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(Note to the Editor: The following story contains boldface only in the title and italics throughout the story. Thank you)


(Thanks to all for the positive feedback on the first installment. God bless you all. I guess it is my duty to continue with this documentary of how the relationship between Red and I progressed. Sorry for such the long time, but I have a LOT of obligations. For those readers who have not read the first chapter, please do so as you might be lost if you don’t. Oh, by the way, it really did happen just as I’ve written. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty…namely me.)

* * * * *

Morning came somewhat quickly and I was awakening, rather groggily, in the most pleasant manner ever possible (almost every man in the world would agree with me on this). As I struggled to fully open my eyes, I saw Red gripping my “morning wood” at its base and slowly twirling her tongue all around the swollen purple glans, occasionally flicking her pointed tongue underneath at that very sensitive area. When I had fully awakened, I could see that she had done away with the braid and had arranged her flaming red hair into two pigtails, one on each side of her head. She must have awakened very much earlier than I. Red looked up at me with those adorable baby blue eyes of hers and sweetly smiled at me. With her milk-white complexion and rosy-colored, apple-like cheeks, she looked just like an angel…my angel.

“Good morning, Daddy,” my little babydoll beamed.

“Good morning, Babydoll,” I answered with the biggest “shit-eating grin” a man could ever possibly have.

Why wouldn’t I have a huge “shit-eating grin”? (Whoever came up with that saying had to have been twisted. I mean, who would grin if they had eaten that. Anyway, pardon my aside here. I’ll get back to what happened.) I had every right to be this happy! I met this beautiful and sexy girl at work just three days ago, and from the very first minute I had laid eyes upon her, I knew that I wanted her. Red was girl who could give a dead man an instant hard on, especially looking as she does this morning, and she was half my age…giving me a good morning blowjob! I was simply the luckiest man in the world, or at least that is my opinion. God love her!

Red was slowly licking my balls with the flat of her tongue, then trailing upwards on the underside of my shaft until she reached my bulging cockhead. Again, she swirled her tongue all around the swollen bulb just before encircling it with her soft, luscious lips. Slowly, Red eased herself down my rod and I could feel her tongue moving on the underside of my cock as she worked my entire eight-inch length down her throat. With her nose firmly pressed against my pubes, I could still feel her tongue slathering my cock. Oh my God, did this ever feel fantastic! Her mouth and throat felt like hot liquid velvet and I could feel her saliva flowing freely, coating my scrotum with her drool. With my entire length still engulfed, Red began shaking her head from side-to-side and I could actually feel my cockhead banging against her tonsils as she began gently caressing my heavy gonads with her petite little hands. Slowly, she began to withdraw from my cock, and with hollowed cheeks, sucked on my turgid dong as if it were a straw, thus drawing out my precum as if it were some precious gift.

Red removed her mouth from my diamond-hard cock with an audible “pop”, and gave me another cherubic smile. The morning light made her baby blue eyes twinkle like two perfect sapphires and her red hair glistening in the sunlight reminded me of spun copper. God, I was so much in love with this girl, I couldn’t believe it!

“Do you like that, Daddy,” my Babydoll asked, sweetly smiling again.

“Yes I do, Babydoll,” I struggled to get out the words as my mind was becoming numbed. “Daddy loves it and Daddy loves you!”

“Then you’re gonna really love this, Daddy!”

Without any further ado, Red completely engulfed my turgid member in one fell stroke, and began rapidly pumping her head up and down as she began rapidly bouncing my balls in her tiny little hand. She reached up with her other hand to pinch and pull on my nipples alternately. Jesus, I was in Heaven as this was causing my excitement to rapidly ramp-up to pure bliss. I couldn’t tell what was turning on the most: seeing Red’s crimson pigtails flailing madly in the air; her amazing deep throat technique; the bouncing of my balls in her hand; or the sensations of her pulling on my nipples, but it didn’t matter. It all felt incredible! God, this little Lolita surely knew how to suck a dick!

I could feel my come churning within my swollen nuts, as I struggled to hold back my release. I wanted to savor this exquisite throat job for as long as possible. I realized that my hips were involuntarily thrusting my cock deeper into Red’s gurgling throat…fucking it as if it bursa escort were a hot, dripping cunt. My moans and groans were ever increasing in volume, indicating my pent up desire to blast my seed down Red’s throat. I guess Red sensed this, because she stiffened two of her fingers and rapidly began jabbing at the area between my bouncing scrotum and my asshole while moaning loudly. The vibrations and sensations were maddening.

That was all it took. There was no more holding back. With a guttural grunt that could have come only from a large primate, my cock erupted sending spurt after spurt of hot come down Red’s gullet straight into her belly. Red kept my cock completely buried in her throat and I could feel her throat muscles moving along my ultra sensitive cockhead as she greedily swallowed my load of pleasure pudding. It felt as though I had shot a gallon of sperm into her (even though I knew that was impossible) as I continued to come and come.

Red gave a cough and gagged a little as I could see a small amount of my jizz actually come out from both of her nostrils, but she continued to swallow. My body was still trembling with the aftershocks of my climax when Red slowly withdrew from my cock, with hollowed cheeks she sucked on my pole, as one would a straw to retrieve as much of my jism as possible. As Red finally extracted my cock from her talented mouth with an audible “pop”, she gave me that angelic smile that simply melts my heart every time. Sperm was trickling from both her nostrils and streaking across her lips. She licked all around her mouth with her tongue in an effort to clean away the remnants of my spunk.

“How was that, Daddy,” Red inquired in the little girl voice that she did so well. “I tried to do the bestest job I could for my Daddy.”

“Babydoll that was absolutely the best blowjob Daddy has ever gotten. Daddy’s very proud of his little girl,” I praised my little Lolita.

“I want to make you the happiest Daddy in the whole wide world, because I love you so much.”

“I’m glad, Babydoll, and I love you more than you’ll ever know, but you really should go wash your face.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Red said in the singsong voice of a little girl as she bounded off to the bathroom, her red pigtails bouncing with every step.

I must admit that I found this whole Daddy/Babydoll role-playing game highly exciting, but also rather disturbing. Here was a girl who was actually young enough to have been my daughter, and yet I found myself extremely turned on by this little game. I was beginning to have doubts about my psyche and my normalcy. I was still wrestling with my thoughts as Red came bounding back into the bedroom.

* * * * *

“All cleaned-up, Daddy,” Red proclaimed with a lilt that was consistent with the role she was playing.

“Red, we need to have a talk.”

She could detect the serious tone in my voice and immediately her face was awash with shock and bewilderment. “What’s the matter? Didn’t you enjoy what I did for you?” .

“No…No, it’s nothing like that. It…It’s that I was wondering if you were comfortable with this whole role-playing thing,” I explained. “I mean, what possessed you to start up with the whole ‘Daddy/Little Girl’ game last night? Was it just because you thought I would get into it, or was it because you were thinking about that kind of fantasy?”

“Well, actually, I have had that fantasy about Daddy and his little girl every since my Dad was involved in an auto accident and became crippled and slightly mentally impaired. I can’t really explain why, because my Dad never did anything sexually with me or to me. Maybe it’s because I rather have to look after him now after the accident. My two aunts, Mandy and Randi, and I all take turns taking care of him,” Red explained.

As we continued talking about things, I lighted the last remaining joint that I had rolled the day before. We shared the joint between us as our conversation continued. (Boy, I sure do love that early morning “weed buzz”!) Through the conversation we were having, I had learned that Red’s father, Bob, was an old acquaintance and “party buddy” of mine from my high school days. God, this is a small world!

* * * * *

Feeling better about things now, both through our having talked through things and the euphoria created by that “first joint of the morning”, I began to feel horny again. Seeing Red with her flaming hair done-up like a young schoolgirl and that ultra-fine nude body of hers had my cock stirring again.

I took Red into my arms, we began kissing one another, our tongues lashing, and dancing against each other as two snakes engaged in a mating ritual. With my right hand, I began stroking and caressing her pert, young breasts and could feel her nipples immediately harden under my gentle touch.

As we broke away from our passionate kiss, I trailed my tongue down Red’s slender neck bursa escort bayan until I reached her creamy breasts. I took her hardened nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on it as I started to rub on her bald little pussy with two fingers of my right hand. Red began to moan in obvious bliss and approval with regards to my ministrations. I could feel her little twat beginning to get extremely wet as I slid two of my fingers into her incredibly tight canal. Red’s moans were getting louder as I was rubbing my fingertips against her g-spot.

“Daddy, please fuck me now! Pleeeeease, your Baby wants your cock! Baby needs it now!” Apparently, Red really loved to play this little game, as did I.

“Anything for my Babydoll, but Daddy wants you to fuck him. Please ride me, Baby.”

“Okay, Daddy,” Red answered in her singsong voice of a little girl she could imitate so well.

Red grabbed my rock-hard prick as she straddled me with her lithe, young body. She ran my purple head longitudinally along her dripping slit as she guided me into her tunnel of love. My God, I could feel Red’s tight, gripping canal as she struggled to fully impale herself on my rod. With further wriggling of her hips, Red was finally successful and my length was fully buried within her hot, wet confines.

I was still feeling a little wicked, but thanking God for my such good fortune as Red began riding my turgid cock. I could feel her tight pussy gripping my shaft like a hot, slippery fist as she worked her body up and down my pulsating length. Red’s breathing was becoming rather labored as her excitement was rapidly building. I reached up to her bouncing breasts and gave each nipple a firm pinch.

This caused Red to go into overdrive. She was now madly slamming herself onto my cock and her gentle moans gave way to screams of pleasure. I ceased pinching her hard, bullet-like nipples, and placed both hands on her little ass…each cheek just filling my palms nicely. My hips rose up to meet each of Red’s downward thrusts, and I could feel my cock head actually penetrate her tight little cervix. It was almost as if I were getting fucked and sucked at the same time.

“Oh God, Daddy, fuck me! Let your little Baby fuck you! I need your big, hard dick!”

“That’s it! Fuck your Daddy, Babydoll! Fuck your Daddy! Daddy wants his Babydoll to come!”

We were both fucking each other relentlessly. Red’s alabaster complexion had now become extremely flushed. Her flaming pigtails were flailing wildly with her thrusts. Red’s breathing had now become extremely sharp and erratic. I could feel my load rapidly building in my laden balls as I struggled to hold back its release. I gently inserted a finger into her tight little anus and slowly slid it inward until it was fully buried in her hot, clutching rectum. I began wiggling the invading digit inside her ass, and could feel the movement of my finger against my cock through the thin, dividing membrane.

“Oh my fucking God, Daddy! That feels so good! I think I…I think…OH MY FUCKING GOD! DADDYYYYYYYYYYY, I’M COMMMIIINNNGGG!!! EEEEEIIIIIEEEEE!!!”

Red’s eyes opened wider than any human being should have been able to as she literally slammed her tiny body onto my cock and just held it there. I could feel the head of my cock firmly lodged into her cervix as her pussy walls rapidly clenched and unclenched my throbbing length. Red’s body began convulsing as if she were in direct contact with a live electrical circuit. I felt my cock explode, sending a huge torrent of my semen directly into her tiny womb. Fearing that she may fall, I quickly withdrew my finger from her anus and grabbed her quivering body, pulling her to me. I felt my hips and thighs becoming completely soaked as Red’s damn had burst, drenching me in her womanly juices and thoroughly soaking the bed sheets in the process.

Red was blathering like an idiot, unable to form any intelligible words, as I held her tightly against me. I could feel her petite little body still shaking with the aftermath of her tumultuous orgasm. I could still feel her tight little canal still spasming as if it were trying to milk my prick of every last bit of semen that it possibly could. I had attempted to withdraw my still hard cock, but found that I couldn’t. Red’s cervix had a death grip around my still turgid glans and it felt as though she were going to pinch it completely off. I now knew how mating dogs felt when they had become locked together in a carnal coupling! I thought the best thing to do was to just let my cock become flaccid before again attempting withdrawal.

“Are you all right, Babydoll? Are you in any kind of pain,” I inquired because I was concerned that I may have been causing her great discomfort.

Red either would not or could not answer me verbally. She just shook her head “no”, grabbed me from behind my neck with both of her petite hands and pulled escort bursa her mouth to mine. Our tongues swirled together like two dancing serpents as we deeply and passionately kissed one another. I could feel Red’s lithe body still trembling and her heart pounding as I held her tightly against me. Her body felt damp and sticky from the fine layer of perspiration, which covered it.

As my erection finally began to subside, I could feel myself dislodging from the tight grip of Red’s throbbing cervix, but yet my semi-erect member remained inside her steamy tunnel. I could feel that both her heart rate and breathing was now fast returning to normal, as we broke our kiss.

“God, Jon, that was fucking fantastic! I thought last night was great, but I think that beat everything.”

“Are you okay, Babydoll? I mean, did you get hurt ‘down there’?”

“I’m a little sore, but I think I will be okay. I want to do that again, but not for quite awhile. I think I will need to recuperate a little, but I definitely want to do that again!”

“Not a problem, Babydoll. Wanna get cleaned up and go out and have some breakfast somewhere?”

“Gee, I don’t think that would be a very good idea. I mean, what if we run into my husband, Jerry…or his brothers. They sometimes like to run around North Grayford. Can’t we just fix something here? I’ll cook it.”

“Well, I suppose we can, but I really want to take you out somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, sex with you is fantastic, but I want something more than that from you, Babydoll. I want to take you out and show you a good time. We could go down to Maddington. You don’t think they would be running around down along the river, do you?”

“Oh, Jon, you already have shown me more of a good time than I have ever had. You wouldn’t even begin to know just how much I mean that, but if your heart is set on it, I suppose we could go down to Maddington.”

“That’s my Babydoll,” I responded just before giving her a gentle kiss.

We got out of bed, and I gathered up the soaked bed linens and placed them into the washing machine. I could always put fresh linens on the bed when we returned. Red was walking ahead of me as we made our way to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but admire her beautifully petite body with absolutely the most exquisitely shaped ass I had ever seen in my life. Another thing I couldn’t help but notice was the way she was walking…as if she may have been a little more sore than she had let on.

After we had showered together, I had left Red to her own devices in the bathroom…allowing her to get herself ready without our bumping into one another. I immediately started up the load of linens in the washing machine so that they may wash while we were out. Once that was initiated, I finished getting myself ready in the bedroom. I elected to wear a pair of olive drab green cargo shorts, with a simple white cotton tank top, and a pair of white tennis shoes. After all, it was late spring and we were just going out for breakfast.

* * * * *

I was in the living room hurriedly rolling up three joints from my stash of “Purple Kush” indica bud I had grown last year, when Red walked in. My God, she looked even more beautiful than she had last night when I had picked her up at her Aunt Mandy’s house. Her flaming red hair hung down loosely and cascaded over her shoulders. She was wearing another pair of short faded denim shorts (although not as obscenely short and threadbare as the pair she had on last night), a peach-colored camisole top with spaghetti straps, and her white sandals. Boy, this girl sure knew how to dress to get a man’s attention. She definitely had mine!

“Whatcha doin’,” Red inquired as though it was not painfully obvious.

“Herding wild elephants,” I responded sarcastically. “No, I thought we could bring a few of these along to smoke during our journey to and from Maddington. Besides, it will help to stimulate our appetites for breakfast.”

“Well, I certainly don’t need any help in that department. I think I already worked up quite an appetite this morning.”

We both piled into my Blazer and made our way down to Maddington, which is about twenty miles from where I live in North Grayford. Maddington is a very picturesque town situated on the Ohio River. Before we even got out of my driveway, I lit one of the three joints I had rolled and began to smoke it with Red.

It was a very beautiful spring morning…not just, because I was with them most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes upon, but the sun was out, the skies were clear with just a few billowing clouds floating lazily above the rural scenery, and everything growing had the most wonderful shade of green.

Red and I had finally finished the joint, and I was feeling very relaxed and fairly stoned. I could only imagine how Red was feeling. God, it was a wonderful day!

“Jon, do you think it will always be this way?”

“What do you mean, Babydoll?”

“Us…do you think it will always be like this between us?”

“Well, once you get divorced from your husband and move in with me, it can only get better.”

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