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Mala was again having differences with Kapil. This was nothing new. Mala never had a healthy married life from day one of her marriage. She had to go through immense pressures from her in laws and under all situations, Kapil stood by his parents. Moreover Kapil was always the dominating kind when it came to sex. He used to force Mala to do things which she never wanted including several uncomfortable positions and anal sex. In order to let things cool off, she along with her two daughters left his house and went to her parent’s place

Mala and Kusum were best friends and nothing was hidden between them. She often used to discuss her problems with Kusum but the best Kusum could do was to console her and try her best to keep her happy.

Though Mala did not mind oral sex but she always disliked the way Kapil used to force his cock down her throat. This was the last thing she wanted. She had never had her pussy eaten by Kapil because that was something he disliked.

Hygiene was another major problem with Kapil. Mala expected her man to be always clean especially before and after sex. Kapil had a bad habit of chewing tobacco but he never washed his mouth before having sex and always used to force his lips on Mala’s which she did not like at all. Their sex sessions never lasted beyond 4-5 minutes including undressing time and used to end once Kapil ejaculated and rolled over to sleep. That was it….. For Mala, it was just a humping session and not lovemaking. It was just like humping a whore. Even a whore enjoys sex at times, but Mala never did.

On the other hand Mohit and Kusum were a fine example of a made for each other couple having an excellent marriage. Mohit knew how to please his wife in bed. He allowed her to dominate in bed as and when required and ensure that she experiences all the heavenly pleasures. He was very concerned about his body and used to ensure timely manicures, pedicures, facials etc. He always used to make it a point to have a shower, clean his mouth and apply some good body fragrance before having sex. Their sessions also lasted for a reasonably good time.

Mohit really loved female company and used to feel proud when other ladies praised him before Kusum. Kusum was proud to have a husband like him and she used to boast about his good habits, manners and his adjusting attitude amongst all her friends. In fact some ladies always used to compare Mohit with their husbands and felt how lucky Kusum was.

Kusum shared everything about her and Mohit with Mala including their healthy sex life. Mala always felt happy for Kusum. At the same time she used to admire Mohit for being such a nice husband. She always used to compare him with Kapil and used to wonder what sin she had committed that she was cursed to marry Kapil.

Mala was a gorgeous woman and carried a voluptuous body. At 34 and a mother of two, she had an excellent body. Glancing down at her own body, comparing it with any other woman’s body, Mala knew that she would win hands down in a beauty contest. Mala was proud of body and how well preserved it was.

Waves of shimmering Hyderabad heat bounced up from the slate border of the courtyard as Mala sat up. Her skin, already a deep bronze was glistening with sweat on a hot. On a Saturday afternoon, there was a major power failure in Mala’s locality. She was informed by the Electricity Board that it might take more that 24 hrs to restore the power. She called up Kusum and informed about the problem. Kusum called her over to her house and stay there till the time the power was restored. Mala went over and was greeted by Kusum and Mohit. They had lunch and lazily sat in the living hall chatting and watching TV. Mala looked over at her friend, Kusum and her husband, Mohit. They were ignoring her as they playfully picked and poked at each other.

“Mala you may go to sleep if you would like to” Kusum said pointing towards the guest Room…

“Looks like two of you want me to leave” Mala said teasingly

“Don’t be silly… It’s like your own house. Just relax” Kusum assured her.

After some time Mala finally said “It’s definitely time for a nap”, she mumbled, sitting up slowly, feeling her big, pendant breasts wiggle and roll heavily under the tight thin blouse. “Are you guys still going to watch TV or going to get naughty” Mala said looking at Mohit.

“What, huh,” Mohit laughed, looking at Mala as Kusum tickled him, “what, uh, what did you say, Mala?” “I said I am going inside,” she repeated herself, swinging her legs off the easy chair. Mohit and Kusum stopped teasing each other for a moment and watched her get up. Mohit couldn’t help admiring Mala’s shapely breasts that were barely covered by her skimpy blouse. He watched them appreciatively as they wiggled and bobbed enticingly. Her breasts were lovely he thought.

God it would be wonderful to bury his face down between them and try to suffocate himself in their warm softness. Mala was wearing a thin voile blouse and its brevity gave him a new insight on just how beautiful canlı bahis she really was. “Too bad, that Kapil never bothered about her or maybe had lost interest in her” Mohit thought. Still, the blouse hid only some of her abundant charms and her beauty was so captivating, it was working magic… Watching her rise, he saw that her whole body was glistening seductively with sheen of perspiration that highlighted every fetching curve and cranny of her beautiful body. Suddenly, Mohit felt a perverse twinge of excitement course through his hardening cock as he looked on with fascination. He felt himself becoming aroused watching Mala’s walk towards her room.

Cursing himself for even thinking about her in a sexual way, he shamefully turned away from her and focused his attention back on Kusum. “Hey, let us go upstairs and do it?” he whispered to Kusum, reaching over and squeezing her breast through the thin material of her sleeveless kurta. “What about Mala,” Kusum asked him, smiling mischievously as she watched over his shoulder as Mala disappear into the guest room. “She’ll go to her room and have a nap,” he laughed softly as he felt Kusum’s hand steal down to his throbbing manhood. “Wow, you are ready, aren’t you?” Kusum snickered, tickling his rock hardness through material of his shorts. “You’d better believe it,” he groaned, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that Mala was gone so that he could straighten out his growing difficulty.

“What made you so hard,” Kusum grinned at him. “You,” he lied, feeling her hand rubbing his bulging cock through his bathing suit. Pulling Kusum into his arms, Mohit rubbed his hard maleness against her groin as he kissed her long and deep. They stood on there kissing for several moments, their tongues exploring the other’s mouth wickedly until they finally they had to break for air. “Wow,” Kusum panted, feeling her nipples harden with expectation, “you’re making me hot, too.” “Good, let’s go,” Mohit puffed, taking her hand and roughly dragging her to their bedroom. “How do I feel,” Mohit asked her, quickly pulling his shorts down to reveal his jutting manhood. Mohit had a long and a thick cock and Kusum was always proud of it, but somehow, it seemed that there was an extra inch added to it. “Oh, My, Wow,” Kusum blushed, reaching out and taking hold of his throbbing maleness, “how come you’re so big?”

“You make me big,” he grinned sitting down beside her. Wrapping both of her hands around Mohit’s massive cock, Kusum found that still over half of his great peter still jutted up above her clenched fists. “God, it must be at least a foot long,” she said adoringly as she ran her hands up and down the entire length of its rigid stiffness. “Almost, but I’m an inch short,” he gloated, slipping his fingers under the waist band of her bikini bottom. “Big deal, one little inch,” Kusum snickered as she let him skillfully undo the knot of her salwar and pull it down her long, shapely legs.

“Oh, you are horny, aren’t you?” she tittered excitedly as he suddenly began forcing her down onto her back.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you all afternoon,” he panted, pushing her down on to the bed. “I could tell,” she giggled, spreading her legs apart to reveal her youthful, little fuzz covered womanhood.

Looking down at her pussy, Mohit saw the soft, curls of hair that covered her pussy. Grinning expectantly, she continued to spread her legs apart wider and wider. The opening of her puffy little cunt was sticky with her wetness and the fleshy lips surrounding it were stuck together hiding her inner sanctum. Then, as she spread herself wider, the lips finally parted and her cunt gaped open, wet and ready. “God, you have a beautiful pussy,” Mohit groaned, clumsily scrambling to his hands and knees. Lying on her back looking up at him, Kusum stared at his huge, thick cock, slashing back and forth angrily as he crawled up between her outstretched legs.

“Every time we do it, I don’t think it will fit,” she whispered fearfully, “but it always does.”

“I don’t know how it all fits in your tiny, little hole,” Mohit groaned, taking hold of his cock and slowly guiding it down towards her wet, drooling slit. Tenderly, he placed the great, purple head of his cock down in between the soft, wet lips of her cunt and slowly began to push the throbbing monster down into her hot, tightness.

“Oh, My, God,” Kusum gasped as she felt his the foreskin slowly rolling back and the cock sliding down into her waiting wetness, “You’re too big.”

“You’re tight,love” he groaned, straining to force his entire eleven inches down into her hot sucking softness.

“I am not that tight. You are big. Oh, Fuck, it feels so good.” “God, yes,” Kusum gasped as she felt his huge, swollen cockhead finally grind up against her cervix and his hairy belly rub up against her belly. “God, I love the way you fuck me,” Kusum gurgled as Mohit began to slide his huge, thick cock in and out of her dripping little slit.

Meanwhile, down in her room, Mala could not get sleep because bahis siteleri of the excessive heat even though the fan was running full speed.

“I wonder what Mohit and Kusum are doing,” she said out loud. “It sure is quiet down in their room,” she muttered and slowly made her way down the hallway towards their room her bare feet making almost no noise. The only sound was the faint tinkle of her anklets. Upon reaching the top Mala paused for a while. She heard strange sounds coming from inside. Curiously, she peeked inside and was shocked almost beyond belief. She could feel her heart actually stop beating. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she reeled back in surprise.

All she could see was Mohit’s hairy, muscular ass rising and falling and his huge cock sliding in and out of Kusum’s pussy. Mala couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How could they be so brazen to do it without locking the door knowing that she was in the house? Even as she felt too astounded to react by what she was seeing, she couldn’t take her eyes off Mohit’s penis as it slashed in and out of the Kusum’s tight, wet cunt. Unable to stop herself, she watched on with perverse amazement as his big, dangling balls slapped against the Kusum’s upturned buttocks every time he drove his cock into her. Appalled by what she was witnessing, she was horrified to feel a sudden, searing flash of excitement run through her own womanhood as she realized that his penis was huge. She was astounded at the size of his cock. He was enormous. She had never seen a man hung so monstrously. Gaping on in wonder and shock, she found herself becoming sexually excited.

Shamefully aware of her feelings, she couldn’t stop her hand as it crept down to her burning womanhood. God, she was going crazy with shame and awe while at the same time she was wickedly excited by what she was watching. Abruptly, she knew she had to leave, before they saw her or she gave herself away. Then just as she started to back away she heard him groan and slam himself down into Kusum as hard as he possibly could. “OH, FUCK, OH FUCK, OFUCK! I am cumming,” he growled as he rammed his cock into Kusum as deep as he could.

“MEEEEETTTTOOOOOOOOOO,” Kusum blathered out, wrapping her long, tanned legs around Mohit’s waist, pulling him down even deeper into her wet, clutching cunt. Stopping her retreat, Mala stared down at their obscene union.

Her eyes were glued on the spot where their two bodies became one. Then as she gawked on in disbelief, she was stunned to see a flood of Mohit’s thick, white love-cream come oozing around the thick, pink shaft of his cock. As he thrust himself into the girl, the thick, pure essence of his manhood came gushing out in waves every time his ass clenched and he shot another load into the girl. More and more cum came spilling out, down onto the bed where it formed a puddle below her firm, round ass. Mala couldn’t believe her eyes as she continued to stare at their wet, leaking union. She was growing more and more aroused as she watched more and more of his thick, viscid milk pour out of Kusum.

Reeling in fascination and excitement, she watched him continue to hump Kusum again and again, emptying his potent charge of hot, thick semen into his wife. Then at last, Mohit collapsed on top of Kusum. Finally, Mala was able to stagger back away from the door. Turning, she tottered down the hallway toward her room, her head spinning with the memory of what she had seen. Appalled by what she had seen, she was unable to make her legs function properly and bumped into the wall several times as she careened down the hallway. Finally, she reached the sanctuary of her bedroom and bolting inside, quickly closed the door behind her.

Her mind was in such turmoil, she didn’t know what to do as she stood leaning against the door, hoping that they hadn’t heard her reckless retreat back to her room. Mohit, still in the nether world of satisfaction following his eruption lay on top of Kusum with his cock slowly retreating back down the drenched channel of her vagina. Then, he thought he heard something thumping on the wall outside in the hallway couple with the very faint tinkle of feminine anklets. “Wow, that………” Kusum started only to be shushed by Mohit. “SHHhhhhhhhhh,” he shushed her, listening intently, wondering if it had been Mala. God, had Mala seen them making love? “I thought I heard someone out in the hallway,” Mohit whispered after several moments of silence. Slowly, he pulled his half-hard cock back out of Kusum’s dripping cunt. “Oh,” she complained as she felt his cock finally pop out of her abused cunt.

Easing back out from between her legs, Mohit stealthily stepped down onto the floor. Creeping across his room, he stopped at the door and slowly peered out into the hallway. There was no one there, but he could smell the indistinct, but unmistakable aroma of feminine presence in the air. He knew that Mala had been there only moments before. Wondering what to do, he quickly decided not to tell Kusum, hoping that she wouldn’t know bahis şirketleri that he was hiding it from her. “I guess that I was just hearing things,” he lied as he walked back over to the bed, his big, drooping dick flopping about heavily. “Your cock is cute after you have cum,” Kusum laughed softly, “it just kind of bounces around all over the place. It’s not hard and all.”

“Hey, you’d better get cleaned up,” he grinned at her, looking down at his watch, “your cousin will be here in five or ten minutes to pick you up”. Kusum’s cousin was getting married and she wanted Kusum to accompany her for most of her shopping. Kusum was supposed to go back at her cousin’s place and stay there that night since next day was a Sunday.

“Yeah, now that you’ve had your fill,” she pouted, “you’re ready to get rid of me.” Kusum said with a cunning smile on her face. “Oh God, what about Mala” suddenly Kusum said realizing that she was there in the guest room.

“I guess she might be fast asleep and we should not disturb her. Anyways, she is aware of your plans. I’ll tell her that you had left and will drop her back” Mohit said assuring.

Back in her room, Mala was finally able to stagger over to her bed. Flopping down on it, she rolled over on her back and closed her eyes. As she did, the image of Mohit’s big, beautiful cock came flooding back into her mind. Her whole consciousness was filled with the obscene image of it sliding in and out of Kusum’s tiny pussy. It was as if the image had been indelibly stamped into her brain leaving behind scar tissue that would never heal. It left her permanently aroused especially when she unwittingly juxtaposed it with her own virtually non existent sexual life.

She would always have the picture of Mohit’s great, glistening prick in her mind. To her surprise, she found herself rubbing her womanhood through the thin material of her sari as she replayed the vision over and over again in her mind. How could she be thinking of him like this? After all he was her best friend’s husband and they were the best couple she had ever come across. She berated herself as she felt the material of her panty growing wet and sticky with her excitement. God, was she going crazy? She had never in her wildest imaginations thought of Mohit as anything other than her best friend’s hubby. Now, her mind was filled with his overwhelming maleness. She had to stop, she told herself. But as if to mock her own conscience, she found herself pulling her petticoat over her long, tanned legs anyway. She tried to stop thinking about him, but she couldn’t. The next thing she knew, her finger found her throbbing clitoris and began to tease it. Oh, God, I’ve got to stop thinking about him, she groaned as she spread her legs open and dipped one long finger down into her hot, clutching cunt.

Then, as she slowly eased her finger in and out of her dripping cunt, she heard a car horn blaring outside. She knew that Kusum’s cousin had come by to pick up Kusum. Slowly fucking herself with her finger, she listened and heard Kusum and Mohit thump down the stairs and slam the door as they left the house. After a few seconds, she heard the car drive off. A few seconds later she heard the front door closing. It was probably Mohit coming back inside, she shuddered. Without warning, she felt an inexplicable excitement flash through her body. She and Mohit were now alone in the house. The thought of they being alone aroused her more…..and more….and more….

She couldn’t stop herself from fingering her burning clitoris. Then, suddenly, the door to her room opened and Mohit stood in the doorway staring down at her vulnerable nakedness. “Mala, I……………………” she heard him say as he stopped and stood staring down at her exposed femininity. She had to cover herself, she thought frantically, but found herself paralyzed, unable to move to cover herself. Instead, she lay there staring up at him stupidly. Neither of them moved for the longest time as time seemed to stop.

They stared into each other’s eyes, searching for something. Neither of them could bring themselves to break the spell. It was if they were under the spell of some malignant sorcerer who had them under his control. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Mala was able to tear her eyes away from his, but still she couldn’t bring herself to cover her nakedness. As her eyes flitted about frantically, they dropped down to his crotch. As her eyes found the huge bulge in his shorts, she couldn’t keep from gasping. It was very obvious that he had an erection. Mohit didn’t know what to do or say as he stared down at Mala lying on the bed in front of him. When her eyes had left his, Mohit’s eyes immediately swept down to the wet, glistening gash of pink between her long, tanned legs. It was so delicate, so beautifully feminine, so exciting, he nearly died. This couldn’t be happening, he thought, as he stared down at the weeping gash of pink flesh slowly drooling her juices down the crack of her ass onto the bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off her pussy as it peeked out from the forest of curly brown hair covering her soft, rounded underbelly. Even at that time he couldn’t help noticing that the lips were bare and only a triangle of hair was on the mound.

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