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June 8, 2003. Lizzie was finally home from college for the summer. She was looking forward to seeing her boyfriend Doug again. They hadn’t been together since Easter Break. She gave Doug a call and asked him if he wanted to go with her out for drinks at a local bar up the street. Of course Doug wanted to and Lizzie said she would stop by and pick him up.

She had her own chick car, a black Honda Civic coupe but that wouldn’t suffice for what she had in mind tonight. In addition to wanting to get buzzed on booze, she was looking to get laid. It had been too long since she was lying on her dorm room bed, legs spread wide with Doug’s thick cock in her sweet tight little pussy. She loved the way he felt inside her, the way he licked her nipples and her clit. She always came when she was with him.

They had been exclusive to each other for several years and had been fucking bareback as she was on the pill. It felt great being natural with Doug…feeling him shoot his load in her pussy. It was messy afterward but she knew it made her man feel special. The little slut in side her kind of liked being used like that, feeling a man’s cum dribble out of her. However Lizzie hadn’t been feeling well the month before. The campus doctor gave her some antibiotics for a sinus infection. She knew that affected her birth control but had just started her next pill cycle so she wasn’t worried about getting pregnant.

Lizzie was a larger girl. 5ft 6inches tall weighed about 220 lbs and had thick reddish brown hair. Her bottom was nice and round and she had breasts hat were nicely sized although maybe a bit on the small side. She was always up for a good time of drinks and partying. Partly because of her rebellious nature against her strict parents but also she just loved to have a good time. She got off the phone with Doug and went up to take a shower and get ready. She stepped behind the shower curtain into the warm steamy spray. The water trickled all over her curvy body, into every luscious curve and crevice. She washed and rinsed her hair, shaved her armpits and legs. Lastly she used the razor to shave her sweet little love peach. She took care to remove every bit of hair, making her pussy smooth and slick.

She stepped out of the shower and put a towel around her body. Stepping into her room she dried herself further and put on a bit of skin cream, slowly rubbing it on her body. She looked through her underwear drawer and found a cute matching set of satin panties and bra. They were a purple lavender color with a floral pattern. Next Lizzie picked out a nice pair of white jeans and a blouse. She knew Doug liked the way she looked in these white jeans, like a Long Island princess.

After she dressed she went back into the bathroom to put on her makeup and straighten her hair. As bursa escort she finished up she put on a little bit of perfume, dabbing it on her neck and wrists. She put on her black C.F.M. heels and went downstairs. Her dad was working late at the shop but her Mom was home. Lizzie told her Mom she was going out to the club with Doug but her car was low on gas and if she could borrow the Rendezvous. With a bit of complaining and a guilt trip, her Mom relented and said she could. With a kiss Lizzie said goodnight to Mom and told her she’d be home pretty late. She grabbed her purse off the table along with the Buick keys and headed out to the car.

Her heels clacked on the pavement as she hit the unlock button on the remote. The lights flashed and the doors unlocked. She took her cell phone out of her purse as she opened the driver’s door and slid behind the wheel into the driver’s seat.

She put her purse in the storage area under the center console, slid the key into the ignition and started up the new car. Her Mom’s car was really nice. Leather seats, power seats, heated mirrors, really luxurious. She sent a quick text to Doug to let him know she was leaving, adjusted her seat and mirrors, and backed out of the driveway.

As she drove she familiarized herself with some of the Buick’s controls and the feel of the steering wheel. Within a few minutes she pulled into a spot at Doug’s apartment. Doug had been at the window watching and stepped out. As he approached, Lizzie hit the power unlock button and Doug got in the passenger seat. He leaned over and they gave each other a long passionate wet kiss. Maybe even a little tongue was involved too. They broke their kiss and Lizzie drove them to their destination.

They spent a good 3 or 4 hours at the bar. Lizzie had a couple of Margaritas in that time and Doug had a couple of brews. Throughout the night they had been in each others arms. Doug felt Lizzie’s nice plump round bottom, Lizzie brushed against Doug’s crotch and enjoying the sight of his little patch of chest hair under his neckline. Both giving kisses and smiling all night. At the end of the evening they were feeling pretty relaxed but were safely coming back down from their buzzes. It was safe enough for Lizzie to drive again. They evened out their bar tab and headed for the car.

After they were back in the car the young couple drove around for a bit. Just chatting, holding hands, Doug complimenting her on getting the new car for the night. It was dark outside and very late. There weren’t many people out or cars on the street. It was time for Lizzie to get busy she thought as she scanned for places to stop and park. Then she saw the perfect spot. No cars around, dark and dimly lit. Doug was a bit confused at first but then he realized what her plan was. Lizzie backed bursa escort bayan the SUV into a spot and cut off the engine. Only the distant street lights illuminated the interior of the car.

The young couple turned to each other and started making out. They had their hands all over each other’s chests as they kissed. Doug nuzzled and licked Lizzie’s neck as he felt her breasts. Lizzie found herself extremely turned on. She felt her slick little peach getting moist from Doug’s touch and smell. Her nipples were getting hard from her arousal. She reached over and felt Doug’s cock through his slacks. He was definitely ready. She adeptly and carefully unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She loved his cock. She took it in her hands and stroked it slowly before leaning back and removing her blouse. She sat in the driver’s seat with only her bra on and continued stroking her boyfriend’s cock. The large center console of the car made it a bit tough to do any more than they were doing now. Lizzie suggested they climb into the back seat so they could fuck. Doug climbed over first and then Lizzie joined him.

Once in the back seat they shed the rest of their clothing and were naked as the day they were born. Doug leaned forward and took one of Lizzie’s hard nipples into his mouth and sucked on it as he fingered her slick wet pussy. She was so wet that a little trail of pussy juice started dribbling on her Mother’s new leather upholstery. But she didn’t care. It made her even naughtier; she was going to be fucking her boyfriend bareback in the backseat of her mom’s new car.

Lizzie pushed Doug away and leaned over, taking his cock into her mouth. She loved sucking cock. The first time she and Doug fooled around she sucked him off…swallowing every last drop of his come. She loved the way he smelled and tasted and Doug couldn’t believe she swallowed it all.

After a few minutes she stopped and they got in position to fuck. She laid on her back and spread her legs for her man. She put one leg over the driver’s seat headrest and the other over the back seat. Doug took his spot above her and rubbed the head of his cock to get her lovely pussy juices all over it. He slowly pushed into his big beautiful girlfriend and started thrusting into her.

After a few minutes they were really going at it. The car was rocking and the leather seats creaking underneath their young bodies as the windows fogged slightly. Lizzie was so wet that her pussy was flooding the leather underneath her ass as Doug touched and licked her breasts. That was enough for her, she groaned loudly as her chest flushed before her clit and pussy exploded in orgasm. She screamed loudly as she came…moaning with joy and love for her boyfriend. This threw Doug over the edge too as he trusted and pushed escort bursa his girlfriend into the seat, throwing his seed into her tight pussy. They laid together panting and sweating, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Within a few minutes Doug had softened a bit and withdrew from his lover. His come and her pussy juice dribbled out of her and onto the seat. The two lovers gathered up what clothing they could find in the back and dressed. Unfortunately Lizzie threw her jeans behind the back seat before she got in back. Doug climbed back into the passenger seat and Lizzie back behind the wheel wearing nothing but her panties and bra. Just at the moment she sat down the car alarm started going off. The lovers got excited and scared at the same time. Lizzie quickly started the car which shut off the alarm and pulled out of the spot…still in her bra and panties!

The two lovers laughed and smiled at each other as they drove through the deserted streets. If anyone were to look into that Buick they’d have seen quite the sexy show.

Lizzie drove back to Doug’s apartment where she dropped him off. They hugged and gave a last good night kiss before he got out and she drove home. As she drove, still mostly undressed, she felt her wet panties and a wet spot under her ass. She finally got home and pulled into the driveway. The parents were both in bed and the house was dark. Strangely she started feeling horny again. Instead of turning off the car she backed out of the driveway again and headed back out for another drive.

As she drove she started to touch her well fucked pussy still dripping with Doug’s cum. She put her finger to her nose and smelled their scent mixed together. This turned her on. She unbuckled her seatbelt as the Rendezvous continued down the road. Steering with her knees she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, freeing her pert little titties. Then she reached under her waistband and pulled off her panties, first her left leg, then her right leg. There she was completely naked, driving mom’s new car with a load of cum in her pussy that was still dribbling onto the seat as she went down the highway. She was so horny now, she tweaked her nipples as she drove and finger fucked herself to another orgasm.

Lizzie turned the car toward home and within a few minutes was back in the driveway. As she scanned the car, she could smell new leather and sex. She looked at the driver’s seat and saw a snail’s trail of pussy juice, sweat and come on the leather. She would tell her overbearing old fashioned parents that she took Doug to the drive through and spilled a drink on her pants. She decided to leave it just like it was. She didn’t bother getting dressed and gathered all her stuff and bound into the house naked.

The naughty girl crawled into her bed and slept great that night but the next morning woke up nauseous and sick. She thought it was just a hangover. Little did she know at the time…she did get pregnant that night in the backseat of the Rendezvous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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