licked my juices off my legs. I was still panting, Tom knew that he had pushed me so hard. He lifted me up, taking me into the guest room. Tom’s actions definitely meant that the sheets were ruined, but I didn’t care. That was so enjoyable.

He pulled me next to him, lying my head on his chest, positioning his still hard dick against the crane of my neck, and I fell happily asleep, listening to his breathing.

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