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On the plane, Judy was thankful she had thought to ask Charley, their nextdoor neighbour to keep an eye out on Becky while she was gone. She knew that Rebecca was of legal age, hell at her age she was married to Tom, but she still worried. Since she had been divorced from Tom for the last five years, Judy was really happy that Becky showed no signs of wanting to marry anyone at her tender age. Judy was sitting in first class with papers strewn all over the place, wanting to be totally prepared for this meeting in Chicago. Allowing her thoughts to return to Walnut Grove for just a moment, she knew Becky would be fine. After all it was only going to be a four day trip and Charley was there.

It was hot. Becky was lying out by the pool in a lounge chair. Music was playing from an unseen source somewhere. Charley was surprised but pleased that it was not some heavy rock music that no matter how loud kids play it, you could never hear the words. Charley was looking over the fence and he saw Becky laying face down catching some rays. He stared at the pretty little girl because she looked totally naked. On closer inspection, he could see that she had just undone the bra to avoid that white line across her back and if he looked carefully he could just see a strip of material above her hips. Becky sat up, flinging her long blond hair to the side. She left her bra laying face up in the lounge so Charley got a nice view of her perky little breasts. He looked lower and when she raised one leg to sit up, he could see a tiny strip of material buried between her lovely ass cheeks. Charley hardened.

Becky reached over and took a big bite of a sandwich that had been lying next to her chair in the sun. As she chewed, she looked over and saw Charley standing there. Blushing a pretty shade of pink, Becky put down the sandwich and placed her hands over her breasts and giggled.

“Oh, hello Mr. Swanson. I didn’t see you there.”

“Sorry, Becky, I didn’t mean to startle you” he smiled at her. “Your mother asked me to keep an eye on you while she is gone, but I am pretty sure, this is not what she meant.”

“Ohhh mom! She tried to ship me off to my grandmother’s, can you believe that? At my age? She worries too much!”

“Your mom loves you, hon. She is just being … a mom.” he laughed.

“I know” Becky replied, ” but she thinks I am still 10 years old!”

Charley could not resist, “Well, sweetie, I can see that you aren’t. I will let you get back to your sun worshipping and I will check on you later. OK?”

Becky dropped one hand and took another big bite of her sandwich. “Ok, Mr. Swanson. Thanks” she said with a full mouth.

“Don’t stay out too long, Becky. That sun is hot!” and with that he left the yard to go into the house.

Becky finished off her sandwich and layed back down for just a little while longer.

Charlie had just finished his beer and pizza when looked across to the house next door. It was dark out but he noticed that there were no lights on. He could see the red mustang sitting in the driveway, so he knew Becky did not go out. Taking the empty beer bottle and pizza box into the kitchen, Charley grabbed the emergency key to nextdoor and walked across the lawn. Charley knocked on the door calling Becky’s name, wanting to give the kid a chance to get it together if she was making out with some boy on the sofa. No answer. So, Charley slipped the key into the hole and stepped inside.

The house was dark. He could make out some noises but he was not sure where they were coming from. Listening, he heard it was from upstairs. Charley dashed up the stairs calling Becky’s name. Still no answer. He looked into her room, no one. Although her bed was crumpled as though she had been laying there. He slipped down to Judy’s room, still no Becky. Finally, he heard that noise again and he followed the sound. The door was half opened and Charley peeked in to see Becky sprawled on the floor with her head over bursa escort the porcelain bowl, retching.

“Becky, honey.. your sick? Why didn’t you call me?”

Becky leaned over the bowl and was sick again. Charley held back her long strands of blond hair and gently rubbed her back repeating, “There, there, honey. It will be ok. I am here, honey.”

Finally, when the spasms stopped, Becky looked up at Charley too sick to even feel embarrassment. Charley reached over to flush and then picked Becky up into his arms and carried her to Judy’s room, placing her on the big bed. Running down to the laundry room, Charley came back quickly with a bucket and placed it next to the bed.

“Feeling better, honey?” Charley asked.. but no sooner was it asked when Becky sat up and Charley passed her the bucket.

The poor dear retched and retched, falling weakly back on the bed. Charley rushed to the bathroom to get a cold cloth and a cup with a little mouthwash in it. Lifting Becky gently, he held her up as he slid the cool cloth all over her face and neck. He gave her the cup of mouthwash and she rinsed before spitting into the bucket. Charley laid her back on the pillows and left to clean up the mess and get a few things.

He rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found just what he needed. Then he filled a bowl with tepid water and got a fresh facecloth. He returned to the bedroom to doctor the little girl. Placing the bowl on the night-table with the cloth floating in the water, he put down a box beside it and a thermometer with a jar of Vaseline. He reached over to Becky brushing her hair from her face.

“You ok now, honey?”

“Yes, Mr. Swanson, a little. I was so sick and it happened so fast, I couldn’t call you.” she answered in a weak, raspy voice.

“It’s ok, honey. I am here now and I will take care of you. Just trust me sweetheart, I will help you feel better.”

Becky was so relieved that her tummy was giving her a break for the moment. She had been vomiting for awhile. There couldn’t be anything left! It was nice that Mr. Swanson was there taking care of her. For once, she admitted her mom was right to have him look out for her.

Charley carefully rolled Becky to her side away from him. He told her to trust him he would be gentle and take care of her. In Becky’s weakened state and the caring tone of his voice, she was calmer now and wanted Mr. Swanson to just make her better.

Surprised, Becky felt her hips being raised as Mr. Swanson lowered her shorts and took her panties with them. He only dropped them to her knees and then he raised her legs and bent them to her chest.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a nervous but weak voice.

“Shhh, honey, I told you to trust me. I will not hurt you. I am just going to take your temperature and your mother only has this rectal thermometer in the medicine cabinet. I promise I won’t hurt you, honey.”

Charley, opened the jar of Vaseline and dipped his finger in taking out a healthy scoop. Sitting next to her on the bed, Charley took his thumb to raise the cheek of her bottom to coat her anus well with Vaseline. Charley could not miss the view of her cute, puffy, shaven pussy lips peeking out from between her legs. He hardened for the second time that day from this little girl. He figured she kept her body denuded of hair because of the skimpy thong bathing suits she wears. Sweat forming on his brow, from the sexual tension he was sure she was not aware of, Charley tried to pull himself together. He slipped his finger between her cheeks and covered her tight little opening with the gel. He even pushed a little allowing some of the Vaseline to coat the inside of her rectum. He felt Becky jump on impact of his touch, but he just rubbed her lower back and soothed her with his gentle words. He took the thermometer and slipped into to the well-greased orifice. Holding it there, he cooed to her the entire time assuring her that Charley was there bursa escort bayan and he would help her to feel better. When the time was up, Charley removed the glass rod to read her temperature. It was up but not dangerously so. He placed it on a Kleenex that he put on the night-stand. He took another one and gently wiped her bottom.

Becky, glad that was over quickly rolled to her back with her shorts and panties still to her knees. She was not so sick that she did not feel some embarrassment. A pretty pink blush stained her face. Charley noticed it and told her it was ok and not to be embarrassed he was just doctoring her. Think of him that way and it will be easier.

Becky, squeaked out a tiny, “ok” and was prepared to be a good patient.

Charley turned her back onto her side and told her to relax. He was opening a box behind her back and he took out a suppository.

“This is Gravol, honey. It will make you feel better. The suppositories are all your mom had but it is just as well since you keep throwing up anyway. Just relax, I will use lots of lubrication and you will not even feel it and when it works you will feel so much better.”

With that, Charley raised her knees up to her chest again and spread her cheeks. Again, he could not help but notice the tender, juicy lips of her cunt and his cock twinged in his pants. Looking closely he saw just a slight oiling along the slit making it shiny and appetizing. Back to business, Charley adjusted his hard cock and took another scoop of Vaseline. He rubbed it all over her tight, wrinkled little anus. He could not resist, he slipped his finger farther inside this time, loving the feel of her virgin ass stretched around his digit. Taking the suppository from the night-table, he positioned it at her opening. With a little shove it popped right in.

Patting her cute bottom, he announced, “All done, honey. Once that takes affect in a few minutes, you will feel all better and probably a little tired too.”

“Thank you, Charley” Becky answered softly. The use of his first name did not go unnoticed.

“Ok, Sweetheart, I think a little bed-bath is in order. You messed up a little and your body is all clammy from sweating while you were sick. This will make you feel better and you will be able to sleep comfortably.”

“Ok, Charley” Becky answered again.

Charley tugged her panties and shorts all the way down her long tanned legs and slipped them right off. He sat on the bed and lifted her to a sitting position holding her safely in his arms. Charley pulled off the little tank top she was wearing and noticed there was no bra to remove. He laid her back on the pillows and he got his first glimpse of Becky entirely naked. What pretty sight and oh what it was doing to him. It was making his balls ache.

Becky’s long blond hair was fanned out on the fluffy pillow. Her face was pale and drawn. Her body was tanned with very few tan lines and he was not surprised from the lack of swim attire she usually wore. Her breasts were those of a young girl, not a woman. They were perky apple shaped breasts with plump strawberry nipples. OH God, he wanted to taste them. He loved both apples and strawberries. He almost giggled aloud from his thoughts and was so glad he did not. He did not want to frighten her. Her tummy was flat, no actually, it was concave as many young slim girls tummies are. Her hip bones protruded she was so slim. Her legs were long and tanned and delighted he saw that at the v of her legs was the cutest little pussy with absolutely no hair at all.

Becky shivered. Charley noticed and he was not sure if it was from his stare, her chill from sweating just a short time ago or because she was still ill. Unhappily, he took the comforter from the bed and covered her with just the light sheet.

Becky kept her eyes closed feeling sleepy now. Charley took the face cloth and after squeezing out the excess water he tenderly wiped her face and neck. He escort bursa took the cloth down to wipe her arms all the way down to her fingers. Dipping the cloth back into the water he turned to her again. Charley folded the sheet down to her hips and left her bare to his eyes. Sitting on the bed, he lifted her again and wiped her back with the cool refreshing cloth. Laying her back gently onto the pillows, he slid the damp cloth over her breasts and tummy. He slid the cloth back up to her breasts and paid careful attention to them, noticing the little pimpled bumps beginning to rise on her nipples. They puckered nicely and poked way up reaching out to Charley. He could not resist. Like a driven man, he had to taste them. Sucking first one and them the other into his mouth, Charley let his tongue swirl across the hardened tips. Becky moaned but kept her eyes closed, not saying a word. Charley gave them one last suck, tugging them hard and with a pop he let them go.

Charley lifted the sheet to cover her body and dipped the cloth into the dish of water again. He could not help but notice how her nipples, hard now, made tiny tents with the sheet. Charley pulled the sheet out from the bottom of the bed and lifted it to bare the lower half of her body. Taking the cloth, he wiped her legs and feet.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Charley turned Becky on her side. Spreading those lovely cheeks, he gently washed away the Vaseline that was covering her anus and making it shine. He returned her to her back and he spread her legs. Rinsing out the cloth, he sat next to her hips. Charley heard her moan softly when he placed the cloth on her hair free pubis. His hand cupped the cloth and just held it there, knowing full well he was applying pressure to her clit. Bending closer, Charley spread the lips of her little pussy and gently wiped the oily sheen that glistened on her labia. He noticed the softer the wipe the wetter she got.

Charley was lost now. His cock was bursting in his pants and the ache was unbearable. He tossed the cloth on the floor and opened the little girls labia again. He put his head down and inhaled her little feminine scent. His tongue flicked out and slid up her oily slit. He let it flicker across her clit as he watched the moisture almost seep from her lips. He had to taste her. In went his tongue, deeper now. Lapping the juices that were flowing freely. He heard her moan from her perch on the pillows and he felt her ass rise to meet his face. Spreading her legs wider he crawled between them lapping her labia like a puppy. Sweat now glistened on both their bodies as the tension mounted.

Charley sensed Becky was going to cum even before Becky knew it was happening to her. Charley slipped his finger into her lubed ass and slid it in deep, his tongue doing the same in her cunt. Screaming now, her hips raised painting his mouth and chin with her oil.

“OH, Charley.. oh Charley…. ohhhhhhh Charleeeeyyyy” screamed from her lips as she came over and over again. Charley lapped and sucked her little cunt until she could take no more. Her body instinctively moved from his mouth when his face touched her now tender clit. He knew to stop.

Charley climbed up to lay next to Becky and he saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Are you ok, darling? Did I hurt you, baby?” Charley asked in such a worried tone.

“No, Charley. Not at all. You made me feel better… no, you made me feel better than better. You made me feel great! I want to make you feel great too Charley.”

“Oh, honey, you did. You made me feel wonderful” he told her and meant it.

“No, Charley, you know what I mean! I want to do that to you too.”

“Ohh Sweetheart, you get yourself better first. It must have been that tuna sandwich you ate. You should not eat anything with mayonnaise when it has been out in the sun.” he said. ” You sleep and get better. I will stay here with you to see that you are ok and when you feel better, we can try this again. After all, we have three more days and I am supposed to look after you!”

“Ohhh Charley, I love how you baby-sit! I am glad mom asked you to look after me now!”

(c) 1999, Misty’s Erotic Stories

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