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Jake lay back and closed his eyes, totally lost in sensation, burning with need. He felt Julie stroke gently; he felt her heat, the brush of her hair, and the still powerful quiver of her young body as she enthusiastically sucked his cock.

Despite her eagerness, she moved rather hesitantly, but Jake was ready to let the girl discover at her own pace what made him respond. His cock oozed a constant stream of tangy juice and he felt as if he was on the verge of eruption already. There would be time for instruction later, but for now, he was content to enjoy her and let her do as she wanted.

Her mouth was wet, and warm, and so incredibly soft. Exquisite strokes of her small tongue left him breathless, and he felt every titillating touch as though amplified a thousand times. She slowed and simply held him there for a while, allowing her tongue to dance softly against his iron shaft as he lay passively underneath her. With a sigh, she released him from her mouth and moved her hands up along his thighs, kneading the firm flesh under her fingers. Jake glanced down at her; she was bent over his rod, peering closely, her brows furrowed in concentration. He groaned at the site of her pretty face so close to his hard cock, and prayed she would suck again.

He saw her move one hand carefully to the base of his shaft and wrap itself around his meat. She pressed down and squeezed at the same time. Jake tightened and gave a small thrust, but Julie never looked away. She slid her fist up until she held him just under the flaring crown of his dick; cool fingers searching, tiny hand squeezing, she gave a few experimental pumps, letting her fingers spread his juice around his cockhead. His reaction pleased her, as he moaned again and sought out her mouth with gently thrusting hips.

“Suck it baby. Suck my cock. Suck my cock.” He whispered, his eyes never leaving her face.

“Does it feel good Jake? Like when you touch me?” A voice so soft and sweet it could only belong to Julie reached his ears.

“Yes honey. It feels so good. Come on, I need to cum sweetheart. Sssuck ittttt.” He pleaded.

She only continued to pump, unconsciously trying to learn his shape, the right pressure, his deepest wants. Occasionally her tongue would flick out and sweep a newly formed drop of pre-cum from his slit, which Jake observed through growing passion. She appeared to enjoy the taste, licking her lips, and humming softly. He groaned low, and thrashed his head before returning his gaze to her face. A little impatient now, he abandoned his earlier notion of letting her lead. Reaching down, he placed his hand on her head to hold her in place as he pumped his hips, working his erection deeper into her warmth.

She drew back instantly as his large, hard cock scraped across the roof of her mouth. Jake sensed her tightened apprehension. He wavered indecisively, torn between wanting to ram his cock fully into her mouth, and knowing he should take it slow. A morning spent looking at her body, feeling her hot passion, and touching her had worn him down. Need won out and with no warning, he pushed his hips up, urgently driving his cock as deeply into her small, sucking mouth as he could. Oh but his little angel took it well, faltering for only a second before closing herself around his prick.

“Ahhhh, yes Julie. Suck it deep baby. Suck it deep. Suck on my cock.” He moaned.

She struggled hard to accommodate him, but was unable to accept more than half of his fully erect cock, which was impressive considering her youth and inexperience. Her hand gripped tightly around the base, covering what her lips could not. Up and down her little hand flew, while her head bobbed in time. He felt her tongue lick his cockhead with every outstroke and he felt the gentle sweep as her soft curtain of hair tickled his thighs. He stroked her hair… her face… and moved his fingers to her mouth. Holding them close around her lips, he felt the erotic push of his cock going inside… inside her hot little mouth… pulling her lips in… sucking him in; then he felt them push out as he retracted… the hollowing of her cheeks… the suction of her throat as she tried to reclaim him. His angel… his hot little slut… sucking, sucking, sucking so good on his rock hard cock.

Oh,” he breathed, “Yes baby, suck it, suck my cock. It feels so good honey. So good.”

Her enthusiasm picked up and she tried once more to swallow him. Gagging, she backed off, replaced her hand, and used it to help him reach the ultimate pleasure. He marveled at her tenacity. What she lacked in skill, she made up for in eagerness. Jake found her free hand and placed it gently on his tight balls. In turn, she cupped them tenderly, afraid to hurt him, but he encouraged her with low whispers.

“Squeeze Julie… easy… soft,” he panted, “Yes, like that. Oh! Yes, squeeze them while you suck me baby.”

He was close now, his seed boiling in pleasurable waves as his balls tightened under her cool hands. She was moaning a little, turned on from the feel of his cock plowing illegal bahis into her mouth. Reading his body perfectly, she increased her pace, managing to take a little more, and pumping steadily with her hand while he prepared to blow hard into her body.

“Ungh! Oh shit! Suck it, suck it, suck it. Yes! Keep sucking my cock. You’re gonna make me cum right in your mouth baby.”

Jake groaned loudly, his body tight, his cock steel hard, his mind inflamed beyond reason as his sweet little angel sucked hard on his aching cock. A strangled cry tore from his throat and he began to fuck deeply into her mouth. He knew no restraint and yet, he didn’t force. He just fucked his ass up and down, letting her take whatever amount of his length she could manage.

“Julie… sweetheart… oh God, I’m gonna cum now. Gonna fucking cum…. Oh yes…. Suck! Please drink it for me baby. Drink my cum! Ahhhhh! Yes!”

A whirlwind of silky brown softness, her head flew as she sucked. He felt her body give in, he felt the longing to taste him wash over her and she hummed a low, long moan just as he erupted into her mouth. Streams of hot cum flowed from the tip of his prick, and Jake writhed in pleasure, barely breathing, letting it wash through him. Her lips were locked and she hung on frantically as he emptied his seed into her mouth.

He saw, through lust-glazed eyes, her throat work to swallow and two thin trails of his own cum seeped from around his dick and flowed down her chin, but still his baby swallowed. The sight of his juice leaking from her mouth was too much for Jake and with one last thrust, he seated his cock as far as she could take and sprayed the last of his cum down her throat, groaning his victory in harsh, agonizing syllables.

Julie stayed still, her chest heaving, her lovely lips still wrapped around his shaft. Looking down, Jake saw her eyes fill with sorrow and concern instantly clouded his afterglow.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? Are you okay?” He asked, rubbing her cheek.

“I’m so sorry Jake. I’ll do better next time I promise.”

“What do you mean honey? That was fantastic.”

“No, it wasn’t. I could tell you wanted to be d-deeper in my mouth. I-I tried, but you’re so big. I’m sorry.”

Her tears tore at his heart and he tugged gently on her arm. “Come here honey.”

Shaking, she climbed up and lay beside him, her sorrowful blue eyes resting on his darker ones. He ran his hand up and down her arm and held her close, shushing her cries and trying to make her feel better. He wiped his cum from her chin and offered it to her; she took his fingers into her mouth and suckled gently. His cock stirred a little as he watched her.

“Julie, you really have no idea do you?”

“About what?”

He raised her hand and kissed her fingers. “About your power to excite me. Your allure, your beauty, and your sexuality.”

Blushing, “Oh Jake, stop it.”

“No, don’t be that way. Please? Embrace it Julie and let it grow. Together we can explore all that is in our minds. We can make it reality. Together.”

“I did okay Jake? Really?”

“You did better than okay. Trust me… you were awesome.” His eyes were earnest, staring intently, “Did you like it? Sucking my cock?”

Shyly, “Yes. It made me feel hot and… excited.”

Laughing, he hugged her hard. “Good. Good, I’m glad, because I want you to suck it a lot. It feels really good, and I like to see your cute little mouth wrapped around my cock. That’s so sexy Julie. You’re more beautiful than you realize.”

The girl simply purred, snuggling against him. He felt her eyelashes brush against the skin of his bare chest and he felt her mouth turn up in a smile. Reluctantly, he pulled free and looked at the clock. Michelle would be home sooner than he cared for, and Jake realized his belly was rumbling from hunger. Since breakfast, they’d been wrapped up in each other completely and now it was well past lunchtime.

“You hungry?” He asked.

“Yeah, a little.”

“Okay, go get dressed, I’ll take you to lunch.”

Excited, she ran to her room, leaving Jake to dress himself and to ponder once more on their situation. Michelle, he thought again. What was he going to do about her? When she came home, his little love affair would surely be interrupted with a large dose of harsh reality. Julie would be off limits, effectively a wonderful memory and not much more, until Michelle decided to visit her folks again. That thought caused him a great deal of pain. The little beauty had gotten way under his skin and he was helpless to find a solution.

Pulling on denim pants and a white t-shirt, his mind raced farther. Soon, being the nymph that she naturally was, Julie would turn to another for satisfaction.

…No, she’s too young for that… too loyal… too loving. She doesn’t have that kind of need yet…

But he knew he was wrong. He’d awakened her and she would not deny herself for too long, and he knew that was the way it should be. A girl like Julie should never be deprived of her illegal bahis siteleri sexuality. Instead she should be encouraged to accept all parts of it. To embrace it as he’d told her earlier.

Frustrated, and no nearer an answer, Jake grabbed his keys and headed downstairs.

After he set out the trash and locked the back door, Julie still had not put in an appearance. He supposed she was just like most women and wanted to take time with her grooming. Usually, Jake was more than grateful about that, being a lover of female beauty, but time was short and he wanted to feed her, then maybe enjoy her once more before Michelle came home. Just as he was about to go back up the stairs, he heard her approach.

“It’s about time little girl, we need to get going before-“

He was a little shocked by the way she looked. Gone was the innocent young girl he’d become so enamored of and in her place stood a sophisticated young woman. She wore a short blue denim skirt and a silky sleeveless top in a pale shade of coral, every bit the picture of a young lady fighting the heat of summer in the south, albeit a petite one. Her hair was down, as he’d requested, but parted on the side and held by a shiny silver barrette. Dark blue shadow lightly dusted her eyelids and she’d used a tasteful amount of liner at the outer corners. The result was stunning, smoky, sensual beauty, and Jake was staggered.

“Do you like it Jake?” Her nervous voice asked.

“Honey, I d-do,” he stammered, “But…”

Watching the pleasure slip from her face was painful, but he could only stand there looking at her, struggling to find a way to voice what he was thinking.

…Damn, I’m such an ass…

“But what?” she asked softly.

“You look like a woman Julie. Where’s my little angel?” Stunned, he just stared at her, wanting her again the way a man wants a woman, urgently, and with deep, lusty desire.

“I’m still here Jake, but I wanted you to be proud of me. It’s like a date isn’t it?” Turning, she reached for her purse, “Are we ready?”

Their eyes locked for a moment when she looked back at him. Jake didn’t care much for the feeling that was rising up in him, although he couldn’t explain what that feeling was. He knew only that he was consumed by her possession. If he took her out like this, men would look at her; they would want her. While that thought angered him to a degree, it also caused sexual feelings inside him. His groin tightened and he took her arm possessively, bewildered by his own reaction.

“Sure.” He said. “We’re all set. Let’s go.” But he heard the tension in his own voice and wondered if she did too.

They sat together in silence on the way to the restaurant. Jake felt her sneaking worried looks at him, but he stubbornly kept his eyes glued to the road, hating that he’d upset her, hating the way he felt. From the corner of his eye, he stole a few glimpses of her smooth tanned thighs and groaned inwardly. What the hell was wrong with him? She looked great. Really beautiful in fact, but he could hardly bear the thought of someone else seeing what belonged to him. Worse, he enjoyed her innocence and didn’t like seeing maturity rear its head. He supposed what he really wanted was the best of both worlds, and there was no way to have that.

At last, he slammed the brakes and pulled off the road into a crowded parking lot. Turning, he looked at the hurt in her eyes, wishing it away with all his might. He reached out a hand and stroked her cheek as he watched her tears spill over.

“Julie… baby, I’m so sorry.”

She flung herself at him, crying against his shoulder and clutching him close. He held her, soothing her with a hand down her back, and whispering his love for her.

Eventually, her tears subsided and she pulled away, her big blue eyes searching his face. “I don’t understand what was wrong. Don’t you like how I look?”

“Yes! Baby, you look beautiful, and so sexy. Maybe too sexy. Part of what I love is that you’re so innocent, and I don’t want you to lose that quality. Not until it’s truly time for you to mature.”

He held her hand as he leaned over to kiss her. “Also, I feel… well… jealous as hell really. I know you’re going to be turning a lot of heads, and I’m not sure I can deal with that very well. No matter what though, we’re okay. Right? You’re beautiful… you’re still my girl… and I’m just a foolish man. Be patient with me sweetheart, okay?”

Somehow, she smiled at him, sending his heart flip-flopping around his chest. If anything, her tears had increased her beauty, lending her a sultry, pouty look that he found irresistible.

Mindless of prying, small town eyes, Jake leaned over and captured her lips. He pressed insistently until he felt her blossom open as she always did for his kisses. Their tongues met and he was startled by the intensity with which she returned his kiss. Moving quickly, he pulled her to him and allowed his tongue to taste the sweetness of her mouth in a deep way. She sucked at his tongue and moaned canlı bahis siteleri low in her throat, once more surprising him with her passion.

When he pulled away, she whimpered and opened her eyes. “My God Julie, how do you do this to me? How can I want you so much?”

She only smiled and held his hand as he started the car and pulled into traffic.


Their lunch was nice. Julie had a shrimp basket and Jake had a steak. He watched her eat hungrily, a thousand thoughts on his mind, yet he hesitated to spoil the mood again. He’d been right about the looks cast their way. Filled with a strange, arousing mix of pride and jealousy, he watched the men and young boys stare at Julie. He knew most of these people, and they were aware that the Walkers had a young girl living with them for the summer, but he couldn’t help wondering if they thought something illicit was going on between he and Julie what with the way he looked at her, and her flirtatious laugh. Recklessly, he decided he didn’t care as he fed her a French fry and handed her a napkin for her mouth. She giggled and wiped the ketchup away, then suddenly turned serious.

“What will happen after Michelle gets home Jake?”

“Um, I’m not sure.” He said honestly, meeting her sharp gaze full on, “Our time will be limited to whatever we can grab, but we have to be careful honey. Very careful. Understand?”

She nodded, and lowered her eyes. “It’s not fair is it?” Her voice was barely a whisper.

“I suppose not, but don’t you worry, we’ll be alright. We’ll figure out something. Okay?”


Jake paid the bill and the two of them headed for home.


The message light was blinking on the answering machine when they got back. Julie headed off to the bathroom while Jake played the messages. There was one from Michelle saying she was sorry she’d missed them and that she should be home by seven o’clock. Glancing at his watch, he saw that it was already nearly four. They didn’t have much time left. The second message was from Jake’s mother. He rolled his eyes as she prattled on about how he never calls anymore. Making a mental note to call her back that evening, he went in search of his young lover.

He found her in her room. It was still almost empty, still devoid of her presence, yet the room somehow held her scent. Jake inhaled deeply as he approached the bed where she sat waiting.

She was coy, flirtatious, her eyes shimmering with desire. Jake’s cock swelled as he took her in, feeling full… full of raw emotion, helpless desire, and powerful possessiveness. He watched the swell of her chest as she breathed, her erect nipples pushing out enticingly against the silky fabric that held them captive.

He reached out and stroked them through her top, gratified at the way she moaned, closed her eyes, and caught her lip between her teeth. She was so sexy, and so exciting. He had barely touched her and already she was responding to him. He rubbed his hand across those hard little nipples, bending them to the side under the pressure of his touch and loving the way they bounced back into place.

…so soft…

“Lift up your arms honey.”

She did, raising them silently as a shudder ran through her body. Tenderly, Jake pulled her shirt up from the hem, his fingers brushing her hot skin and causing her to draw a sharp breath. He tossed the shirt to the floor and sank to his knees.

He simply put his head in her lap and lay still. She stroked his hair, bending to drop soft kisses on his cheek and neck. She ran her hands down his back and drew him closer, her legs spreading and her breath blowing warm against his skin. Jake used his hands on her legs, massaging her calves, roaming higher to tickle behind her knees, then higher still to caress her deliciously soft thighs. Above him, she sighed her pleasure and pulled his shirt up until he lifted and allowed her to pull it from his body.

Easing her back on the bed, he lifted her skirt above her waist, her silk clad pussy coming into view. He soaked the sight in, seeing the wetness that darkened the center of the crotch piece, her aroma, so sweet and intoxicating, drifting up to cloud his mind with drunken desire. Her pussy smelled so good; his mouth watered as he moved in closer, just breathing, just loving her scent.

…a taste… a smell… a touch…

Slowly, he let his tongue emerge and placed it on that tiny little wet spot as his salivary glands released a torrential flow around his probing muscle. Pressing urgently, he moved his tongue up and down, massaging her clitoris right through her panties. Julie squirmed and groaned above him. Going further, he drew the crotch of her panties into his mouth and sucked the sweet taste of Julie from the filmy cloth, his cock heaving and pulsing as her taste aroused his senses.

…oh God… so sweet…

Still using only his tongue, he snaked it under the edge of her panties, instantly rewarded by Julie’s drawn out moan and a fresh flow of juice from her hot little cunt. He pulled the panties aside and stared down at her lovely pussy. Her hair was nearly translucent, as little as there was of it, and he was able to see through the soft fuzz and view her plump lips, which seemed to swell right before his eyes.

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