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I steadied her as we walked through the breezeway. She was giggling. Her hands were all over my body, feeling, groping, pinching, tickling. I just wanted to get her inside.

I stepped up the three steps to the kitchen door, got my key out, and started getting the door unlocked. As I did, she slid her hand up my up my leg, inside my shorts, and grabbed my package. Balls and shaft firmly! Hand full! I groaned and squirmed in her grasp checking out both sides of the breezeway to see if anybody was looking. She certainly didn’t care. Both of my neighbors could see clearly into the breezeway, and it being dark with my light on, we were clearly visible.

I gave only token resistance, though, as her groping was arousing me immensely. She wasn’t satisfied with just the hand full on this night. As I struggled with the door lock, she reached up with her other hand, grabbed the elastic waist band, and yanked my shorts swiftly down to mid-thigh. There I was, bare ass, in the breezeway. Still not satisfied! Her face hit my ass and she chomped down hard on my left cheek. I mean, she bit my ass hard! Hard enough to bruise. Sucker bite on my ass! I squealed and pulled away, laughing. She looked up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, gleaming in a devilish grin. A semi-drunk, horny as hell, grin. She giggled, almost shyly, knowing she wasn’t shy. Still not enough! She kept yanking my pants down. With both hands now, as she released her grip on my manhood. I popped out semi-erect, and now facing her, as I had turned to protect my ass from the biting.

My package conveniently swung right into her waiting mouth, as she stood three steps below me on the entry stairs. She grabbed me with both hands and engulfed me balls deep. She gagged a little as her over aggression got the best of her. She just giggled again and grabbed my balls with her left hand. Her right gripped my shaft. She started again, bobbing and stroking simultaneously, with the same gusto as the bite. I looked both ways again, not really caring at this point. I was gasping and moaning out loud. I loved this aggression in her.

I think I’d have been satisfied with letting her continue till the end right there on the steps, but her motivation changed abruptly. She let me free of her mouth, still stroking firmly. She said. “Fuck me!” and then added. “Fuck me until I can’t breathe!” Memories of the little girl in the Exorcist flashed through my mind at that moment, but I just went with it.

I smiled down at her like it was a challenge. I think it was. I reached down and grabbed her hand, lifting her up to my level. I wrapped my arms around her hard, careful not to lose my balance with my pants still wrapped around my ankles. I opened the door and we fell in, stumbling and laughing.

I staggered, as I got inside, kicking my pants off on the floor. I pulled my shirt off quickly.

“Mmmmmm.” she growled when she saw I was naked.

She reached over my shoulder with both arms extended wrapping me around the neck. She put one hand on the back of my head and pulled me in. Her lips engulfed mine. Her tongue darted inside roughly. She kissed me deep.

I slid one hand down and unbuckled her shorts as she kissed me. I wanted her naked too! I pulled them down with one hand, stretching them over the curves of her hips and bottom. They fell free as they got below her thighs. She kicked them off when they got to her ankles, still kissing me. I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands, squeezing her flesh as hard as I could. She growled, with her mouth still full of my tongue. I lifted her to her tip toes tuzla escort almost off the ground.

I pulled her in tight and slid my throbbing erection against her inner thigh. She lifted one leg, wrapping it behind me against my butt. I raised pushing my cock searching for that sweet spot in her groin. I felt the wet spot on my throbbing head. I pushed harder. She released her kiss and squirmed on top of it, pushing down at the same time. It found its place and pushed inside. She squirmed more, easing it in full length, gasping the whole time. She held tight, with me deep, her head buried in my neck. She nibbled on my neck gently.

I lifted slightly easing my cock down, then pushed up into her, harshly! She grunted with each thrust. I sped up, banging her down on the base as deep as I could go. Her juices oozed down over my balls. She was so wet! She matched my strokes pulling herself up.

I ground my chin in, nuzzling to find her mouth again. We continued our fuck dance for minutes against the entry way wall. As I tired, I carried her back the hallway, into the bedroom, still attached at the groin. She kissed me the whole time, except for a few giggles along the way. I laid her gently on the bed with me on top. I rested there for a moment still deep inside.

She broke the kiss and guided me over onto my back. She stood up, lifted her shirt overhead, unclipped her bra, slid it down her arms, and off. She was beautiful in the faded light. Her platinum blonde hair glowed. I could see the sparkle of her wet lips and the gleam in her eye as she looked down at me. She had that devilish grin of a drunk horny woman.

“Scooch over.” She said guiding me to the middle of the bed. She crawled in beside me. As I got positioned, she laid down perpendicular with her head at my waste. She giggled as she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking.

“Mmmmmmm!” she said. “I taste good.”

I was still coated heavily in her juices. She popped her lips, as she sucked me clean, with an exaggerated swallow to tease me. Her eyes locked on mine, as she began a rhythmic bobbing, sucking the whole time. She stopped and eased off the head, kissing it gently, holding it against her lips. I pushed my groin muscles making the head throb and swell. She giggled and covered the head. I did it again inside her mouth.

Suddenly her mouth opened, her teeth barred like a vampire, she growled a little, and bit down on the soft flesh of my throbbing purple head!

“Ouuuuch!” I squealed bending up and grabbing her head by the ears. It wasn’t hard enough to cause damage or draw blood, but it was hard enough for some pain and to leave some tooth marks. She held there grinning, with me roughly squeezed between her beautiful white teeth. She finally released, then sucked and nibbled gently, as if repairing any damage she had caused.

“Want me to kiss it?” she giggled.

“YES!” I said sarcastically angry. “And suck it!” I growled pulled her head down firmly. She engulfed it allowing me to push her down. I pushed her the whole way till her lips hugged the base tightly. I could feel the pressure of her tight throat around the head. I held her there, pushing a few extra times to pay her back for the bite.

She gagged several times, trying to hold it deep. I released her. She slid it out, drenched in her spit. She glared at me, eyes watering, with that devilish grin again. She didn’t say a word, but started sucking again, firmly, staring at me, eye to eye. Half way down the fifth bob, she bit down again. This time on the rock-hard shaft. Again, not hard enough tuzla escort bayan to cause damage, but definitely pain! I grunted gritting my teeth. I knew it was coming. She held me there, releasing, and then repeating the bite. Torturing me. Teasing me with pain. My cock was still throbbing hard.

“Fuck you!” she taunted. “Gag me with your big cock! I’ll chomp it off and swallow!”

“And you’ll lose your favorite toy.” I dared.

Her eyes got big. “Yes, it is.” She agreed. She started kissing it lovingly again. She played, kissing the shaft, running her tongue along the length. She sucked my balls in gently.

“Put my toy inside me.” She ordered. “And fuck me.” She added. “Not gently. Not lovingly, but hard and deep!”

“Yes, Mistress!” I said jokingly.

She rolled over on the bed beside me, onto her back. She spread her legs, invitingly, staring over at me, eye to eye. Her fingers slid down between her tiny breasts, then swirled, tickling her little pink nipples. I rolled and lifted myself above her. Her hand slid down over her tummy and down into her groin. She spread her lips, testing her wetness again.

I crawled over her on all fours. I lowered and kissed her nipples, tonguing them roughly, until they hardened. I sucked them hard, pulling and stretching them, until she moaned. I slid two fingers into her wet slit, spreading her. She was juicy and swelling. I had to taste her!

I moved down over her belly, licking and nibbling on her. I pushed two fingers into her, as my lips reached her groin. She squirmed when I found and rubbed her g-spot. I engulfed her pussy lips and clit, while I fucked her with two my two fingers. I pushed my tongue firmly against her clit, then swirled it with the tip.

“Please fuck me!” she pleaded grabbing my head at the ears.

I lifted long enough to say. “Beg me.”

“Please, please, please fuck me!” she begged almost growling at me. “Fuck me hard!”

“Fuck you with what?” I asked.

“Your thick hard cock, deep inside me!” she gasped, as I sucked her in even harder.

I left a big glob of my spit, mixed with her juices, run out of my mouth, covering her pussy. It spread over my fingers, too, as I continued to finger fuck her. Then another big glob of spit, lubing her inside and out. I wriggled up over her. Mounting her groin to groin. I pushed against her, rubbing my stiff cock against her wetness, spreading her open. I kissed her, teasing her with the rubbing.

I reached and grabbed her legs behind the knees, roughly pulling them up to where her thighs were smashed against her breasts. I slid my hands up, grabbing her ankles. I pushed them down next to her ears. She grunted, as I manhandled her. I positioned my cock head at her sopping wet entrance, then drove harshly inside her, full depth. I pulled out and pushed deep again, slapping against her. I began pounding her as if I was driving piling for a bridge.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!” and with each smack, she moaned and grunted. I had her pinned and was taking no mercy. I gritted my teeth and bit my lip! She wanted fucked hard! I was going to fuck her as hard as I could! I felt her arms flailing, trying to extend around her legs to grab me. I kept pounding. I pounded until I could feel that growing sensation in my groin. That numbness filling me and extending into my thighs. I would come soon if I kept this up. I didn’t want that yet.

I slowed releasing her ankles. She sighed and took a deep breath, spreading her legs wide and extending them down. Her arms wrapped around my back, immediately pulling me into escort tuzla her. Her tongue darted into my mouth, kissing me.

I knew how to make her come. And I knew it would be quick, after the fucking she had just absorbed. She loved a deep grinding fuck! My groin pushed hard against her clit, as I rotated my hips to slide deep inside. She had told me that my big mushroom head massaged her g-spot while my groin worked her clit. I began the grind! I went as slow and as deep as I could with each stroke.

Her gasps sounded like she was humming or singing to me. Rhythmic and soft. In tune with each stroke.

Her arms tightened around my back, as she released her kiss. Her hands gripped my shoulders. Her mouth covered a spot on the corner of my neck where it meets my shoulder. She sucked and kissed me there.

“Oh baby! You’re gonna make me cum!” she whispered. These words, I hear almost every time we make love. I cherished hearing them each and every time. I ground a little harder and pushed just a touch deeper. Her hips started moving against mine, craving the orgasm. She gripped me harder. Her nails dug into my shoulders! Sweet pain! She gasped and exhaled a prolonged “Aaaaaaaaaaaa…” She bit down on my neck gently. Her body went motionless, except for twitching and small convulsions every five seconds or so.

I stopped, holding deep inside her. A half minute or so went by till she started to release. Her grip on my shoulders relaxed. Her bite released as she breathed deeply. I held her tightly, staying still, while she melted beneath me.

“Oh, you fucking beast, you!” she whispered to me as she hugged me harder again. “I can feel that one!” she laughed. “I’m going to be bruised inside and out.”

“Sorry.” I said sarcastically concerned.

“Don’t apologize to me.” she said. “I love feeling fucked for days afterward.” She squeezed again.

I was still hard and sliding gently out of her.

“That feels nice.” She said quietly. “You could do that to me all night.”

“I couldn’t.” I said with a laugh. “I’d come in about three minutes.”

“Really?” she giggled. “You could come, fucking me that slowly, and that gently?”

“God, yes!” I said. “I’m so sensitive right now, I feel tingly already.”

“Oh, God! I want that.” She pleaded again. “Please baby. Please come for me. Just like that! I want to feel you squirt inside me. I want to feel that hot sperm fill me.”

The more she talked, the better it felt. I continued, slow and steady. My body began to quiver from the intensity, as I tried to stay slow. I could feel her tightening her muscles around my shaft. Throbbing against my shaft.

“Can you feel that?” she asked.

“Yes.” Was all I could muster.

“Oh, baby. You’re close.” She half asked and half informed.

I felt like my entire groin started to tighten and convulse. I groaned and said. “I’m coming, baby!”

She writhed under me, trying to drain it out of me with the suction of her pussy. “I feel it squirting, babe!” she whispered. “It’s sooo HOT!”

I moaned again and again, then collapsed in a quivering mass on top of her.

She hugged me tight and rubbed my back. After a few moments, she rolled me off onto the bed beside her. My softening messy cock slid gently out of her.

She rolled half over me, one leg between mine, and kissed my forehead, then lips, then neck, right down to my nipples. I giggled, exhausted under her. She nibbled, and then bit firmly down on my left nipple.

“Ouch!!” I said coming back to reality. She smiled up at me with that devilish grin again, then eased down over my stomach. Her fingers lifted my engorged member and stroked it gently. It was covered in a mix of our juices.

“I want to taste us!” she giggled and slid it deep in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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