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I have been seeing Nick, as friends, for quite some months now. He is a wonderful, complex man, nice, funny, naïve, clever, unused to girls. We had our first sexual encounter after a show a couple of weeks ago, starting with an innocent kiss, but having wonderful sex against the side of the car. The next time I saw him I remembered how gorgeous he was. I looked covertly at his lovely body, his broad shoulders, slim hips, shapely legs, looking where I shouldn’t…. He had on a v-necked top, and I could see his chest, a few moles which I find so cute, and a mat of lovely curly black hair just showing. He had his sleeves rolled up, and I could see his tanned arms, with more curly black hair, so manly, so handsome, so gorgeous, I nearly passed out with desire. I wanted to have him again, this time somewhere where we could take our time, explore each other’s bodies, laugh, cry, come together.

At the interval he signalled that I should meet him outside the village afterwards. Somehow we got through the second half, looking, smiling, longing, knowing. We walked to our cars, saying casually “See you later” for other people’s benefit. He drove off quickly, and I packed my things into the car in a more leisurely fashion and drove off more slowly.

Outside the village I spotted his car parked up, and stopped behind. I drove behind him to a place where we could both park. He picked up a blanket from the car, took my hand, and we walked, in silence but in anticipation. A blanket – that would mean the ground. Would we be wrapped up together? Would we just be on the blanket, our bodies open to the sky? What was going to happen this time? We reached a spot which he must have found in advance, where we were secluded from the road, but on open ground, with the moon and stars above us. We didn’t talk, it would have broken the heady and tense atmosphere.

He spread out the blanket, but stayed standing, and gently drew me towards him. He took both my hands, leaned forward, and kissed me so gently on the lips. I returned his kiss, and he slipped the tip of his tongue just between my lips. I responded with my tongue, and we spent some time just savouring the feel of each other’s tongues, exploring each other’s wet, soft mouths. After a little while, he drew me even closer, and put one arm round my shoulders, and started stroking my back gently with the other hand.

Gradually he moved his whole body close, and at last I could feel his hard crotch against mine, pressing, rubbing, asking, telling. He leaned me back a little, and started undoing my blouse, stroking my stomach, moving upwards, exploring, to find my pretty lacy bra, with my breasts spilling out. He first squeezed my breasts through the bra, but soon wanted to feel my flesh, and put his fingers down the bra cups until he found my nipples, which soon thrilled to his touch as he pulled them gently, squeezed them, tweaked them, then squeezed a whole handful of breast again. Still rhythmically pressing his hardness against me, thrilling me, mesmerising me, filling me with desire to have him, he gently took my blouse off me, undid my bra, and loosed my ample, soft breasts. My nipples, which are large and pink, stood out in the chill night air. He gently stroked my skin, going over the nipples and squeezing them gently.

The expression in his lovely dark eyes was unmistakable – he liked what he saw, and started to rub his crotch gently through his clothes. I then reached canlı bahis over and undid his belt, just catching his bulge once, then leaving it alone, which made him gasp. My purpose was to undo his trousers, so I could pull out his shirt, and gently take it off him. At last I could see his lovely torso, the strong shoulders, manly chest, dark nipples, curly hair, and the muscles down beyond his waist. I briefly stroked his shoulders and upper chest, but I wanted to run my fingers through that hair, rub my cheek against it, and stroke his nipples too.

I took a couple of steps towards him, so that my sensitive, erect nipples just touched his chest, just brushed against the hair, and I rubbed my breasts gently against his chest. He leaned down and took one breast in his mouth, gently taking a large mouthful and sucking on it firmly. Oh, that felt so lovely! He stayed there a while, alternately sucking and nibbling, then leaning back to look, then doing it again. I started to moan gently with pleasure.

My hands went around the back of his waist, stroking in a line down the centre of the small of his back, which made him arch his back with pleasure. Having loosed his trousers, it was then easy to slip my fingers into the waistband, and start to pull at the fabric. He got the message, and without taking his mouth from my breast, let his trousers fall. He had on tight briefs, white and virginal, being stretched by the shapes within. I could see where his cock had been lying, but was now trying to burst out, to stand erect in its hardness. I could see where his balls were tightened, swollen by the erection, stretching his pants so that I could see pink flesh, hair, groin, shape. I stroked the length of his cock through the pants, several times, which made him moan with pleasure, and a couple of small wet patches started to appear on the pants near the end of his cock. I also put my fingers into the gap in the pants, and stroked the hairy flesh of his balls, stroked the line of his groin, then through the pants again, went right round his balls, and up the length of his cock with my fingers.

By now we were kissing more passionately, and his hands were urgently reaching all over me, not just on the bare flesh above my waist, but also pulling at my clothes. I let him take my skirt off me, so I was standing there in just skimpy panties. He reached for me again, kissing my nipples as before, but putting both hands down the back of my panties and squeezing my bottom, pulling, beckoning. These panties tied with bows at the sides, so I just pulled one end, undid them, and they fell away.

He stood back and looked at me, naked, alluring, at my round breasts, big nipples, round stomach, and now, my private parts too. He saw the little triangle of wispy brown curls, left natural as I know he does not like artifice. He saw the little pink folds of skin protruding, and reached out and gently gripped the curls and twined them round his fingers, as he knew from last time I liked.

Having had my fill of seeing his cock straining against the tight white pants, I gently liberated it, and pulled the pants away. This time it was harder, so erect it was nearly vertical, and it glistened in the scant light, as more liquid had oozed. Now I could really work, my hands all over his balls, stroking, squeezing, cupping, my hand gripping his cock and gently moving the skin and feeling the ridged structure underneath. I first pulled all bahis siteleri the skin up to the top, and massaged the head of his cock through that skin, then pulled the foreskin down, and bared it. The head was pink and round, like a helmet, with a pronounced ridge round the back, which I knew was going to catch me beautifully in tender places.

I then knelt down, and still holding his foreskin back, gently began to lick the head, firstly the sensitive part from the foreskin to the hole, then round and round the whole thing. Then, with the centre of my tongue, I licked in downward arcs from the frenum, down and down to his balls. I took first one ball, then the other, completely into my mouth, and sucked on them gently. Then I ran my tongue the whole length, from behind the scrotum, between his balls, and right along his cock to the head, where I finished with a sort of French kiss. “Steady!” he said, “I’m not far off!”

He then turned his attention to me, when he motioned me to lay down on my back. He bent my knees, then gently parted my legs. In the moonlight he could see everything. He stroked down each side of my groin, from the hip bone to the pussy. He again tweaked my fur, then lifted it up and looked at the delicate pink structures underneath. He saw the cleft, and felt in the top of it for my clitoris, which was swollen fit to burst. I cried with pleasure when his finger made contact. He moved the folds of skin over and over my love bud with a circular motion, giving me a hint of pleasure to come. Then he moved his finger downwards, over and over the sensitive pink folds of flesh, and plunged into the dark wetness. I was so wet, that it had run a little outside, and he spread it around, and tasted some on his lips. His finger went down a little further, and explored deeper, past my G-spot. As he found the swollen flesh just there, I cried again, and some liquid flowed out around his finger. He gently but definitely started to press and rub round my G-spot, which felt exquisite, as I knew I could enjoy it without consequence. He went as deep as he could, just pressing and rubbing against my insides, with one hand, whilst keeping attention on my clitoris with the other.

Knowing that no one would hear, I could moan and cry as much as I wanted, and I was telling him how good it felt as he explored me intimately, how much I loved him, how much I wanted him, how much I was ready for him. But he didn’t give himself to me yet. He sat back, looked again, parted my legs wider, leaned closer, and closed his lips round my pussy lips. He gripped them, squeezed them, pulled them, causing a kissing noise when he pulled away. He put out his tongue, and probed between the lips for my love bud, and flicked it upwards, which made me cry out with ecstasy. Then, with lips covering his teeth, he bit my clitoris and sucked hard, which felt wonderful, then just as suddenly let go, and gently licked my pussy lips with the end of his tongue. He carried on doing these things for a while, and the pleasure was wonderful. When his tongue caught my G-spot, it made me want to spurt, and I could do it, knowing that nothing would happen, I could just enjoy the intense feeling.

I could see that his cock was as hard as ever, and I wanted it. Right now. Right inside me. Right up me. Until I came. He stopped eating me for a moment, changed position so he leaned over, offering his cock to me. He parted my knees further, but left my legs bent, bahis şirketleri as he lodged his cock between my pussy lips, put his weight behind it, and I was so wet, he just slid in.

At last! Joined, united, together! He was just the right size, short, thick and a nice tight fit, and the ridge on the head of his penis did indeed excite the places I wanted it to. As my legs were bent, I moved my feet upwards, and he sat up, put my feet on his shoulders, and did it that way, pushing into me, then coming almost out, catching my clitoris with the ridge, pulling on my legs, and plunging right back in. Our groans and cries were mingled as we enjoyed coupling like this, so intense on the front of my pussy, so satisfying for him as he could get all of him in. He felt really big this way too, compared with how he did it last time when we were standing up.

After a while, he wanted to change position and explore more, so he pulled out wetly, and motioned to me to turn over and get on all fours. In the moonlight he wanted to look at my bottom, kiss it, squeeze it, and he explored the little pink puckered place with a wet finger. Urgently he placed his shiny wet cock into my pussy that way, and oh boy it felt good, especially when I shifted so that my upper body was on the ground, my bottom higher, and his shaft rubbing on my clitoris and G-spot. Slowly and rhythmically we moved together, and I could feel things building up inside me.

I asked him to change again, and once again I lay flat on my back, opened my legs and pulled him towards me and into me. I pulled his body down so that he was lying on me, and I could hold him and cuddle him. In this position, the head of his penis was nearer the surface, catching my pussy lips and tweaking my clitoris on every stroke. That was more sensitive for both of us. Most importantly, I could put my arms around his lovely muscular body, and cuddle him, call him darling, tell him I loved him. We went on like that for a while, and I could feel my orgasm building up. I could also see the night sky past his shoulder. An owl flew overhead. A cloud went over the moon briefly, then everything became bright again.

The pleasure was building up for both of us, we were groaning, crying. We were in a secluded place, so no one would hear us. My cries were getting louder, until I climaxed, and screamed in ecstasy, as liquids ran from my pussy. Three, four times I climaxed, waves of pleasure going right through me, making me cry out each time “Oh! Oh yes!” I started to calm down a little, but he was just getting rougher, getting faster. He was having a battle with something, and his climax was going to be his triumph. I started gripping his bottom, digging in, pulling, slapping, scratching, exciting him, helping him, until with a huge thrust and a great, heartfelt groan, he came, and I am sure I felt his semen flood into me. A couple more times he ejaculated into me, thrusting each time, groaning each time, until he too fell quiet, relaxed onto me, kissed me long and full on the mouth, then lay down on me, with his head on my shoulder.

We felt so complete, so together, in the afterglow of the union we had just had, that we did not want to move. He took one edge of the blanket and covered himself, so that he kept me warm, and we just lay like that, listening to the owls, bats and birds, distant cars, sounds of the night. We fell asleep like that, content in each other’s arms, still joined, still in love. When the morning light started to appear, we quietly and happily gathered our things, one last kiss for my pussy, his cock and my nipples, then we dressed each other and headed for our separate homes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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