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Big Dildo

They sat and read. Each had their own book. The house was silent except for the occasional page turn. She read on and on. She felt him looking at her. She looked up from the page she had just been reading. She stared at him without speaking, waiting for him to speak.

“Have you ever shaved your cunt?” he asked her boldly.

It did not cross her mind as odd or peculiar as she answered him, “Yes. I haven’t done it in awhile.”

“May I do it for you?”

“Yeah, sure. Right now?”

“Yes, I will get everything ready and call you over.” he told her.

She pretended to read as she saw him walk past her with a clean towel. A large bowl full of water. A chair. Shaving cream. A new razor. Finally, he said, “I am ready. Are you?”

“Yes.” She replied and stood to follow him into their bedroom.

“Take your panties off and put your ass at the foot of our bed. Spread your legs and put your feet on my shoulders.” He commanded.

She felt shy taking off her panties and following all canlı bahis his orders, but she did as she was told.

Once she was on the bed, he squeezed her thighs, rubbed her clit and looked her in the eyes and asked, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, absolutely.” She whispered.

He began to “prep her” as he said. He cleaned her cunt and applied shaving cream to her lips. He pressed down on her clit with his thumb and moved his hand to grab the razor.

She held her breath as he moved closer to her with the blades. He slowly brought the razor down and in a very small motion moved against her hairs. After a small swipe he picked up the blade and rinsed it in the bowl of warm water he had brought in.

This process repeated over and over again. Neither one of them spoke. He took his time and maneuvered her as he needed to reach different areas of her cunt. She was compliant and once relaxed, she found the experience to be very relaxing.

She thought about how much she trusted this man in front of her. bahis siteleri She looked at him with new eyes. Had she ever seen him treat anything in this delicate, loving way? Had she ever seen him so focused?

He grabbed a handkerchief and wiped the excess shaving cream off. He re-filled the bowl with warm water and carefully cleaned her cunt free of hairs and shaving cream.

“It’s beautiful.” He said. He brought over their freestanding vintage mirror.

“Look for yourself.” He said.

She looked and she looked at herself. She looked young, clean, and free. She began to touch herself and felt that she was very wet from the whole experience.

He kneeled in front of her and she watched in the mirror as he ate her shaved cunt.

He undressed and she took off her remaining clothes. He asked her to put her stomach on the side of the bed. Once again she did as she was told.

He thrust into her extraordinary wet cunt and began to fuck her doggy style. She turned her head and watched bahis şirketleri how they fucked in the mirror.

Her breasts bounced with each thrust. Her collar bone strained against having to hold herself up. His legs looked strong. His dick pumped in and out of her. He reached up to hold her breast. She did not feel him, but instead stared at what was happening in the mirror. He pulled her hair and her head shot back. She strained against his pull to watch as they fucked.

What she saw was two people who she vaguely knew. A woman with a shaved cunt and a big man with a big dick fucking her. He was having his way with her and she seemed to be enjoying it. She watched as the woman touched herself and her mouth and eyes screamed of joy.

Then she was this woman. She felt herself begin to orgasm and reached around to squeeze him and hold him inside of her. In his pleasure, he came right after her in angry, hard bursts that she could feel fill her cunt up.

As he pulled away, she sighed. Once she stood, she walked over to the mirror and as she put the mirror back in it’s rightful place, she glanced down at her shaved cunt and saw it dripping his semen.

His semen was the only thing left on her bare, shaved cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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