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I had been preparing for this day for weeks. Luckily, I didn’t have to work. He did. He has a physically active job so I knew he would be tired when he got home and his muscles would be sore. So I had the bathroom all ready for him. I hung up freshly laundered towels and spread out a new, plush bathmat on the floor. On the hook on the back of the door was a thick and thirsty terrycloth robe so I could wrap him up as he stepped from the tub so he wouldn’t catch a chill. A basket of fresh rose petals sat on one corner of the tub and some rose scented candles on another corner. Just outside the door was an ice bucket keeping a bottle of his favorite beer chilled and beside it sat a bottle opener.

It took me days to get the filling for the chocolates right. I knew that he was fond of some peanut butter filled ones that used to be sold at the candy counter of a fancy department store that is sadly no longer there. These candies would melt on your tongue the minute they hit it, flooding your mouth with a mix of sweetness and delight. I had tried batch after batch until I got it to taste just like I remembered it.

The chocolate was imported and expensive, but he was worth it. I smiled to myself as I used the paintbrush to gently stroke the dark chocolate into the heart shaped molds, holding them up to the light to make sure I had them fully covered. And after that set, I carefully put in the filling then gave them a little blanket of more dark chocolate. I pictured him in my mind, lifting the lid of the red, heart shaped box then plucking one of the plump little hearts out of the gold foil. I pictured how excited he would be when he realized that I had managed to recreate his favorite candy.

Dinner was mostly ready. Of course I would have to wait to make the steaks but those wouldn’t take long to cook. Twice baked potatoes were already made and being kept warm in the oven. The salad had been tossed and put in the fridge to keep crisp. The dough had been rising overnight and was now baked up into cute little rolls, just waiting to be buttered.

I decided to make him a little light snack before dinner because he always came home ravenous! So I got out the vintage Wexford cut glass plate and filled it with an assortment of cheeses and fruit. More beer waited in the fridge. I felt my heart flutter with anticipation as I pictured him walking through the door. What a night we were going to have!

Just picturing his face in mind makes me happy! I tried to remember when I first met him, and yet, I could not. Yes, I remembered the day and the month but even way back then, I felt like I had known him forever. It was as if our spirits were one. We were there for each other. To lift each other up and help each other through the dark times. I knew that I loved him the moment I laid eyes on him. And his love flowed through every ounce of my being. Every cell in my body! Even when he was not there in the flesh, I could feel him loving me, nurturing me, protecting me. It was as though he was wrapping tuzla escort me up in ethereal angel wings and holding me close. But I needed to stop daydreaming. He would be home soon! I had to blink my eyes rapidly to clear his image from my mind. And when I looked in the mirror I could see that I still had a dreamy smile on my face!

I didn’t need to do too much in the mirror. I don’t wear makeup. I feel that I look better without it. And I like people to see the real me. I’ve also found that most men don’t like sticky lip gloss and my guy is one of those.

I did run my fingers through my hair to fluff it up a bit. And I lightly applied his favorite scents, frankincense and myrrh but also added just a touch of rose. To me, roses are the scent of love.

I quickly peeled off my clothes and slipped into a new black satin chemise. It had a fitted bodice with a lace panel in the front and a short, flirty skirt. It was embellished with tiny pink ribbon roses. Black ballet shoes adorned my feet. I know that a lot of men love to see women in high heels but I love to dance and my guy loves to watch me dance. The ballet shoes make me feel more free and relaxed. I took a deep breath and saw my reflection in the mirror and I knew he would like what he saw.

I double checked the bedroom. I had turned down the bed and put some lightly scented massage oil on the table next to it. The salt lamp on the dresser lent a soft orange glow. I couldn’t wait for him to get home! And suddenly I was shaken out of my little fantasy world when I heard the front door open and close.

Quickly, I ran to the living room, but I felt more like I was floating. Ballet shoes are so light on the feet that they make me feel dainty and graceful! I wasn’t so dainty and graceful though when I crashed into him, nearly knocking him over. It was like this pretty much every night. I was always so excited to see him that I couldn’t contain myself. He chuckled and wrapped me in a hug, being used to our collisions by now.

We both moaned softly as we hugged each other, drinking in the scents of our skin. He had a rather pungent aroma of sweat but it smelled delightful to me. Made me remember how masculine and strong he was. We let our hands stray briefly, gently massaging each other’s backs and pressing ourselves closer together. I nestled into that nice little area between his shoulder and neck, turning my head towards him and allowing my lips to lightly graze his neck.

That didn’t last long! His hand cupped my chin and he turned my face towards his, gazing deeply into my eyes. I felt a shiver run down my spine, then down my legs and right into my ballet shoes. Looking into his soulful eyes and seeing his joyful smile just filled me with such bliss and passion. We admired each other like that, moving slowly, ever so slowly closer together until our lips met. And our tongues began to dance together as I stepped backwards, guiding him towards the dining room.

“I’ll have dinner ready soon. But first, here’s a light snack tuzla escort bayan while I go run your bath!” I popped off the cap from his beer and nudged a strawberry into his grinning mouth.

By the time I returned from running his bath, the Wexford plate sat sparkling and clear. He had eaten everything! I helped him up from the chair and led him towards the bathroom. We walked side by side, arms around each other, giving each other random hip bumps and giggling. I grabbed the beer and the opener on the way in.

The bathroom was lit only by the candles and the nightlight. Everything looked soft and soothing. I slowly removed his clothes, lightly running my hands over his soft bare skin and noticing how tight his muscles felt beneath my fingertips.

“You’re going to get a nice massage after your bath!”

I sat on the edge of the tub, admiring his disrobed frame as I sprinkled him with a few rose petals. He grinned up at me like a little boy, batting at the silky, fragrant confetti of flowers and letting them fall into the water. He then gave me a little pout and indicated with his hand that he was alone in the tub.

“Nope, I’m not getting in. I’m just here to bathe you”, I said, batting my eyes at him.

He bit his lip and looked up at me with big pleading eyes. I smiled back and shook my head.

I used a cup to gently pour water over his head before lathering my hands up with shampoo and massaging it into his scalp. He moaned as my fingers worked their magic. Then I rinsed his hair and used my bare hands to work the fragrant body wash all over his skin which by now had taken on a rosy pink glow from the heat of the bath. He looked insanely happy.

“I think you’re all clean now and ready for that massage!” I helped him out of the tub and into the robe, using a towel to tenderly dry his hair.

We walked into the bedroom together, me eager to ease his sore muscles and him in a beatific, semi-stupor.

I helped him out of his robe, covering him with fluffy blankets to keep the parts that were not being massaged warm and comfortable.

I knew every inch of his body by now and my fingers used the warmed oil to lull his tired muscles into a relaxed state. I could do it by rote, but I did take the time now and then to pause and kiss him sweetly here and there.

He was so placid now, save for occasional happy noises as he burrowed closer and closer to slumber.

I turned him onto his back, working my hands and lips over the front of him. His eyes were closed and I could feel him breathing deeply. When I got to his cock, I held it in my hand, feeling the heat and the softness. I kissed it all over, cherishing and loving it, remembering how much pleasure it had given me.

He started to protest and apologize all at once, sleepily stammering over his words. I could tell he was too tired for sex.

“It’s okay baby. It’s okay”, I said, laying my head down next to his cock and hugging him around his hips. “I just want to love all of you right now. escort tuzla Then you can sleep. Have a little nap while I finish making dinner.”

I continued kissing him all over before making sure he was fully tucked in under the blankets and allowing myself to spoon with him until I could hear him lightly snoring. Then I glided into the kitchen, still feeling dreamy from all that contact with his warm skin.

I took a little longer than I needed to, to make the steaks because I wanted to let him sleep for long enough to feel refreshed.

I think the smell of his favorite meat, searing in the pan awoke him. He came into the kitchen, stretching, groaning and beaming at me as he hugged me from behind, kissing the back of my neck. I turned for a moment to cuddle into him, being ever mindful not to let the steak overcook. He liked his to be pink in the middle. Ah, pink, the color of love. And I felt so loved at that moment in time. But I knew he would still be hungry so I needed to get the dinner on the table.

“Could you take the salad and rolls to the table? Go ahead and start on your salad and I’ll have the rest of dinner on the table in a few!”

He needed no coaxing. As I carried the potatoes and steaks into the dining room, he was happily crunching into his lettuce. And there beside my plate was the most beautiful rose quartz crystal I had ever seen. Now I know some women love diamonds, but not me. Rocks do it for me. I love them. Rose quartz is the love stone. He remembered!

“Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I kissed his cheek three times and wrapped my arms around his neck, whispering in his ear to tell him that I loved him.

“I guess that’s a good thing then, cuz I love you too! Guess we’re stuck with each other.”

We smiled at each other and laughed.

Dinner was over quickly. This was his all time favorite meal and he was delighted with the chocolates I had made for him.

“Do you feel like dancing? I’d like to just sit here and watch you for a few minutes. You love so lovely in that black satin.”

I needed no urging. I put on the Peggy Lee song, “Fever” and began working my body in time to the music. He smiled up at me happily.

Then I put on Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me” and helped him to his feet. We immediately melted into each other as we swayed back and forth, letting our hands and lips roam. But I could tell that he was still very tired, so we danced our way into the bedroom where we fell into the bed together, kissing.

“Ohhh… Baby, you look so gorgeous and smell so good! And I know you worked so hard to make my favorite dinner and pamper me. And it is Valentine’s day and all but…”

I silenced him by kissing his lips lovingly.

“I can tell you’re very tired. You need sleep. Let me love you to sleep.” I gently massaged his upper back.


I kissed him again. “No words right now. Just love.”

I brought my leg up over his legs, drawing him closer, and felt our bodies and souls merging together in a sea of love and light and comfort. No worries, no hurries, just rapturous paradise under a heaven of fluffy blankets and divine devotedness and enchantment.

Goodnight my love. Tomorrow is another day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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