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Big Tits

You may remember from CH 01 that Alena caught me at home whilst naked by throwing a ‘surprise party’. So many of our friends descended on our flat bringing people I did not know. I had to remain nude whilst everyone else was clothed. After the initial shock, I sort of got used to it, but swore revenge on Alena.

As we snuggled in bed that night, Alena whispered, “you looked really at ease tonight naked in a room full of people, how did you feel?”

“At first I was terribly embarrassed,” I admitted, “but as time went on I became less self conscious and actually began to relax. However that was probably because I was in my own home. If it had been somewhere else I might have been less secure. But it was a dirty trick to play on me you know, whatever gave you the idea and how did you arrange it?”

“Well I thought that you being naked with me dressed, whilst erotic, would be much more exciting if there were others there. Whilst you were washing up, I made a few calls and told our friends to bring anyone else along who could be trusted. They were all under strict instruction not to mention your nudity.”

“Well it was a good trick and it worked fabulously.” I told her.

Almost a week went by which gave me a chance to plan my “revenge”. In truth, my experience had not been too bad. OK I had been embarrassed at first, but I soon got used to being naked in a room full of people. Indeed, it gave me a thrill, when I thought about it later. Alena told me that she saw that I was enjoying the memory of my naked appearance at the party.

“What have you got in store for me?” Alena asked me one night at dinner.

“What would you like me get you to do?” I asked in return.

She smiled at me and replied, “Knowing that you are not likely to hurt me, providing I don’t come to any harm, anything you want.” I grinned widely at some of the thoughts that coursed through my brain at that moment.

“I think you may get your wish.” I grinned at her.

She put her hand to her mouth and gasped “Oh my God! What have I said? I’ll bet it involves nakedness in public knowing you!”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” I told her and started clearing away the dishes.

As I stood washing up, Alena came into the kitchen and placed herself behind me, cuddling me close. Her hands cupping my breasts. I put my wet soapy hands over hers and together we caressed my tits through my office blouse. “I want to get you all wet.” she whispered in my ear, her hair brushing mine.

“You’re too late.” I murmured in reply, “in a couple of places.” She moved her hands to the side fastening of my pencil skirt and undid the button and the zip. Then she pulled it down over my hips and it dropped to the floor. “I want to wear that to work in the morning.” I said softly. Alena picked up the skirt and carefully folded it, hanging it over one of the kitchen chairs.

She turned me round, my hands still wet and soapy, kissed me as I draped my wet arms over her shoulders. “I would like to wear mine tomorrow too, but first I want you to squirt it with your cum.” She laid down on the floor and said quietly, “Lisa, straddle me and wet my skirt with your juices, cum all over me.”

I ripped off my panties and settled my pussy just above where hers was hidden by her sky blue skirt. “Right you little minx, you asked for it, you’re gonna get it!” I began to finger my sopping wet labia. Alena reached up and pulled open my blouse, pushed up my bra and twisted my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. I found the stimulus amazing and began to breathe heavily.

“That’s it Lisa, cum for me, cum over me, stain my skirt, make me wear it to work tomorrow, shame me with your wet love, mark me as yours…” I reached down with my free hand and tore her blouse open, buttons scattering and pushed up one of the cups of her bra. I roughly kneaded her bare breast, causing her to squeak with pleasure. “I fucking love you Lisa Brown, I love you doing dirty things to me.”

She didn’t have to wait too long as my vagina erupted with a big squirt of my juices, making a dark stain on her light skirt. I fell forward and covered her mouth with mine and as we kissed deeply, we exchanged sLisava back and forth several times before we came up for air. “Thank you Lisa.” She whispered. “I am a marked woman.”

“Not quite enough yet Miss Láska,” I told her and slid off her so I could reach her groin and began to rub her pussy through the skirt. It was difficult but eventually I made her orgasm into her panties and skirt. Just to make sure it was nicely wet, I spat into her groin and rubbed that into the fabric too.

She laughed and said, “you really are a filthy bitch Lisa Brown… But I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

I kissed her again, our wet mouths slobbering over each other, my hand still pressing into her pubes. Then I kissed her ear, whispering, “one night I am going to rip this skirt right off you!”

I felt her shudder and she gasped, “do it now! Do it now!”

“Then you won’t be able to wear it to the office tomorrow.” I pointed out.

“Don’t care, I’m sure you will find canlı bahis something for me to wear to work.”

I hesitated, “You mean I can choose what you wear tomorrow?”

“Yes, yes! Just do what you have to with my skirt!” She quickly unclasped the waist clip and thrust her left hand down inside. “Do it! Do it!”

“OK, OK, but brace yourself!” I told her, got up and feverishly looked around the kitchen for inspiration. I found the kitchen scissors and as I knelt down, I spotted the tomato ketchup bottle on the table. She loves it , I hate the stuff, but I could see it coming in handy tonight. I knelt down by her legs and cut straight up the front of her skirt as far as her groin. then tipped a handful of the sauce into the palm of my hand and rubbed it gently into her pussy.

“Ooohh!” she mewed. “You can do that again.” So I did, in fact I used up the whole of the bottle, smothering her belly and the top of her thighs as well as staining her panties, so I cut them off too. Then I snipped right up through the waistband of her skirt and laid it open beneath her. “I liked that skirt,” she murmured, “That is why I am happy to sacrifice it to you, as an act of love to let you ruin it.” Her blouse was wide open too her bra pushed up off her breasts. Suddenly I cut through the front of her bra too. She gasped when I did that. “Don’t cut my hair.” She pleaded.

I ran my tomato ketchup covered had through her hair and said, “I would never cut this beautiful hair Alena, it is too much part of you.” She rolled her head in my hand and that increased the smearing of the disgusting sauce into her hair. I lay on top of her again, kissing her deeply and I feel her body moving under me pushing our pelvic regions together. “Scissor with me Alena” I said and a brief nod of her head was all I needed. I repositioned, so our legs intertwined, our pussies touching. We held hands to ensure that we got maximum pressure of labia to labia. It felt delightfully messy rubbing our clits together and soon we both climaxed a second time, in fact I am not sure I didn’t do a little wee as we were kissing with our lips but not our mouths. In all the time we had been together I cannot remember a better mutual orgasm than we had that evening.

We cleaned up the kitchen and finished the washing up dressed as we were. Me in a torn blouse and bra and she naked. Then we showered together, I spent a lot of time washing the ketchup out of her hair, rather longer than was strictly necessary actually. Then Alena spoke. “I nearly came on the spot when you cut up my skirt. I know I told to do it, but it was still a shock when you did.”

I cuddled her close and having turned off the water, our naked bodies touching, “Then you must do that to me sometime.” I murmured.

“I will.” she replied, then added, “c’mon lets go to bed.” So we did.

In the morning, Alena said, “be kind to me when you pick out something for me to wear to work. Don’t make it too reveLisang, I still want to have a job at the end of the day.”

In response, I suggested we both choose each other’s clothes for the day. We looked out of the window, it was a bright warm summer’s day, so summer dresses could be consider acceptable in an office full of women. We both chose sun dresses for each other, except that she picked out a wrap over dress for me, that was impossible to wear a bra under. I had selected a button through dress for her, which she could wear a bra with. Also the dress I was to wear was well above my knees even when standing up, hers was a little below the knees so more modest. I commented that I didn’t think she should wear a bra as I couldn’t. “Ok,” she replied immediately, “but then no panties either, that is if you are not too chicken…”

I felt very vulnerable walking across Brindley Square wearing only a light dress and shoes at eight-thirty in the morning. All the time I was planning what would happen to Alena on Saturday evening.

I made it to the office and sat behind my desk, which luckily was fitted with a modesty board, so the guys on the other side of the aisle could not see up my skirt. Suddenly one of them was at my shoulder. “Oooh brave girl!” he remarked. Gary who was both gay and camp with it, put one hand on my bare shoulder.

I was shocked and asked, “Why what do you mean?” fearing that despite the modesty board, he had seen up my skirt.

“No bra.” He remarked, “nice side boob”, indicating with his free hand, the gapping of the side of my dress.

“It’s too hot to wear too much.” I replied, “But since you’re here, I have a favour to ask.” I then regaled him with my plan, to which he readily agreed. Then my phone rang. Down to business.

About mid morning, the phone rang for what seemed the several hundredth time. “Showed anyone your pussy yet?” said voice with a slight Eastern European accent.

“Alena. No I haven’t , have you?” I replied.

“I was tempted when I saw the new post-girl, but in the end I thought you wouldn’t like it if I did, so I didn’t.”

“I think you should undo all the buttons from your lap to the hem and leave them like that all day.” I bahis siteleri told her. “My dress keeps slipping off my thighs under my desk and I am getting turned on by the sight of my own thighs.”

“Meet me for lunch and show me!” Alena whispered urgently.

“I can’t, I have a lunchtime meeting in the conference room.” I said, “besides if we met for lunch we might not make it back for the afternoon.”

“…Pity.” Alena replied, “I’d love to see your thighs out in the sunshine.” Notwithstanding the fact that she had seen my thighs on many occasions, I suggest we meet after work and walk home together. We agreed to meet on the green in Temple Row, whoever was there first would wait for the other.

The lunchtime meeting was more of an ordeal than I thought. It was a run through of an important presentation that was coming up the following week. I had done a lot of work on it, but my boss Mr Edwards, was to actually present it. However he suggested that as it was primarily my effort, I should present it myself. The layout of the board room is similar to many I guess, with a long table and screen at one end with a projector hung from the ceiling. The presenter had a bar stool to sit on if required just out of the direct line of sight for the screen. I got going and about a third of the way through sat on the stool. The room was darkened to a degree, but it was still possible to see everyone in the room. I was concentrating so much on my performance I did not notice at first just how much of my legs were on display. I had my script in one hand and the button to advance the slides in the other, so I couldn’t really do much about it other than to stand up again. However as everyone seemed to be engrossed in the presentation, I left things as they were. At the end I got a round of applause and a request to see Mr Edwards in his office.

“Lisa, there are couple of points that need modification in the presentation.” He told me and we discussed the changes. Finally he said, “You made such a good job of doing the presentation, I should like to invite you to come with me when I visit the client next week. It will mean a night in London, but I am sure you can manage to drag yourself away from your girlfriend, can’t you?” I told him that would be fine and went to leave his office. “Oh and Lisa,” he hesitated, “Wear a slightly longer skirt when we are with the client – at least in the daytime.” He smiled and waved his hand palm downwards, indicating I could leave the room.

I found a patch of grass that was unoccupied and not shaded by the trees in the grounds of the St Phillips Cathedral and sat down to await the arrival of Alena. I grinned to myself as I saw much of my thighs being exposed, but I was not alone, as many young women were making the most of the sun to tan their legs. I sat and read through yet another script of the presentation and a pair a feet came into my eye line. “Are you on the pull or is that display for me?” Alena enquired as she plopped done beside me. I just smiled and her and kissed her briefly on the lips. I noticed that a good many buttons were undone on her dress so I eased the two sides apart a little to let me see her legs better.

“Mr Edwards wants to take me away from you.” I said in a matter of fact manner. “But only for one night, next week, I have to do a presentation to a client in London.”

Alena kissed me oblivious to others around us and said, “Now you just make sure you come back to me.”

Saturday night came round and I told Alena we were going out on the town, she was to wear a white silk blouse and whatever skirt she wished, but no bra. “Am I going to lose the blouse before the night is through?” She asked.

“Probably not until we get home.” I told her, “but then I’ll probably ravish you.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad, considering what I put you through last week.” She sounded a bit surprised. Just then the doorbell rang. “We have visitors?” she asked.

“Not for long.” I said. I pushed the release button and let Gary and his friend come up to the flat. “Hi Gary, thanks for doing this, I really appreciate it.”

“That’s fine sweetheart, thanks for the use of your double shower..” He replied.

“Gary, this is Alena, and this is Toby, Gary’s boyfriend.” I said turning to Alena. “They are going to have a shower and make out, putting on a bit of a show for us, aren’t you boys?” The boys stripped off completely naked and we caught sight and Toby’s amazing dong. Alena looked and me and mouthed “Wow!” in amazement.

The boys disappeared into the bathroom and Alena asked what they were doing here. I told her to be patient and wait. After about ten minutes, the boys re-appeared, both dripping wet and both having enormous erections. Alena was sitting in one of our lounge chairs and began to giggle. I knelt before her and slid my hand up her skirt and began to caress her pussy. The boys were standing behind her, kissing and wanking themselves off. They and I knew the target was to be Alena’s urchin cut hair and her blouse. In the event Toby emptied his big scrotum all over the front of her blouse, whilst Gary bahis şirketleri pumped his seed into her hair. Then he sank to his knees and took Toby’s penis into his mouth. As far as I was concerned that was job done. I pulled Alena to her feet and said “C’mon girl, we’re going out.” then “Gary, please pull the door to when you leave.” The boys by then were sixtynining each other on the floor. Gary waved without looking up.

Alena looked a mess. I massaged the copious cum through her blouse so her nipples showed through the damp silk and roughed up her hair so it was nice and sticky. She grinned at me and said “Dirty bugger!”

As we vacated the building, we walked arm in arm, I murmured, “you look so sexy, I want to kiss you.”

Alena, backed herself up to one of the concrete columns supporting the building. “So? Kiss me and don’t hold back!” I kissed her. I had elected to wear a tight skirt and as we kissed, Alena began to work it up my thighs. I did the same to hers which wasn’t quite so tight, so it was easier. “Take me back and fuck me Lisa.” she murmured.

“Bloody hell are you two at it in the street?” Gary’s voice carried across the square. “I though we were meeting at the club.”

“The club?” Alena asked me.

“A gay and lesbian club.” I told her as we straightened out our clothes, “apparently they are pretty tolerant there.”

“Lead on!” Alena breathed and we fell into step with the boys.

We arrived as two couples at the door of the club. Gary knew the doorman and we were soon inside. The lights were low and as our eyes got used to the darkness, we could see people not only dancing, (if rubbing pelvises together in a most suggestive way can be called dancing), but lounging around on low furniture exploring each other’s bodies.

I took Alena onto the floor and held her tight. “I do love you.” she said. “I want to show you how much.”

“There’s a naked man over there, dancing with a fully dressed partner.” I whispered.


“I would like to be like them.”

“So are you going to get undressed?” She asked.

“I was thinking of you doing it.” I whispered.

“In front of all these people?” she asked. I gave a slight nod. “I will let you strip me if that is what you want.”

“No I would like to see you undress yourself, and let people watch you.” I told her. “I will do it for you another time.”



“Okay,” she stood back from me a little “watch this.” She pulled the blouse out of the waistband of her skirt, undid the zipper and let the skirt fall to the floor. She kicked it to one side. The blouse almost, but not quite covered her panties. They were the next to go. This time she swung them round above her head and let them fly to God knows where. There were hoots from the crowd, she smiled. Her blouse was soon undone and pulled off. she stood there in just her shoes, which she kept on. Her next action was to open her arms wide and step into mine. “This is remarkable,” she said, “I thought I would be embarrassed, but I’m not, I feel emancipated, loving it!”

We danced for some time and were enjoying the contrast, me fully clothed, her naked in public. “I’m gonna make you do this, but not tonight, this is for me!” She gasped. She slid one of her hands down between us and began fingering herself.

I kissed her and whispered in her ear, “make yourself cum.”

“I’d love to, I want to.” She whispered back, “do you think I dare?”

“You are the queen of nudity tonight,! I told her, “Revel in your bareness, enjoy the moment, you can do nothing wrong tonight.”

“Should I squirt over your skirt.?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes” I gasped, “squirt anywhere you want!”

She was breathing heavy and we had gathered a crowd around us, including the naked man an his partner. The partner was slowly wanking the undressed man as they watched. Suddenly Alena almost shouted “Down!” and pushing on my shoulder with her one free hand. I knelt before her and received the full blast of her juices over my face and blouse. I loved it. The next thing a pair of hairy legs were next to my head and a large penis was pumping seed onto my face and into my hair. I groaned.

We found Alena’s blouse, but not her skirt or panties, so the walk back through the city to our flat was reveLisang in many senses. Strangely I don’t think many people noticed. I think they were looking at my tousled, sticky hair.

When we got home, we didn’t bathe or shower, but went to bed in our smelly state, revelling in the filth.

Over breakfast, we talk about last night’s events in some detail, particularly me arranging to get her messed up with male sperm. She thought that was a nice touch, a good way to start off the evening. Her arranging it for me in the club was not only revenge, but as sharing her experience. The nudity in the club was not expected, really by either of us. I was surprised that she did it, when on the spur of the moment I asked her to. She was apprehensive at first, but enjoyed it once stripped. She felt emancipated, free and glorious. She reminded me that I was going to have to do the same at a time of her choosing. I felt a tingle as I just knew it was going to happen somewhere that was either in public of in a room full of strangers. A frisson ran through my body as I thought of the possibilities.

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