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Melanie chimed in, “I need a fucking drink and I need it now!”

Leaving Kay where she lay, we departed for our well deserved drinks.


After we each had several swallows of wine. Carol cleared her throat, composing herself, “That went extremely well.”

I choked, “WHAT.”

“Yes. Now I know exactly what this poor girl needs.”

Melanie couldn’t contain herself, because she blurted out, “A dildo in the ass?”

Carol shot daggers at her and Melanie was subdued. “You two can be such asses at times.

“Now,” Carol, went on. “Aside from feelings of inadequacy and suppressed anger, she has a physical problem, that is probably the root of all her emotional ones. With a small surgical procedure, I can correct her problem.

“John, if I schedule her operation for next week, can you be available on,” she thought for a moment, and then continued, “the 10th of next month?”

“Earth to Carol, come in Carol,” I said. “If you will check your payroll list, you’ll find my name isn’t on it.”

“I can fix that. I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

“Unless you’re offering both your and Melanie’s sexual favors at my beck and call, I doubt that.”

“Come on John, I can offer you one hundred thousand dollars a year, that’s not chicken feed. Not to hurt your feelings. Even though you own three trucks, you’re still just a truck driver. — How much could you be making a year?”

I looked at Carol, a little upset for her stereo typing, and was ready to ruin a great relationship, when Melanie spoke. “I’d reconsider that Carol, John just plopped two hundred thousand down on a four hundred and fifty thousand dollar home. I know for a fact, he has an annual income as big as mine.”

Carol jumped, as if someone had just slapped her. She ran over to me, taking my arm.

“Oh John, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean any of this as an insult, please believe me.”

Now, Carol couldn’t seem to stop herself. “God, I’m so sorry, It’s just some times I slip into my Doctor mentality and hard unfeeling crap flows out of my mouth. John, can you ever forgive me?”

“I can, but only if you promise me one thing.”

I could see a brief flash of fear cross both Carol’s and Melanie’s faces and I could hear an edge of caution creep into Carols voice, “What do you want me to promise; John.”

I took both of Carols hands and looked into her eyes, seeing fear and a flicker of distrust in those beautiful dark brown eyes, as I spoke.

“Carol; You must promise me, that when I screw up, you will find it, in your heart to forgive me as fast and easily as I now forgive you. And Carol; trust me, I will screw up.”

I heard Melanie expel her breath in relief, as Carol took my face in her hands and kissed me hard on the lips. “Thank you John, you are sweet, and John; I forgive you, for being such an ass and making me worry that you were going to ask for something stupid.”

There were tears in the corners of her eyes, and as I watched one trickle down her cheek, I heard Melanie, blow her nose, so I turned to see her in full tear mode.

I stretched my arms out and they both moved into them, our warmth permeating each other in a mutual embrace.

“It never fails,” Carol quipped, as her pager went off.

When I saw her look at the numbers, I said, “I thought those went out with the dinosaurs.”

She only half glanced up as she walked to her phone, saying, “It’s still the fastest way to get prearranged messages out.

“Oh Melanie.” Carol was now back in Doctor mode again, “go in and wake Kay up and get her dressed. She needs to come back to the hospital with me, that’s where she left her car.”

Obediently, Melanie followed Carols orders, and in less than ten minutes, half awake, Kay was standing in the kitchen ready to go.

Carol, still in Doctor mode, “Kay; say good night to John and Melanie and I’ll meet you out in the car in two minutes.”

We said our good nights to Kay, and I had trouble conceiving that this was the same woman, that less than one hour ago was screaming, “shove a dildo in my ass and shove it in NOW!”

When Kay was gone, Carol, now out of Doctor mode, said, “Why don’t you two spend the night, and if you’re up when I get back we can sit around and talk.”

With that Carol was out the door.

“Good God John, tonight has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for me, I need another drink.”

“Yeah; it’s been an unusual evening, that’s for sure.”

“I’m not talking about unusual, I’m talking emotions.”

So much for me being perceptive. I hadn’t a clue as to what Melanie was talking about. So I faked it, by saying, “In what way Melanie?”

“Well, when Carol mentioned that there would be someone else coming for dinner, I felt disappointed and let down. I figured that only Carol and I would share you tonight.”

“Oh,” I said. Wanting to make a quip or at least a humorous comment, but fearing something really stupid would come out. I left it at an interested sounding, “Oh?” And allowed illegal bahis her to continue.

“Then when I saw Kay, my heart went out to her, she looked lost and in need of help. It was all I could do to stop myself from pushing the two of you together and telling Kay that you’d make it all better.”

“Hold on here, you’re making me sound like a doctors prescription.

“Oh, and here’s John, take him tonight and if he doesn’t make you feel better, call me in the morning. Is that it?”

“No, John, it’s. Well, maybe it is. You made me feel wonderful and I’ve fallen in love with you and…”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard, was it possible that this classy, beautiful, intelligent and financially successful woman said she loved me? Did she really mean it or was that “I love you” only an expression, like “I’m going to fuck you silly”. Who was I kidding, this woman deserves a lot better than me and I think she is smart enough to know it.

“John.” I heard Melanie’s voice, “John!”

I came back to reality, “Sorry but you hit on something and it started my brain thinking and I just zoned out. Sorry.”

“What was it?”

“It was nothing. So go on tell me more about your emotional rollercoaster ride.”

“Well, when I saw you making Carol come, I felt jealousy and then, when I saw Carols face contort and her body go stiff as a board, I got frightened. Actually, I found myself being frightened several times tonight.

“Oh my God, as I think back over some of the things that happened, Carol’s scream, Kay’s scream.

“Shit, did I scream like that?”

“Well, I made a note, not to make you ejaculate unless I had earplugs.”

“You did not.”

She walked over and sat in my lap and snuggled her face into my neck.

The urge to blurt out, Melanie I love you, came over me, but was squashed like a bug as fear crept in.

No, I thought, don’t risk loosing Melanie and possibly Carol by saying something juvenile and stupid. The lyrics of a song popped into my head, “Take what they may give you and give of what you can and you’ll sing in the sunshine and you’ll laugh every day. You’ll sing in the sunshine then be on your way…”

I was surprised by her whisper. “John, take me to bed and make love to me.”

We went to one of Carol’s other guest bedrooms where Melanie slipped out of her robe and like quick silver, slid under the covers. When I joined her, I held her tight in my arms, feeling the warmth of her, the softness of her skin and the fullness of her breast as she pressed them against me and wrapped her long lovely legs around me.

“Ooh,” I breathed. “I love the feel of you against me.”

“I can tell. I can feel your dick is growing and seems to know exactly where it wants to go.”

I rolled her over and started to slide into her, when she looked into my eyes and then looked away as she said, “John, would you do something for me, if I asked?”

I sensed that this was not the time for levity so I responded, “Melanie, I can refuse you nothing, there is no need to ask, just tell me what you want.”

“Let me get on my hands and knees and you can take me from the back.”

“You mean doggy style?”

I felt her entire body become momentarily rigid. It was almost as if her body chemistry went through a sudden change.

She moved away from me and got on to all fours as she pushed her ass up. I think it was done in an effort to make it easier for me to enter her.

As I moved behind her, she turned her head. I could see her eyes seemed like they were ready to cry.

“What’s wrong, did I hurt you and not know it.”

There must have been a small amount of panic in my voice.

She responded, “No. I’m fine, just, please be as gentle as you can. Please.”

Holy Crap, I thought. Here I am hornier than hell, the first time I get to screw Melanie without an audience and she wants me to fuck her doggy style, while she is on the verge of tears. Then, she asks me to be gentle. No wonder my dick is getting soft.

OK John, I told myself, you can do this. Nice and slow. Be Mr. Sensitive and don’t shoot your wad into her after thirty seconds.

Oh Yaah, here goes. I began sliding my dick back and forth between her sweet pussy lips and I could feel the head of it rub over Melanie’s tiny, tiny clit and my dick was getting hard again.

When I pulled back far enough, to where on the next push forward, my dick would slide into her.

She, in an urgent voice said, “NO.” Then her voice softened as she continued, “No, not just yet, please keep doing what you’re doing.”

So I continued, thinking Shit, I could cum any second now and shoot my cum all over the bottom side of her big teats

Shit, I thought again, that thought isn’t helping me control myself.

I decided to reach around to play with her clit and there was another “NO”, and again her voice softened, “Just lay yourself on my back and play with my breasts.”

Shit, I thought yet again, this is turning out to be Simon Says Sex.

Simon illegal bahis siteleri says, play with my teats, Simon says, rub your dick over my clit, No Simon did not say stick your dick in me.

Da Dit, Dit, Dit Da Da, Dit Dit Dit, News Flash to John, something is going on, even if Melanie is keeping it to herself. Stop being a horny ass and pay attention. I’m sure if you do a good job, Ms. Melanie will let you fuck her any way you want, I told myself.

“Oooh, Melanie,” I crooned, “why hadn’t I noticed the back of your neck before. Can I kiss it and nibble on it, please.”

In a confused way, she said, “Well, ah; yeah, ok.”

I then began to kiss, lick and nibble her neck, but I didn’t stop there. Bit by bit, I ever so slowly started to work my way down her spine and I felt her relaxing. Her head was no longer held rigid, looking up at the wall in front of her. It was now hanging down and slowly moving from side to side. She was so engrossed in the feeling, that I doubt she noticed when my dick slid away from her cunt.

My tongue was now down at the base of her spine and the beginning of the crack of her ass. I knew, that my next two moves would tell me how far she would let me go.

In one quick movement, I slid my tongue up her spine to the nape of her neck and was rewarded with a full body shudder. I lingered there for only a half a moment, before sliding my tongue all the way down her spine and into the crack of her ass, stopping just before I came to the edge of her now very tight pucker.

Once again I was rewarded with a shudder and she raised her ass high enough for my tongue to come in contact with her puckered asshole. I wasted no time, as I started to run my tongue around it and probe its opening. Melanie was responding, relaxing her muscles to let my tongue gain a few millimeters entry, before she tightened them and then relaxed them a little more.

I knew, from a past conversation, when Carol told her we had anal sex, Melanie firmly stated, she wanted nothing to do, with having a prick shoved up her ass. I had no desire to push anal sex off on her, but now, I was at a point, where I needed release.

I came up for air and said, “Melanie, I need to come soon.”

I never got to finish, because she reached down between her legs, took hold of my dick and guided it into her warm wet pussy.

I remembered her words and began to move slowly in and out, it was excruciating pleasure.

I wanted to come. I needed to come, but I also needed to feel her come with me. So in a pleading voice I said, “Melanie please, I need to feel you come and I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.”

“Fuck me hard John, fuck me hard, I need you to ram yourself against me and make me cum for you.”

I started ramming my prick into her, the sound of my belly slapping her ass got louder and faster until I cried out, “I can’t wait.”

On the next deep stroke I pushed in and stayed in as I felt my prick shoot three times and then I felt her cunt clench tight and pulse around my prick as I released more cum into her.

I collapsed on her back as I felt the throbbing of her cunt slacken as she to collapsed to the bed with me still on top of her. She felt so good inside, as I tensed my muscles and my dick throbbed once in her. In response, she tightened her muscles and gave a squeeze to my prick.

I slid off and Melanie rolled on her side. We kissed and fell asleep in each others arms, not waking until 7:30 the next morning.

Melanie had a 9:00 am. meeting with a client and was in a rush. I told her to go, that I’d eat a big breakfast and call a cab. We kissed, and I didn’t want to let her go, until she forced me to release her.

“Sorry,” I said, “I got carried away.”

“I like when that happens,” Melanie said, as she headed for the door.

Once again reminding me of the song lyrics, “take what they may give and give of what you can…”

I watched her go and poured myself another cup of coffee and buttered another piece of toast.

The maid told me that she heard Ms. Carol come home just after 3:00 am. and I was told that Ms. Carol comes home and then has to go back to work many times.

I walked down the hall to the room where we slept last night, to get my things. Then I would call a cab and leave a note for Carol. However, I noticed the door to the master suite was open so I decided to go in and give Carol a good-by peck on the cheek.

When I looked in, there was Carol, sitting up in bed, reading, probably, A Tail of Two Titties, I mean A Tail of Two Cities. She was wearing a black negligee that not only exposed a good part of two beautiful breasts, but two erect nipples.

She looked up and seeing me said, “See anything you like, Oops, judging by the front of your pants, I’d say you do. Come here Baby,” and she held out her arms to me.

I came to her, sat on her bed and hugged her. It was one of those warm sensuous hugs and I closed my eyes and let the feeling wash over me. I could have stayed in her embrace for canlı bahis siteleri a lot longer, if it hadn’t been for my prick being so restricted.

I stood and took my pants off as Carol said, “Come here baby let me take care of that for you.”

I took Carols hand from my dick and said, “Slide over Darlin, you’ve had a long night, so it’s my turn to take care of you.”

I kissed her eyes shut and held her face in my hands. Ever so softly, I kissed her lips, her chin and her neck. She responded so well when I kissed her neck, I decided to suck on it and she became excited. I sucked harder and left a mark, before moving to her breasts.

Her dark rough nipples held a special fascination for me and I played, pulled, pinched and sucked on them, before moving my mouth south.

I kissed all over her belly on my route to her clit. When I got there, I didn’t want to play around, I just sucked it into my mouth, because Carol had the most responsive clit of any woman I have ever come in contact with.

I could feel her pulse, feel blood pump into it and even when it was at its full length and width, I could feel the beat of her heart.

Lordy, it was a big, big turn on for me. Not to mention Carols reactions as I sucked and licked.

She kept pushing her hips up and down, and I got the idea that she wanted to fuck my mouth. I pushed my lips forward, almost like I was going to whistle and that let her clit slide in and out like it was a small prick fucking a small pussy.

On each of her thrusts in, I would lick the tip and that seemed to send additional quivers into Carol.

When her humping became faster, I knew she was close, so on one of her thrusts, I sucked in as hard as I could, pulling her clit into my mouth as far as possible and I held the suction, applying pressure to the base of it with my lips.

Carol laced her legs over my shoulders and around my neck, pulling my head into her cunt as she arched up, and came, with grunts, growls and groans of pure animal pleasure.

I was so proud of her for having such a loud orgasm and I was so fucking horny from it. I wanted her to stop cumming and suck my dick into her mouth, after all, I probably wouldn’t last twenty seconds.

When she was done and her hips were back on the mattress, she pulled me up from between her legs and kissed me, this time sliding her tongue into my mouth and for a long moment we explored each other a little more.

When we broke, Carol took my hand and said, “Come with me, I have something I think you’ll like.”

I took my hand back and said, “In the words of Kay, I need to cum and I need to cum now.”

“Baby, I promise.”

So with a throbbing dick and probably blue balls, I followed Carol into the shower and she positioned me against a wall. She turned a large handle and it began to rain from the shower ceiling.

Next, she put my dick against her ass and pushed back slowly as I slid into her.

Oh Yeah, any second now, I knew I was going to cum, when I saw her take a small hose off a shelf and connect it to a small spigot. She then inserted the hose into her ass along side my dick. For some reason, the feel of the cold vinyl hose rubbing against my prick was enough to stem the immediate urge to pump my cum into Carol’s ass.

Next she turned on the small spigot for the hose and I felt a flood of warm water around my dick.

She wasn’t done yet, from a high shelf she got an inflatable dildo and put it deep up her cunt.

Next she turned a hand held shower massage on, turned off the spigot and removed the vinyl hose.

“Ready,” she said.

I started to say for what, but four quick pumps and the inflatable dildo was now pressing hard against my prick in her ass.

“Can you move in and out,” she asked?

I tried and couldn’t move much, but before I could speak, Carol gave the dildo three more pumps, and my dick was essentially squeezed flat in her ass.

With out another word, she turned the shower massager on her clit. The problem was that more than half the spray was hitting my balls.

I was on my toes trying to get away from the pounding it was giving my nuts as Carol encouraged me, “Come on Baby, fuck me, push into me hard.”

I did and I could feel the warm water slosh against only the head of my prick.

Good God, I was on sensory overload.

Here I was, Feeling I had to cum, no, knowing I had to cum, standing on my tippy toes in a rain shower. My dick in Carols ass, an oversized dildo in her cunt, that was squashing my dick, preventing me from cumming, as water slued over the head of it, as Carol sprayed a high pressure hose on my balls and was urging me to fuck her hard.

My balls had just become accustomed to the spray, or perhaps they were numb, I’m not sure which, when Carol yelled “Fuck I’m cumming, fuck me hard.”

Suddenly there was a release of pressure on my dick and I started to fuck her ass when I felt my balls contract and I started to cum. The muscles in my ass cheeks were clenched so tight it hurt as I erupted, all the while furiously fucking Carols ass.

I felt her cum and suddenly there was a flood of water. In gushes it ran over my prick, the feeling, intensifying my orgasm, a new gush with each of Carol’s contractions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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