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Lizzy’s hands wrung together as she stood there. The skin on her hands was beginning to turn red at the contact. Despite the motion of her hands, one could easily see them shaking slightly. Her nails were painted a soft green color that accented her outfit of the evening. If one was to look at her from a distance they would see a young woman standing alone at the end of Rock Raven Bridge. Her clothes could be seen blowing gently in the wind, joining her already wind swept hair.

She had chosen a simple outfit, simple but beautiful. Earlier she spent almost an hour going through her closet and throwing undesired clothing onto a large pile on the floor. A smaller pile had formed on her bed of possible choices at the same time. Eventually, after quite a bit of lip biting and pondering looks, she had selected a simple brown skirt. The material waved out from her hips, stopping at a point just below her knees. To accompany her skirt she had picked a light green blouse. The neck line was modest and it scrunched on the side, falling just a bit below the waste of the skirt.

Lizzy was never much for jewelry, but tonight was special so she had adorned a dark woven bracelet and a multi layered necklace made of up tans browns and blacks. She applied her make-up slowly as she was hindered by her already shaking hands. Finally she finished, turning to look at herself in the mirror on the back of her door. She frowned at her reflection and it returned the look, of course.

She saw herself as a plain girl. She didn’t see her beautiful eyes — the ones that always reflected what she was feeling. She looked right past the soft lips that most men lusted after. Instead of beautiful soft hair that begged to have fingers running through it, she saw a head covered by flat and boring locks. Nor did she see the beautiful skin that ached for kisses to be scattered across it. She wasn’t pleased with her reflection, and with one final scrunch of her nose she looked away. She finished the final steps of getting ready by slipping on a pair of brown leather flats and spritzing herself with several sprays of her musky perfume. Grabbing her purse, she headed out the door and began walking towards the bridge where she can be seen now.

He was watching her. Lizzy could feel his eyes on her and this made her even more nervous. Even though they had never met, she could sense him, could almost taste every part of his being in the air. She scuffed her feet on the ground somewhat, trying to distract herself from her own thoughts. She backed up, pressing herself against the railing of the bridge. Her body was half immersed in the dark night now. She stopped wringing her hands to pull her phone out of purse and check the time. 5:57, it read. He had advised her to meet him there at six.

She glanced down towards the end of the bridge, but it was empty. There was nothing but the aged architecture. She felt the cold, uneven edges of the stones pressing against her back as she leaned against the bridge. She was getting slightly chilled in the cool night air, so she brought her arms to wrap around herself. She heard a large splash in the water behind her and she instinctively turned to look. She leaned over the bridge slightly and peered down, but she couldn’t see over the looming darkness. She began to let out a small sigh, but it was cut off by the warm frame of a hard body pressing up behind her. She could feel his heat completely surrounding her. It was like a hot flash, from cold to hot so fast.

For a moment, one that seemed to drag on for quite a while, only their breathing could be heard and the rapid beats of Lizzy’s heart. Finally he spoke, “Lizzy…” he said, in a firm, deep tone. The last sounds of her name seemed to trail off, dissipating into the night air that surrounded them. His arms reached up and he placed a hand on the rail of the bridge on either side of her causing him to press even closer into her. She hadn’t dared turned her head to look at him yet, afraid he might see the blush that was consuming her face. His lips pressed against her hair lightly, almost like a whisper against her loose wisps. She nibbled her lip in response, pulling lightly at her kissable skin. His lips pressed even lower, moving down her neck, to that smooth skin that awaited him. She could feel his breath falling against her skin making goose bumps rise on her neck. Finally, he brought them down upon her and she almost moaned in the instant pleasure it brought her, just from that mere contact of lips against neck.

She had known it would be intense, their connection always was (even if it was just online before now), but she hadn’t known it would be THIS intense. Her shoulders casino siteleri slumped slightly and she visibly slumped in his arms. Quin smiled behind her, knowing he had exceeded her expectations. He used his hands to turn her towards him gently. Lizzy kept her eyes on the ground as he turned her, too shy to make eye contact. Quin raised two fingers up to the underside of her chin and brushed them lightly there. The then applied slow pressure, encouraging her to look up at him. Her eyes swept over his figure as he guided her up. She took in the worn brown leather boots, the jeans that frayed a bit at the ends, and the button up black shirt that appeared freshly ironed.

Finally her eyes made her way up his neck. His neck was large and strong and it made the perfect base for his strong chin covered by dark stubble. Her glance fell over his lips, and her tongue moistened her own lips in response. She continued looking up, pausing at his strong nose — a nose even the Gods would be envious of. Finally, her eyes met his and she was lost. They were the color of mercury and the ocean blended together to create a color she had never had the pleasure of seeing before now. They stood there and stared for several minutes, taking in each other. His hand still rested on the bottom of her chin. His way of telling her she was his now.

Suddenly he tore his eyes away and down to her lips. He pressed against them, molding his own lips to hers. She could taste every part of him and it tasted better than she could have thought possible. Better than chocolate mousse that melted in your mouth. Better than rich, cheese fondue that lingered for hours. Her lips parted against his; half in shock and half in desire. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue in between her lips, making sure to brush it against them before sliding into her warm mouth. She tasted like sweet honey, a flavor he never wanted to forget. His tongue danced in her mouth, rubbing against every hidden part of her that no one had explored before him. His texture rubbed against her own tongue, and she verbally groaned out for more.

He smirked at her escaped noise and his movements got bolder. He reached one of his hands up to the back of her head and placed a firm grip on her neck. He pulled her into him, forcing her body to collide with his own. He could feel the soft, round bulbs of her breasts, the dip in her stomach and the curve of her hips against him. She could feel his wide shoulders, the warmth of his hardened chest and the reminder of his desire pressing against her. He took a step forward causing her to step back into the edge of the bridge again. Even though she was in almost the same exact position she was standing in before he arrived, everything had changed.

The next few minutes passed slowly for Lizzy. Her mind focused in and out of reality as Quin continued to kiss her, even moving to scatter kisses along her face, neck, and ears. The attention of his tongue against those spots was not lacking either. A few times Lizzy let out a gasp as his teeth nipped her. She was beyond aroused now. Her mind was an ever spinning circle of lust, desire and love. He pulled his lips away from her and stepped back a little. He was breathing heavy and his eyes were numerous shades darker than when she had first looked into them.

He reached his hand out and grabbed hers and began to pull her towards the end of the bridge. He would turn his head slightly to send her glances as they walked, for she was several steps behind him. She didn’t know where he was leading her but she trusted him. She made sure to move her fingers slightly every few seconds, because when she would he would give her a little squeeze in return. He stopped walking and she pulled her focus away from him. Taking in her surroundings she smiled. This was something only Quin could create for her. She reminisced for a moment about the ‘dates’ that Quin would take her on with his words. It was so much more here and now.

The scene before her was like a picture. It was an almost empty field tucked back behind the bridge. In the center of the field there was a large willow tree. The branches were so low and thick that Lizzy couldn’t even make out what was lurking behind them. She could, however, see a glowing yellow light that seemed to dance in the wind. A path of roses guided her way to the tree, the petals being swept about by the wind. Quin, having not released her hand, started walking forward again. He pulled her through the path of the petals and she could feel them swirling about her legs and feet. Quin reached up and pulled aside the branches of the willow tree.

Lizzy’s mouth dropped and her eyes widened canlı casino slightly, even glassed over with tears. There had to have been at least 30 candles set up. They were set on chairs and shelves, which surrounded a beautiful spread out quilt upon the ground. The rose petals continued under the branches and made the shape of a heart around the blanket. Lizzy still hadn’t said a word; she couldn’t imagine that Quin would do this for her. She felt him squeeze her hand again and she knew he was waiting for her to say something. She turned to him, her mouth still parted slightly.

“This…This is the most amazing thing anyone has EVER done for me.” She said, her voice breaking through her tears.

Quin reached up and brushed the back of his hand against her face.

Smiling, he said, “I would do this day after day if it meant that I was making you happy, Lizzy.”

This just made Lizzy cry even more. Quin leaned forward and began placing light kisses against her tears, soaking them into his lips. He could taste the happiness that was flowing out of her. His hand weaved in her hair and the other slide down her side to rest on her hips. He placed one final kiss against her lips before whispering in her ear. “Raise your arms, my dear.” Lizzy followed his words, her hands shaking again slightly. Quin reached forward and grabbed the bottom hem of her skirt and began pulling it slowly up her body. He let his bent knuckles brush against her skin as he revealed more and more of her. With every inch he saw, Quin fell more and more in love with her body. Finally, he had pulled the shirt up and over her head, leaving her in only her bra and skirt standing before him. Lizzy reached up to cross her arms over her chest, but he stopped her with a simple shake of his head. She brought her arms back down to her sides and awkwardly clenched and unclenched her fingers.

Quin dropped down to his knees in front of her and began placing kisses on her stomach, her sides and her hips. His hands were firm around her back, not letting her pull away from his attentions. He glanced up from his position, his eyes lit with desire. He moved his hands around to the sides of her skirt and began to slowly pull it down her hips; teasing not only her, but himself as well.

He groaned with pleasure as the skirt dropped around her feet. He guided the skirt out from beneath her feet and tossed it aside. He then ran his hand over the top of her left foot, feeling the small bones and soft skin. He moved even higher and she could feel the coarse texture of his hand moving up the inside of her leg, against her calf, knee and thigh. She moaned as he reached near to the part of her that was almost on fire. He kept his hand there, placing a light grip on her thigh before bring his lips against the inside of her leg. He brushed his cheek against her soft leg, closing his eyes; he reveled in the feel of her against him.

His eyes brushed over her legs over and over, before finally settling on her hidden mound. She had chosen simple yellow panties, trimmed with soft white lace. They were pretty and innocent. He looked up at her, not asking permission, but informing her of what he was going to do next. Lizzy held her breath as she felt his fingers brush over that area that only she had touched before. Her body shook slightly, both with pleasure and nervousness. He placed a kiss against the front of her panties and he smiled when he realized how damp they were. Her back arched and her fingers clenched. Her breathing deepening even more that it already was. He again used his fingers to slip off this article of clothing.

The beauty of her sex was almost bare, despite one well-trimmed patch that pointed him in the right direction. He brought his face forward and let his breath fall on that clandestine spot. He could smell her arousal. It was thick like the air on a rainy morning. It folded over him, surrounding him in its strength. He nuzzled his cheek against it, the gentleness of it such contrast to the cruel growth on his cheek. In conclusion, he brought his lips to her outside and pressed them against her folds. She moaned in response, her hips involuntarily pressing into his mouth. He let his tongue just out, tasting that inner core of his Lizzy, finally tasting that which had tempted him for far too long.

He began to taste at the pleasure she was feeling, over and over he would lap in that flavor of her. Her body was sweating now and she was burning from a heat that was coming from within. He then began to rise back up off of his knees, sharing little kisses and licks up her body as he went. He reached around behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting kaçak casino her beautiful breasts be revealed. His thumb came out and he brushed it against the curve of her breast, making her tingle and her nipple harden in anticipation. He moved his thumb closer to that oh so sensitive bud and began caressing around it, teasing her. Her eyes were slipping closed at the pleasure and her tongue was brushing across her lip every few seconds. She almost cried out and begged him to press against where she needed him. Sensing her need, he let his thumb settle over the hardened peek. As soon as he had touched it her body jerked in response.

He bent slightly and used the palm of his hand to lift one of her breasts towards his face. She brought her shoulders back and arched her breasts up and directly to him. He sucked her into his mouth and ran his tongue over the beaded texture of her nipple. He turned his attention to her other breast, giving it the same pleasure, before telling her to lie down upon the blanket. She did as he said and she sunk into the soft quilt slowly. She lay down on her back and propped her head up slightly on her hand so she could see Quin.

Quin began to pull his clothing off. He didn’t dress it up, but rather just removed his clothing in a simple, everyday manner. He reached down to untie his boots and slip them off of his feet. Next, he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chest and stomach. Finally, he undid his pants and slid them down his legs and off, quickly followed by his boxers. He stood before her, loomed over her in his nakedness. Lizzy’s eyes wandered his entirety, but they were drawn to his protruding penis. She followed him with her eyes as he walked towards the edge of the quilt and, once again, dropped to his knees. Kneeling between her legs he began to crawl towards her, his arms on either side of her body. He lowered part of his weight against her and she could feel his thigh pressing up against her wetness, his hardness pressing into her stomach and his face buried into her neck.

Quin’s breathing was hard and he could barely hold himself back from entering her. He rocked his thigh against her mound and he groaned as he felt the physical proof of her desire rub against his leg. He was kissing at her neck at the same time, and his hands were paying attention to her lovely breasts. The night was slightly chill, but their bodies discharged enough heat to keep them warm all night long. Quin lifted his head and looked into her eyes before saying “I can’t wait anymore, Lizzy. I want you now. I need you now. I’ve waited four long years for this. “with such vigor that Lizzy could only widen her eyes in response at first. Eventually, she nodded her head, telling him to proceed.

He gave her a gentle smile, pressed a gentle kiss against her lips and then he slowly slid into her. He only pushed in an inch at first and already he could feel the tight grasp of her vagina. He groaned and slid into her further and her heat began to engulf him, inch by inch. He came to her hymen and he sighed. She was his and he loved it. He was her only. He stopped moving for a moment and she looked up at him, her eyes wide and he whispered “I love you” before thrusting his hips with intent and pushing through the bridge to her womanhood. She cried out, but soon her cry turned to a moan as he began pumping into her, bringing a pleasure that was beyond anything she had ever felt in the past.

Their bodies twisted together and the scent of their arousal mixed. The night wind blew at the branches and the candles, making it seem as if nature was dancing to their love making. Their sighs, groans and moans made a symphony of pleasure. He stayed above her and brought a firm hand to her head as he pushed in and out of her. His pace began to speed and his moans began to deepen.

Lizzy’s eyes were closed now and her hands clenched at the quilt beneath her. She felt Quin’s hard length pressing into her and demanding all she was willing to give. She bucked her hips up in response and she could feel a pressure beginning to build in her groin. Her hips rose up as the building stopped and finally crescendo-ing at a peak and she cried out. Quin leaned forward to swallow her moans and he could feel her juices of pleasure leak around him. Her vagina clenched at him, pulling him into her and grabbed around his length. He couldn’t hold his own pleasure any longer as he felt her go over the edge. He let out a grunt and he thrust deep into her once more before his cock twitched and released spurt after spurt of sperm into her. He knew he should have pulled out, but he wanted to claim her and wanted to make her, his. He groaned into her neck, the sweat on his forehead falling against her cheek as they finished.

They both lay there, unmoving, for several minutes in quietness before Quin broke the silence. “Aren’t you glad we decided to meet, my Love?”

Lizzy only smiled in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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