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Lisa and Guy were both wealthy people. Lisa worked because she wanted to. She was interested in Guy’s resort and asked if she could buy a share in it. Guy was flattered and agreed. Lisa decided to commute between there and Auckland whenever she wasn’t traveling with Guy.

About six months later when Adele and her husband were passing through New Caledonia Lisa met them. It was a brief meeting at a restaurant. Dinner was lovely and everyone got along well. Lisa and Guy were told to stop over for a few days in Tahiti on their next round of travels.

The next November Lisa and Guy arrived to be greeted by Adele and Paul, her husband. Adele was a petite parisienne beauty with dark hair and flawless skin. Paul was a giant of a man. Beside him Guy who was a big man himself loooked if not small at least like a younger brother. Guy had explained that he and his late wife had an open relationship and would often pair off with Paul and Adele. Adele being a small woman enjoyed having Guy as a lover because there wasn’t such a size disparity as with Paul.

Lisa was prepared to offer herself to Paul should the chance arise. She had never had a man so big. Apparently his cock was slightly shorter than Guy’s but it was very, very thick. She masturbated in anticipation of Paul taking her. She thought she might enjoy feeling so small in his big arms.

That evening with Adele wearing only a silk wrap on her hips the chemistry between her and Guy was obvious. Lisa went out to the veranda where Paul was watching the sun go down. She snuggled up beside him and a big arm came around her. Unlike Adele she had not gone topless. Adele’s breasts were perfect little orbs tipped with slightly raised conical nipples. It was obvious that she wore no panties as the evidence of a well tended brunette pussy garden was visible through the pale diaphonous silk.

Paul just held Lisa as he felt her nuzzle in. They stood sipping their drinks and looking out to sea. After about 20 minutes of contact they turned away and walked arm in arm inside. Adele was on her knees sucking Guy’s cock.

Lisa was prepared intellectually for this but still gave a little shudder of surprise. Paul gave her a squeeze and asked if she would like to accompany him down to the beach. Lisa nodded. Recovered, she blew Guy a kiss and wandered off with Paul holding her hand.

Paul asked whether or not she might like to take a swim with him. It was a charming euphemism. She accepted knowing that she would be naked in the warm water of the lagoon. Tonight her hair was up in a bun and her pussy had been freshly tended by the intimate beautician before she and Guy left New Caledonia.

She had more than a passing curiosity in Paul’s cock.. She’d had long ones in her time and found them uncomfortable but thick always appealed. Guy she found to be a perfect fit but she was happy to experiment with a wider man just to feel a new sensation.

The reached the beach holding hands and Lisa turned her back for Paul to unzip her light dress. She wore no underwear and as the dress fell she heard Paul give an appreciative ‘mmmm’. She didn’t look around but stepped out of her dress and wandered to the water’s edge. Paul watched her buttocks move in the moonlight. Soon he was beside her and walked with her into the still, warm water.

She managed to catch a quick look at his cock out of the corner of her eye.

“Dear God, Where does Adele put it!?” She thought to herself.

Between his legs a massive thick tube of cock was swaying. In a moment they pendik escort were in the water up to her shoulders. Paul put an arm around her and held her to him as he continued to wade in. Facing him in his arms Lisa closed her eyes and offered her lips to him. Her legs drew up and wrapped around him. They shared a deep long and intimate kiss. Her nipples were hard as little pink diamonds. Breaking the kiss she told Paul that she had never seen such a cock as his. She was scared of what it might be like hard.

Paul gave a warm chuckle and told her that it only got slightly bigger. Her relief was evident. Soft it was the thickness of her wrist and as for being shorter than Guy – well she doubted that.

“Adele enjoys a thinner man from time to time.” Paul told her.

“Would you like to make love on the beach or shall we return to the house?”

Lisa couldn’t believe her ears- was she really so forward? Mind you her lover was having his cock sucked only 30 metres away.

“Let’s stay here for a bit and then go up to the guesthouse and get the salt off us. Then we can spend the night together. Guy and Adele have much to catch up on.”

Lisa remained glued to her new friend. From time to time she felt his big cock brush her lower lips. In time they went ashore and leaving their clothes went to a little cabin away from the main house. It was a small guesthouse made up of one big room. There was an open tiled shower in one corner and a huge freshly made up bed in the centre of the room.

The shower was refreshing and Lisa handled Paul for the first time. She knew this would be like the loss of her virginity. She felt a delicous nervousness. They toweled eachother off and made for the bed. Lisa expressed her anxiety but told him she was very, very wet and wanted him badly. Paul assured her he would fit but that she would be adequately prepared. With that he lifted her to the edge of the bed. With her assurance that she was ready for his tongue so began a lingering exploration of her pussy. Paul was obviously a man who didn’t need to breathe.

The pleasure was relentless but teasing. As she appraoched her orgasm he would move his tongue to her rear and gently rimming her and insert his nose into her pussy. As with Guy he orally violated her most private area. She still didn’t get her relief. Slowly but surely she felt one then two then three fingers enter her flower and spread her. Christ – a fourth was in her and his hand was making its way deeper into her. She felt the beginning of an orgasm. He withdrew! This man could read her as a book. She was scooped into his arms and his pussy scented lips kissed her. She was placed open and wanting on his cock. Achingly slowly she allowed herself to be lowered onto him. She had never known such power in a man. He held her completely with one arm and was in utter control of their coupling. She surrendered her will to him.

Her face was burried in his chest suckling on his nipple and she was whimpering. It took five pussy stretching minutes for him to be halfway inside her. He felt big, very big but remarkably as he had promised not a hint of pain. Fullness, satisfaction and a sense being young and learning about men all over again. She was beginning to shudder and this time she wasn’t frustrated. As her body gave way to its need she was finally fully impaled on him.

So began an evening that she would rate along with Guy and his love seat and the actual loss of her maindenhead. She was fucked slowly and surely for an hour. She felt her sex become a separate being escort pendik and live along the length of Paul. His cock was dead straight and its head no bigger, thank God, than the rest of him. She felt possessed by him or it or something. Paul announced his desire to cum. Lisa didn’t feel able to suck him as she did most of her lovers. Instead she lay back and placed her heels on Paul’s shoulders. Her head was raised in a silent scream as Paul’s first spurt hit her. She felt the throb from her lips to her cervix and up into her stomach. She was coming hard and in a body bust that was so strong she thrashed and blew herself off Paul’s spurting cock. She hugged herself and rolled about breathing in gulps.

The big arms enveloped her and a light sheet was drawn over her. She curled up not budging an inch.

She was insensible. There was cum leaking out of her. Paul took a soft cloth from the table beside the bed and gently placed it between her legs to dab the excessive sperm. She twitched as her pussy was touched. She so wanted to taste Paul but wondered if his cock would fit in her mouth.

For the moment, wonder was all she could do. She couldn’t move. It was like her first time. She wasn’t sore but knew that she had had a ‘first time’ experience. Her pussy had never encountered such a cock. She would not be able to take another fucking like that tonight.

She made to move to the bidet to wash herself. She was unsteady on her feet. She’d not had very much to drink but the combination of tropical heat, a few wines and Paul’s monster was unsteadying to say the least. Paul saw her sway and scooped her up. He carried her to wash her pussy and she watched as he carefully cleansed each little fold.

“I wonder if I could suck your cock Paul?”

“I’d love you to try at least” Came his enthusiastic response.

“Let’s go back to bed.” Lisa smirked.

And so it happened. Lisa crawled up Paul’s leg towards his cock. As she licked and nibbled his inner thigh his cock began to expand. Her tongue found its way to the silky tip. She could taste him and her on it. She wanted to drink his cum. She went all around his head and licked, kissed and sucked. Her mouth was just big enough to take him. She would not be able to fit much of him in but she was happy that he might be able to spill his seed onto her tongue.

Never letting him out of her mouth she kept a gentle sucking pressure and ran her tongue all around his cockhead. Her hands massaged his crotch and her nails tickled his huge balls. Paul was stroking his shaft and moaning that he couldn’t take much of this. When he spurted into her mouth Lisa didn’t swallow. She wanted to savour his taste. As she released him she rolled onto her back and let his cum run back into her throat and only then did she gulp it down. She was surprised that he hadn’t given up more seed but then she remembered the gusher he had left inside her pussy. She made a mental note to blow Paul when he had a full load in him.

She curled up next to Paul and the pair drifted off to sleep. Her last thought that evening was about what Guy and Adele might be up to.

They too were in an embrace but the difference was that Guy’s cock was hard and embedded between Adele open legs. Guy never felt intimidated by Paul’s cock because he and anyone else who saw it knew that Paul was a freak of nature. Paul could tell stories of the women who had looked at him and shaken their heads.

Adele loved having Guy in her. She loved him only slightly less than her husband. She enjoyed his pendik escort bayan cock. It had taken a year to get used to regular plowings from Paul but Guy fitted her like a dream from the first time he slipped his cock between her sex lips. Now she concentrated on its steady pulse along her insides. Her legs were up and around Guy’s back letting him all the way into her and allowing her clit to rub against him.

She had sucked him off as Lisa had seen before giving herself to him. She knew that after coming once Guy would give her as long a fuck as she wanted no matter how stimulated he was. He’d warned her that the first time he was with her again he wouldn’t last long and indeed his come had been in her mouth in no time flat.

The couple had retired to bed and Adele hitching her wrap had placed herself on Guy’s mouth and brought her lips to his crotch. At 45 it would take Guy a little time to re-inflate. As he made love to Adele’s pussy she bathed his cock and balls in kisses. She nuzzled and and nibbled her way around her old friend. She craddled his buttocks in her hands and exposed Guy’s rear her fingertips played with his sensitive area as her mouth slipped over his cock..

Guy gradully inflated in her mouth and when he was completely hard Adele spun around and eased onto Guy with a sigh.They fucked for twenty minutes with Adele on top. She had nearly come on Guy’s face and the entry of his cock brought her to a level were she experienced a long succession of small orgasms.

She asked Guy to get on top of her and give her a hard steady fuck. This was her thing with Guy. Paul would kill her if he were to take her forcefully. This was the only thing missing from their regular and happy sex life. Guy was the right size to meet her occasional need for rough sex.

Appearances are deceptive. To look at the petite oh so ladylike Adele it would be impossible to imagine that she would drop to her knees and suck cock infront of her husband and a guest. What was even more improbable was that she liked to scream and yell obscenities as a man held her panties aside and just took her.

Tonight she wore a wrap just to feel the erotic frisson as she hiked it to take a man.

Her fucking was nearing it’s climax and as Guy’s cock hit home and her clit took another bang from his pelvis she had her final orgasm.

She was ringing wet with sweat and quite exhausted. She’d lost count of the number of times she’d come. She knew there would be a delicious used feeling between her legs in the morning.

Guy wasn’t spent when he withdrew from her. They curled up together despite the sweat they had generated. Slowly Guy deflated. When he was at about half mast Adele offered him a little treat they shared.

Guy moved to the edge of the bed and Adele knelt between his legs. She ran her mouth from his knee to his balls and down his cock to suck him back to life. As he reached full expansion Adele raised and separated his legs. This was an intimacy they both enjoyed. Gently bathing his balls she moved slowly south and rimmed him slowly and deliberately. As his cock responded with twitches Adele slipped a finger into him and took his cock back into her mouth. As Guy’s legs were lowered her finger penetrated him deeply and he spurted into Adele’s greedy mouth.

As they made ready for sleep Adele asked Guy for her special treat. Guy smiled and told her he’d be happy to oblige.

“Just let my pussy get over tonight and we’ll do it the day after tomorrow.”

Adele was refering to a little role play that she and Guy indulged in. Because Guy could give her the hard rough fuckings she sometimes needed she was able to live out her sluttish fantasies with him.

She hoped that she might have an audience for her ravishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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